A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea Required reading has never been so hot Once upon a time there was a Brooklyn hipster named Norah Unlucky in love and short on extracurriculars for her college apps Norah decided to start a book grou
  • Title: A Novel Idea
  • Author: Aimee Friedman
  • ISBN: 9781416907855
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Novel Idea
    Required reading has never been so hot Once upon a time there was a Brooklyn hipster named Norah Unlucky in love, and short on extracurriculars for her college apps, Norah decided to start a book group She knew the perfect locale a local indie bookstore with a crush worthy cutie manning the soy latte counter When the first meeting arrives, Norah gets a page turninRequired reading has never been so hot Once upon a time there was a Brooklyn hipster named Norah Unlucky in love, and short on extracurriculars for her college apps, Norah decided to start a book group She knew the perfect locale a local indie bookstore with a crush worthy cutie manning the soy latte counter When the first meeting arrives, Norah gets a page turning surprise The attendees may be bookish, but there are also a few hotties Most noteworthy sweet, literary James He s like a modern Jane Austen hero Only, how to snag him Ever the romantic heroine, Norah devises a secret plan And if it works, Norah may just find her Happily Ever After love story The End.
    A Novel Idea By Aimee Friedman,

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    Aimee Friedman was born and raised in Queens, New York, in an apartment filled with books and different languages She wrote her first story at the age of five, and was off and running from there Aimee wrote all through her years as a student at the Bronx High School of Science and then Vassar College After graduating from college in 2001, she became a children s book editor, a job she still does, and loves, to this day Aimee published her first novel, the New York Times bestseller, South Beach, in 2005, and is now the author of several novels for young adults, the latest being Two Summers Aimee lives in New York City, where she can usually be found writing in cafes, window shopping, or searching for the perfect iced latte.


  • Okay don t judge me I picked this book up because I want a break from high fantasy too emotional contemporary novels Simon Pulse rom com teen books used to be my favorite back when I was in highschool and I enjoyed the stupid, hilarious and light heartedness of each book.Anyway, I guess it s because I m 21 now and I have read a lot of other books both YA and adult but I really had a hard time not rolling my eyes at the main character in this book I used to relate to these kinds of characters whe [...]

  • I personaly thought that A Novel Idea was an amzing read A lot of you seem to be lost in the plot, or dislike it because it seems pre teen or because Griffen That WAS his name, right and Scott were gay I disagree with both of those statements After I read this book, it ultimatly soared it s way over to My Favorite Books list.Honestly, I think this is an amazing teen book that fills the heart with both joy and exitment It may have some gay people, but so what It may be a little fluffy, but who c [...]

  • Aimee Friedman had me hooked in the first chapter of A Novel Idea First of all I hated high school like Norah does My guidance councillor seemed to be under the impression that I was friendless untrue , pregnant untrue and where did he get that I wasnt even fat yet and wouldn t amount to much untrue Valentines Day was my least favourite holiday, like Norah.These striking resemblances to my life are not what draws me in though, it s the bookstore they hang out in that I wish we had in town, it s [...]

  • I remember reading this back in 2006 after eying it in the bookstore on numerous occasions The title, A Novel Idea, and the adorable illustrated cover with the characters looking at their books just made me want to pick it up.It also looked like it was going to be a quick and light read Sometimes if I am reading a complicated read, I like to also pick up a light one as I did with this book.For a light romantic comedy targeted towards teenage girls, this book was ratherdumbed down While I did lo [...]

  • Read full review HERE As another Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy, A Novel Idea surely did not disappoint From characters you can easily relate with, to an intriguing plot, it surely was worth the read When I started, I didn t really put it down and after just three hours, I finished it.I could totally get Norah She reminds me of myself at some points especially about the extracurricular thing Also, I love the fact that she s a big bookworm Starting my own book club is an idea that I want to turn int [...]

  • One of my little cousins was reading through this simon and pulse books and these were my old books and she swore it was good I do like it for a younger age group, it was a quick read but some points made me kind of want to smack some of the characters I think the overall plot was great Norah seemed a bit obsessed at the beginning with James who tbh didn t seem that interesting to me.I feel bad that Norah felt the need to hide who she was and what she loved but actually I think that s a correct [...]

