Tattered on My Sleeve

Tattered on My Sleeve This is an alternate cover edition for B YZ M A I had her first I fell in love with her Then we fucked everything up Warning This is not a typical romance It s not even a typical MC Romance Lust Eig
  • Title: Tattered on My Sleeve
  • Author: Autumn Jones Lake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tattered on My Sleeve
    This is an alternate cover edition for B00YZ8M3A8 I had her first.I fell in love with her.Then we fucked everything up.Warning This is not a typical romance It s not even a typical MC Romance.Lust.Eight years ago, the Lost Kings, MC was recovering from turmoil within the club Wrath and Trinity met Their connection was instant and explosive.Fury.Wrath and Trinity s stoThis is an alternate cover edition for B00YZ8M3A8 I had her first.I fell in love with her.Then we fucked everything up.Warning This is not a typical romance It s not even a typical MC Romance.Lust.Eight years ago, the Lost Kings, MC was recovering from turmoil within the club Wrath and Trinity met Their connection was instant and explosive.Fury.Wrath and Trinity s story is a heart breaking, soul crushing, tear your heart into pieces story The way they hurt each other over the years is intense, raw, frustrating and sometimes dark.Forgiveness.Can they move past their horrible pasts to become better people and ultimately forgive each other They ve wasted too many years Once Wrath learns the dark secret that s been fueling Trinity for years, he ll stop at nothing to prove they re meant to be together and that she s worthy of the love she keeps denying.Tattered on My Sleeve is a full length novel at over 145,000 word 567 pages It is book 4 in the popular Lost Kings MC series, but it can be read first or as a stand alone.
    Tattered on My Sleeve By Autumn Jones Lake,
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  • Autumn Jones Lake

    Autumn is the author of the popular Lost Kings MC series She prefers to write her romances on the classier side of dirty, and she s a sucker for a filthy talking, demanding alpha male hero The bigger the better Her past lives include baking cookies, slinging shoes, and practicing law She s an active member of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America.Autumn was born and raised in upstate New York She still enjoys all four seasons there with her very own alpha hero and their dogs.You can ask Autumn questions on and easily find her on Facebook Sign up for her newsletter here eepurl bTSNknJoin the Lost Kings MC Ladies Facebook Group facebook groups LostKFollow Autumn on Book Bub bookbub profile autumVisit Autumn here autumnjoneslakeEmail Autumn AutumnJLake gmail


  • BLOODY HELL This is what I call a true MC romance Angst Heartbreak Hate Love Drama Dysfunction.No sugar coating.Bleeding out on the floor painful MILD SPOILERS The first part of the book can be described with one word CHAOS.It almost ruined me I m an angst addict, I thrive on it But that was almost too much even for me Wrath and Trinity God, what they did to each other It was pure torture Madly infatuated and obsessed with each other Watching each other with other people for eight long years Del [...]

  • Autumn here s my heart you ripped it out I knew going in that Tattered on My Sleeve would be so far different than Rock and Hope s Yes, Rock and Hope s romance was far from traditional and full of angtsy twists Yet, Wrath and Trinity s story both broke and shocked me These two characters set themselves not only on a collision course from the first time they meet, but on a path of self destruction Trinity may come off as a club girl, but she really isn t The club protects her and she in turn, hel [...]

  • Nothing to be scared of, sweetheart I got you I ll fucking massacre anyone who tries to touch you even a ghost Come stay with me Tattered on My Sleeve is the fourth book in the Lost Kings MC Although you can read this as a stand alone, I do not recommend it The characters are so intricately connected and in order to experience the full magnitude of the club, you should start with the first book in the series Slow Burn The first three books focus on the club President Rock and his ol lady Hope Ta [...]

  • 5 BEAUTIFULLY TATTERED, RIP YOUR HEART OUT STARS I m stunned by the sincere, heartfelt intensity of Tattered on My Sleeve I shouldn t be Hope and Rock s journey was no picnic and full of struggles Brace yourself, this author has sharpened the tools she uses to rip your heart out with Wrath and Trinity s story We know who Trinity is She told Hope very plainly in Corrupting Cinderella that she serves the members on as needed basis Yet, Trinity is written like no other club girl I ve ever read befo [...]

  • 4 StarsThis is a little different than my usual MC Club fare in that the heroine, Trinity, is not a lawyera biker s daughteror anything like thatShe s a Club Girl And we all know what that means.Home girl gets around a little bit Now pipe down all you don t slut shame psychopaths.I m not slut shaming, people.Cause you know, sexual revolution, women s rights, yadda, yadda yadda.My point here there really is one, I swear is that Trinity and Wrath s story is a little different than the norm in that [...]

