Whatever it Takes

Whatever it Takes Owen Owen Olsen needs a familiar His magic is unbound pure and utterly vulnerable to the many witcheaters roaming the world just looking for a tasty little morsel like Owen to swallow up whole Only
  • Title: Whatever it Takes
  • Author: D.J. Heart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Whatever it Takes
    Owen Owen Olsen needs a familiar His magic is unbound, pure, and utterly vulnerable to the many witcheaters roaming the world just looking for a tasty little morsel like Owen to swallow up whole Only bonding with a familiar will make him safe But no matter how many times Owen performs the ritual to summon an animal to be his servant, guardian, and protector, it just doeOwen Owen Olsen needs a familiar His magic is unbound, pure, and utterly vulnerable to the many witcheaters roaming the world just looking for a tasty little morsel like Owen to swallow up whole Only bonding with a familiar will make him safe But no matter how many times Owen performs the ritual to summon an animal to be his servant, guardian, and protector, it just doesn t work Owen s grandmother assures him it just takes time that his familiar will find him but time is the one thing Owen doesn t have Every minute of every day is another chance for a witcheater to hunt him down, tear down his shields, and eat him, and the stress and fear are killing him Then he meets Luke Wolfman Luke Luke Wolfman is a werewolf in need of a solution He s been exiled from his pack banished for having the audacity to sleep with the alpha s son and living on his own is eating him alive His wolf needs his pack like his body needs water, and he won t give up on finding his way back to them He needs a plan Something that will force his alpha to forgive him and accept him back into the pack But knowing you need a plan is very different from having one, and Luke doesn t Until he meets Owen Owen Olsen is a witch, and Luke s ticket back into the pack All Luke has to do is seduce him and convince him to let himself be claimed, and he ll be set Alpha Grayson will have no choice but to forgive him if he comes back with a witch This 8
    Whatever it Takes By D.J. Heart,

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    Hello, my name is D.J Heart I write erotic gay fiction, usually with a bdsm twist, featuring dominant gay men and the twinks who love them I hope you all enjoy my stories My mailing list used only to notify you of new releases can be found at eepurl bkJ9l5If anyone has any questions, comments or just wants to say hi, I can be found on tumblr at djheart books.tumblrOr you could send me a message at d.j.heart writemeAll my best,D.J


  • Mmm, disturbingly intriguing once I started reading I couldn t stop.Dare I say it It was surprisingly romantic Luke and Owen, maybe not the love story of the decade, or even of the hour, but they were really cute together, and hot as two dirty supes can beI fell in love with the author s writing style though He lays out all these wild scenarios and then throws in a bit of awkward realism which just makes the scene Really creative, and just chuckle worthy Shame about all the typos though Still, I [...]

  • Some Random ThoughtsWhy is Owen constantly referred to as THE BOY Ya know those series like blah blah blah blahI edited this cus that s just wrong to point fingers I m sure everyone has at least one series that would pop up in their head where phrases are seriously over used Yep that what I be talkin bout This is like the energizer bunny just keeps goin.I mean do we need to have all this detail in to make it work Ok an exaggeration but it gets to the point where I m thinking ain t we almost done [...]

  • I m on fire 3.99 stars rounded up Boy was that HOT The chemistry between Owen and Luke was off the charts from the very beginning We re talking dirty talk, rough sex, spanking and role playing all wrapped up in a DS relationship.However, I thought from time to time that there was too much sex and not story blasphemy I know at certain points though out the book For instance, the way the first witcheater left it sounded like there was something up her sleeve like she would find a way and come back [...]

  • Read like NA fan fic Very sweet, down to earth romance Very hot sex several scenes were reminiscent of Johnny Rapid s classic Prison Shower video Butunfortunately, I felt like shifter Luke and witch Owen were not strong enough characters for my personal liking Luke had a low status in his pack and got no respect from his tyrannical alpha Owen was so inept that he wasn t even being trained to operate his own bookstore He was a weak witch too Owen s badass grandmother had to step in to fight Luke [...]

  • What I like about this story is that when one MC s kink gets too much, the other is not afraid to say no, that s not for me I applaud the author for highlighting the importance of a person in a sexual role play scene to have that veto power withour fear or guild of disappointing the other person Unfortunately, this is the only positive I felt about the book,Here are the things I didn t like 1 One MC repeatedly referring to the other MC as the boy For instance, when having penertrative sex for th [...]

  • I love reading D.J Heart s books He is my go to author for BDSM and the fact that they have paranormal elements to them only make them better Luke was the perfect dominate and Owen was his perfect compliment as a submissive Owen s grandma was a powerful witch and very scary but at the same time lovable Amanda is the perfect best friend to Owen and I liked that Luke even found a friend in fellow officer, John Great storyline and hot enough scenes to melt my kindle Couldn t ask for anything I vol [...]

