Jagger Prospect Fighter Killer In order to prove his loyalty Knights Corruption prospect Jagger Blakeslee readily agreed to immerse himself in situations that weren t meant for the faint of heart Every ti
  • Title: Jagger
  • Author: S.Nelson
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  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jagger
    Prospect Fighter Killer In order to prove his loyalty, Knights Corruption prospect, Jagger Blakeslee, readily agreed to immerse himself in situations that weren t meant for the faint of heart Every time, he stepped up Every time, he did what was asked Never questioning until he met her Kena Prescott wasn t like everyone else Leading a simple yet lonely life, she pProspect Fighter Killer In order to prove his loyalty, Knights Corruption prospect, Jagger Blakeslee, readily agreed to immerse himself in situations that weren t meant for the faint of heart Every time, he stepped up Every time, he did what was asked Never questioning until he met her Kena Prescott wasn t like everyone else Leading a simple yet lonely life, she preferred to live in the background, avoiding potential heartache by never bringing attention to herself or the challenge she faced on a daily basis Until a fated encounter with a stranger thrust her into a world she had never known existed He d come to her rescue, but in the end, would she be the one to save him
    Jagger By S.Nelson,
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    S Nelson grew up with a love of reading and a very active imagination, never putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard until 2013.Her passion to create was overwhelming, and within a few months she d written her first novel, Stolen Fate When she isn t engrossed in creating one of the many stories rattling around inside her head, she loves to read and travel as much as she can She lives in the Northeast with her husband and two dogs, enjoying the ever changing seasons.


  • DNF 7%Please someone tell me that I am not exaggerating According to this quote the Hero in this book has feelings for the heroine from book 1 who is also married to the prez of the motorcycle club whom the Hero is a member view spoiler.Closing the fridge door, I turned around to find a fork when I came face to face with Sully Her sweet smile calmed me some, my headache becoming a dull annoyance than anything For some inexplicable reason, any anxiety I d carried around on a daily basis was less [...]

  • Sometimes, even when a fighter wins, he losesI was excited to get to know Jagger better, to read his back story and find out how he became a prospect for the Knights Corruption MC And what a story it is While heartbreaking, it wasn t necessarily surprising I ve learned after reading many MC Romances that the members form a brotherhood, and it s usually a family to replace what was missing in their own Jagger definitely had a deficit in that department before finding his MC family Unfortunately, [...]

  • Just when I think I m in love with one of Sandra s books She comes out with Jagger Holy moly This book will rock your socks I loved it

  • Who would have thought Jagger was such a softy In book one, we saw a bit of that when he was protecting Sully However, the true sweetness really came out as he explored his relationship with Kena I love how he worked so hard to make things work with her and find ways to prevent their disability from hindering their ability to get to know each other I was a little worried that Kena was going to be too much of a goody goody for my tastes But she surprised me with how she handled Jagger when he had [...]

  • Loving this series I am loving this series it is intense and addictive I love the fact that our heroine has a disability but it s portrayed as a strong independent female who captures Jagger s heart Jagger had such a trouble past and a rocky relationship with his Prez of the MC that I needed to see him happy, I needed for him to have love I felt bad for him in the past books, I always felt he was alone Kena and Jagger are perfect and the turmoil of the club will put you on the edge of your seat. [...]

  • GENERAL INFO JaggerYear Pub Re Pub 9 19 16Indie Publisher indiePage Length 296Genre biker romanceSub Genre Age 18Book s Price 2.99Price I d Value 1.99Standalone Cliffhanger standaloneStandalone Part of a Series Installment Bk 3 Knights Corruption MCEpilogue Included yes POV 1st 2nd 3rd Person 2ndCharacter s POV Spoken H and h BOOK DESCRIPTION M F M M M M F etc M FHEA HFN etc Ending HFNContains Cheating noContains Children noFlashbacks Jagger s abusive childhood, and how he got into fighting.Jeal [...]

  • was ok sometimes I find myself saying guys don t talk say things like that it frustrates me when someone writes in both persons POV but cant really be masculine but overall I liked the story.

  • Read for SweetSpicy Reads Now that I ve taken a cold shower, let me tell you about the men you ll soon be dying to know Knights of Corruption, my favorite biker gang going legit, is filled with the strongest and toughest men you ll ever meet To become one, there s no higher an honor The young and so sexy Jagger, an up and coming underground fighter, just so happens to be a prospect to the club Hard as nails from his years of abuse, Jagger fits in well with the men who give him family but there s [...]

  • Loved Jagger,An MMA fighter and member of an MC, Jagger is hot, dangerous and sweet at the same time kind of like too much chocolate pudding lol Jagger first meets Kena at one of his fights and is instantly drawn to her Kena is unable to speak and after wanting to know about her his efforts to learn sign language is so sweet Kena An undeniable fierceness shrouded him, a potency which drew me in right away A sensation I couldn t comprehend Jagger was an undefeated fighter a hard man but in the p [...]

  • I received an ARC for an honest review.I love MC stories, and this one did not disappoint I have read the first two books in this series, Marek and Stone, and I was excited to read Jagger s, and what a heartbreaking story it is Jagger is trying hard to prove himself to his brothers in order to become a fully patched in member, but he has anger issues, and underneath all that is a caring and soft hearted soul He handles his anger by fighting in the ring, and it is at one of those that he meets Ke [...]

