Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why, Every Punctuation Mark Counts!

Twenty Odd Ducks Why Every Punctuation Mark Counts Commas and apostrophes aren t the only punctuation marks that can cause big trouble if they re put in the wrong place Now Truss and Timmons put hyphens parentheses quotation marks periods and in
  • Title: Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why, Every Punctuation Mark Counts!
  • Author: Lynne Truss Bonnie Timmons
  • ISBN: 9780399250583
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why, Every Punctuation Mark Counts!
    Commas and apostrophes aren t the only punctuation marks that can cause big trouble if they re put in the wrong place Now, Truss and Timmons put hyphens, parentheses, quotation marks, periods, and in the spotlight, showing how which marks you choose and where you put them can cause hilarious mix ups.
    Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why, Every Punctuation Mark Counts! By Lynne Truss Bonnie Timmons,
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      256 Lynne Truss Bonnie Timmons
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  • Lynne Truss Bonnie Timmons

    Lynne Truss is a writer and journalist who started out as a literary editor with a blue pencil and then got sidetracked The author of three novels and numerous radio comedy dramas, she spent six years as the television critic of The Times of London, followed by four rather peculiar years as a sports columnist for the same newspaper She won Columnist of the Year for her work for Women s Journal Lynne Truss also hosted Cutting a Dash, a popular BBC Radio 4 series about punctuation She now reviews books for the Sunday Times of London and is a familiar voice on BBC Radio 4 She lives in Brighton, England.


  • Twenty Odd Ducks by Lynne Truss is a story about punctuation marks The story emphasizes the importance of punctuation The book delivers the message regarding punctuation keeping words in group orders and sets the tone for the reader The story has two pages with each containing a different meaning but the similar punctuation For example, the page has a picture of a little boy sitting between his two parents, content The wording states These are Jack s parents who could be happier The second page [...]

  • I could see this book being used in a classroom You could have the kids read the sentence with the correct intonation in the words to show the changes with the different punctuation It would be fun to have some kids act them out or say them aloud to the class Some of them, however, I needed the pictures to make sense of the different meaning I was glad for the answers in the back of the book maybe you will too for instance, the extra large pizza, and extra large pizza I also think the two page s [...]

  • This book is similar in style to The Girl s Like Spaghetti , which focuses on the apostrophe, and Eats, Shoots and Leaves , which is all about the comma It takes pairs of sentences, identical except for the punctuation, and shows side by side cartoons to illustrate that changes in punctuation can completely change the meaning of the sentence These books are clever and fun to read I enjoy that the other books Lynne Truss has written do not bother with pontificating on every grammatical nuance rat [...]

  • Truss, Lynne Twenty Odd Ducks Why Every Punctuation Mark Counts, illustrated by Bonnie Timmons Putnam Penguin , 2008 PICTURE BOOK Truss and Timmons score another home run with another companion to the Eats, Shoots and Leaves book This time all punctuation marks are involved in this wonderful new book English teachers at levels need this book right now EL, MS, HS ESSENTIAL Cindy, Library Teacherssthebook 2008

  • This book does not really have a great audience It s a picture book, suggesting it s for younger children But the content would not be understood by a child that age I appreciate that it is examples of different ways to punctuate sentences, 2 of each, and that is a great way to learn But a child of picture book age will not understand what is going on without a lot of explaining It s a good idea, but it just doesn t seem to work for me.

  • I really liked this book since it taught the importance of commas, exclamation points, and periods in a fun and entertaining way I think kids would really enjoy reading this book Teachers could use it to introduce the concept of punctuations and the important roles they play in a sentence.

  • Enjoyed this book very much The examples are humorous but prove the point that correct punctuation is important Illustrations do help understanding but are not overly enjoyable.

