Bewitched by Christmas

Bewitched by Christmas Love was always just out of reach for Allie The fact that she has to hide a part of herself her magical side does not help She d accepted the fact that maybe she would not find Mister Right but her
  • Title: Bewitched by Christmas
  • Author: S.R. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781541262102
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bewitched by Christmas
    Love was always just out of reach for Allie The fact that she has to hide a part of herself, her magical side, does not help She d accepted the fact that maybe she would not find Mister Right, but her witchy Aunt Margret has not given up hope Little does she know her Aunt has cast a spell for her soul mate to find his way to her He s everything she finds attractive inLove was always just out of reach for Allie The fact that she has to hide a part of herself, her magical side, does not help She d accepted the fact that maybe she would not find Mister Right, but her witchy Aunt Margret has not given up hope Little does she know her Aunt has cast a spell for her soul mate to find his way to her He s everything she finds attractive in a man and she s everything he thinks unattainable in a woman There is just one catch someone is after him Someone wants him dead and Allie finds herself thrown in the mix Will they find love for Christmas
    Bewitched by Christmas By S.R. Mitchell,
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  • Bewitched by Christmas by S.R Mitchell is the story of Allie and Brock This was a very cute read along with some mystery Allie is a good witch doing good things with her capabilities Allie has her family and friends around her but not true love in her life from a man Which doesn t set well with her Aunt and friends They set to cast a spell to have her True Love come to her Which is how she ends up meeting Brock Brock runs his own Security Black Ops type companyd in addition sounds really great t [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas was absolutely delightful writing, equally suspenseful reading and definitely appropriate for the season Mitchell weaves a spell, casting readers into the magic of Allie s life and how she literally rescues Brock I felt as if I was transported into a magical holiday themed snow globe, daydreaming the tale complete with snowy weather, vivid characters, steamy romance and all the feels of the holidays Nevertheless, not all relatives invited or not invited to holiday gatherin [...]

  • Brock took over his father s company and worked incredibly hard to rebuild it from the ashes Before Brock s father died he split the company between Brock and his brother Jess Brock s uncle Jess has been waiting for a chance for revenge ever since If Brock wouldn t be in the picture the whole company would go to uncle Jess After an assignment goes bad Brock goes for a ride to blow off some steam Due to an unexpected snowstorm he crashes his car When Brock is rescued by Allie it seems he has fina [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas by S.R Mitchell is a paranormal romance written in multiple points of view Allie is a witch who has had a bad run of luck in the Love department She is semi successful with her own business and greenhouse Her aunt decides to help move things along and casts a spell to help her find her soulmate and love A snowstorm moves in and Brock crashes his car Allie helps him and there is a major attraction between the two of them However the problem is someone is after Brock and wan [...]

  • Bewitched at Christmas was the type of book you want to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and read in one sitting And that is exactly what I did I devoured this book in one sitting.From the first page on I was pulled into the world Not only did the storyline engross me but the characters did as well.The characters had amazing chemistry and banter I felt as if I was there experiencing everything they said and experienced.This was the perfect book full of adventure, love, with a touch of magi [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas was a cute, fun book with a little thrill It is the first book I ve read by SR Mitchell, but it wont be the last I love the characters, each with their own personality that you can feel while reading There is so much description to the surroundings of the characters, you can envision it yourself There was the excitement of the magic, without being a full out fantasy book, and enough romance without it getting dirty It was a quick read, that kept me engaged, and I found mys [...]

  • A sweet bewitching love story by S.R Mitchell.Allies meddlesome aunts put a spell on her to find love She s not had very good luck when it comes to men so they feel she needs a little magical help.Brock is a hard working man out for a joy ride in his new Christmas present he bought for himself He gets in an accident and this is when he meets Allie.These two characters had great chemistry together It was a fun read with suspense mixed into the story It was a refreshing read and very entertaining [...]

