The Second Man

The Second Man Jill Farrell s college reunion is coming up but she wants no part of it The man she once loved Swedish exchange student Max Kallstrom is rud to be attending but that doesn t tempt her as Max disap
  • Title: The Second Man
  • Author: Emelle Gamble
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  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Second Man
    Jill Farrell s college reunion is coming up, but she wants no part of it The man she once loved, Swedish exchange student Max Kallstrom, is rud to be attending, but that doesn t tempt her as Max disappeared from her life the night before the graduation, and has never been heard from since.When her ex husband, Andrew Denton, knocks on her door and announces he wants toJill Farrell s college reunion is coming up, but she wants no part of it The man she once loved, Swedish exchange student Max Kallstrom, is rud to be attending, but that doesn t tempt her as Max disappeared from her life the night before the graduation, and has never been heard from since.When her ex husband, Andrew Denton, knocks on her door and announces he wants to make nice, and, oh, by the way, one of their class alumni might be a murderer , Jill s resolve to avoid the event hardens.Jill shuts Andrew s efforts to reconnect down, and tries to put Max out of her mind.And that s that, until a second man knocks on her door, and the emotions of a time long ago overtakes her Max Kallstrom tells Jill she s the reason he has come to California He asks her to please let him explain why she hasn t heard from him for fifteen long years.She s willing to listen to what he has to say, but immediately realizes that her memories must guide her through a wrenching and dangerous few days While her heart remembers a handsome young lover, she and her classmates are all different people now, and the reality of a murdered friend proves she can t trust everyone.What s not so clear is if she should trust anyone especially Max Kallstrom.
    The Second Man By Emelle Gamble,
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    Emelle Gamble was a writer at an early age, bursting with the requisite childhood stories of introspection which evolved into bad teen poetry and attempts at real literature all copies of which she has since, very sensibly, shredded She took her first stab at romantic fiction in an adult education writing class when her kids were in bed, taught by fellow writer Carolyn Haines, in Mobile, Alabama As M.L Gamble, she published several romantic suspense novels with Harlequin She is now contracted with Soul Mate Publishing for Secret Sister, summer of 2013, and Dating Cary Grant, an early 2014 release.Always intrigued by the words what if , Emelle s books feature an ordinary woman confronted with an extraordinary situation She most enjoys reading stories that surprise and amaze her, and hopes her readers will enjoy the challenging and exciting journeys her characters take.Emelle lives in suburban Washington D.C with her husband, Phil, her hero of thirty years, and two orange cats, Lucy and Bella Her daughter, Olivia, and son, Allen, are happily launched on their own and contributing great things to society, which has always been their mother s fondest wish.emellegamble welcome index


  • The Second Man by Emelle Gamble is a 2016 Soul Mate publication.This is the way romantic suspense should be written The Second Man starts off with a bang literally From there the suspense and edginess increases, making it next to impossible to relax, much less breathe Jill Farrell s college class reunion is coming up, but she has no desire to attend, even after rumors begin to swirl that her old college sweetheart, Max, is planning on making an appearance Her resolve only deepens when her ex hus [...]

  • The deadly mystery of The Second Man by Emelle Gamble begins in the opening pages I love when the author puts their hooks in me right out of the gate I have read a couple other books by Emelle Gamble and I think each book I read keeps getting better and better.Jill s school reunion is coming up and her bestie, Carly, is coming home from Europe with her husband and child There will be two men who will arrive and create all kinds of havoc for her, a triangle of sorts.I have an inkling of what s c [...]

  • As much as Jill Farrell wants to avoid her upcoming college reunion, Jill s best friend Carly announces she is flying in from Europe so they can attend together Carly heard Jill s lost love, Max Kallstrom, will be attending too Max disappeared without a trace 15 years ago, breaking Jill s heart, why would he return now To make matters worse, Jill s ex husband, Andrew Denton, wants to put their hostile past behind them and reconnect Oh, and has Jill heard one of their alumni have been murdered an [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest review.Okay, let me just say that holy cow this book had me guessing who the killer was until the very end I liked that it wasn t obvious and kept me changing my mind throughout the book Jill was great and despite having gone through what she did, she still was kind of hopeful about life Max was written in such a way that even though what happened between him and Jill in the past was rough, I sti [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery I voluntarily reviewed this book and this is my honest review This book had all the elements of a very suspenseful read I enjoyed it very much It was very well written and really kept me guessing until the very end You will not believe the story twistsJust when you think you know how it will end, the plot thickens If you enjoy a mystery filled with romance, suspense, murder and intrigue then this novel is for you.

