Unbreakable Stories: Snow

Unbreakable Stories Snow Unbreakable Stories Snow is a collection of short stories and a novelette set after the events of Shatter book of the Unbreakable Bonds series and before Torch book Follow the continuing passio
  • Title: Unbreakable Stories: Snow
  • Author: Jocelynn Drake Rinda Elliott
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  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Unbreakable Stories: Snow
    Unbreakable Stories Snow is a collection of short stories and a novelette set after the events of Shatter, book 2 of the Unbreakable Bonds series and before Torch, book 3 Follow the continuing, passionate and heartfelt romance between Dr Ashton Snow Frost and Jude Torres as they merge their lives together as a couple This collection is than 34,000 words long andUnbreakable Stories Snow is a collection of short stories and a novelette set after the events of Shatter, book 2 of the Unbreakable Bonds series and before Torch, book 3 Follow the continuing, passionate and heartfelt romance between Dr Ashton Snow Frost and Jude Torres as they merge their lives together as a couple This collection is than 34,000 words long and contains stories such as House Hunting with Anna Tequila Adventure Lunch No Walls are Sacred The Home We Make Safety Net Camping
    Unbreakable Stories: Snow By Jocelynn Drake Rinda Elliott,
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    A former Cincinnati native, Jocelynn briefly lived in the wintery wonderland of Wisconsin before mounds of snow had her running for the sun kissed beaches of South Florida She started writing when she was 12, spending one summer re writing the story of Robin Hood because it really needed a kick butt female character Since those early days, she s written fantasy, romance, horror, science fiction, and just about everything in between It s all about creating a great story.When not writing, she can been found with her nose buried in a good book, fulfilling the role of evil Dungeon Master for her DD group, traveling to interesting locations, or relaxing with family and friends.


  • 5 Stars.Well,this was a pleasant surprise.Not least because I wasn t even aware it was coming out until I saw some friends reading it.A quick look into the lives of Jude and Snow,set after Shatter where the two men got together.Jude and Snow are my favourite characters in this series so far and this just endorsed the fact.It was actually really nice just getting to read about their relationship without the dramatic plot this series is involved in.Jude and Snow hunting,with the help of Jude s mot [...]

  • 4.5 Stars This book is worth it for the camping story alone Ian stole the showd made me even excited for his book as if that were possible Though I do want to say.HOLY INFERNO when it comes to Jude, Snow and Tequila This was the perfect blend of sweet and sexy, with a bit of emotion and humor that you ve come to expect in this series What I love most is that each little story shows Jude and Snow falling deeper in love and further solidifying their relationship This was the perfect snack to keep [...]

  • This was a great little addition to a wonderful series So far, Snow and Jude are my favorite couple, although this may change when we get Ian s book I have very very high hopes for Ian and my favorite character Hollis 3Snow and Jude were pretty hot together in this one.I m still fanning myself

  • 5 Stars for one of my favorite couples This book was a surprise release, but it didn t surprise me in the slightest that I loved it so much It was the 100th book for me this year and there is no better way to end an amazing year in books with another great read and to top it all off with a book in one of my favorite series.I love the idea behind the short stories, to give us some normal scenes with the guys, aside from the mystery that runs like a thread through the whole series First Lucas and [...]

  • To say I was excited when I saw this is an understatement Snow and Jude are probably my favorite couple in this series and it was such a pleasant shocking surprise when I came across one of my peeps reading this I literally did a little giddy dance in my chair which had my family giving me a knowing look cause they knew I had just found a book I was excited for I couldn t press that damn one click button fast enough And I was definitely not disappointed with these short but lovely glimpses we go [...]

  • I love these collection of short stories.It was fun spending time with Snow and Jude and ALL the sexy fun they get up to.I loved going camping with all the gang Snow Jude, Lucas Andrei, Rowe Ian and the adventures they got up to.Ian stole the show for me while camping lolHe flung his hand out and knocked over something in the tent that made a loud noise Oh my God, is it a bear Ian s yell from across the camp made Snow stop Then he choked as laughter spilled from his throat It s not a bear, Ian, [...]

  • 4.5 starsFan of the unbreakable bonds series READ it NOW I enjoyed Snow and Jude in Shatter but, here, I loved them Their relationship moves nicely, with no drama, only faith in their love And beware it s smoking hot really, really smoking hot these guys give a new definition to walls and camping tents PS Thank you so much to the Three Wise Men aka Mado for this sexy gift 3

  • 4.5 Stars Yeah.Jude and Snow are SO my favorite couple So far.I have high hopes for Ian and Banner

  • 4 StarsI have to say that these collections of shorts after each main book featuring said couple, really is quite the treat, and this was no different Overall, we get glimpses into Snow and Jude as they slowly merge their lives and strengthen their love by mutual respect and being what the other needs in all the ways At times light and fun, this was also seriously smexy swoony Not as strong in the shenanigans as Lucas and Andrei s collection, this did still have some gleeful situations that made [...]