  • This was such a refreshing read and a first for me by this author.The premise of this book was simply adorable That s the only way I can describe it.Allies aunt conjures up a little spell to help Allie find her soulmate She rescues a handsome Brock during a snowstorm and is immediately captivated by her This book was funny, had mystery, love witches It was just perfect This isn t a typical read for me but, I still really enjoyed it.I voluntarily reviewed a ARC of this book

  • This is the 1st book I ve read by S R Mitchellit won t be the last I was hooked by the beginning to very end read in one go full of all sorts of emotions would definitely recommend this book

  • Bewitched By ChristmasAuthor SR Mitchell5 StarsBrock had, had enough of work for one week so for once he was leaving his office early much to the surprise of the staff He also wanted to take his new car for a good drive the car was an early Christmas present to himself This decision takes him on a collision course that would change his life forever.Allie single and happy was enjoying her life and her work, but her Aunt Margret decided she needed some love in her life and decided to cast a small [...]

  • BEAUTIFUL MAGIC Bewitched by Christmas is a fun magical read, literally Everybody knows Christmas is a magical time but when three little old ladies decide to cast a spell things go from good to crazy Allie lives a good life in a home she has restored and brought back to life She loves Christmas than anything stringing lights on every surface she can find especially her big tall beautiful Christmas tree Allie has talents that most people only dream of having She loves to grow plants for custome [...]

  • LOVE THIS This book was quite refreshing, entertaining and just magical Allie is a girl with a beautiful and quirky soul I smiled while reading this Allie has some tricks up her sleeves she s a witch A witch who is in love with all things Christmas Magic running in her family must be exciting What Allie doesn t know is her Aunt Margaret and friend decided Allie needed a little push in the happily ever after department To guide her soul to its mate So they decide to cast a spell for her to find h [...]

  • Bewitched By Christmas by SR Mitchell tells the story of Allie, a modern woman who just happens to have some magical powers She has a home and a business that she can be proud of She has a comfortable life surrounded by the other witches in her family Though she works hard to be a good person, she is missing a man Lucky for her or maybe not , her Aunt Margret and her friends want to help Allie out They cast a spell to help her find her soul mate without her knowledge That same day, in a snowstor [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas by S R Mitchell is a fun filled holiday romantic adventure Allie is a sweet woman, focused on taking care of those around her Brock is simply focused on his business Brought together with the help of a love spell cast by Allie s aunt, they seem to be everything that the other person was missing.Of course, love is never easy Someone is out to destroy Brock, and Allie has become a target as well Will they be able to discover who is out to get them before it s too late S.R Mi [...]

  • This was such a sweet read by S.R Mitchell This was the first of her books that I have read, but I plan on reading much The storyline was well thought out and flowed easily, the characters have that little something extra that just latch onto you, and the writing was detailed and amazing This was a very cute book that just gives you the feels Everything from the Christmas theme, to the sexy, successful business man, to the sweet nature of Allie it just worked perfectly together This will be a b [...]

  • Allies had terrible luck in romance She comes from a family of good witches , she hides her magical powers from the men she meets to not scare them away Her aunts know they have to help her out and what a better way than to cast a love spell that will help her soulmate find her How will Allie feel when she finds out what her aunts done Is it truly meant to be if magic is involved Brock is a successful business man that owns his own security company He has no time for a relationship but when he g [...]

  • I enjoyed this book a little magic and a lot of love just in time for Christmas Allie and Brock s story is a cute, quick read, with some intrigue and romance Allie is a good witch with a good family and friends network But she s missing a man in her life Brock is the owner of a security company When Allie s aunt and friends decide to intervene and cast a spell, well, who knows what could happen Brock is a hottie, working hard and doing crazy brave things, but he needs Allie in his life Great sto [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas is a bewitching tale with a meddling witchy aunt who cast a spell for her neices soulmate to find his way to her Allie Brock s magical tale is mixed in with a bit of mystery A fun delightful Christmas read.

  • WOW I was expecting a so so read that would be enjoyable I was so wrong From the moment of starting to read, I did not close the book I was captured and just immediately held to the story I was so very sorry when it ended This book is alive, the characters feel like old friends and new ones The writing is creative and witty as well as imaginative beyond belief Though this is not the normal genre for this author, I must say I sincerely hope that she writes in this line It was a magnificent novel [...]