  • Loved it I loved this just as much as all of DJs booksUnlike DJs other stories this one involved a witch Owen and a exiled werewolf LukeFull of kinky goodness.

  • Good Read Agatha was the best Enjoyed MC best friend Amanda The storyline was good, but Like was too selfish and Owen was not selfish enough.

  • This was fun to read I liked that there were no big secrets between the MCs They talk things out and approach issues rationally I also liked that they loved each other and still recognized annoying habits such as bad table manners It made the relationship real and endearing The plot has insta lust, but the characters aren t mind readers, so they talk through issues and also talk about what they like and don t like in bed It was a nice change from many other shifter romance stories where mates i [...]

  • Love it I like the witch werewolf partnership Although I m a little bit sad on the downfall between Owen and his grandmother I wonder what happen with Alpha Grayson, I m not sure if he was just going to leave the couple alone, even with his aggressive personality Is there a sequel for this book

  • Badly conceived sex with almost no plot.If you are into implausible, humiliation sex with a lot of fantasy, mumbo jumbo, pseudo magic then this book is for you This is what some teenager would fantasize to as he beat off in his room, hoping Mom didn t hear.

  • I really liked this book The characters have a lot of depth to them You are rooting for both of them to get what they want and to be together I like how natural they are with each other and how they progressed.

  • This was a fantastic m m paranormal story with loads of sweaty, filthy yet kinky as hell sex scenes Loved the characters and enjoyed watching their relationship develop.

  • Rating 3.5 stars I really liked this book What I didn t like was the sex scenes They were just not my cup of tea While I ended up skipping all of them, the book was long enough that there was plenty of story in between I don t feel cheated at all I liked the whole premise of a witch who needs to bind their powers to a familiar or they will get their powers eaten by a Witcheater I would have rated this book higher except there were some editing errors that took me out of the story I absolutely ha [...]

  • Wow wow and WowThis book was phenomenal This book was A fantastic.It twitched and I laughed through THE hottest sex scenes Who knew.The romance, the world, the characters Heart created validates my admiration for this author.Just WOW

  • This book was provided by the author and read in behalf of Thorns Ink Heart is one of my favorite Calgon take me away authors He is always reliable when it comes to being a solid writer This is what makes his new story so interesting While he maintains the basic Alpha Omega dynamic, he successfully branches out into a new realm This is not a typical werewolf story at all Needless to say, I am quite pleased with Mr Heart s increasing skill and talent.Luke is just an ordinary wolf Not the alpha, b [...]

  • Quite enjoyed this book Often, the author s books are a wee outside my comfort zone I don t really get the knotting sub genre tbh but this one had great characters I found it very refreshing that there was a clear distinction between Owen being submissive rather than subservient, as well as Luke being very willing to drop out of character to be supportive and sensitive There was no real big bad in the story but several side conflicts to keep the story and explore the developing relationship betw [...]

  • DJ Heart strikes again I loved this new stand alone story SPOILERS It was a very interesting dynamic that Luke was dominant to Owen, but wasn t actually an alpha and so he had to deal with protecting Owen from his own alpha I do wonder what Alpha Grayson was thinking about treating Luke as he did after finding out about Owen though with the reputation that witches have in this world, what would make him think that he would get away with disrespecting a witch s familiar who also happened to have [...]

  • I have always had a weak spot for Heart s books because fans face they can get hot Okay that is an understatment, they can get set your house on fire hot The issue I normally have with the stories is that the plot can usually fall a little flat I did not feel that way with this one The characters actually had depth and the plot actually took us somewhere other than just between the sheets Figuratively and literally because there was some other location sex as well So far I think this is probably [...]

  • 2.5 StarsI kept expecting with every page but it never really came There was a lot of potential for big dramatic supernatural standoffs conflict but they were all anticlimactic in my opinion.But is you are for a lot of m m smexiness on every other page then you will really enjoy this read.

  • It was goodI lobe his books and have read everyone of them I enjoyed this book even though it was slow at times The characters are great and fun to read about and the sex was just right

  • Great story and characters I loved this book I was captivated by the characters and the detailed story line with just enough hot sex mixed in I want to read and am hoping this story gets a spin off

  • The Character has a strong attitude and feelings towards each other Owen and Luke Owen has to find a familiar to keep from being found out Luke is a wolf without a pack cause of his like in the BDSM scene We get to see how these two help each other and their feeling grow Recommend this book

  • When I thought I couldn t love DJ heart book he surprises me with this book loved every detail of the story great spicy love scenes a must read for anyone who is a lover of m m books

  • I ve missed you D J This book was awesome I loved the intimacy between the characters Luke and Owen are perfect for each other Please let there be a continuation.

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