The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even

The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella Another hilarious and heart warming romantic comedy from bestselling author Anna BellWhen Lexi s sport mad boyfriend Will skips her friend s wedding to watch footba
  • Title: The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even
  • Author: Anna Bell
  • ISBN: 9781785760396
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even
    Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella Another hilarious and heart warming romantic comedy from bestselling author Anna BellWhen Lexi s sport mad boyfriend Will skips her friend s wedding to watch football after pretending to have food poisoning it might just be the final whistle for their relationship.But fed up of just getting mad, Lexi decides to even the score And Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella Another hilarious and heart warming romantic comedy from bestselling author Anna BellWhen Lexi s sport mad boyfriend Will skips her friend s wedding to watch football after pretending to have food poisoning it might just be the final whistle for their relationship.But fed up of just getting mad, Lexi decides to even the score And, when a couple of lost tickets and an accidentally broken television lead to them spending extra time together, she s delighted to realise that revenge might be the best thing that s happened to their relationship.And if her clever acts of sabotage prove to be a popular subject for her blog, what harm can that do It s not as if he ll ever find out .See what people are already saying about the queen of romantic comedy, Anna Bell A fun, bouncy, brilliant tale Heat Funny, relatable and fabulously written Daily Express Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella Take a Break
    The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even By Anna Bell,

    How to be a good girlfriend practical tips Hack Spirit The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even by Anna Bell What listeners say about The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even Average Customer Ratings Overall out of stars . out of . Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Performance out of stars . out of . Stars Stars How to be a Good Girlfriend in Ways Inspiring Tips Sep , How to be a Good Girlfriend in Ways Trust him. Trust is one of the keystones in any relationship Men feel secure when you trust them because they don t Encourage him. Be that woman who will encourage your boyfriend to grow and not the naysayer one Once he knows you . Ways to Be a Good Girlfriend wikiHow May , Being Loving Be affectionate There are various ways to show your affection some are obvious than others and the way you Be seductive Don t be afraid to be seductive Most people find it irresistible when a girl How to Be a Good Girlfriend Best Ways to Be the

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    Anna is represented by the Marsh Agency and published by Quercus Don t Tell the Groom is released in paperback 5th December 2013 Anna also writes new adult fiction under the pen name Annabel Scott.


  • Anna Bell is an author who has been on my tbr list for a very, very long time.Ever since I found out about her book The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart and heard so many amazing things about her work, I wanted to give her a chance.After putting it off for the longest time, I was lucky enough and got a chance to read her newest novel, The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even.I am so glad I read this funny novel with the longest title ever, because I fell in love with Bell s writing style, a [...]

  • Thank you to Netgalley, Publishers and Anna Bell for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review I have been a massive fan of Anna Bell s for so long now I have read and loved everyone of her books Each new book I eagerly awaiting its arrival and it is preordered miles in advance I have been eagerly awaiting this book and had it on preorder even before it had a front cover picture Anna bell is firmly on my list of favourite authors When I saw this book on here I hoped and prayed i wou [...]

  • Unputdownable I loved reading every page of this funny romance story Anna Bell has become one of my favourite authors How I wish that I could write a novel as good as The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even I would love to read The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart and Don t Tell the Boss Oh dear Lexi s sport mad boyfriend Will tells Lexi one big lie and he is about to be in big trouble Will and Lexi are invited to one of Lexi s best friends wedding Unlike Lexi, Will hates weddings with pas [...]

  • So, I live in a football mad household I went to my first match when I was three and got tickets free from my school When I was eleven I got my first season ticket with my mam, dad and brother, and went for about four or five years So I get this book My dad s idea of dressing up is upgrading to his football T shirt as opposed to his home kit shirt The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even is a very funny and light read It follows Lexi and her boyfriend of seven years, Will Will is a massive sp [...]

  • 3 stars DISCLAIMER This book was sent to me as an Advanced Reader s Copy ARC set for publication on January 26th 2017.I was SO VERY intrigued by the plot synopsis as I am a CRAZY football fan and love watching sports period whether it be football or fencing This book sounded right up my alley a light, warm hearted rom com about sporting manics I was SO right This book is structured exactly like a romantic comedy and could easily be made into a film Anyone surrounded by football will be sure to l [...]

