Nevertheless: A Memoir

Nevertheless A Memoir One of the most accomplished and outspoken actors today chronicles the highs and lows of his life in this beautifully written candid memoir Over the past three decades Alec Baldwin has established h
  • Title: Nevertheless: A Memoir
  • Author: Alec Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9781538432792
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Nevertheless: A Memoir
    One of the most accomplished and outspoken actors today chronicles the highs and lows of his life in this beautifully written, candid memoir.Over the past three decades, Alec Baldwin has established himself as one of Hollywood s most gifted, hilarious, and controversial leading men From his work in popular movies, including Beetlejuice, Working Girl, Glengarry Glen Ross,One of the most accomplished and outspoken actors today chronicles the highs and lows of his life in this beautifully written, candid memoir.Over the past three decades, Alec Baldwin has established himself as one of Hollywood s most gifted, hilarious, and controversial leading men From his work in popular movies, including Beetlejuice, Working Girl, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Cooler, and Martin Scorsese s The Departed to his role as Jack Donaghy on Tina Fey s irreverent series 30 Rock for which he won two Emmys, three Golden Globes, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards and as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, he s both a household name and a deeply respected actor.In Nevertheless, Baldwin transcends his public persona, making public facets of his life he has long kept private In this honest, affecting memoir, he introduces us to the Long Island child who felt burdened by his family s financial strains and his parents unhappy marriage the Washington, DC, college student gearing up for a career in politics the self named Love Taxi who helped friends solve their romantic problems while neglecting his own the young soap actor learning from giants of the theatre the addict drawn to drugs and alcohol who struggles with sobriety the husband and father who acknowledges his failings and battles to overcome them and the consummate professional for whom the work is everything Throughout Nevertheless, one constant emerges the fearlessness that defines and drives Baldwin s life Told with his signature candor, astute observational savvy, and devastating wit, Nevertheless reveals an Alec Baldwin we have never fully seen before.
    Nevertheless: A Memoir By Alec Baldwin,
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    Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III is an Emmy and Academy Award nominated, and Golden Globe Award winning, American actor He is the eldest and most famous of the Baldwin brothers, and has starred in many movies and TV shows He is also noted for having hosted Saturday Night Live multiple times He is currently playing television executive Jack Donaghy in the NBC situation comedy 30 Rock.


  • If the value of a celebrity memoir is determined by its frankness, then Alec Baldwin s book is highly valuable.I ve long been a fan of Alec s acting I think he brings a lot energy, charm and wit to his roles One of my favorite movies of his is The Hunt for Red October, and I m still annoyed the movie studio replaced him with Harrison Ford in the following Tom Clancy movies Ford was Blahsville Alec has got such a fantastic voice that it s a pleasure to hear him talk, which is why I chose to liste [...]

  • I d probably give this one 3.5 stars I ve been a casual fan of Alec Baldwin since I saw him in Beatlejuice at a young age And, being a movie buff, I always enjoy reading actor memoirs So I figured I d give this a try One of the reasons I enjoy reading this type of memoir is because I love learning the behind the scenes stuff that goes on during the filming of some of my favorite movies The reason I can t rate this book higher than I did is because this book features almost none of that At one po [...]

  • I both read and listened to the audio of Alec Baldwin s memoir Considering Alec s well trained voice talent, the audio is excellent I ve always been a fan, even when he was acting less than the gentleman he is He frankly and honestly admits his mistakes, especially the horrid voicemail to his young daughter, obviously aimed at his ex wife that he knows he will never live down, and fully admits he was was a frustrated idiot for doing it Such the drama of Hollywood divorces He doesn t relive it in [...]

  • 3.5 5 starsNevertheless A Memoirwas exactly what I expected it to be Alec s life story I have always loved his voice and I was thrilled to discover that he performed the audio himself His childhood growing up on Massapequa, Long Island was interesting I enjoyed hearing how his love of books and movies came about and what life was like with 5 siblings.It was also interesting to hear about how his career got started, how his love for politics developed and what it was like working with various Hol [...]