  • TATTERED ON MY SLEEVE, the 4th book in the Lost Kings MC series, starts eight years prior to Slow Burn For the first part the book moves back and forth between the past and present with scenes that compliment each other You d see how they fucked up in the past and then you d see them in a similar situation in the present where they got it right or almost I really loved that It s different and I don t think I ve seen very many books attempt that before.I don t want to spoil it, but because of the [...]

  • This was a long one but so worth it I have never read an MC book that was so detailed and complicated This book is raw, gritty, emotional and heart breaking.It s the story of Wrath and Trinity Trinity is a woman who s been raised in motorcycle clubs She knows bikers well and she knows her way around them Wrath is the sergeant at arms of The Lost Kings MC He is cocky, a player and he never plans to settle down, let alone have an old lady Everything changes when he meets Trinity at one of the club [...]

  • 4 Stars Now LIVE US bit LKMC4_WRATH UK bit LKMC4_Wrath_UKDo you know what, it s about damn time someone wrote a book about a heroine who is as slutty as her male counterpart Tattered on my Sleeve is basically a second chance romance between Sergeant at Arms, Wyatt Wrath Ramsey, and club Mama, Trinity Hirst.Trinity grew up in the MC life and has literally seen it all, she s experienced things that would break most people and have leave a long lasting psychological effect However, she is a very st [...]

  • Another I ve waited many months for I do have the knack of falling for side characters And Wrath was no exception.Of course that, at first, I didn t like him He was an a hole to Hope and Trinity, too I don t know where and when, but that changed and I became PropertyofWrath I kept bugging Autumn about it, but she s so awesome and a sweetie, being patient with me and not getting mad What can I say, I m passionate about characters I love I don t get on my knees for anyone Ever We ve all met Trinit [...]

  • What a beautiful story of two broken people, forgiveness, redemption and survival Absolutely loved Trinity and Wrath s story He was Ah Ma Zing Holy hotness Long book, but did not feel long at all Was wonderful the way it covered the same time period as the first three books some of it but it all still felt fresh and new So well done

  • I didn t think anything could top the first three books Boy was I wrong Wrath isI have no words for how amazing he turned out to be The care and love and understanding he showed Trinity Oh and Trinity, one of the best romance heroines ever She s so broken, yet so sweet and determined and just wonderful.5 beautifully tattered, heartbreaking, panty melting stars

  • Dysfunctional and twistedI ve been anxiously waiting to get my hands on Wrath Well, yes, I would love to touch his muscle y male perfection , but I meant his book He captured my heart when his softened towards Cinderella in the previous book That s when I knew that he had the promise of being an incredible main character and I wanted to get to know him better I had also gotten glimpses of the chemistry and tension between Wrath and Trinity and wondered what their story was It was a much longer s [...]

  • I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Wow This way than your typical MC romance Wrath and Trinity had hurt one another in ways most couples I know could never recover from They both will have to constantly forgive and try to forget with painful reminders being in their faces every single day It won t be easy, but as this book so incontrovertibly proves to us, the devotion they have to each other is strong enough to pull them through Trinity s story is brutally painful and even thou [...]

  • This is the fourth book in the Lost Kings MC series and although this can be read independent I would advise to read the previous books as reference to what has happened in those will appear throughout this book This is Wrath and Trinity s story which begins eight years prior to the series start and we finally get to see what had happened between this feisty couple which we had had glimpses of in Rock and Hope s story.The story is unravelled with the back story interwoven to present day so the r [...]

  • 5 Tattered Stars Loved Wrath and Trinity s story Calling all MC fansis one s for you Can be read as a standalone too Release Day July 28th The only thing that scares me is the thought of losing you Full review to come, closer to release.

  • I have one word for this book, WOW I was obsessed with Trinity and Wrath story Every free moment I had I was reading their story and hoping they could make it work Trinity and Wrath are two very broken people They each have suffered abuse at the hands of the people they trusted most Trinity in particular has suffered through heinous abuse that has left her soul scarred Trinity has let these scares define who she is, which puts prevents her from having any meaning relationships When Trinity meets [...]

  • Beautiful story about two broken people overcoming their terrible upbringings and changing to be better for one another I adored both Wrath and Trinity and their struggles Trinity was flawed, broken and felt she was unworthy Her story broke my heart The way Wrath loves her and tries so hard to understand her was nothing short of heroic Tattered is gritty and a departure from the author s previous books in this series, so be warned.