  • In the beginning and in the end of reading this book, I did enjoy it It was parts in the middle that made it seem a bit too silly and unbelieveable Not to say all novels must BE believeable but there were just points where there was no way a girl would ever go through such lengths to win over a guy Well, in my opinion anyway But other than that i really enjoyed the book I felt i could see myself in a lot of the characters during the story Its not a great read but i do recommend it to others beca [...]

  • After getting over my initial irritation over the trashy romance comment, I really enjoyed this book The characters were very likeable and relatable, at least to my teenage self Everyone has done something a little crazy over someone they liked Although, Norah took it to a whole new level It was a quick, extremely adorable, and funny read.

  • I had to figure out how to highlight on my Kindle while at the gym because I came across the most extraordinary quote I love Park Slope even though it s an urban neighborhood, its indie bookstores, boutiques, and cafes give it a small town vibe HAHAHAH Spoken like someone who s never been to a small town.Final Eh, didn t hate it

  • This book is so cheesy and full of tons of hilarious romantic acts that I couldn t put it down I kept laughing and wanting to follow the characters on the whole adventure of being in a book group Being so enthralled that I even forgot where I was listening for when my baby woke up is truly what a great book is all about If anyone says they are looking for a good high school romance starter novel, it is this one right here.

  • Norah Bloom seems to come up a bit short when it comes to her extracurriculars for her college applications With the help of Audre Norah s quirky, self assured skinny cord leopard print wearing best friend Griffin the cutie manning the soy latte counter and Scott her gayish best friend who is the infinite confidence booster, and probably the most organized person she knows Norah builds up her own a group based on what she likes to do most Drink lattes and read As the members pile in some acciden [...]

  • Okay don t judge me I picked this book up because I want a break from high fantasy too emotional contemporary novels Simon Pulse rom com teen books used to be my favorite back when I was in highschool and I enjoyed the stupid, hilarious and light heartedness of each book.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVED IT SO DAMN ENTERTAINING THE HEROINE WAS LIKE MY TWIN FUNNY AS HELL AND I D PROBABLY BE DOING THE SAME WEIRD THINGS SHE DID TO GET MY CRUSH Here s a secret I love trashy paperback romances Please don t mock me until you hear me out.Yes, they re completely cheesy and have embarrassing titles like Ravaged by Love and A Pirate s Passion The covers alone make me blush women spilling out of their gowns, bare chested guys with flowing hair, candles, canopy beds, ruffles So not me Of cou [...]

  • As anyone can see from the books I ve read that I don t usually read Romantic Comedies filled with funny teenaged inside jokes But seeing that the cover looked interesting and the description was interesting and I really didn t have anything to read I picked it up So basically Norah our main character is getting ready for college She meets with her guidance consoler and finds that she isn t doing enough extra curricular activities Norah is of a retro laid back kinda girl so she leaves her meeti [...]

  • A Novel Idea is about a girl named Norah, who decides to start a book club to increase her chances of getting into her dream college, Vassar The book starts out meaning well, as Norah and her best friends Scott and Audre set up the book club with the help of a cute barista at their favorite coffee house The book club amasses an odd collection of members Francesca, the it girl who seems to be hiding something Neil, your typical sci fy geek and James, the shy but cute guy Norah develops a crush on [...]

  • I have been collecting the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies over the past year or so and I m happy to say I ve finally picked up one an read it and I sure started with a great one The premise of A Novel Idea sounds promising a shy bookish girl starts a book club at a local bookstore coffee shop to bulk up her college resume and hopes to find a cute boy in the process And holy cow the book did not disappoint It was as sweet, bookish, and nerdy as I hoped it would be Norah was very easy to relate to, [...]

  • Norah, typically unlucky in love, and her friend decide to start a book club at a local coffee shop At first, she is afraid the whole idea has been a complete failure However, she begins to notice a bookish hottie begin gagging named James Because this is a cheesy romance novel, she can t just approach him like a normal person She reads a book called How to Catch a Duke, which she uses as the basis of her plan to make James fall for her The story is her adventure as she learns the difference bet [...]

  • Was this a modernization of a Jane Austen novel If so, I definitely missed the connection This was total chicklit and far too juvenile for my tastes I liked the idea of a book club romance, but the story got away from itself Norah s motives were somewhat petty, and her actions were eyeroll inducing I really disliked all the Rosamund schemes It s obvious that James was humouring her, and she really did not need to do things like send herself flowers Seriously, that s wasteful and a bit too extra [...]

