How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen

How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen Tom likes fooling around and is rather good at it much to the annoyance of his Aunt Fidget Wonkham Strong So one day this fearsome lady decides to teach Tom a lesson and summons Captain Najork and hi
  • Title: How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen
  • Author: Russell Hoban
  • ISBN: 9780099432470
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen
    Tom likes fooling around and is rather good at it, much to the annoyance of his Aunt Fidget Wonkham Strong So one day this fearsome lady decides to teach Tom a lesson and summons Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen to play womble, muck and sneedball Can it possibly end well for all concerned
    How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen By Russell Hoban,
    • [E-Book] Ã How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen | by µ Russell Hoban
      477 Russell Hoban
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    Russell Conwell Hoban was an American expatriate writer His works span many genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mainstream fiction, magical realism, poetry, and children s books He lived in London, England, from 1969 until his death.


  • The other day Alan Jacobs tweeted Do yourself a favor find a used copy of the best children s book EVER, Hoban s How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen Well, I didn t need to find a used copy, because my local public library has three take outable copies, and I took one out, and of course read it in five minutes, and will go back and read it again The Quentin Blake pictures add enormously to the delight of this book, in which a boy who fools around a lot manages to be the hero of th [...]

  • A gift from a friend, who when she brought it, said, I know this is bringing coals to Newcastle for which use of that phrase I will always love her, if I didn t already, which I do.Her daughter, who is four, adores this silly book My kids do, too And Russell Hoban is one of my favorite authors of all time Not only did he write the Bedtime for Frances books, but he also wrote Riddley Walker, on my list of my favorite ten books of ALL TIME That book is set in a postapocalyptic Britain, and is writ [...]

  • The title is a pretty clear tip off that the fooling around little boy is going to triumph over the strict aunt and stuck up Captain, but it is still a lot of fun to read And in fact there is a happy ending for everyone

  • Read this with my kids 67 it took a while for them to get engaged with the story but by the end they were cheering Tom on.Quentin Blake s illustrations really brought the story to life and gave us even to talk about as we read together.

  • I think I must have missed something here as I really didn t enjoy this book very much It has some great words and names in it but I thought the story was very thin.

  • Alliteration Stomped, squelched, sliveredUse of made up words game womble, sneedball still makes sense within the story Benefits of fooling around and having fun sometimes Engaging pictures reading aloud to KS1 allows them to interact with the pictures

  • One of my favorite books from childhood this book extols the virtues of being relaxed, having fun and messing around In it a little boy, Tom, is looked after by his very serious Aunt Figit Wonkamstrong He likes to fool around and she disapproves She sends off for Captain Najork and his hired sportsmen to come and teach Tom a lesson and they perform a number of fantastic competitions such as womble, muck, sneedball Tom beats them at every turn and it is delightful At the end Tom runs away and adv [...]

  • Tom liked to fool around He did low and muddy fooling around and he did high and wobbly fooling around But It looks very like playing to me, says his maiden Aunt Fidget Wonkham Strong who wears an iron hat and takes no nonsense from anyone, and so she sends for Captain Najork and his hired sportsmen They play hard games and they play them jolly hard to teach Tom a lesson But even though it s Tom alone against everyone else, he just mucks and fools around and puts them all to shame And so in the [...]

  • This is potentially the best book I have ever read I think I am actually in it For anyone who has ever loved messing around with paperclips, and dropping things off bridges, and fishing them out again This story is all about Tom, the rebel, and how he beats Captain Najork and his band of men at their own rather different games Brilliant naming prevails during this book particularly like the game called Sneedball and Tom s Aunt Bundlejoy Cosysweet I think I have met her Not for stick in the muds [...]

  • I ve been looking for this book for years, based on a reference to it in The Norton Anthology of Children s Literature that it colludes with the child reader against an adult world I finally got a copy from Europe When it came I was surprised it was so short I had forgotten it was a children s picture book My nine year old daughter read it first I am afraid she stumped me on questions like what are bloaters and not until I read the book did I realize I am old enough now to be on the losing side [...]

  • My daughter Kate rated these two Captain Najork books and I think she is right to do so Sure they are children s books, but I doubt the little blighters appreciate what s in front of them They only read at one level you know Tom versus the hired sportsmen is the better of the two and it is really hysterical Although this is a very English book, Hoban is an American, and we should claim him as our very own genius of the absurd.

  • My sister Maria gave me this book for my 50th birthday I m not sure if that says something about me or something about her It s a cute little story about the benefits of fooling around I like the illustrations I m not sure what age children this is supposed to be for It has a lot of words for a children s book But it isn t a chapter book If your child is too young to read it themselves you can read it to them.

  • This picture book is now part of our homeschool curriculum, and we actually reward our boys for fooling around Besides that, the pictures are funny and we love the story Just to let you know, last time I played Womble, at the end of the snetch I won by 3 ladders Fooling around really pays off.

  • Illustrated by Quentin Blake often seen in Roald Dahl s books , this is my favorite for read aloud or for readers just jumping into chapter books Kids will cheer on Tom, a boy who is very good at fooling around, when his iron hatted aunt calls fearsome Captain Najork and his hired men to teach him a lesson especially when it turns out Tom is very good at sneedball and womble, too.

  • My four year old daughter loves this book We read it daily Ridiculous story about a boy who excels at fooling around Blake s illustrations are perfect at capturing the eccentric characters, the language is imaginative and wonderful Incredibly fun book for anyone who appreciates mischief.

  • A wonderful book, proving the joy and value of messing around aimlessly, especially if you have two horrible aunts Tom s aunts hire Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen to put Tom to rights, but a boy who has spent his time getting up to mischief is than a match for them My year 3 class loved this book.

  • This book is as quirky and fun as the title suggests Sadly, it is out of print and ridiculously expensive I had the good fortune of finding it at a thrift store this week for 1 Any locals who would like to read it are welcome to borrow our copy.

  • This is one of my all time favorite children s books Who can resist the tomfoolery of this book s protagonist as he attempts to evade the watchful eye of his Aunt Fidget Wonkum Strong, who wears an iron hat, and the infamous Captain Najork

  • Recommended by Laura Pemberton This is a book to make moms who are perhaps too fussy about danger and dirt reconsider And it has plenty of nonsense or perhaps supersense words to entertain such a creatively wordy family as ours.

  • Amazing balls Quite seriously, if you ve not read this book, go now, leave whatever it is you re doing to console yourself about the dullness of your own existence, find this book, and set yourself free _

  • This may be my favorite children s book of all time The illurstrations are delightful and the names of the characters are absolutely charming.

  • Probably our favorite picture book from my son s childhood, reissued in smaller format but with the same daffy illustrations.So very glad it is back.

  • Back at last, after so many years out of print Too bad, though, that Godine saw fit to reissue it in a dinky format.

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