  • This romantic suspense was a quick read Jill is determined not to attend her college reunion until her best friend calls to say she s attending and the man who left 15 years ago turns up on her door step And even though Max explains why he hasn t contacted her sooner, will she listen to her hear or her heart when it comes to him And who can she trust as events begin to spiral out of control Not to mention that is also having to deal with her mother s Alzheimer s disease Enjoyed this story and wo [...]

  • This is a suspenseful and gripping thriller that s hard to put down The storyline has you constantly trying to guess who did what and who is who Throw in some intriguing twists and a whole lot of mystery and yiu get this amazing story Max is captivating, Andrew is creepy, Hamilton is obnoxious, Jill is overwhelmed and confused, Carly is lost and angry and Marissa is a bimbo I loved this book, it s so intense and dramatic and suspenseful This is a must add to your TBR list.I received a compliment [...]

  • A roller coaster of emotions in this mystery tale Jill don t want to assist to her college reunion but her friend Carly insist and suddenly it s like fifteen years ago, when Max, his Sweden boyfriend disappeared from her life letting her shattered and struggling with her life She is involved in a murder investigation that threatens her and the Ines around her, including her mother, an Alzheimer s patient You can t put down the book until you finish it

  • Emelle Gamble writes great romantic suspense Her mysteries unravel quickly, with each new scene building, no clue or character too small This holds true for The Second Man.Gamble adeptly juggles many elements for a truly thrilling tale with an ending you won t see coming The central character Jill is thrust in the middle of a murder investigation that starts in Paris with the murder of a fellow graduate of the same college and plays out in the States during the week leading up to and during her [...]

  • I received an advanced reading copy in exchange for my honest review.This is a new author for me so I wasn t sure what to expect This book is in the suspense genre and is about college classmates who meet for their 15 year reunion.The main character, Jill does not intend to attend the reunion until she learns that her old college boyfriend, Max, is coming He had been in an accident and left college to recuperate Jill never heard from him again even though she had tried to contact him This book i [...]

  • Wow I am a total crime solver and it is very rare when I incorrectly guess the killer and this book is one of those few times that left me stumped and shocked all the way through the last page I hate to admit that especially since I pride myself on being such a crime solver lol but this book definitely kept me guessing After hosting Emelle on the blog earlier this month and reading her guest post about the one that got away I knew this was a must read book This book is about the main character, [...]

  • 3.5 stars The Second Man by Emelle Gamble is a contemporary romantic suspense novel that centers around Jill Farrell, whose personal challenges make her uninterested in attending her college reunion until her best friend twists her arm Things get even complicated when not only her ex husband, but also the man who broke her heart shows up, ready to be part of her life again Unfortunately, a mysterious death is casting a pall on the festivities, and danger mounts while Jill struggles to figure ou [...]

  • Well after reading this book i am wowed by it all.Jill has got divorced from Andrew denton and her mother has just been put in a nursing home due to on set of Alzheimer s there is a reunion coming up but things take a turn for the worse and people start bing murdered all because if someone s greed.Max who disappeared 15 years ago and left Jill heartbroken has come back in her life and he is wanting answers to what happens to him all them years ago after his accident.Questions are being asked if [...]

  • I volunteered to review this ARC and freely did this review on my own as I have read other books by this author Fifteen years ago, Jill Ferrell was a twenty one year old college woman who fell madly in love with Max Kallstrom, a Swedish exchange student When Max returned home, she never heard from him and his mom said to never called there again when she called Her cards to Max went unanswered and after two years she married Andrew Denton on the rebound Now, she heard that Max was coming to thei [...]

  • What a truly suspenseful romance I didn t guess who the killer was under the very last chapter Now that s good writing Jill Farrell is in the midst of settling her mother in at an Alzheimer s care home when she gets a phone call from her best girlfriend, Carly, who wants them to attend their college reunion coming up in a couple of weeks It is during this phone call that she finds out her old college boyfriend, Max Kallstrom, is attending the reunion, as well as her ex husband, Andrew The reunio [...]