  • This is an entertaining book about the importance of punctuation By the author of Eats, Shoots Leaves, this book is written to help children understand the importance of punctuation The book begins with an introduction from the author explaining that punctuation has two important jobs 1 keeping words in groups so that readers understand the intended meaning and 2 conveying tone of voice The majority of the book features one sentence written with different punctuation on opposing pages The illust [...]

  • Hyphens Exclamation Marks Periods Question marks Colons Parentheses Semi Colons Quotation marks And yes, commas Punctuation marks, make all the difference, in the world when you read something OR Punctuation marks make all the difference in the world when you read something You get my drift.Aimed at kids 8 and up, Lynne Truss takes an important piece of information and simplifies it so children can understand And adults, too She takes everyday thoughts and shows the importance of using proper pu [...]

  • I loved Eats, Shoots Leaves The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation and Eats, Shoots Leaves Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference the children s version by Lynne Truss, so this one was a hit as well I loved the comic illustrations and format, but I would recommend it for older children and adults only I found it somewhat difficult to explain the subtle nuances in the grammar to our girls after all, they are only 3 and 5 , so we just enjoyed looking at the pictures together.

  • Twenty Odd Ducks is a hilarious way to teach the importance of using proper punctuation to students It will also do a great job of teaching students how to read punctuation when reading on their own On each opening is the same sentence on both pages however, the punctuation in each sentence changes the meaning The illustrations match the sentences to help students see how the meanings are different My favorite pair of sentences is These are Jack s parents who could be happier and These are Jack [...]

  • This book is a great book to explain punctuation marks and it s different usage The book shows how the placement of the punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence Also, with your students you can practice how to read with enthusiasm This book is an easy read and I believe the students will enjoy the book.

  • Again, this was okay but lacks the punch of Eats, Shoots Leaves with the variety of punctuation types It got especially lame with the ones where the punctuation is indicating inflection but could actually be read with the different meanings regardless of the or I think it s definitely trying to hard and could have had funnier examples.

  • Really a great idea for a book Each page opens up to the exact same sentence used twice only with different puctuation for each that completely changes the meaning of the sentence And, although some of the examples were not the best, most were really great and very humorous My kids loved it and definitely grasped the idea that punctuation does matter.

  • The pictures that went along with the sentences were my favorite part If you didn t understand the sentence just by reading it, you could look at the pictures and understand how they are different This book helps you learn when you are to use certain punctuation marks and what they mean It s a great explanatory book.

  • Another cleverly done children s book by Lynne Trusse and Bonnie Timmons about punctuation The examples and illustrations are colorful and fun, and I like the list of explanations in the back of the book too Cute letter to the teacher in the back of this book as well.

  • found on a list of great picture books for kids, this book illustrates the power of puncutation and how it can change the meaning of the sentence making things mean drastically different things in a text on picture books for the classroom

  • I enjoyed the introduction to this book, it poses a good questino It explains how punctuation are used in a fun exciting way, I loved the comparisons at the end The different punctuation with the same words can completely change the meaning of text I loved it Excellent teaching resource.

  • Oh, how I love Lynne Truss A companion book to the children s version of Eats, Shoots and Leaves I think my favorite is this one Do you know who came last night Santa Claus, said my mom Do you know who came last night Santa Claus said My mom.

  • Although the red bearded pirates spread is confusing, the rest of this book is great for helping kids and adults understand the importance of proper punctuation, and how improperly placed punctuation can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

  • A nice children s introduction to the idea of how important punctuation is It certainly got me and my 12 year old literary son interested in reading her best seller for adults.

  • This was a fun little book that showed the difference simple punctuation can make in writing I loved the illustrations too Very fun

  • Twenty Odd Ducks by Lynne Truss, shows that it s never too early to start learning about punctuation marks, and how to use them appropriately.

  • I did not enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed Eats, Shoots Leaves It was still wonderfully written and illustrated and very useful in a middle school classroom.

  • Love it Really clever way to teach grammar I particularly love the appendices that include the explanations I can see students using this and then creating their own examples Great 3 8 book.

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