The Great Gasbag: An A–Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World

The Great Gasbag An A Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World The popular comedian and outspoken star of The View offers a humorous alphabetical guide to the rise of Donald Trump
  • Title: The Great Gasbag: An A–Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World
  • Author: Joy Behar
  • ISBN: 9780062699909
  • Page: 406
  • Format: ebook
  • The Great Gasbag: An A–Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World
    The popular comedian and outspoken star of The View offers a humorous, alphabetical guide to the rise of Donald Trump.
    The Great Gasbag: An A–Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World By Joy Behar,
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    Josephina Victoria Joy Behar n e Occhiuto is an American comedian, writer, actress and co host of the talk show The View.


  • 5 starsAlphabet look out Joy Behar, stand up comedian, outspoken panel member on the TV show The View, often crass, but always truthful, Trump hater, has written a book Joy gives the ABC s of gasbag Trump and how his mouth has overruled any intelligence She actually starts with A and gives a number of examples before moving on to the rest of the letters in the alphabet, including all 26 letters with some very good examples Such as H is for Hair need I say M is for Mar a Lago which we as tax pay [...]

  • A satire meant to be funny but sadly it s reality for Americans today.Where to begin Joy makes a valant attempt to find humor in a not so humorous world of toxicity and narcissism You know if you ever married one to stay sane daily you had to laugh and release the tension It s possible that Trump s biggest problem is that he hasn t slept since 1997 Can you imagine if all we needed to fix this mess were a prescription for Ambien So imagine the struggle that comedians have trying to keep sane in a [...]

  • Joy Behar is so hilarious with her wit but I admire her courage to write this book As mentioned before,I am not a political person who cares enough to date social issues but I do have strong opinions about presidents, but will not mention in the review Mainly cause politics and religion are two things that you should never talk about, in fear of ruining friendships and tensions arising I will say that this book was really funny about how she views Donald Trump I think that anyone would laugh rea [...]

  • So I wanted to love this I really like Joy Behar and mostly agree with her points Mainly my issue was that it mostly wasn t funny There were funny parts and the beginning was better than the middle and end as I was getting a bit bored The title is off leading as it has no survival techniques It should correctly be Study Guide to Understanding, for those that don t already As for some of her points, she obviously was a big Hillary supporter She talks about the next candidate that the democrats p [...]

  • Oh, Joy how I loved reading this book Sure, it s leftist humor, but its pretty funny Lately I ve been avoiding politics on most fronts there have just been too many triggers that I ve found wearing earphones might be the only way to get me through the nightly news So, when I was reading this book and laughed out loud a few times, you must be doing something right.

  • 3.5 5 starsI enjoy Joy Behar on The View So when I heard her talking about this book it piqued my interest.The Great Gasbag goes through the alphabet from A to Z The format of the book has each chapter featuring one letter And each letter has multiple things stories jokes that start with that letter I really like Joy Behar This book was basically her being a comedian and writing a satirical book that focuses on The Republicans and Donald Trump.I was hoping that this book would feature stories S [...]

  • I listened to the audio version of this book, and I m sure that made a great difference in my experience, as Joy Behar s delivery is half of the fun.

  • Acerbic Written by Joy Behar and published by HarperCollins New York in 2017, this book is a humorous satire on President Donald J Trump and his political party, the GOP Readers who might be offended by four letter profanity should be warned that this book contains a fair amount of it Behar is a stand up comedian and co host of the TV show The View It is very clear from her words in this book that she dislikes Trump and Republicans, in general It is, however, quite funny most of the time Behar s [...]

  • I got this book as a gift I hope it didn t cost the gift giver much.There are only 220 pages that have any text and those pages are printed with wide line spacing So this is a very short book.As indicated by the book s subtitle An A to Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World , the book is nothing than an alphabetically listed set of topics subjected to very brief Joy Behar witticisms But the book doesn t just castigate Trump it castigates every Republican Even in our increasingly polarized world [...]

  • This isn t bad, but it isn t great either Joy Behar has a large following thanks to her long career in stand up and 20 years of hosting The View so I m sure her publisher just wanted something to put out with her name on it for quick sales.The A Z of Surviving Trump has some cute moments, but I only laughed out loud in a few places It s nicely inoffensive and would probably make a decent stocking stuffer for your liberal leaning family members.The jokes I liked best included Under D is for Darwi [...]

  • I would like to say, if you are offended by my opinion, that is your choice I make no bones about my Political view I just finished this book in audio Joy is so entertaining And I have no doubt that she has her facts exact and precise She is well spoken and very intelligent The things she brings up are enough to wish we could re do the 2017 election However, we really must come to the realization that all the people that voted for Trump have to open their eyes to the whole mess, and only God kno [...]

  • NO STARSEach chapter of this narrative is devoted to one letter of the alphabet each letter offers several entries, dictionary style, all of which are a thinly veiled disparagement or an outright criticism of President Donald Trump.This self serving book, with its hateful, petty insults, lacks any true humor readers might expect from the celebrated comedienne Readers are likely to find reading these appalling pages analogous to the embarrassment they feel for a would be humorist when sitting in [...]