  • I absolutely love Sandra s stories Jagger is full of excitement, suspense, angst, issues, and the fight for love Kena and Jagger have a definite uphill battle to get and stay together So many problems to overcome, the chances of them making it through them are slim This book is amazing and just wets my appetite for the next book

  • Oh Damn I m in love with these MC Men lol Sandra just keeps bringing out all these damn HAWT MEN And I love all of them First there was Marek then there was Stone and now there is JAGGER Wow Jagger is so full of different emotions and angst and left me on the edge of my seat a few times Jagger is alot younger than the other MC guys and he brings a different vibe to the club but he s heart is in the right place Then he meets Kena The woman of his dreams and he will do anything to protect her Eeee [...]

  • I m not a slow burn fan or a MMA fighter fan, and I m definitely not a fan of torture This book had all three Still, underneath all of that was a somewhat good, but not great storyline The h was inexperienced and immature which made the story drag and for that reason it gets a 2 1 2 star rating.

  • I liked this one also It was good to finally get some info on Jagger He s intrigued me since the first book He has a very gentle soul under all the brawn Reading the beginning infuriated me so much They really should make it harder to become parents don t you think Kena was an interesting character, don t think I ve ever encountered a character with her particular type of challenge There were times where her fear or naivety got a bit tedious but then I just reminded myself that she was very youn [...]

  • Jagger is a fighter in and underground club and pretty much the best one there On the night of a fight he saw two girls being harassed by a couple of a rival gang members and came to defend them After getting rid of them and saving the girls, Jagger found himself entranced by one of the girl, her name being Kena She found him to be intoxicating and really like him Little did she know that in all her innocence, the world bred many different kinds of people Guys in MC s were one of them Jagger was [...]

  • Jagger and KenaJagger the MC prospect that had had pissed off his President than once He s an undefeated underground fighter and wants nothing than to join the MC Kena is a girl he met at a fight and although she can hear she can t speak Fearing his world will endanger her he pushes her away

  • I m glad Jagger finally met someone I was glad to see him happy after having such a difficult time with being a prospect for the club and how he was treated by the Prez There was tension between the Prez and Jagger because Marek noticed that Jagger had feelings for Sully He noticed how he acted around her and Marek wouldn t give and inch and ended Sully and Jagger friendship After one of his fights he meets Kena and her sister Kena couldn t speak due to a virus as a child, but she used sign lang [...]

  • This book was entirely too much I love me some Jagger but OMG, the emotions in this book put me through some things I can t believe what someone will do for love The understanding of someone just through looking through their eyes is simply amazing I can tell you one thing about the Corruption crew when they see what they want, they go after it and anyone in their way will get stomped on I still have some unanswered question tho.

  • The best so farThis one is by far the best of the series I give it 4 stars bc quite frankly it could have been a little better it was sort of Amex between Beautiful Disaster and the first book in this series, Marek This one was definitely my favorite thus far.

  • GreatReally enjoyed this installment of the series Loved that jagger was only a prospect His and jeans love story was so sweet which isn t something u normally find with m.c books but it was nice and refreshing Great read

  • JaggerI really enjoyed this story Jagger was sweet and tough, and I liked how we saw his vulnerability about his father, his place in the club as well as his relationship with Nela Mostly I enjoyed how the story arc progressed in this installment.

  • Love book 3Love all the book so far home the next few are just as good this is only book 3 Two to can t wait, thanks

  • Prospect ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Emotional romance that will have you tearing up but also smiling throughout the whole book Jagger is a prospect for the Knights Corruption MC who underground fight to help him release some of his pent up anger The anger comes from a past where he was constantly being told he was no good and would never amount to anything He kind of believe it until he found a brotherhood with the Knights He meets Kena one night after a fight and knows that t [...]

  • I loved book 3 in the Knights Corruption MC series This story had a lot of heartbreaking parts to it but at the same time, it had a lot of solid, action packed, good, parts to it as well Jagger Blakeslee is this heartbreaker of a man whose story is told, of how he became a prospect for the Knights Corruption MC His past is full of pain, his present leading into his future is one where he is there for his brothers He uses fighting as an outlet for the pain he feels but even that doesn t handle th [...]

  • ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Naomi Scandalous Book Blog I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book and get to know Jagger better After getting snippets of his story from the first 2 books I was excited to say the least Jagger did not disappoint, his story was heartbreaking and rough to read at times but it consumed me Hooked from the very first page, I can wait to see what Sandra gives us next Kena was a fantastic character that never seemed to let life get her down even thoug [...]

  • Reading Jagger s story brought tears to my eyes He had such a horrible upbringing and just wanted someone to make him fit in and be apart of their group He finally found what he was looking for when he joined the MC He didn t count on getting on the wrong side of the Prez when he became friends with his wife His feelings were innocent but in his Prez s eyes he went to far with the friendship His chances of being a full fledged member was on the line Kena has her own struggles growing up Being bo [...]

  • Jagger is a prospect for the Knights Corruption MC and I couldn t wait to read his story It begins with him fighting and winning, but not how he wanted to do it He took his opponent s life and there are serious consequences for that to come The fighter he killed is related to someone in a rival club and that man wants to do him harm in retaliation Jagger isn t afraid of the man, but knows that this will blow back on his club and those he cares about I loved that the MC became his family That thr [...]

  • This was my first book by S Nelson and I must say that I am so thrilled that I picked it up I can also say that I am disappointed that I haven t read the others in this series as well, not because I had to in order to fully enjoy this book but because I absolutely loved it and the characters S Nelson did a great job writing a story that had me completely engrossed from the beginning The story was one that had me completely hooked The characters made this story even better Jagger and Kena have to [...]

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