Dark Soul, Volume III

Dark Soul Volume III While things can t seemingly get any worse Stefano finally faces up to his desires He is not a single step further to understanding Silvio but he understands his own desires well enough now even th
  • Title: Dark Soul, Volume III
  • Author: Aleksandr Voinov
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dark Soul, Volume III
    While things can t seemingly get any worse, Stefano finally faces up to his desires He is not a single step further to understanding Silvio, but he understands his own desires well enough now, even though they hold the key to his destruction Soon, the game is up When an FBI mole dies in the gang war, US Attorney Beccaria sets out on his own hunt Beccaria is seeking notWhile things can t seemingly get any worse, Stefano finally faces up to his desires He is not a single step further to understanding Silvio, but he understands his own desires well enough now, even though they hold the key to his destruction Soon, the game is up When an FBI mole dies in the gang war, US Attorney Beccaria sets out on his own hunt Beccaria is seeking nothing less than the total annihilation of the Marino clan in the hopes of purging his own dark past When the US Attorney confronts Stefano with evidence that will undermine his power and put his life at risk, Stefano faces a bitter choice fight and risk it all, or flee and protect himself and those he loves.
    Dark Soul, Volume III By Aleksandr Voinov,
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  • How do you review Vol.3 without spoilers You can t A few thoughts should be enough This volume was disturbing and dark, the darkest one so far I d say But I loved it Yes, because I am sick, I know.That first part with the Russians was weird I liked it but I am not sure what that means It probably means Voinov s voice is even better than what I thought because any other author would have turned that scene into something horrible but not definitely hot And let me tell you, that was hot Sergei, I p [...]

  • ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK BY ALEKSANDR VOINOV THIS WAS EVEN BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE THE BEST SO FAR image error Silvio and Stefano are amazing together Darkness and light or lighter is the phrase for Stefano The hot scene towards the end of the book had meat first thenthen admittedly I couldn t wait to read the next one so I dived straight in and that rarely happens to me with books in a series, as I like variety.BLOODY BRILLIANT sorry when I am passionate about things the swear words appear oops

  • Will wonders never cease I m cautiously tiptoeing towards that Silvio bandwagon I m starting to see his appeal and really appreciate his fluid sexuality and I don t give a fuck mentality I have a theory about him too A theory regarding how this series will end Yes I think Silvio will turn out to be a Trojan horse Since he, during his sex fests with friend and foe, only randomly uses protection, I think in the end this sexy mofo is going to kill em all with his STD ridden body So what if I m righ [...]

  • 4,6 EXTREMELY HOT DIRTY STARS WOW HOLY HELL WHAAAAAAT DID I JUST READ I unquestionably love this Book 3 in Dark Soul series I loved the dynamics between Stefano and Silvio in the previous sequels, but having Franco, he brother of Silvio, in the third part was absolutely ahhhh.nky , twisted , perverse It was MIND BLOWING Oh, Aleks His writing continues to amaze me every time I start a new book from him I am not sure that I can recommend this series and especially this Book 3 to EVERYBODY because [...]

  • I love Silvio He never fails me when I need him He is so carnal that it s almost refreshing s just the basic needsHe doesn t either s all about what feels good to him.he s a killerdamn I love him Short book, short reviewAre there other characters in this bookYES any out shine SilvioNOOOOOOOOO Of course Stefano is herehe is his normal self big changes there.We do meet Franco He is Silvio s brothers happenwhat can I saywell nothing because I ll give it away Yeaat s how I felt when reading about it [...]

  • Good god.I thought I could handle twisted But then, Volume 3 introduced me to a hooker and a brotherd now I have ZERO idea of how I feel about it And I m certain Mr Voinov could care less The reality is that this is his F d up world and we re all just along for the ride God, I m loving this ride.I can only describe Volume 3 as a deeper disturbing look into our beloved Silvio And we walk away knowing about him, understanding even less about him, loving him all the samed wondering is it ok that I [...]

  • Well, he certainly GOT those Russians didn t he 4.5 stars for this one.a double header.Silvio AND FrancoI fear for Silvio s sanityI have to say, all of this killing is not going to do him any good whatsoever Signore Marino is pretty much a secondary character in this book s all about Silvio, his attitude to murder.d his relationship with his brother Franco Big guns are being talked about, and I fear there ll be a lot death before this series is finished Gripping.d fascinating in a twisted kind [...]

  • This series, is so un bloody believably brilliant that I devoured each and every one of the books back to back I could not put them down.Because of this I will do a review as a whole on Dark Soul Vol 5 I have also rated the series as a whole rather than individually.

  • Words cannot describe Pictures cannot express This can only be read But, 5 stars We really need stars for this one.

  • I GET IT NOW I didn t get the big deal about these books before I do now I totally do This was fucking awesome.I don t know if I should be, but I m sort of in love with Silvio He s dark, dangerous and doesn t give a fuck He s completely badass I mean, the entire part one With the hooker Fucking amazing So, I said fuck a lot in this review But it was just to express how FUCKING GOOD THIS WAS

  • Most Disturbing and Darkest of the Series so farSilvio intrigues me He seams to have no moral compass, and yet his loyalty is beyond endearing Does Silvio have a limit The I read, the disturbed I am by his actions If it feels good, then it s alright to indulge Yet he is also willing to win this war of Stefano s, by any means necessary His methods are shocking but effective.We are introduced to Silvio s older brother, Franco Franco is just as emotionally screwed up as Silvio A testament to thei [...]

