Hunted When the war begins which side will she choose Talia s next mission finds her analyzing the children of the nation s capital to identify those with powers Though she knows the mandatory testing is co
  • Title: Hunted
  • Author: SophieDavis
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  • Page: 259
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  • Hunted
    When the war begins, which side will she choose Talia s next mission finds her analyzing the children of the nation s capital to identify those with powers Though she knows the mandatory testing is controversial, Talia is stunned by the unrest in Washington D.C during the annual Talented Aptitude Tests With protests raging, a citywide curfew is imposed.Then the DirectoWhen the war begins, which side will she choose Talia s next mission finds her analyzing the children of the nation s capital to identify those with powers Though she knows the mandatory testing is controversial, Talia is stunned by the unrest in Washington D.C during the annual Talented Aptitude Tests With protests raging, a citywide curfew is imposed.Then the Director assigns Talia and Erik to hunt down a child who didn t report for testing When she encounters a face from her past, Talia must confront her toughest decision yet Following her heart will put Talia and those closest to her in mortal danger, but the consequences of doing nothing are inconceivable.Together with Erik, Talia must pierce the veils of secrecy before someone decides she knows too muchNTED is Book Three in the TALENTED SAGA, the 1 Bestselling Dystopian Romance series about the life of a girl with extraordinary psychic powers, and what happens when a heart is torn between love and rageWith over Twelve Million pages read via Kindle Unlimited and Half a Million worldwide downloads, readers are raving about this 1 Bestselling Dystopian Romance series X Men meets Divergent in a new way Intoxicatingly good.
    Hunted By SophieDavis,

    Jan , A competition with regular people involving a real life manhunt where they attempt to completely drop off the grid while skilled investigators, who are highly trained in modern investigating tactics and who process the most advanced tracking technology, hunt Mar , As the plot continues, it is revealed why the person is chasing them and why he ll stop at nothing to catch them The chase continues and reaches a feverish pitch as the dramatic culmination is revealed To their terror they realize, they are being Hunted Written by Terry L Fossum Oct , A hunter And herself hunted by an enemy ruthless and determined than any she s ever known Sam has been running from her past her entire life but when she returns to Byzantium, the organisation that employs her, and begins to pursue her pursuer, she will discover the only way to escape that past is to confront it. The official website for Hunted, the original action series on Cinemax Watch Hunted online, starring Melissa George Get info about the exciting new season of Hunted. Hunted definition at Dictionary, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation Look it up now Mar , Directed by William Friedkin With Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro, Connie Nielsen, Leslie Stefanson An FBI deep woods tracker attempts to capture a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans.

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    Sophie Davis is the pseudonym for two best friends, roommates, and now writing partners The pair met at Dickinson Law and instantly bonded over their love of great books and bad horror movies After they graduated, when one longed for the ability to read minds so she wouldn t have to study for the bar exam, a Saga was born When the Talented Saga went on to be an internationally bestselling series, the girls decided to throw caution to the wind and follow their shared life long dream of being writers.The duo currently lives in Washington, D.C with a poodle and a rescued mutt The pups are their faithful companions with frequent social media appearances as the girls navigate the world of Indie Publishing.For information, visit SophieDavisBooks


  • Another fantastic sequel to one of my favourite series ever, if there was one word I would use to describe this series it would be addictive I can t get enough of this story especially when Sophie writes endings that just leave you hanging and gasping for the next book She never fails to amaze me with how high quality her books are I have yet to find one fault with these books The standard she works to in every one of her books is immense Her hard work and effort really comes through Talented is [...]

  • Be ready for anything.In the latest instalment, Sophie Davis holds nothing back Talia and the gang are on a rollercoaster, orchestrated by Toxic and their personal decisionsd peril awaits on the other side of the void.Toxic is precariously wavering on the edge of war The people aren t happy with their laws, regulations and methods and they re not afraid to speak up, and even rebel Mac refuses to allow Talia to have anything to do with the fights, putting on the facade that everything is ok Life [...]

  • Reeling from the execution of her best friend, Natalia Lyons decides to accompany Mac to Washington DC Mac will be overseeing the Talent Aptitude Testing and Talia will be assisting in the administration of the test Happy for the distraction and anxious to be reunited with Erik, Talia embarks on this new journey only to find huge fissures in what she has considers truth and morally right With each discovering, shocking revelations are exposed Talia must decide where her loyalties lie Who can she [...]

