Superman (2016-) #4

Superman SON OF SUPERMAN part four The battle for Jon hits Metropolis as the Eradicator targets Superman s son Can the Man of Steel protect the city and his son against the Kryptonian executioner or will he ha
  • Title: Superman (2016-) #4
  • Author: Peter J. Tomasi Patrick Gleason
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Superman (2016-) #4
    SON OF SUPERMAN part four The battle for Jon hits Metropolis as the Eradicator targets Superman s son Can the Man of Steel protect the city and his son against the Kryptonian executioner or will he have to make a sacrifice
    Superman (2016-) #4 By Peter J. Tomasi Patrick Gleason,
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      276 Peter J. Tomasi Patrick Gleason
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    Peter J Tomasi is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics.


  • This Eradicator guy is a literal sucker, eh Issue 4 s dialogue is all over the places and felt very disjointed You can still follow the comics but it is not solidly written as the past three It s still a good issue though, despite the fact that the plot of this arc is something we have already heard before that rebuild and revive Krypton sort of thing.But what issue did well was to pack it with so much story Aside from the main Eradicator story, you also have Supes fighting alongside while prote [...]

  • Just don t know what to do with this comic any This Clark s focus is so narrow that he almost ceases to be a hero This was mostly big explosion nonsense that buried any inherent meaning not that I m necessarily sure there is any Liked the moment where the Superman fanboy questioned his motives, but then they walked it back immediately, as if by convincing him they d somehow convince me Think eradicator might sum up my feelings on this Clark best A pristine foundation is required for world buildi [...]

  • oh this one had a lot of stuff for me to moan about and that saddens me Looks like just like Tom King , Patrick Gleason is having the most inconsistent run in DC rebirth era , things look worse when you compare how consistently well done the Action comics and Detective comics have been After the last issue i was anticipating a much awaited Berserk mode for Superboy but sadly that never happened instead we had the Superman and Eradicator wrecking havoc and destroying the New 52 Superman s fortres [...]

  • Once again the art is fantastic but is overshadowed some by too many panels with the ghosts of Krypton past Still, a good issue that I liked but I m a little bit hesitant where this is going to go Really curious why Superman is doing what he is doing at the end of this issue.

  • That ending was a good cliffhanger and damn the art was good A bit confused but I am sure issue 5 will clear things up.

  • Good action but slow story The battle against the villain is epic so it s a strong point Not great, but good and entertaining

  • 3.2 starsSuperman continues his fight with The Eradicator who is trying to rid Jon of his impure human side The Eradicator desperately wants to build Krypton again Jon helps his dad Superman with encouragement from his mom give The Eradicator a knockout punch, but Kryptonians souls also seep out of the dude Later on, we meet a man who worshiped Superman A friend I am assuming of his gives him a moon rock that he claims belongs to Superman As they are talking about Superman, Superman, Jon Lois cr [...]

  • Hmmm well not a bad story, but not at its best also I hope this story will set up a bigger plot, a grander event to come It doesn t meet my expectations honestly but to be fair, its still a thing to look forward to.

  • Review 7.8 10What saves this book even the little bit was the fact that every issue until now had been so solid I have no idea what happened in this issue It took place in what essentially was one battle, but it was oddly trippy and things happen that are not explained very well, and the art is not quite as good as it had been previously Somehow the souls of Krypton come out of Eradicator Superman and start haunting up the place It just comes out of nowhere and is not really explained past the p [...]

  • 3.5 out of 5 stars.Video review available here youtube watch v QORvSThis isn t a bad issue far from it It s just, when compared to the other issues in this run, looking back at this one, this one isn t all that memorable All that transpires is a fight with Clark and Jon between Eradicator with a hella cool punch scene scene.The ghosts of Krypton are released, and we can the tiniest subplot with some regular townspeople, but that goes nowhere, pretty much The latter, that is The ghost plotline al [...]

  • Not a fan of Superboy and the panel work here I thought concept was good but the flooded pages was off putting to say the least Ghosts of Krypton past Really Probably my least favorite issue this week.

  • Really cool and kinda tripping It suchs that Super Sons has been delayed until next year because I think Jon needs his own series at this point I still am in disbelief that I am liking Superman than Batman

  • InterestingNo matter what incarnation, Superman will always be Superman I love it I recommend it to all of his fans.

  • The art changed with this one Much less impressive The exiles of Krypton side with Clark and the family to defeat the eradicator I guess the rage Jon had from the last issue was just for that single punch Disappointing development on his part Still not liking where this is going Alright issue.

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