  • Voinov once again screws with my comfort level and makes me question what really is normal This is why I love Voinov s work Love, trust, acceptancewhat should be a limiting factor for sharing that with someone should it matter This story touches on subect matter I have avoided in stories I read I continue to love this storyline and this in no way went the direction I thought this next installment would This story really shed light on of Silvio s past and offers glimpses of his current day strug [...]

  • I m not sure how to rate this book The first half was great violent and disturbing but i couldn t stop reading Then, in the second half of the book edited to add I have since realized since reading this book originally that many people are into view spoiler incest hide spoiler in their M M romances I vehemently hate it so I m stopping this series It it totally a matter of personal taste but that is just too dark for me.

  • Third time is a charm right Or so I was hoping.Dark Lady kicks off with vicicous va va voomI gotta say, I give her, er him 5 stars for creativity Fuck, I liked you Ha, me too well, if I m gonna nitpick I would say that the shower kinda ruined the groove I was finally feeling, but still, twas genius of Silvio Props.Dark Lady II was a little As much as I hate to say it hellloooo wife anyone the seduction has begun and it s sizzling But then I see it coming, Dark Brotherdon t go thereeaasssseeeeeDa [...]

  • First things first, I am SERIOUSLY digging the way these stories are being presented, they are like acts in a play It works really well Every time the curtain falls, we have some bits to digest before moving on The different sides to Silvio, the machinations in their world, the characters that we need to know as uncomfortable as that may be to continue discovering who Silvio is.Dark Lady I This was straight out of Le Femme NikitaHoly Shit Silvio dresses the part of a hooker to catch the four men [...]

  • IT S SIMPLY THE FREAKING BEST I don t think I want to make an attempt at writing an intelligent review, because I doubt it would express my serious feelings for this book If you remember, I gushed about Vol.1, Vol.2, and I doubt I managed to express the awesomeness that is this series I am just going to tell you why you need pick up every volume of this series and not wait a damn minute longer It s simply the best, better than all the rest Yeh it s a song but it works This volume was a little di [...]

  • darkreadingroom Pffft.OKYeahWe shifted gear here I was waiting for the big click and here it is Right sot thing I really wanna say is the writing is brilliant I m reading and my brain is telling me I should be repulsed and horrified but I am sooo not I don t even know how I am finding certain bits sweet and really tenderd I want to say erotic I think n t judge me.I like it when a book makes me puzzled by my emotional responses What I should be thinking is oh my god These people are awful Murderi [...]

  • What am I to you now the hooker asked.Dark Soul Who s Silvio s Or mine This book reached a new level in an already gripping series Parts of the story are so surprisingly sexy and beguiling that I couldn t look away.Other scenes were so dark and disturbing and forbidden that I couldn t look away.Quick, fast and surgically precise writing makes reading this a pleasure My favorite of the series so far.In fact, a very short review here so that I can get right on to 4 Take a look at my Male Male Roma [...]

  • Ok holy wow doesn t even come close in this book Silvio you are killing me This series is amazing so far But this book has me all over the place.

  • At the end of this installment it s like Silvio is slipping away In the first two books the point of views of Silvio and Stefano alternated, but here instead of hearing Silvio s side of the story, we see him from the outside He s always been distant, but in this way he becomes almost unreachable We get a little bit closer to him when he is in Stefano s arms, and that scene was incredibly heartbreaking.I think the common thread of this installment is that we have the impression that Silvio gives [...]

  • I plan to post my review for the complete Dark Soul collection volumes 1 through 5 after I finish all five 5 novella s I have the ARC for all volumes in one book.This is volume three 3 What can I say about this one Silvio is a very complicated character You want to know what makes him tick He is a chock full of contrasts hard soft, gentle abrasive, loving callous, etc He intrigues me And he seems to find people who care deeply about him and you wonder at this He has this inner drive and charisma [...]

  • This series just keeps getting better This is my favorite volume so far, even though it s pushing the limits of my comfort zone We get to know about Silvio this time I don t know how to describe it other than dark and disturbing and than a little bit kinky The writing is phenomenal, the storyline is addictive I can t wait to see how things play out with Silvio, Franco and Stefano

  • Oh Good Lord I am loving this series Totally original, shocking, wonderful characters Just AWESOMEReview when I m finished them all

  • Review for the whole Dark Soul Series So, I slept over it, and I still have no clue how to review this series So bear with me, please, while I try to figure it out For me, at the centre of this series, stands Silvio Silvio s searching for something He always has been, Franco murmured under his breath Something I could never give him What is that Marino leaned forward A place to be himself Somebody who accepts him as he is, darkness and all Franco emptied his wineglass Somebody who holds him and [...]

  • 5 Holy Wowza Stars Each page left me speechless Aleksandr Voinov is a mastermind of fawked upness As Silvio puts Stefano s plan into action, you will not believe the links he goes thru to take down the Russian enemy.Silvio is beyond crazy and gets the job done This book opens us up to a very dark past Silvio has You will NOT see any of this coming We meet Franco, Silvio s brother They share a closeness that you will never be expecting Silvio needs both Franco and Stefano in ways he can t explain [...]

  • Volume three in the Dark Soul series is broken up into three tales each with their own brand of violence, raw intensity, brutality, tenderness, and emotional power The twists, turns, and revelations will haunt you long after the last page.I adore Stefano and Silvio s chemistry, tension, teasing, and voices spoken and heartbreaking inner voices Their time together can cause my heart to stutter and make a grin slash across my face with such surprise and force.But the Dark Brother story introduces [...]

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