  • Wanted to love this book but it was painful to even finish He comes across as so entitled and self absorbed.while simultaneously calling out others for the same thing It felt flat emotionally The tone is akin to someone narrating a story in third person.

  • Alec Baldwin delves into his life from his childhood to present I found this to be a very interesting, insightful book He s truthful about his life, including his own mistakes He doesn t hold anything back I always find listening to audio books in the author s own voice really brings the story to life This book shows how he s changed over the years and how all the events in his life brought him to where he is today.

  • The audio version of this book was appealing as it is narrated by the author and Baldwin has a great story telling voice Whether he is talking about his grandfather fondly or his ex wife not so fondly, the stories are interesting and compelling Towards the end, Baldwin gets a bit preachy concerning his stance on politics and he goes on in a chapter about the love of his life, his current wife Other than those slight digressions, the narrative is enjoyable and reminds me of why I like Baldwin as [...]

  • I would give this a 4.5 Alec Baldwin writes and honest memoir of his life so far.He grew up on Long Island New York second of six children His childhood could be tough at times Went on to college and right after started a career in acting His first tv part was a role in the soap The Doctors He writes of his movie and tv roles and the good and not so good experiences he s had over the years Although pretty complimentary of most of his co workers, some were not as a great experience.He writes of h [...]

  • I was never really a fan of Alec Baldwin, he always seems angry and after reading his memoir I can t really say my unfavorable opinion has been changed I love a juicy Hollywood memoir and I can sum at the best bits to save you the trouble of reading this The first part is a really long and boring examination of his childhood where he harps on how poor his family was but it seemed pretty middle class to me The Hollywood part is actually the shortest part of the book He falls madly in love with ev [...]

  • Fans of Alec Baldwin me, obviously could find some level of enjoyment in listening to him narrate a phone book, thanks to his stark, instantly recognizable, no nonsense delivery The fact that he narrates the audio edition of this memoir the version I read makes it all the better Actors like Baldwin intense, serious about craft, intellectually aware of what other masters did before him and knowledgeable of classic roles on both stage and film are fewer and fewer these days he may be one of the la [...]

  • Eh, Alec Baldwin is kind of an arrogant bastard The parts of the book about his childhood and about his struggles with drugs and alcohol were actually quite good The parts where it is just a laundry list of icons he has worked with, movies he did, and leading ladies he fell in love with were not good But, they were tolerable Then, he went on a tangent about politics, which was just completely unnecessary I didn t pick up his book to hear his thoughts on our democratic system Though I would have [...]

  • A mixed bag The early sections are the best, most compelling, and worthy of your time A genuinely gifted writer with fascinating insights about filmmaking as well as the darker recesses of his spirit too often sinks into sour score settling over ancient Tinseltown grievances This man is a great actor, a spellbinding conversationalist, and he has better books in him, waiting to be written Wait for this one to become available at your public library.

  • Very honest and well written I enjoyed the stories about his life in the entertainment business Could have done without all the stories feelings about politics It s not that I agree or disagree with any of his views, I just don t read celebrity memoirs to get their feelings on politics.

  • The great Baldwin s lyrical remembrances of growing up in Massapequa in Nassau County He conveys both the good and bad aspects with warmth, deep emotion, and stunning attention to detail.His tale of a two day I think the telling is understandably disjointed cocaine bender that soon thereafter led to his 30 years of sobriety is brilliant.These parts of the memoir seem to have been written by a different guy from the one who wrote the rest of Nevertheless.The good Baldwin ruminating on his peers, [...]

  • Whether you ve seen Alec Baldwin in the TV show 30 Rock, playing the psychotic con man Freddie Junior Frenger in the Jonathan Demme produced, George Armitage film, Miami Blues, with Fred Ward and Jennifer Jason Leigh based on Carl Hiaason s book , as Jack Ryan in The Hunt For Red October, as Adam Maitlan in Tim Burton s Beetlejuice, on stage in numerous productions, or as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, you know he s an actor of inspired and widely varied talent His memoir is equally surpri [...]