  • 4 StarsThese relationship focused shorts are basically my favourite thing about this series Each one is like one big extended epilogue for each couple, charged with emotion and filled with love, sex and friendship Speaking of friendship, the group dynamics in this series are phenomenal My favourite scenes always involve all the men together which is why the camping segment that ended this story was my absolute favourite I enjoy the banter and the camaraderie they all share I love their unfathoma [...]

  • What a great book to finish this year with I just love this series Snow and Jude are my favorite couple SO FAR I loved to read about their househunting Who am I kidding, I loved everything about it You don t care what those people think Don t give a shit what anyone might say You just wanted to see me And that is the hottest fucking thing Jude to his man Snow.I agree, Jude DAnd yayyyy, Snow Jude Wallbanging No need to say .

  • A Camping Excursion One of my most favorite couple EVER Sigh.I love these two This little book was the best and most sexy camping trip , it shows these guys bonding and exlemfies thier unbreakable bond This is why I adore this series so much I think all the guys are fantastic, but Snow Jude are fab The bonding via a camping trip was fun and easy Is that a bear OMG I loved it.

  • Really enjoyed being back with Snow Jude small moments in time heat, friendship and loyalty amongst friends Can t wait for Ian s book let s get this show on the road

  • I m loving these Unbreakable stories They are so sweet and fun I loved the camping one Now I m ready to move on to Torch I knew if I started this series, I wouldn t be able to stop

  • Epic catch up with Jude and SnowWonderful set of stories, some already sneaked out on their various social media channels, giving a glimpse into life for Snow and Jude now that the horrendous threat which was following them during Shatter has ended.I love that Rinda and Jocelyn spent the time crafting these in between shorts to flesh out the lives of the gorgeous men who inhabit the Unbreakable Bonds series The main novels are wonderful but these little snippets into what happens next allow the [...]

  • There is something utterly gratifying seeing Snow so much in love, and admitting and showing his feelings Soooo good I loved seeing these two men merging into a proper unit, becoming of a couple, and then doing coupley things, like house hunting and isn t Anna just precious , having nights out and enjoying themselves at weekends One of the best parts Snow forcing himself to have lunch in the canteen with Jude He is trying so hard to better himself for his man Second favourite bit the camping st [...]

  • 4.5 Stars There have been a lot of fabulous reviews, so I will be brief in my summationey were all so right This was by far the best filler, in between book, of the series Snow and Jude have turned into the best kind of couple, they are fun and so funny, they have off the chartshot as hell sex, they call each other out when necessary, and have found a way to vulnerable and share what feels like real intimacy Gah, I could go on and on, but I will say the camping chapter with all the former charac [...]

  • Yes, Snow and Jude Lots of yummy sex and lots of heart warming I love you I m really enjoying these short stories between books because it gives us a view into the lives of the couple So far Snow and Jude are just my favorites They are so passionate together and I love how Snow has opened his heart to Jude On to Rowe s book.

  • Ah good, this was cute, fun and light I mean there were like two moments that could be considered angsty, but they were resolved quickly and only strengthened Jude and Snow s relationship I love these little extras because they wrap up a lot while still leaving room for , possibly that wouldn t have fit in the full length novels but kinda needed to be touched upon anyway Now for Rowe s story, and I can t wait

  • Love the cover, love the stories, love everything about this Some of the sexiest and sweetest moments in the history of Snow Jude, this was SO worth the wait

  • More from the incredible Snow, the Surgeon, and Jude, Paramedic An intimate and deeper look into our guys amazing relationship We saw their story in Shatter by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott Their books are the Unbreakable Bonds series These are little chapters, or vignettes about the men that weren t shown in the book.SnowJudeWe see them navigate their friendships, finding a house, camping, and communicating, They talk about the nightmares and being there for each other no matter what Each ma [...]

  • House hunting and a lot of hot sex while house hunting with Snow and Jude The camping trip with all the guys was a nice touch Lucas and Ian are totally glamping out there.

  • Jude and Snow again.I liked these stories a lot It s a nice way to fill in the gaps between the stories and see development of the relationships This was lighter and fun and bonus sex scenes The last part was the best I think The little bit of adventure and getting a view of the groups dynamics was intriguing Andrei is still my favorite but Jude runs a close second I love how he takes Snow in hand No, not that way, you pervs Ant wait for Ian s story.

  • Just a bunch of shorties about Snow and Jude s life together I prefer the longer, plotty books, but this ll do you in a pinch

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