The Mysterious Island

The Mysterious Island In the third Droon adventure Eric Neal and Julie find themselves shipwrecked on a creepy and mysterious island and need some quick thinking and magical help to get themselves out of the situation
  • Title: The Mysterious Island
  • Author: Tony Abbott David Merrell Tim Jessell
  • ISBN: 9780590108409
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mysterious Island
    In the third Droon adventure, Eric, Neal and Julie find themselves shipwrecked on a creepy and mysterious island, and need some quick thinking and magical help to get themselves out of the situation.
    The Mysterious Island By Tony Abbott David Merrell Tim Jessell,
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      234 Tony Abbott David Merrell Tim Jessell
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  • Tony Abbott David Merrell Tim Jessell

    Tony Abbott born 1952 is an American author of children s books His most popular work is the book series The Secrets of Droon, which includes over 40 books He has sold over 12 million copies of his books and they have been translated into several other languages, including Italian, Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, and Russian He has also written the bestseller Firegirl.Abbott was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1952 His father was a university professor and had an extensive library of books which became one of Abbott s first sources of literature When he was eight years old, his family moved to Connecticut where he went through elementary school and high school.Abbott attended the University of Connecticut, and after studying both music and psychology, decided to study English and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor s degree in English literature He attended the workshops of Patricia Reilly Giff to further develop his writing after college Abbott currently lives in Trumbull, Connecticut, with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs Tony had one brother and two sisters.


  • The Mysterious Island The Secrets of Droon 3 , Tony Abbott, Tim Jessell Illustrator The Secrets of Droon is a fantasy book series by Tony Abbott aimed at elementary school age children The first book, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet was published on June 1, 1999 On October 1, 2010, the final book of the series The Final Quest was released, concluding its eleven year run The series consisting of 44 books including Special Editions are still published The series was named by the American Bo [...]

  • I had my fair share of chuckles reading book 3 of The Secrets of Droon I thought the dialog between the three main characters was snappy and goofy compared to the other two, as well as their heroic scenes I had to laugh when Neal got turned into a bug, and how all the other bugs went squealing after him Other than that, this book is very similar to the other books A less serious reader will probably prefer the first book in the series, which stands alone really well.

  • Great starter book series for independent readingGreat series for boys and girls All of my kids started theTheir Independent reading with this series I recommend highly

  • SUMMARY Eric, Neal, and Julie are summoned back to Droon in an attempt to hide the Red Eye of Dawn so Lord Sparr cannot find and use it But Lord Sparr finds them and with the help of Demither, Queen of the Oceans, he sinks their boat and shipwreaks them on an island with no hope to escape.This is book 3 in The Secrets of Droon series which must be read in order The story gets better with each additional volume The book is only 85 pages and the fast paced action, large font, and many illustration [...]

  • The Mysterious Island Secrets of Droon 3 11 20 07The Secrets of Droon series of books began in 1999 with The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet I happened to have a copy of the third in the series, The Mysterious Island, which I read before donating it to the BookCrossing literacy train.The series comes highly recommended at but I found the one book I read to be nothing special There are numerous series of books where children from present day get to travel to far away fantasy lands These lands [...]

  • Once again, Keeah has possession of the magical red jewel, and Lord Sparr is determined to get it back While Eric, Neal, and Julie sail with Princess Keeah on her ship, the Jaffa Wind, Sparr flies one of his lizard like groggles right on to the ship Sparr and Galen battle each other for the jewel Finally, a frustrated Sparr calls upon Demither who appears as a gigantic sea serpent In this form, she destroys the Jaffa Wind and sends the jewel into the sea Eric, Neal, Julie, and Keeah find themsel [...]

  • I ve decided to read The Secrets of Droon series entirely for Christmas since i ve been feeling a bit nostalgic I want to be able to live a bit of the magic of being a kid and what beeter to help than this incredible series I know that this series is for young kids but i feel it will still be great after all these years The third book introduces us to new settings and continues with its simple and fast plot In this book the action starts early on Basically the first three books have centered on [...]

  • Another adventure that is easy to read and hard to put down What is on the Mysterious Island You have to read this and find out It is a great read a loud book for those with children Always something exciting for the Children who are called to Droon Princess Keah had told them once as long as there is magic she would be able to reach the in the Upstairs world Lord Sparr is up to his evil and the children are there forming friends and helping Princess Keah get from Lord Sparr the things he takes [...]

  • Awesome Eric, Julie and Neal were in a thunderstorm In the thunderstorm, their soccer ball glowed and made a globe map of Droon They went down the magical steps to the world of Droon The stairs led them over an ocean They saw Keeah s, Max s and Galen s ship They have the Red Eye Jewel Lord Sparr attacks them to get the Red Eye Keeah s ship breaks because of a witch named Demither that was turned into a sea serpent They have to not let Lord Sparr have the Red Eye Find out what happens next in the [...]

  • The third book in a fantasy series that my son loves, this one we listened to on cd It took 35 minutes to hear the whole book That s how short and sweet these books are all adventure, all fantasy, no character development or discussion worthy moments a cheap thrill I still think that 4th grade is too old for this, and I suspect that my son is moving out of this series already after this one interested in Percy Jackson right now.

  • It is about when 3 kids see a soccer ball and then one of the kids sees it change into a scary planet They get on a boat and they see a sea serpent and it chases them One of them has a bow and arrow and shoots several times until he finally gets it The best part was when they killed the sea serpent My friends should read it because it is so cool

  • I m reading these books to my son, who had read some of them at school and wanted to re read read I have to say, I m finding them far enjoyable than the Magic Treehouse books, which, in spite of their passing on some interesting historical facts, began to feel pretty inane to me after about a dozen.

  • While I love this series, this isn t the best book of the series It continues along the lines of the glowing red Eye Sparr has been so intent on stealing While they do some interesting things to the kids to complete their quest, it s not as inventive as some of the other books in the series.

  • Reading this series to my daughter Cool setting with lots of magic and action, but except for Neal I m having trouble telling the characters apart It seems almost random whether a line of dialogue is assigned to Eric, Julie, Max or Keeah.

  • Another good book in the series My girls really love reading these books which make them enjoyable for the whole family I almost wish it was one big book so I could just read the whole thing at once

  • So far, out of the first three books, this one has been the best and most exciting Still written very plainly, but my students loved it.

  • Same as the others, these books have imaginative characters which children enjoy reading about My 7 year old has read 35 books so far in this series, and can t wait for the next one.

  • i just can say i love these books,i spent three years reading these amazing and incredible books i lived with them

  • Droon is a great series for kids An easy reading level with fun adventures and great illustrations that will capture their imaginations.

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