  • I was at my library, saw this book and picked it up on a spontaneous whim It wasn t on my TBR list, I hadn t read any reviews on it and I m not even a die hard Baldwin fan I enjoyed and thought he was good on 30 Rock, liked the movie Prelude to A Kiss and have enjoyed his performances on SNL with the exception of his way too frequent appearances imitating Donald Trump yawn, can a day go by without hearing that name please I m sure I ve seen him in some other things, I would say I think he is a g [...]

  • I decided not to finish this book I was somewhat enjoying myself until about halfway through the author chose to be incredibly disparaging about a number of people he worked with in Hollywood, seemingly as a form of payback Needless to say it left a sour taste in my mouth So no rating and not gonna finish.

  • I was nursing Eero and he fell asleepd I read this entire thing with him in my arms It was a delight I could imagine his cashmere voice with the staccato diction reading it to me Some of the passages are truly beautifully written, he clearly has a novelist s heart He also seems really intelligent, willing to own up to some of his lesser qualities He s also wanting to settle some scores, clearly, and maybe unwilling to admit defeat on some of those accounts and it is in those places that his writ [...]

  • 2 1 2 I have read a fair number of memoirs lately and this is this first one I have been disappointed in Maybe it is true, Baldwin is an arrogant, self serving S.O.B The last part of this book really takes down any energy that was created in the first two thirds of it The information and insights are not that great, he just comes off as bitter As always seems the case with so many people, lots of bad decisions have caused a lot of problems over the years Baldwin is an enigma, and he communicates [...]

  • For the most part Alec Baldwin provided a thoughtful and heartfelt accounting of his childhood, family, growing up, his schooling, and then his unexpected life choice segue into a career in acting Baldwin is a smart man and surprisingly not pretentious But his reputation continually threatened to derail the so far well crafted memoir as this reader waited for the perpetual shoe to fall And it did Eighty percent into this rather interesting and revealing memoir Baldwin went on the inevitable atta [...]

  • Who would want to read a book about a guy that needs to spend two pages detailing all of the people he s punched since becoming famous Somebody whose most famous moment in the past twenty years involved leaving a voicemail insulting his young daughter Somebody whose politics can be so one sided he was caricatured as the villain in Team America World Police Sign me up, for starters In addition to plenty of controversy and poor decisions, Baldwin is also the fascinating Hollywood leading man who f [...]

  • Alec Baldwin, an actor renowned for his versatility and pugnaciousness, has written a candid memoir of considerable delicacy and thoughtfulness The product of a large boisterous, Irish Catholic household on Long Island, Baldwin stumbled into his career after dropping out of college and acting in soaps in the 1980s His role in The Doctors and Knots Landing catapulted him to early stardom, but his life was spinning out of control His father s death precipitated a dark period of drug and alcohol ad [...]

  • I was surprised by what a good writer Baldwin is He comes off as literate, intelligent, and self critical I remember watching him during his first acting job on the soap opera The Doctors and my husband and I have really enjoyed his portrayal of 45 on SNL this year.Baldwin shares his uncertain childhood, a family of 8 supported by his dad s teaching salary His mother s depression and reliance on finagling her kids money in order to pay bills and 6 kids in a 2 bedroom home aggravate conditions.St [...]

  • My goodness, what a whiner From his incredibly poor childhood where, gasp, he had to wear hand me downs, to men coming on to him in his early theater life, to his messy divorce, I felt like this entire book was one complaint after another He never got into the meat of making different films, just rattled off that he did this one or that, for the money or to work with a specific person He seems award focused and often commented that someone should or should not have won Nothing gained from readin [...]

  • 3.75 starsAlec Baldwin s autobiography is quite insight, honest and well written Well, I personally am not a huge fan, in that I haven t really watched a lot of his films, I think this would be fantastic for those who love him but also for those who want to be inspired to not to give up.

  • Nevertheless A Memoir by Alec Baldwin share everything about his life Alec Baldwin has made many revelations about the life of the actor, his relationships with other actors including whom he likes or hates Here is the complete reviewe review

  • Probably closer to 2.5 stars listened to the audio read by Baldwin, which was good I enjoyed the chapters on his childhood and talking about quitting alcohol and drugs He was also pretty insulting to people It fit the bill for my car ride commute to work.

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