Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition: a Free Prequel

Finding Chris Evans The Fortune Teller Edition a Free Prequel Elizabeth Danforth or Madame Esmerelda to her clients and Aunt Izzy to her family has run the carnival fortune telling circuit long enough to know sometimes fate needs a little nudge After tragedy
  • Title: Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition: a Free Prequel
  • Author: Elizabeth Bemis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition: a Free Prequel
    Elizabeth Danforth, or Madame Esmerelda to her clients, and Aunt Izzy to her family, has run the carnival fortune telling circuit long enough to know sometimes, fate needs a little nudge After tragedy struck years ago, she waited too long to ask the universe to bring love back into her life She s determined not to let others make the same mistake When her travels take hElizabeth Danforth, or Madame Esmerelda to her clients, and Aunt Izzy to her family, has run the carnival fortune telling circuit long enough to know sometimes, fate needs a little nudge After tragedy struck years ago, she waited too long to ask the universe to bring love back into her life She s determined not to let others make the same mistake When her travels take her to Haralson, Minnesota, though, she s surprised by a visit from her nephew Christopher Evans, a widowed pediatric physician Izzy s heart breaks when she sees the sadness Chris still carries years after his wife s passing Surely there s something she can do Then her next client buzzes in, bright and full of joy, and Izzy hatches a plan Ellie Mittelstadt is looking for romance, and the universe owes Izzy a favor She intones her fateful prediction as she lifts her hands over her crystal ball When you find Chris Evans, true love will follow Then she sees not only her beloved nephew Chris swirling in the mist of her visions but five others How will Ellie find the right one Fortunately, fate has its own plans With laughter, luck and a little bit of magic, true love s now on the job of Finding Chris Evans.
    Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition: a Free Prequel By Elizabeth Bemis,
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      156 Elizabeth Bemis
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  • For years, Madame Esmeralda or to her close family Aunt Izzy has worked for years as a fortune teller for the carnivals Traveling around and reading tarot cards for others While in the small town of Haralson, Minnesota she gets a surprise client Her nephew Chris Evans is in town, and he s moving here Izzy can t help but want happiness for him especially after the loss of his wife Enter Ellie Mittelstadt, she has just moved to town and is getting her fortune read She could do with some joy and ha [...]

  • FINDING CHRIS EVANS THE FORTUNE TELLER EDITION by Elizabeth Bemis is exactly what a prequel should be It s a quick read that gets to the point and provides the setup for the series in a fun way And it s free In this short novella Miss Bemis captured my curiosity and managed to convince me that I must read the series I m looking forward to Ellie s adventures as she looks for the love of her life AKA her Chris Evans Aunt Izzy AKA Madame Esmeralda was spunky, clearly a hoot, and I m hoping to get t [...]

  • A quick prequel read to the new series of Finding Chris Evans Can t wait to meet all of the Chris Evans Psychic, Elizabeth tells Ellie if she finds Chris Evans, she will find true love The only problem is there is six Chris Evans Each book is written by a different author.Comment Comment Permalink

  • Es una escena muy corta pero me resulto muy interesante como inicio de la historia, estas peque as novelas tienen muy buena pinta, ademas me parece muy curiosa la forma en la que esta planteada la trama.2.75 Estrellas

  • Great book Short and sweet Definitely can t wait to read the other books This is a short story of a fortune teller and the people who come to see her Her nephew comes to see her and his wife died and she sees his pain She hopes that he will find someone Then her next client is a women looking into her love life She tells her that she is going to meet a man She is hoping that maybe she is the right person for her Nephew But she sees a vision Can t wait for the other books Lots of new to me author [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this quick prequel story by author Elizabeth Bemis and she did a great job capturing my attention I m really looking forward to meeting all the Chris Evans in this series and seeing how he and the heroine fall in love.

  • Quick preview This is an incredibly short story setting the scene for 5 upcoming stories The premise is simple and fun much like this book.Get it if the rest of the series sounds good.

  • Quick prequelJust a quick prequel to this new series but some wonderful authors Nice to have a little background to how this ball got rolling.

  • This was a very enjoyable prequel to what is going to lead to several guys in one town named Chris Evans finding love I cannot wait to read them all.

  • The short prequel introduces us to the small town Haralson, Minnesota, where there are six Chris Evans, and with the help of the local fortune teller sending a women on a wild goose chase looking for love, specifically love with a Chris Evans, what has she done what is going to happen to this small town filled with Chris Evans Cant wait to read the rest of this series its going to be amazing

  • A nice short but sweet prequel, fortune teller Elizabeth tells ellie to find true love she needs to find Chris evens, the only problem their is six to find and which one will it be, this book was free to read and I can t wait to read the other books each one about a Chris evens and written by different authors And will it be Elizabeth s nephew Chris evens I m already hooked and looking forward to this series.

  • Quick readThe book is super short but entertaining It gives you just enough to make you want to read the next book

  • This super short prequel was a great setup for the series It captured my interest, and I am looking forward to the rest of the books I like the idea of the male characters in the series all sharing the same name It looks like it will be a fun and entertaining series.I found the two main characters in the prequel to be very likable, and I ll be waiting for their book They both seemed very caring, and I want them to meet and get their happy ending Chris, especially, has had much sadness in his lif [...]

