Mysterier (Lanterne, Paperback)

Mysterier Lanterne Paperback Da Mysterier utkom i skapte boken b de forvirring og undring Det er Hamsuns mest eksperimenterende og modernistiske roman n r det gjelder formen Er hovedpersonen Johan Nilsen Nagel som i boken
  • Title: Mysterier (Lanterne, Paperback)
  • Author: Knut Hamsun
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mysterier (Lanterne, Paperback)
    Da Mysterier utkom i 1892, skapte boken b de forvirring og undring Det er Hamsuns mest eksperimenterende og modernistiske roman n r det gjelder formen Er hovedpersonen Johan Nilsen Nagel, som i boken karakteriseres som tilv relsens utlending b rer av en grunnleggende eksistensiell problematikk Er boken betrakte som et selvbiografisk arbeid Eller skal den lesesDa Mysterier utkom i 1892, skapte boken b de forvirring og undring Det er Hamsuns mest eksperimenterende og modernistiske roman n r det gjelder formen Er hovedpersonen Johan Nilsen Nagel, som i boken karakteriseres som tilv relsens utlending b rer av en grunnleggende eksistensiell problematikk Er boken betrakte som et selvbiografisk arbeid Eller skal den leses som en kriminalroman De sikre er ikke mindre spennende n enn i 1982.
    Mysterier (Lanterne, Paperback) By Knut Hamsun,
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    Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920 for his monumental work, Growth of the Soil He insisted that the intricacies of the human mind ought to be the main object of modern literature, to describe the whisper of the blood, and the pleading of the bone marrow Hamsun pursued his literary program, debuting in 1890 with the psychological novel Hunger.


  • Hamsun s aptly named second novel, Mysteries, is a dazzling, dark look into human nature and man s psyche It is no surprise that Henry Miller claimed that Mysteries was closer to me than any book I have read, this novel is so probing and insightful that you feel it begin to pick your own mind as the pages churn by Written in 1892, just 2 years following Hunger, this novel once again demonstrates Hamsun s signature frantic yet serene prose while showcasing Hamsun as a Modernist far ahead of his t [...]

  • I refused to read Hamsun for a long time, on the grounds that he was a Nazi sympathizer But I started getting interested in modern Norwegian literature a couple of years ago, and in the end I had to give in You just can t avoid him he s referred to everywhere And if I find him hard to deal with, I m comforted by the fact that it s much worse for the Norwegians.Let me expand on that a bit I m English by birth, and I ve also lived a fair amount of my life in Sweden and the US None of those countri [...]

  • When I was a teenager my dad urged 2 novels on me Hermann Hesse s Glass Bead Game and Knut Hamsun s Hunger which I consider all time favourites to this day Hesse I loved immediately I read everything of his I could find But Hamsun took a little longer Upon first reading Hunger I thought, Huh That s it It s not that I didn t like it, but it perplexed me Hesse and most if not all of my parents other recommendations Marquez, Kundera, Eco, Grass had seemed so grand, somehow Exalted But Hamsun was th [...]

  • In the middle of the summer of 1891 the most extraordinary things began happening in a small Norwegian coastal town A stranger by the name of Nagel appeared, a singular character who shook the town by his eccentric behavior and then vanished suddenly as he had come This is how Hamsun introduces us to Nagel, his yellow suit and his world of mysteries I finished this book an hour ago I spent my night reading this breathtaking novel And for the past one hour I have been sitting in front of my lapto [...]

  • The Hamsun Centre Presteid Hamar y Noruega Arq Steven Holl hamsunsenteret en home Nos ltimos tempos li quatro obras fundamentais do escritor noruegu s Knut Hamsun 1859 1939 , laureado com o Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 1920, Fome 1890 , Mist rios 1892 , Pan 1894 e Victoria 1898 , todas publicadas pela editora Cavalo de Ferro Mist rios para mim o melhor dos referenciados quatro romances sem a crueza err tica de um jovem escritor que deambula por Kristiania actual Oslo , acompanhado pelos seus pe [...]

  • Yes Mercurial That is the word that kept coming to my mind to describe Johan Nagel, the central character of Knut Hamsun s masterful Mysteries Specifically, entries 2 and 4 Maybe not thievishness though I wouldn t put it past him not for a second , but Nagel embodied the other characteristics so much that I often found myself wondering if he was actually a flesh and blood human or some kind of earthbound trickster god sentenced by the All Father to live among the mortals I doubt it, but I can t [...]

  • Soberbo.Dizer que Mist rios soberbo bastaria Poderia referir me a Nagel, o desconcertante, magn tico e marcante personagem que enreda e desenreda os in meros acontecimentos mais interiores que exteriores da pequena cidade costeira na Noruega Ou poderia referir me pequenez encapotada de normalidade dos diversos habitantes da pequena cidade costeira na Noruega.Direi antes apenas que este Nagel e a constela o dos habitantes da pequena cidade nos obriga a um confronto connosco mesmos Revela algo que [...]

  • ok be endim Birg n Norve te k c k bir kasabaya ne id belirsiz bir yabanc gelir smi Nagel dir Kasaban n oteline yerle en bu ah s ilk g nden dikkatleri zerine eker nk elinde bavul yerine bir keman kab ta maktad r ve i inde keman yerine ger ekten adam n k yafetleri vard r stelik ilk geceden kasaban n vekili Bay Reinhert i bir engelli vatanda la barda herkesin i inde dalga ge erken g r r Bir h mla yanlat na gelir ve sonradan renece iniz ad yla Minik e , elinde ki biray say n vekilin ba ndan a a d km [...]

