Wild Irish

Wild Irish WILD IRISH was PURE PERFECTION This sparkling gem which is chock full of adventure toe curling swoon angsty emotion and breathtaking passion tantalizes the senses tugs at the heartstrings and pro
  • Title: Wild Irish
  • Author: C.M. Seabrook Tanya Baikie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wild Irish
    WILD IRISH was PURE PERFECTION This sparkling gem, which is chock full of adventure, toe curling swoon, angsty emotion and breathtaking passion, tantalizes the senses, tugs at the heartstrings and provides the ULTIMATE romantic escape I went searching for trouble and I found it I just didn t expect to find it in the form of Cillian Gallagher The gorgeously tatted leWILD IRISH was PURE PERFECTION This sparkling gem, which is chock full of adventure, toe curling swoon, angsty emotion and breathtaking passion, tantalizes the senses, tugs at the heartstrings and provides the ULTIMATE romantic escape I went searching for trouble and I found it I just didn t expect to find it in the form of Cillian Gallagher The gorgeously tatted lead singer and guitarist of Wild Irish, Cillian is everything I ve always tried to stay away from He s wild and dangerous And exactly what I need to cross off number four on my bucket list Kiss a complete stranger It should have been that simple But I wasn t prepared for the scorching heat that would ignite a passion, leaving us both gasping for air It was never meant to be than a fling I didn t expect that when I left Ireland, I d be leaving a piece of my heart, or how our lives would be intertwined even when we were thousands of miles apart One last request One life changing list One month of no regrets I ran from my boring, simple life, straight into the arms of trouble The thing with trouble is that it has a way of finding you, no matter where you go.
    Wild Irish By C.M. Seabrook Tanya Baikie,
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      403 C.M. Seabrook Tanya Baikie
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    bestselling author C.M Seabrook writes hot, steamy romances with possessive bad boys, and the passionate, fiery women who love them Swoonworthy romances from the heart SIGN UP FOR C.M Seabrook s NEWSLETTER FOR LATEST NEWS eepurl cB56an


  • Find your happiness WILD IRISH was PURE PERFECTION This sparkling gem, which is chock full of adventure, toe curling swoon, angsty emotion and breathtaking passion, tantalizes the senses, tugs at the heartstrings and provides the ULTIMATE romantic escape C M Seabrook proved once again why her fans can t get their fill of her books, and this rock star romance is probably my favorite to date She really upped her game, digging deep into the hearts and souls of her characters, and hit every right no [...]

  • I received my ARC of this book and read it in one day It s a story of survivor s guilt on Delaney s part and raw emotions on Cillian s They have an instant connection that they both fight, with outside forces interfering, until they both realize their love is inevitable What a beautiful story this is CM Seabrook captures the reader s attention from the very first page and keeps it throughout the entire book Definitely worth reading

  • First person, Dual POV, HAE Can be read as standalone LOVE FOR IRISH BOYS IS REAL I ve read another in the series before Wild Irish and they continue to be amazing The love escalates quickly, but the story line never suffers Huge fan of this crew of boys, and the heroines in each story In this installment, Cillian, the lead singer of Wild Irish, is in the midst of shutting everyone in his life out He s been screwed over by not only the woman he was engaged to, but also his brother, and if things [...]

  • Delaney has just lost her sister Before her death she gave Delaney her list a list about things she wanted to experience in life Now Delaney has promised to follow the list for her First stop Ireland Her bad luck is following her and she is involved in a car crash The driver of the other car is a handsome guy named Cillian He is a angry man who just been betrayed buy his own brother and Cillians girlfriend Delaney and Cillian is spending a month together and feelings for each other is getting st [...]

  • Wild Irish is my first read from C.M Seabrook, and I absolutely loved it Read it in one evening, I couldn t go to sleep before finishing it Delaney and Cillian are broken, hurt, fierce and so stubborn I loved their interactions, loved the rich background in the group and hope other characters from the Wild Irish Rock Band will have their story.

  • Wow I wasn t sure what to expect but what I got was wonderful This book is filled with angst, lust, heat, sweetness the list goes on It was a quick read for me but the details were not spared You truly get a feel for all the characters and really connect with them The story is great Highly recommended I received this book for a voluntary, completely honest and non incentivized review.

  • 3 Find your happiness starsThis is a really quick read A fast paced rockstar romance between a broody Irish rocker and a grief stricken American tourist.Delaney travelled from Chicago to Ireland following the death of her sister, Maeve After watching her suffer through a long illness, she has taken her sister s bucket list and is determined to do all the things Maeve never had a chance to do, and along the way hoping to find the happiness that her sister wanted for her Things don t go according [...]

  • 1.5 Stars Yikes this book read like an outline of a really good book The general concept was really good An Irish rock star and a girl trying to find her happiness in Ireland should be an automatic win, but sadly it wasn t This book was missing content The beginning of the book was really good with great descriptions and details While their initial chemistry started off too quickly for my taste almost insta love I was still drawn and wanted to keep going However it all went downhill after she to [...]