  • It was a sweet book with a little action Her aunt dabbles in Allies life with a little magic spell and she happens to find a wrecked car in the snow with a gorgeous man in it Intriguing book and very sweetThanks Ms Mitchell

  • Bewitched by Christmas by S.R Mitchell is a fun, suspenseful, Christmas story This story is about spells, love and revenge This story will have you laughing at times and then sitting on the edge of your seat at other times Find out what will happen when these characters try to find their way through Christmas that will be like no other.Allie is a woman who has not had very good luck in the romance department Her aunts decide to step in and help her out They cast a spell for her soul mate to find [...]

  • 4 Star ReviewBewitched by Christmas by S.R Mitchell is a standalone magical and light hearted love story with just a hint of suspense thrown in too It s told in the main characters points of view Allie, Brock, and a few times by the person determined to harm Brock It s a quick and fairytale like read with an epilogue ending for Allie and Brock She was good.She was real.She had some inner energy that seemed to draw him in Standing at over six foot, Brock is all masculine male with his dark hair a [...]

  • Bewitched By Christmas is a cute story but still with plenty of action filled moments Allie is a beautiful women and a good witch who runs her own business and only uses her magic for good she s a very good down to earth woman, but she hasn t had much luck with men because as soon as they find out she can do magic or witness her using it they flee leaving Allie broken hearted and gutted she can t see why they can t see past it she s not a bad person That all changes though one night when she mee [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas, by S.R Mitchell, is a holiday themed romance with a magical twist that truly was well done in how the author tied all the aspects together within this book Allie just cannot seem to find Mr Right and her relationship history certainly reflects this She has a secret that only her family knows about, the magic, which adds another complicated dynamic to her life Her Aunt Margret feels it is time to step in, without Allie s knowledge, with the help of her friend to cast a spe [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas by SR Mitchell Rated 4 starsBrock has had a hard week at work He owns his own company that deals with body guards Someone has been messing up and he needs to figure out how to fix the problem His whole reputation is on the line On his drive home he decides to take the long way home to think not realizing that a blizzard and a sports car don t mix Allie loves Christmas and tries to do her part for the community during the season She also owns her own company and has a large [...]

  • Bewitched by ChristmasBy S.R Mitchell Four StarsNormally I shy away when it comes to Christmas books Honestly I like to see before the holidays but this book was wonderful and may have changed my mind when it comes to Christmas books all together I mean who would not love magic, magic of love and well just love I must say though if you do not like third person stories Do not go further but as someone who is normally a coin toss when it comes to those things I liked it Plain and simple the writin [...]

  • Allie s luck in love has not been good she has finally decided to accept that she may remain alone Then her nosey Aunt Margaret who has not given up hope that Allie will finally find Mr Right steps in Aunt Margaret cast a spell that Allie will find her sole mate.Aunt Margaret calls Allie to come over and take a look at her cat who is not feeling well Allie is also a witch and she has a healing touch so she decides to go take a look even though it is probably nothing It started snowing earlier in [...]

  • Bewitched By Christmas by S.R Mitchell this is a new author for me and I can honestly say that I absolutely loved this book It was cute, romantic and suspenseful 5 star read.Allie is a witch but only uses her magical powers for good Her Aunt Margaret and her friends cast a spell on Allie for her to find her soulmate Brock runs his own company that protects people When he starts having issues within the company, he ends up just driving and gets lost on his way When the snow starts falling harder, [...]

  • FIVE STARSBewitched by Christmas is a sweet novella written by author S.R Mitchell It is full of intrigue and fun Margaret and Betty are the best of friends and being older they like to meddle in the love life of Margaret s dear niece Also being witches they think they know the perfect spell to help Allie find her soul mate.Allie lives in a huge farm house out in the middle of nowhere and loves her solitude and the fact that she has a greenhouse out back where she can grow all of the stuff she n [...]

  • Bewitched by Christmas is a quick read by S.R Mitchell In this story we are introduced to Brock and Allie This is your big bad security alpha meet cute little hippie type chick She has an immense love for anything Christmas We come to learn that Allie has something that other girls do not have and that is powers Yes folks she s a witch With a cat named Max and all She also has the luxury of having a meddling aunt The type of aunt that is always coming up with some scheme of how to get Allie a ma [...]

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