  • A college reunion, ex loves, unsolved murder this romantic suspense is really exciting and enjoyable from the first page.Having to meet again with an ex is always a complicated thing but having to meet two is really exhausting Jill must go to a college reunion but it seems that it will also present her former Max and she s not very safe to go When her ex husband Andrew communicates her a rumor about him, Max would be a murderess Max suddenly appears in Jill s house and provides a convincing expl [...]

  • The Second ManJill Farrell s college reunion is around the corner She doesn t really care to go what with all the worries she currently is dealing regarding her Mother s Alzheimer s She is trying to get her settled comfortably into a nursing home specialized in handling patients with memory issues.Jill is told that Max Kalstrum, a Swedish foreign exchange student will be attending the reunion She deeply loved him and he disappeared when the whole group graduated The plot thickens when a murder i [...]

  • This was a really good suspenseful romance The story is based around the events of a class reunion where people are brought back together with past love interests and classmates who may or may not be who they say they are There was international intrigue with characters whose jobs were secret and mysteriously carried guns for their jobs In The Second Man emotions run high, suspicion is rampant, lives are threatened and others are proven to be lies Things aren t always what they appear to be, but [...]

  • I liked this suspenseful book, the characters and the story of the 15 year class reunion Jill and Max were inseparable until one day they weren t As Jill reconnects with former classmates, her ex husband, secrets unravel and lost love is rekindled Ms Gamble is such a talented writer that pulls you into each of her stories, with such ease.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • When Emelle Gamble releases a new book, I m always eager to read it This book does not disappoint, either There are many new characters introduced, but Jill will steal your heart with her plight Her mom s Alzheimer s her involvement with a possible killer have her quite overwhelmed You really need to get to know these characters and see if you can figure out whodunnit This is a book I d recommend to all mystery, thriller, or romance fans.

  • A keep you guessing mystery with a thrown for a loop twist at the end will keep any armchair sleuth happily attempting to solve the riddle before the last page is turned.Read full review in the 2016 December issue of InD tale Magazine.

  • I received this advance reader copy in exchange for my honest review of this work The Second Man by Emelle Gamble was filled with murder, mayhem and suspense It builds with each page you read Halfway through the book you already suspect several people but you can t be sure who it is A must read if you like suspense I give it 41 2 stars.

  • THE SECOND MAN kept me in suspense until the last page I love that the story wasn t just given away It had time to grow into an awesome second chance love story amidst the tradigies Jill and Max are meant for each other and their passion sizzles Ms Gamble s writing is genuine, honest and filled with compassion Be prepared for an emotional tug on your heart I highly recommend

  • This is classic can t put it down Emelle writing You connect with the characters and the author takes you for a twisted ride.

  • Love and mystery I really loved the story and was so excited to know the criminal As much as I loved this book I m going to read secret sister

  • Majoring on suspense with a healthy dose of romance, The Second Man keeps the reader in suspense from the first page Jill has than enough on her plate to cope with taking care of her mother, without a class reunion on the horizon When the men in her past start reappearing in her life, she is filled with mixed emotions, especially as she is being roped in to watch out for abnormal behaviour on the part of members of her alumni With the amount of activity that was going on, including settling her [...]

  • OMG I highly recommend Emelle Gamble s book, The Second Man I stayed up until 5 30 a.m to finish it because I couldn t put it down It hooked me from the first few pages The story revolves around Jill Farrell s college reunion A few months before the reunion, one of her fellow alums is killed The reunion brings two other alums back into Jill s life One is her ex husband The other is her former love While she tries to deal with them being back in her life, she is also trying to cope with her mothe [...]

  • Uncaged Review Jill is going to her college reunion when she learns her ex husband will be there as well as her old flame who she s never gotten over after he disappeared after a tragic accident many years ago Jill has all this on her plate then she s told there is a murderer on the loose who s killing people from her class I really liked this book as I thought I knew who the killer was but was wrong This was a good read that kept you guessing until the end Reviewed by Jennifer

  • Good read The twists and turns of the book were sometimes obvious so hence the four stars It kept you reading until the end though Some parts were a little unbelievable, so I toyed with giving it three stars Don t think I ll be reading any other books by this author Good read overall.

  • Good story line but a bit cut and dry The mystery was pretty good but I had a hard time really putting myself into the book and living there The characters were a bit one dimensional It did not have the richness of a really good novel.

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