  • OMG finally answers this was sooooo goodcan t wait for the final book it will be awesome I cant wait to see Tals kick some Mac butt, and I want it to be an epic butt kicking Ms Davis I want Mac to suffer so much You bring up the evil in me Pneed I say I loved it I think not

  • Hunted begins a few weeks after the end of Caged, book 2 in the series At the start of this book Talia believes she has been betrayed in the worst possible way by someone she called a friend She thinks that this person was connected to Ian Crane, the man she has been training all her life to kill She thinks this person has been executed and that her life can begin to get back to normal But what is normal What is the truth Will Talia ever find out the truth or is she destined to go through life b [...]

  • Hunted by Sophie Davis is the third in her Talented Saga and is another strong book by this talented author.Set in a world where children with special talents telepathy for example are trained in the Agency, our heroine Tala is assigned to assist in a talent testing project The Agency is under constant threat by its enemies and Tala in particular is a target.All the while there is Tala s slightly complicated love life, beautifully set up in the previous books and portrayed delicately and in a pl [...]

  • I started getting really annoyed with all of the characters in this book I mean it is soooo obvious everything that is happening and has been since the last book and yet no one can put two and two together Talia is just incredibly stubborn and refuses to use her brain at all, and Erikwell I just expected him to be able to think clearer than Talia and actually be able to figure stuff out I mean they are all supposed to be super smart and capable, but then they cannot figure anything out unless so [...]

  • I was gifted this book from the author because I think she was onto my stalking habits for her series.I can t tell you how excited I was to see this next book out This is one of my favorite series and Ms Davis is not one to disappoint in any way at all.Talia and Erik have been sent on an assignment to help find Talented children that should be getting prepared to go to their school The Coalition has been causing quite a bit of chaos for everyone Talia is still trying to figure out what is wrong [...]

  • I won a paperback copy of this book from this amazing author and I am smacking myself for not starting it sooner I have one word for this bookSHOCKER Like shock after shock, secret after secret My heart and head were bursting With each new instalment in the series I get and invested in the story and characters This series is an addiction This series has at all romance, action, mystery and conspiracies, OH GOD It s really almost too much to handle I m loving the characters, well except for that [...]

  • OMG amazing Holy Be jezus What a great book It picked up right where Caged left off and took us on a wild ride, where Talia s world has literally been turned upside down Any suspicions and questions I had in the first two books were substantiated in this book and then some I was left with my mouth hanging open and clawing at the sheets when it ended I have and I m not ashamed to admit this begged the author for book 4 It s That Good I can t really say much else without spoiling anything, which I [...]

  • This series just gets better and better, there are so many secrets and layers, but finally I get a lot of answers and then I get a few questions which is fine cause I am so ready to back into this world and see the magic that is the Talented series unfold.The lies and betrayal in this story run deep and at this point besides Talia and Erik I don t know who to trust any, good is bad, bad is good, and it seems everything is being turned on it s head, I feel for Talia her whole world is falling ap [...]

  • WOW Im am amazed I am in shock I cannot wait for the fourth book to come out this summer I am absolutely in love with this series and this author I think this was the best one so far It was non stop action, love and drama Its got of a cliff hanger than the others but is just as satisfying.Check out my review beautysinbreakdownOne of the great parts about this book, was that I felt like of my questions, if not all of my questions were answered Yet even though they were answered by the end, it w [...]

  • WOW, Just when you thought this series didn t have any twist and turn your are proven wrong I absolutely loved this book One of the best books i have read in a while This book kept my interest the entire time I was bummed to see it end This book had me guessing what what going to happen next and then when i thought i new what was going to happen i was hit with another shocker The book will make you smile, laugh, cry and yell If you loved the first 2 Talented and Caged as much as i did you will l [...]

  • I purchased this as an ebook from.I think this is my favorite book of the series so far who knows book 4 could blow this away This book was full of mystery and suspense and Secrets are posed Absolutely loved the book now I just need to wait for Book 4 to be released.Loved the book so much I couldn t put it down finished it at 1.30am when I had a 6am start only got just over 4 hours sleep So worth feeling exhausted over Now reality was preventing me from finishing what I started While the injecti [...]

  • Unbelievable book I am at a complete loss for words after reading this book I liked that you were able to learn about Talia s relationship with Erik throughout this book I also liked that this books continues with the suspense of Talia trying to find about who she is and figuring who she can trust There were so many gripping moments throughout this book that will leave you completely shocked which of course I can t go into detail about I have to say that Hunted has been my favorite so far in t [...]