  • I loved it As I was reading, I could just hear Joy s voice in my ear and saw her sense of humor on every page I like what she wrote on the very last page, very last entry Z is for ZZZZZ The Lunesta I took three chapters ago is kicking in I m getting drowsy now Wake me in four years when this nightmare is over Wait a minute No way Trump is going to last four years Wake me in a few months it ll be time to start writing the sequel Not the best paragraph in the book, but right up there with my top t [...]

  • I loved it Other than her poor opinion of all evangelical born again Christians and the Creator God whose main concern was for the poor, disenfranchised and outcasts of society, at the same time railing against sadly mirroring the current situation the self serving, self righteous, dishonest, avarice and hypocritical politicians, religious leaders and lawyers I found Joy Behar to be refreshingly honest and a hilarious satirist and comedian I highly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a go [...]

  • Not funny Mean, the type of mean you tell your children not to be She is not a comedian, just a mean old lady, probably gives raisins at Halloween Making money off of a campaign you didn t like is sad and silly The crude references make you just like what you don t like about the other person If the other person won and a book was written, boy would she be howling another story I don t need an alphabetical list of not funny junk Tell a story of true facts if that s what you are trying to prove a [...]

  • I wanted to like this book than I did I love Joy Behar on The View I am envious of her job being well paid to opine for an hour and having someone to daily do your hair does it get any better I don t know what I expected from the book, but it is really just a collection of remarks about the current President, very much like what she says on The View every day interesting, frightening, and funny, but not for an entire book.

  • Just what most of us thinks but afraid to say out loud Satire r example, the man Trump nominated to become his drug czar, Republican Rep Tom Marino of Pennsylvania, is the same man who helped write the legislation that disempowered the DEA 2016 s Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act and who launched an investigation into Rannazzisi.Really funny hearing Joy read her book

  • There was a lot of of funny and bashing of Donald Trump in this book If aren t familiar with Joy Behar s opinion of him, some of these opinions may be too much for you A different format from A Z bashing him was amusing but it does go a little overboard Some points were even factual But very one sided.I found this amusing and funny but not nearly as hilarious as you can t spell America without me by Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

  • This book is hilarious Laughed aloud many, many times and even shared some quotes from it as status updates on Facebook If you are like me and just so done with 45 and all of his regime, you will enjoy this book That said, there were a few sections that offended me but they had to do with gay stereotypes and fat shaming, both of which I found to be in poor taste and unfortunate to find Just a friendly warning Overall though, I would recommend.

  • Only for those who dislike Trump An encyclopedia style book with humorous and derogatory comments about Trump and his administration For those who are depressed by the current administration, this book offers in snippets form some relief in humor about the whole situation Good for reading not at one sitting but occasionally for a humorous lift.

  • Imagine a full alphabet about our tweeting president, Trump no, don t imagine, just read it Joy Behar, the comic actress from the daily television show, The View has cleverly written one filled with Trump facts, faux pas and laughs It is well done and a nice change of pace from rest of the gauche material available at the local bookstore or library

  • Sometimes Behar s humor feels outdated and the alphabetical format of the text gets old, but where this book shines is how it s able to transmit a great deal of information about the present administration easily via a delivery that occasionally has you laughing out loud While I read the printed version, I think this would be a great audiobook to experience her thoughts via her voice.

  • Political satire is supposed to be entertaining, but WHO KNEW it could be so amusing I read several lines to hubby, hoping it might help him survive Trump World I m seriously worried DT is going to give him a heart attack We need a lot MORE gutsy people like Joy, making sure we re hearing reading the facts My new favorite day of the week is Friday, when she often hosts The View.

  • I really enjoy Joy Behar s humor, so her book basically was preaching to the choir with me Although her explanations are meant to be satirical, unfortunately her words reflect the sad truth of the Donald and company Enough said If you tend to lean progressive, you ll like Behar s alphabetical guide to surviving DJ.

  • Not Really FunnyThe book is full of sarcasm which Ms Behar uses in her comedy act I get sarcasm, but with political subjects, too much is close to or based on the truth I Was expecting a laugh out loud read, but this was not it The stuff going on in Washington right now, i s just not funny.

  • This was a very funny romp through the many strange, backwards, rude, funny, and politically incorrect mishaps as a result of a racist bag of Cheetos become President Joy is one of my many spirit animals There s a Palin pickup truck joke I can t stop laughing about, too Just read the book haha

  • I don t watch The View nor am I a fan of any of its denizens I s actually give 2 1 2 stars to this book but that s not an option Some of it had me laughing out loud, some was self serving, some non sequiturs, and some just trying too hard.

  • Such a good laugh If you like Joy Behar and lines like U is for UUUUUUGE Trump doesn t mispronounce words because he s a student of etymology He mispronounces them because e s a uuuuuge orse s ass.

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