  • This was an okay book A sport obsessed guy ditches his girlfriend s friends wedding for his game He does so by lying that he has stomach problem But the girlfriend catches his lie as a colleague of hers sends her a photo of the guy at the match She is angry But instead of confronting him she tries to get even by her silly tactics It s her idea of revenge I hated the heroine She was so annoying She sounded desperate at times And the Hero is no good either He is sport obsessed very badly I didn t [...]

  • The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even is one of the best titles ever, and when you read out loud it sounds even better just try it I love this alliteration at least I think it is the name of the thing when every word starts with the same letter Whatever, alliteration or not, if the book was written by someone else and had the same title, I d buy it quick as a flash That the author is Anna Bell is just a very, very nice bonus with every new release her books are getting better and better an [...]

  • Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When I saw the title of this book, I was really intrigued and that didn t change when I read the blurb.The story follows Lexi and her boyfriend Will He is obsessed with sports, watches every game and records them all So when he comes home, he gets to the sofa and watches Lexi and Will have been together for seven years and all her friends are either married already or engaged and she wants the same.When she finds out th [...]

  • Fun and laughter by the page, in this impossibly long titled book I have barely been able to keep the big grin off my face, as I have followed Lexi s story with her sports mad boyfriend Set to a backdrop of sport, be it on TV, or real life fixtures, it is what Lexi has to live her life around, due to Will s sporting obsession He is a life long, and season ticket holder of The Saints Southampton FC , and everything is set in motion when he claims to have a massive stomach upset, to get out of goi [...]

  • What wasn t there to love about The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even I devoured this book in one sitting and found smiling ALOT throughout this book.Lexi is dating sports obsessed Will and thinks their relationship is going great That is until Will skips her friend s wedding for a football match and gets busted Instead of confronting Will about it Lexi decides to get even and plots her revenge to sabotage his love of sport.I found this book to be full of funny laugh out loud moments and e [...]

  • I don t really have much to say about this book it was your easy read romance comedy book with a believable everyday story line and the plot twist wasn t gigantic I feel like Lexi and Will s relationship is relatable to a lot of people s long term relationships whether or not their partner is sporting fan and you could understand why Lexi felt the way she did Anna Bell s writing also made this easy and quick to read and I didn t feel like I was struggling to read this t any point during the book [...]

  • I enjoyed this book, it was a great summer read One thing I really appreciated about this story is that I ve never read another chick lit story like it before, the premise was fun and entertaining and set up the perfect amount of drama Just because an older relationship has gone a little stale doesn t mean it s not worth saving, and everyone has a vice sport addiction isn t too bad to handle I need to remind myself of that sometimes The pacing was a little slow, and I think Will s secret was obv [...]

  • This was a cute, light hearted read However humorous than romantic I mean, already when a romantic book treats an existing relationship the reader misses out on the girl meets boy feeling, but in this book the romantic bits weren t that many In short, an amusing read, quick but not swoon worthy.

  • This was a really fun read, although not quite as good as Bell s The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart.I liked Lexie and found her situation to be pretty hilarious, but never quite felt the spark between her and Will I guess I hoped for from her love life.That being said, Anna Bell is quickly becoming one of my fave chick lit authors and I look forward to reading of her work

  • All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressFirst thing s first, I have been a mahoosive fan of Anna Bell s novels since her Don t Tell the books Now, seeing as I am one of THOSE types of females that likes to keep the scorecard level ish in a relationship, I knew straight away that her brand new novel, The Good Girlfriend s Guide to Getting Even, had to land on my lap one way or another.Between you and me, lets just say that I am not as bad or as good, depends how you see i [...]

  • In this funny romantic comedy, I knew Lexi, a 31 year old girl who has given up waiting for Will s propose After seven years of relationship, they are patiently accommodated in a comfort zone typical of middle aged couples Lexi is not complaining though, for her it s all right since when Will is watching his favourites sports whether on TV or in stadiums, she is writing her book So calm and peaceful so very quiet until.As it says in the synopsis, he fakes a food poisoning on the wedding day of t [...]