  • This is A must read it has passion,love,friendship,misunderstanding, and family Wrath and Trinity connection was undeniable and beautiful I enjoyed the interaction between them and thier charater development The story flowed at A good pace I cannot wait for what happens next ARC received on behalf of bookalicious babes blog in exchange for A honest

  • Beautiful, honest, raw love story about two damaged people overcoming their shitty pasts to make a bright future together 5 very bright stars for Wrath and Trinity I enjoyed their long and rocky road to love very much.Also loved seeing Rock from both Wrath and Trinity s points of view Author notes at the end are a must read I love how she talked about who she included certain things in the book even though they were uncomfortable and I love how she talks about what the future of the lost kings l [...]

  • I m still trying to collect my emotions after reading this book because it threw them all over the place I will be honest and admit that I got choked up quite a bit while reading Trinity and Wrath s story I kept wondering how in the world they ever get their HEA, since they couldn t get their acts straight One thing is for sure, this book is meaty, showing you different aspects of the MC life they live, and people they interact with The chemistry between Wrath and Trinity is HOT, sweet, explosiv [...]

  • This book is awesome I have loved every book in this series but Wrath and Trinity s story is off the chart These 2 are very damaged souls who need to heal each other but both are stubborn and been hurt I recommend the entire series but Autumn has achieved a master piece with this book and characters Make sure you pick up copy of this book

  • I must say this book had me stuck in it from the very first chapter I never knew I d like Trinity and Wrath so much, but it works outally, really great.Trinity and Wrath meet 8 years before, she thought they had something good He thought she d be his old lady What Trinity didn t expect was her past coming back to her haunt her One phone call changes the next 8 years of her life.Wrath comes back from a run, and finds out Trinity is now a club mama He s pissed and tries to make her leave not reali [...]

  • Never having read the last 3 Lost Kings books I had no idea what to expect with this book I love MC stories.Turns out I didn t need to read the last 3 books this was wonderful.This is Wrath and Trinity s story It s in 3 parts It is very long I so wanted to bash Wrath and Trinity s heads together Their behaviour drove me mad I have no idea why men are so stubborn I lived their lives with them over an 8 year period and am now a member of the LOKIs.When I read the little glossary at the beginning I [...]

  • A Total Must Read This is my first read by this author With so many MC romances cropping up I have been a bit wary though some are good, some are so far fetched and unrealistic me knowing what a real MC is like that I have somewhat been avoiding them The blurb for this one sounded so good though and it was recommended by a friend Then there is the fact that this is fourth in the series and my mind balks at starting a series after the first, but I charged ahead and found myself loving this book T [...]

  • All I can say is WOW I have never read a book by Autumn and I am so glad that I read this one I will definitely be reading the others in this series for sure She knocked it out of the ball park with this one I am in LOVE with Wrath and Trinity I was so hooked on this book that time flew and before I knew it, it was 3 a.m and I was forced to put it down grudgingly I don t like spoilers so I won t go into too much detail but you need to pick this book up It was so, so good.This book is about the r [...]

  • On sale for the first time since release 2.99 for a limited time regularly 4.99 amzn 2yQ0wXOiBooks bit TOMS_LKMC4Nook bit 1OsQiSLKobo bit 2fAC4AP UK amzn 2ANrnEi CA dp B00YZ8M3A8 AU dp B00YZ8M3A811 20 17

  • Warning This is not a typical romance It s not even a typical MC Romance It is extremely different from the first three books in many ways, but also similar in many ways Wrath and Trinity s story is a heart breaking, soul crushing, tear your heart into pieces story It s intense, raw, frustrating and sometimes dark It doesn t happen overnight It s an epic love story about the irrational things we do when we re younger, the things we do because we don t know any better, maturing, growing, moving p [...]

  • Ahhh Wrath and Trinity s story is finally here I ve been waiting for this since the minute I finished the last book and these two did not disappoint Wrath is every bit the hard ass biker with an attitude that we see in the previous books of this series Trinity is still the girl behind the mentaking care of the club house and the guys themselves She owns who she is and plays by the same rules as the guys, which was good to see in a female lead I had several moments where I wanted to reach through [...]

  • FIVE STARS JUST IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS AWESOME STORY I utterly love Wrath Trinity s journey To start from when they met and take the amazing ride these two outstanding characters take is just the BESTEST I loved Wrath from Rock Hope s stories, but now I flove him so much Trinity totally endeared herself to me even in this book I eagerly await the next book in this series

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