  • So far this is my favorite.The writing was great, the storyline outstanding I read this book right after I finished Caged, and I could not put it down until I was through two books one day I wish Donavan would grow some balls and stand up for himself I do would like to know what Gretchen s whole input on her husbands job is.I knew that Penny was the prisoner from the train and I am glad they got her back and I am glad she is alive I was thinking though that Harris would escape with them, maybe t [...]

  • 10 s I purchased my copy of this story from and I am ready to give my honest opinion This is an awesomely invigorating story that caught me off guard and wanting to read of it I am still in love with these remarkable characters and the trials and tribulations they face in this story Its a MUST read YA story that adults will love to sink their teeth into I loved this book from beginning to end The only part I didn t like was the ending and all of my questions that are yet unanswered I am super [...]

  • Wow This book finally answered some questions What was wrong with Talia Who was the boy in the picture Will Talia ever stand up for whats right Will Erik ever get to see his family Why was Penny so adamant that Talia give Crane a chance Is TOXIC as horrible as some people think it is Talia s powers continue to grow, as does the love she shares with Erik, and the animosity with Mac I was blown away by all that happened in this book yet not nearly satisfied enough because I need to know what happe [...]

  • This book series keeps getting better The question that is mostly asked is who to trust Sometimes it s those who are most unlikely Natalia Lyons learns this in this thrilling novel She will be betrayed, find out secrets and realize that her life is a lie Overall, I really liked this novel and thought it was really good I was really intrigued by it and can t wait to read the last book

  • I thought this was great book I won t say to much don t want to spoil it for others But I will say some questions I had got answered only to have questions at the end Talia s world gets turned upside down Things she thought were the truth are not in fact that Looking forward to the 4th book.

  • I could not put the 3rd book down it was amazing all the revelations fantastic I knew it but needed it confirmed and boy was it confirmed so many answers to my questions in this book were finally answered yay I just can t wait for the final book TEAM ERIK always xxx

  • Hunted was an amazing read getting to know Erik and Talia was great going through their journey together and seeing their love grow then the cliffhanger of waiting to find out what happens this is definitely a must read for everyone Sophie has outdone herself can t wait to read

  • After I finished this book, I was kept awake because the story and characters were so powerful, I was thinking about them all night If a story can affect ME that much, imagine what it can do to other passionate readersI can t wait to read from this series

  • PredictableThe twists in this book can be seen from a mile away I find this extremely annoying and it makes the book seem boring Still tons of typos Not enjoying this series.

  • Need to take a break before I dive into the 4th book This one just didn t hold my interest like the first 2, and I m not really at the edge of my seat for the next book I m not ready to give up on the series yet though.

  • Hunted was amazing It was a complete rollercoaster for Talia and the reader I was so saddened by Penny s supposed execution and Talia s condition that I wanted to scream Davis did an excellent job in making me dislike Mac throughout all of the series and in Hunted I wanted to throttle him SPOILER I hope he gets what s coming to him in Created and I hope Talia is the one who delivers it I hate to say that I d take great pleasure in watching Talia rip into his mind and ultimately kill him However, [...]

  • I received this book to give an honest review Sophie has done it again You are taken into the world full of action and drama like no other Talia is still sick and it doesn t seem like there is a cure But what is really making her sick Mac the director is wanting Talia to come and aid with the placement test that that children at the age of 5 have to take every year Failure to do so well lets just say it is best to comply Mac really does seem to be losing it within this story he is starting to cr [...]

  • Great job Ms Davis Hunted was yet another great addition to the Talented saga and it s my favourite book so far I absolutely devoured this book in a few nightly reading sessions until the wee hours of the morning.Firstly, I think what I liked about this book than the previous ones was the plot This is because, contrary to Talented and Caged, Hunted contained one or two plot surprises, that I did not expect although now that I look back on them, they were quite obvious, but oh well I was too ent [...]

  • This is the third installment in this series and I can t help but second guess my thoughts about the main character I thought she would have recovered by now but if it is even possible for the majority of the book she is weaker than ever Her temper is out of control and is making her character somewhat undesirable I am beginning to resent the fact that she needs to lean on Erik so much I feel like the character I fell in love with in book one is no where in sight and I m not sure she is coming b [...]

  • Well crap Mac is not a good man Thank God that Talia catches on and stops being in denial Mac makes Talia help test the five year old children when they come in to be evaluated She really opens her eyes when confronted with the abuse the children are subjected to Then, to make it worse, Mac has decided to make Talia and Erik go after kids that are suspected of having a talent, but weren t brought in for testing Ahhhh, this is going to be Mac s downfall Talia may be willing to make exceptions for [...]

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