  • I don t know about you, but I often get bogged down in heavier reading especially those historical novels that take months to complete and are just one beheading after another , so a book like this, filled with light and breezy humour and a feel good heroine, is just what I need to break up the monotony of the classics and relax after a long day Pour yourself a glass of wine and kick back your feet, because The Good Girlfriends Guide to Getting Even is just the book for you What I liked best abo [...]

  • I quite surprised myself by really enjoying this book and raising a wry grin in sections Lexi infuriated me with her flat out refusal to even speak to Will when she found out he had ditched her best friend s wedding to attend a football match But, seeing is this is the backbone of the whole book I suppose I shouldn t get too mad at her stubborn stupidity.Some of her methods of revenge could have ended so badly the episode in the Welsh cottage springs to mind as a major risk But nobody gets physi [...]

  • Chiclits are not my usual read although I must confess to being a Sophie Kinsella and Jane Costello fan so when I saw this was recommended for these authors fans I had to read it I really enjoyed the humour and some laugh out loud moments that this entertaining book had.Lexi s sporting mad boyfriend Will skips her best friends wedding to go and watch his favourite team play football and is captured on camera which is then sent to Lexi while she is at the wedding Believing her boyfriend to be at [...]

  • I found this story, of a sports mad man and the woman who has to live with him very amusing Lexi isn t a fan of sports, but her partner of seven years enjoys watching sports as varied as cricket, football, darts and boxing It only becomes a problem for her when she realises that he lied to her in order to miss her friend s wedding Lexi s attempts at revenge will make most people laugh, especially those who have to live with a sports fan It s sweet when she and her boyfriend begin to reconnect as [...]

  • Perfect book to cosy up with on gloomy days, After reading the blurb I was curious to know how Lexi got even with her sports mad boyfriend The style of the writing enables you to easily get into the story of the characters, every emotion Lexi was feeling I felt with her I was already pulled in by the plot of revenge that Lexi has in store for Will early on in the book His behaviour makes you spur Lexi on to take her revenge You really feel for the character Lexi as she puts up with her boyfriend [...]

  • What can I say about this book HA No really, this is a laugh out loud, charming romantic comedy that had me hooked from beginning to end I loved Lexi and the revenge plan she cooked up I had an idea of what was really happening throughout but it was still hysterical to watch her scheme her sports loving boyfriend and get back at him after he ditches her best friends wedding for a football game Plenty of fun sub plots came along with the revenge plan, and even though this was typical British chic [...]

  • Secrets To keep or not to keep Not a sequel to the author s other book about a bucket list for a broken heart, but this one s equally hilarious Lexi and Will have been together for seven years, far too long for her parents, especially her mother who s itching to be mother of the bride Lexi doesn t mind, she also doesn t mind it very much that she s a sporting widow That is until she discovered the big lie To confront or to revenge that was the question for Lexi She should have tried open communi [...]

  • Made me laugh and made me cringeI thought it was a fun read, but the sexualization of the female characters surprises me As if the only say to get a man to pay attention to us is to get naked and seduce him When female writers with female antagonists promote this kind of thinking it makes me cringe Other than that it was okay.

  • This light, fun read follows Lexi as she battles her boyfriend Will s sports addiction While I really liked the premise of this book, I didn t really follow the outcome The 180 degree turn done by most of the characters seemed a bit unlikely to me However, it was still an enjoyable, quick read.I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • I have loved other books by Anna Bell, but this one was a little slow for me I found myself wanting to get through it just to see if the books turned out like I expected it to read it did Not my favorite from this author.

  • This book is amazing and fun, cringe making too But I have work friends female that love dragging their husbands to games So it s not all one way.I now want to read all Anna s books.Thanks Anna for a great read.

  • An utterly hilarious light hearted book, perfect for Summer reading I even saw flash backs to me and my husband so many times A book I would easily recommend to all my like minded friends

  • 3,5 and stars.I loved it.I confess it was a little bit too slow at the start, but from the 60% I couldn t put it down any.I don t know how to write it or how to say it, but I loved the simplicity and normality of this story Sometimes you turn around looking for something extraordinary and don t even notice that you have something better in your hand already.I loved Will and I loved Lexi, even if sometimes I wanted to scream at them, but they were really perfect in their flaws and I I wouldn t c [...]

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