  • Ohar What did I just set in motion Well I m hooked already When I heard about this series, I was so excited to read it This small prequel is a wonderful start Recent widower, Chris Evans, visits his beloved aunt in her fortune telling booth for just a quick hello He had no idea that his future would change forever with just a flip of a few cards Aunt Izzy, you re a nut That s the consensus But why do you mention it The smile caused by whatever you just saw in the cards You got me So, hit me What [...]

  • What happens when six awesome authors get together they come up with an edgy, new concept let us create a series not only linked together by common characters and concepts, but by a name and the series Finding Chris Evans was born And, I am beyond excited Just as a teaser, one of the authors, Elizabeth Bemis, has provided a free prequel to this new series Finding Chris Evans The Fortune Teller Edition In this prequel, we meet Elizabeth Danforth, a gypsy fortune teller, who meets up with her neph [...]

  • Chris Evans moves to Minnesota to start as a Pediatric doctor He decides he is going to stop in and see is Aunt Izzy She is a little out of ordinary because she is fortune teller and not as close to the other family member Chris comes and see s her at a fair As they were visiting she starts going thru her fortune cards and she sees a good fortune for him He leaves with an agreement to meet again another day After he leaves a women enters and she starts the process of giving her fortune but she i [...]

  • What a fun way to start the Finding Chris Evans series The fortune teller in this story is Chris Evans Aunt and she wants him to find true love She does a taro card reading for him and sees true love in his future Her next customer is Ellie and she bears a striking resemblance to the Queen of Hearts that came up in her nephews reading She sends Ellie off to meet her Chris Evans but little did she know that there were several Chris Evans in the small town where Ellie lives Ellie embarks on her jo [...]

  • Oh, what a delightful prequel for a series titled Find Chris Evans This series will have a book written by different authors, but all tied up with the introduction of the prequel.We have a gypsy in a carnival, who is in fact the aunt of a young widower, named Chris Evans She decides that he needs to find love again so when pretty blonde woman comes to have her cards read, she tells the gal that she will find love with Chris Evans The gypsy aunt is in for a surprise , since there are 6 Chris Evan [...]

  • Finding Chris Evans The Fortune Teller Edition Short and sweet, just enough to whet our appetites for the rest of the series I will definitely be looking for the rest of these John Christopher Evans just moved to a new town to get a fresh start after loosing his wife a couple years ago He visits his aunt who is a fortune teller and she sees in the cards that things will be changing for the better for her nephew Ellie is a social working hoping for love and goes to get her fortune read, recognizi [...]

  • I ve been hearing a lot about this series and I enjoyed reading this free prequel that introduces the Finding Chris Evans series which features six of my favorite authors of contemporary romance If you love the writing of Erin Nicholas, Lizzie Shane, Jennifer Bernard, Jennifer Chance, Erin McCarthy and Elizabeth Bemis, check out this free prequel Then get ready for the first book in the series, Finding Chris Evans The 9 1 1 edition by Erin Nicholas, that releases on October 10th I can t wait to [...]

  • This is a very short, quirky prequel setting up what should be a very fun series to read When Elizabeth Danforth, or Madame Esmerelda, meets the lovely Ellie Mittelstadt she is certain that this is the woman who will help bring her nephew back to life Reading Ellie s fortune, Madame Esmeralda plants the idea that Ellie will find love with the one named Chris Evans Ellie s quest find THE Chris Evans that will make her heart sing How hard could that be Can t wait to get started on this series.

  • This was the intro into the Finding Chris Evans Series written by six different authors After a visit to a fortune teller, Ellie is set out to find her true love She s been told that his name is Chris Evans It will take some work to find him, however, because there are multiple men named Christ Evans that could be possibilities for Mr Right.In the series, she meets a different Christ Evans in each book, but if he s not her Mr Right, he has his own love story Awesome

  • FINDING CHRIS EVANS THE FORTUNE TELLER EDITION by Elizabeth Bemis does exactly what a prequel should it excites you for what s to come and leaves you wanting It s a quick read, about the length of a prequel chapter in a book really But it perfectly sets up the quirky, fun, adventure, Ellie is about to embark on trying to find her Chris Evans among the many And just a note Each book in the series will be written by a different author, so search by series and not author.

  • This is a great prequel it gets your attention and makes me want to read all the books best in the series and check out new authors I like the idea that it s all the same theme with than one Chris Evans will they all find true love This series has already got my attention now I wAnt to read them all It s short and sweet and I think that it will be a great set of books to read.

  • This is the beginning of the Finding Chris Evans series, a series of Novellas from 6 authors that follow as Ellie tries to find HER true Love, Chris Evans I have to say this is short and sweet but certainly leads to some great reading I couldn t wait to start the series are reading this short introduce I d recommend you read this one before starting the series, you ll be glad you did.

  • A great prequel to the Finding Chris Evans series This sets it up perfectly for Ellie to start looking for her true love, a man named Chris Evans But how many tries will it take I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series to see it play out, see if each Chris finds their love, and to see if Ellie finds her Chris Evans.

  • Fortuneteller Elizabeth Danforth loves her nephew and only wants the best for him Since his wife passed away 3 years ago, he s been very lonely Izzy was only trying to help but may have set something in motion that is out of her control Read this prequel to what is sure to be an amazing series, Finding Chris Evans The opinion expressed is my own.

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