  • I don t know why I keep reading these Maybe because I enjoy something short, sweet, and cheesy now and again I read a few others in this imprint, and A Novel Idea was continuously recommended to me by so I caved This was cute and quirky, and I liked how modern and accepting it felt, despite being published ten years ago Norah s best friend is gay, they have parties that involve alcohol given to them by a friend s college attending older brother, their group of friends contains people of all diff [...]

  • Okay first off I got to say I love this book The romance was the perfect balance I like that the author has written this romance comedy on a romance between a book loving girl and the book loving boy Norah, a book reader, has started a book group because her guidance counselor said she needed extracurricular for her college application She held the book club at the book nook She falls for James and devises a secret plan from a book to capture his heart There were different love connections betw [...]

  • norah, good grades and everything, but she doesn t join clubs now she is ask to join a club she makes a book club at a coffee shop meeting new people at this club, and maybe enemies too norah also into love stories and mostly love stories, this will be the tome where she could break through the singleness or her life this is all because of her grades, but at the end it is than her grades that she gets maybe she can even get a boyfriend from this will she make her own happy ending love story or [...]

  • This is a great book about a young girl named Norah Bloom who has to start a book club because she needs curricular activities on her records to get into the college of her dreams But when she reads a book called To Catch a Duke, and falls head over heals for the guy in her book club Norah decides that she will do the things that she read about in the book because the girl actually got the guy in the story, and she also wants to get James What she doesn t know is while she was reading the book, [...]

  • This book was a page turner for me This book really relates to us, teenagers because it is about joining starting clubs making it look good on our college applications There is this girl named Norah and she started a book group called Book Nook and people joined it Turns out that she has a crush on James who is in the book group The book group was going to fall apart but Norah met Stalked an author Philippa Askance She promised she would show up of some sort Turns out, she never showed up to the [...]

  • Ok, I cannot describe how much I love this book I have read it times than I could possibly count and I still can t get enough First of all the description of the settings in this book is amazing I feel like I can see the Book Nook and Norah s house Second of all I just love Norah I can totally relate to her I can be shy sometimes and I especially get that way around guys I have done some interesting things to try to get a guy s attention before so I could relate to Norah s Rosamund schemes All [...]

  • I though this book was really sweet I really liked the idea of making the book club just so she would be able to get into college When Franceso, however u spell her name, came to the book club i started laughing since no popular girl would join a book club well atleast no in my school I really thought it was weird when i found out that Franceso use to be a total nerd and everything When she was trying to get James it was kinda funny when she followed wat a character in a book did I m just really [...]

  • I thought that this book was interesting and funny In the book the main character Norah starts a book club Norah doesn t like to quit I like the book because the main character always wanted to meet her favorite author even though it is hard to meet one of your favorite author face to face I also liked this book because Norah likes this boy and she tries to get the boy s attention by using a story s plot Even though everything turned out wrong in the end she found out something very unexpected W [...]

  • As painfully faux indie hip as only a novel about self involved Manhattenite teens hanging out at a non Starbucks coffee shop can be Friedman flogs the reader with her lead character s supposed literary tendencies, but it would take far brain damaging abuse to convince me of the reading chops of a girl who dismisses Heart of Darkness only to seemingly seriously consider Louise Rennison s books for her book club Neither novel, nor particularly literary, but moderately serviceable if you re absol [...]

  • By starting a book club, Norah hopes it ll help get into the college of her choice, that is, maybe it ll take some time after meeting the members and James.When Jane realizes that she has a crush on James, she decides to try to make him jealous with help from a romance book Will it work or will it just create disaster It seemed it went by quickly These books are good, not that great but not bad Perfect for reading either on a rainy day or in a day Still, I recommend it if you like romantic comed [...]

  • okay i liked this book but DANG this girl okay I closed this book every freaking 5 pages cuz it seemed like she was out to to embarrass herself this REALLY frustrated me and i mean i could tell from the beginning that james liked her, so why, WHY couldn t she just go with the flow, or ask him out like a normal person but noooooo she has to come up with a plan she got from some crazy old time adult romance novel where everybody talks weird, like in soaps to make her seem like the most wanted girl [...]

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