  • Scritto nel 1892, questo romanzo un inno alla diversit di una freschezza disarmante E io, uomo isolato, resisto e punto i piedi, dicendo che invece ragionevole Cosa sa la gente Niente Ci si abitua soltanto a una cosa, la si accetta, la si riconosce perch i nostri maestri la riconobbero gi prima, tutto non che accettazione Il mondo non sa nulla, accetta soltanto E ancora E io non riesco a vedere come sia solo teoria, proprio non ci riesco, che il Signore mi aiuti, cos maledettamente diverse vedo [...]

  • G venilmez bir ba karakter mi ar yorsunuz Al n size Johan Nagel.Kitap boyu Nagel in tutars zl klar pe inde s r klenip gidiyorsunuz Kitab ekici yapan da bu Nagel in neyi, niye anlatt n anlamaya al mak.Nagel in davran lar Hamsun romanlar nda s kl kla g zlemleyebilece iniz romantik bir ili kinin ve k k bir evrenin i inde g zlemleniyor Kitab s k c yapan da bu Evet, Hamsun b y k yazar, Nagel i t m derinli iyle yans t yor Ve bir kahraman , ona dair flashback olmadan, eylemleri zerinden, uydurdu u hika [...]

  • I ve always wanted to read a book by an author named Knut But first let me give you 200 crowns and I ll tell you a story that happened to me in San Francisco First, though, I m in love with you and I can t live without you I can t really play the violin even though I have a violin case but everybody in town wants me to play You re really a very sinister person underneath it might not look like it now, but you will turn out badly like The Midget The dastardly midget replaced my prussic acid with [...]

  • Henry Miller described Mysteries as closer to me than any other book I have read I m no Henry Miller, but it is a very dear book to me too, quite like a close friend It seems that there is no getting to the bottom of it, no matter how many times you engage with it, just like a human being On a first reading it is seems a mere catalogue of disconnected events taking place in small town, with a stranger called Nagel at their centre, who has arrived on a steamer He comes and goes and behaves in an [...]

  • I was introduced to the author Knut Hamsun by reading his first novel, Hunger It is a Dostoevskian tale of a young journalist who is literally starving to death His story is about trying to write and live while not even being able to afford a scrap of food, pawning his vest to be able to survive a few days It is a searing story that one does not forget I had reread that book about a year ago, but still had not tackled any of Hamsun s other works before I had picked this book My expectations wer [...]

  • Though not a perfect book, Hamsun has again created a unique character, a unique atmosphere, and something resembling Musil s man without qualities in the person of Nagel Mysteries, in some ways, supercedes Hunger in scope and depth of writing, but is much disorganized and not as consistent in tone Both Hunger and Mysteries simmered and seethed with nervousness, desperation, exhausted illumination, and fascinating strangeness, but where Hunger flowed essentially like four movements of a symphon [...]

  • I adore Knut Hamsun s ability to write such realistic internal monologue A friend recommended this book to me when I told him that one day in the lab, I was suddenly hit with the paranoia that I had gotten a drop of hydrofluoric acid on myself, and was somewhat convinced that there was a chance I could die right there One of the scenes in this book describes perfectly what that feeling is like and what ridiculous thoughts run through your mind during such a moment Definitely will go back and re [...]

  • It reminded me a lot of Twin Peaks there s even a midget, and there s actually a Twin Peaks episode that drops Hamsun s name, so I m sure David Lynch loves this book but the Agent Cooper isn t an agent, he s an eccentric stranger who mysteriously shows up in a small town in Norway, who like Cooper, mingles and charms his way into the town scene and gets caught up in their dark inner secrets Same tone and scariness and humor tooI want to reread this soon.

  • Much weaker than Growth of the Soil, Hunger, or Pan Disappointing Hard to stick with Zone outs aplenty Didn t engage me Wonky translation, or at least one that could use an update Romantic proto hippie maniac All over the place Cool bit with an angel hallucination But mostly just not clear enough on a language level Bailed on page 117, never to return.

  • Contains spoilersI feel somewhat uncomfortable expressing tepid feelings about a book that s universally praised as a phenomenon in world literature but I was less than impressed with Mysteries Perhaps it was that it was oversold on the back cover the author was pronounced to have complete omniscience about human nature , where I only found incomplete, albeit self absorbed, knowledge about a certain type of male person , or that I read it in 2016 with my firmly 2016 point of view, or that I can [...]

  • this was fabulous incredible superlative full i have rarely come across such passionate writing the passion coupling with the character of nagel, a solid plote scope of the subject matter is large, and i would need to read the book again to gain a full understanding of what is going on, on the implications of hte story, in just grasping as much as i can of what i feel Hamsun was talking about, relating that to life this is something that needs to be meditated upon, i think or at least when i re [...]

  • A man, Johan Nilsen Nagel, blew into town a created a stir because of his uncetain origins, unpredictable behavior and sometimes odd appearance He d try to help some people but would often be misunderstood He himself would also be confused about his own motivations.I read this as an allegory Passages and phrases here and there reminded me of the biblical story of Jesus Christ Even the way Nagel died here hints strongly of Christ s agony on the cross and in the Garden of Gethsemane before he was [...]

  • Um livro indispens vel que apresenta ao leitor uma das mais desconcertantes personagens da hist ria da literatura, Johan Nielsen Nagel, um exc ntrico que desembarca numa pequena cidade norueguesa sem uma inten o pr definida acabando por expor o seu car cter inconstante, inventivo e auto destrutivo ao mesmo tempo que descarna os mist rios que povoam a cidade e que assombram os seus habitantesBem, e que dizer de Grogaard, o An o E da mulher alta e esguia com o crucifixo de pedras verdes Mist rios, [...]

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