  • This was a really cute and funny story so if you guys are looking for something light this is your book.I loved that C.M kept the Irish slang for this book I am Irish so when it s written like this not only do I understand it I relate to it because I live it if that makes sense.Basics of the story Delaney an American Travels to Ireland to knock off things on a list kinda a bucket list and she gets a lot than she bargained for when she meets Cillian pronounced Killian He is Irish and a rock star [...]

  • Wow What an amazing story This is the first book I have read by C.M I was captivated from the beginning till the end The story flowed and the connection between the characters felt real I love reading books that I can picture in my head just like if I was watching it on tv Wild Irish is definitely a MUST read I can t wait to read of C.M s books.Passion, Ireland, Music, Romance, Drama, Friendship

  • 4.75 Wildly Spectacular Stars Wow I don t know if I can put into words how much I loved this book So much so that I read it once on Sunday and again on Monday It was Spectacular A little background Cillian began turning inward after his mother left the family He trusts no one, especially after he thinks his brother slept with his girlfriend He s closed off and broody to hide his soft center He has been running for three months, avoiding the band, who now threatens to sue him if he doesn t fulfil [...]

  • Oh boy Oh boy Another book from this lady and I knew that I was about to embark on the most intense and hot as hell journey of my life Just the thought of her previous books and I was on cloud nine Like I say, C.M s writing is simple, intense and super hot If you don t trust me see for yourself Wild Irish tells the stories of Delaney and Cillian.Delaney is a woman on a mission To cross every line from her sister bucket list One month, no rules, no regrets that was her motto Unfortunately her sis [...]

  • Some extreme drama and plenty of misunderstandings, but I couldn t put it down Super compelling characters and a sweet romance And, of course, Ireland.

  • Every now and again a spur of the moment book selection really hits the spot That was the case here, with Wild Irish I was unsure of whether or not this book was going to fulfill what I wanted at that moment, but it certainly did Delaney was in Ireland, grieving, and trying her hardest to fulfill her sister s bucket list her tragically passed sister Of course, she has a minor meltdown and a car skurfuffle almost immediately, and right away we re introduced to the grumpy and charismatic Cillian, [...]

  • C.M Seabrook has once again delivered an beautifully, breathtaking love story, but this time with a stunning Irish backdrop.The feels good lord, the feels I actually had to stop reading it because I was mid flight and didn t want people to think I was losing it on the airplane.Once safely on solid ground again, I devoured the rest of her story and fell madly in love with Delaney and Cillian Oh and I m definitely going to have to take a trip to Ireland sometime in the near future my Heart broke f [...]

  • An absolutely brilliant book from CM Seabrooke Definitely one of my favourites and Cillian is definitely one of my favourite bad boys Delaney takes a trip to Ireland when she loses her sister and has a to do list that belonged to her sister On her way she crashes her car and meets the lovely Irish Cillian He offers to help her out and the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts, but they both have their issues can they work through them and come out on top Have a read and find out It [...]

  • Loved this bookThis book will have you swooning, crying and ready to choke someone at times but mostly it will make you fall in love Cillean doesn t trust easily Delaney has had her heart broken by loss These two agree upon fun but they get so much Will Cillean ever be able to fully trust Together they are both trying to find their own happiness.

  • Stumbled across this gem of off Bookbub recommended from a friend and I LOVED it Every thing about this book screamed MOVIE Let s hope it happens Fingers crossed Plus, who wouldn t want to see Cillian Gallagher on the big screen I know I do and then some Looking forward to book two and anything else, C.M Seabrook 5 FIND YOUR HAPPINESS stars

  • 5 starsThis is the first book I ve read by C.M Seabrook and what an amazing story I absolutely loved it, was hooked from beginning to end I had a great connection with the characters Loved the lust, banter and sexiness between Delaney and Cillian I highly recommend this book.

  • I Stopped Reading ThisAnd I had to start again The story is completely sweet and predictable, but I am such a sucker for Irish men and rockers This guy is an Irish rocker I couldn t help it.

  • A sweet story that started out as a mean to live on the edge but ended up being a start to an amazing love story.

  • A fun, steamy and moving story I have to admit I was a little skeptical of this story at first seemed a little too love at first sight for me But, then I read on and learned that s exactly what it was for these two love first sight But they didn t realize it.I liked the premise, that Delaney had, almost literally, crashed right into the lead singer of today s hottest Irish rock band But, being American and the band strictly an Irish phenomenon, she had zero idea who he was, which made for some v [...]

  • Wild Irish had me WILDI love this so much Cillian and Delaney are perfect More than once, I flipped out The last 40% was a major incline of this roller coaster Shave me down and call me a mole rat I would love a sequel or a spin off with one of the other characters Owen mainly Maybe a short on how Widen and Emer met Oh and if there plans for an audio book, I can already imagine Cillian s accent Sheesh

  • I voluntarily read an ARC of this book.I absolutely loved it, you can feel the emotion in this book from the very beginning Both Delaney and Cillian are stubborn and a misunderstanding breaks the lovers apart But they get through and have their HEA Loved the ending.This is a great book that hooked me from the beginning Recommend to all.

  • Sexy wild Irish alpha maleI simply adored this book At times I felt like I was in a pub or climbing a mountain The writing of this book was simply amazing I have read other books by C.M and I will continue to The way she explained the characters and there Alfa male forms was hot as well I d love to hear from these people.

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