Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race

Mr Lemoncello s Great Library Race New York Times bestselling author Chris Grabenstein is back with the third fantastically fun puzzle packed MR LEMONCELLO adventure On your marks Get set Lemon cello GO Everyone s favorite game ma
  • Title: Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race
  • Author: Chris Grabenstein
  • ISBN: 9780553536065
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race
    1 New York Times bestselling author Chris Grabenstein is back with the third fantastically fun, puzzle packed MR LEMONCELLO adventure On your marks Get set Lemon, cello, GO Everyone s favorite game maker, Mr Lemoncello, is testing out his new FABULOUS FACT FINDING FRENZY game If Kyle can make it through the first round, he and the other lucky finalists will go on a g 1 New York Times bestselling author Chris Grabenstein is back with the third fantastically fun, puzzle packed MR LEMONCELLO adventure On your marks Get set Lemon, cello, GO Everyone s favorite game maker, Mr Lemoncello, is testing out his new FABULOUS FACT FINDING FRENZY game If Kyle can make it through the first round, he and the other lucky finalists will go on a great race by bicycle, bookmobile, and even Mr Lemoncello s corporate banana jet to find fascinating facts about famous Americans The first to bring their facts back to the library will win spectacular prizes But when a few surprising facts surface about Mr Lemoncello, it might be GO TO JAIL and LOSE A TURN all at once Could Kyle s hero be a fraud It s winner take all, so Kyle and the other kids will have to dig deep to find out the truth before the GAME is OVER for Mr Lemoncello and his entire fantastic empire Filled with brand new puzzles and games including a hidden bonus puzzle , this fast paced read will have gamers and readers alike racing to the finish line because, like Mr Lemoncello s commercials say, IS IT FUN HELLO IT S A LEMONCELLO An ode to libraries and literature that is a worthy successor to the original madman puzzle master himself, Willy Wonka Booklist, Starred, on Escape from Mr Lemoncello s Library Just as much of an adventure as the first The Washington Post, on Mr Lemoncello s Library Olympics
    Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race By Chris Grabenstein,
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    CHRIS GRABENSTEIN is a 1 New York Times bestselling His books include the LEMONCELLO LIBRARY series, the WONDERLAND series, and many fun and funny page turners co authored with James Patterson You can visit Chris at ChrisGrabenstein.


  • I enjoyed this third installment of Mr Lemoncello I felt it was a bit predictable than the first two and I didn t think the bad guys would give away as much info as they did, thus the four star vs five star review I loved the important message of being careful to research facts thoroughly In our current climate of fake news and alternative facts I feel this message is absolutely necessary especially with students who need to understand is not the best sole source for facts I love the characters [...]

  • Game maker Luigi L Lemoncello is testing his Fabulous Fact Finding Frenzy game in which the players research to find information about famous Americans, Following clues, the players peruse library books, race around on foot, ride bicycles, travel in bookmobiles, and fly in Mr Lemoncello s own corporate banana jet Kyle Keeley, naturally, wants to win But when he uncovers some disreputable facts about Mr Lemoncello, it looks as if his hero may just turn out to be a fraud.Can Kyle find the answers [...]

  • This breaks my heart, and is going to be an unpopular opinion on , but I just didn t like this one as much as the first two in the series and NOT because it s nonfiction based As a librarian, I loved that nonfiction took center stage in the story and that QUALITY research checking sources, not jumping to conclusions, verifying information, etc was emphasized.My problem was the race itself none of the stages lasted that long or seemed that exciting Even when the kids FLEW TO ANOTHER STATE the eve [...]

  • 3.5 Another really fun and enjoyable installment in this series The only reason I didn t give it four stars is that I think it s pretty forgettable, but I definitely had a good time reading it

  • Copy provided by the publisherThis book was a perfect storm of things I have trouble remembering puzzles, literary references, a fantasy feel although not technically fantasy , and lots and lots of character names, some of which belong to real people, so I felt a need to look them all up, which made it harder to remember the plot.This is a tremendously popular series with my students, and there is already a waiting list for this title But it s also been cross country season, and I just am not go [...]

  • These Mr Lemoncello s Library books are great Adventure plus fact finding is a winning combination Definitely some parts to this particular story require a certain willing suspension of disbelief, but that is an adult thing Kids won t care they will just enjoy the humor and adventure.

  • One of my favorite series as a librarian, but definitely a niche series for kids With introduction and urging from teachers, though, they gobble these up Book 3 is another solid addition to the series, and I actually liked it better than book 2 Book 1, however, remains my favorite in the series.

  • This book is like a fictional TED Talk for kids Chris Grabenstein is on point as he address the topics of failure, digital literacy, research skills and fake news It s actually right in line with some of the training I m providing to our library staff at the moment I have recommended the Mr Lemoncello series for library professionals before and I will do it again with this one I ll also get the Mr Lemoncello boardgame if one is ever invented

  • Chris has done it again with the third book in this wonderfliffic series A strong plot with a twist halfway through that is nicely foreshadowed for adults but will still catch many unawares I did expect to see Charles play a larger role the book picked up after the twist as well it s a solid 4.5 stars compared to the first two books, but 5 stars by other standards the bar is so high on this series Loved the sprinkling of book titles throughout the text both overtly and covertly and the humor I s [...]

  • Grabenstein, Chris Mr Lemoncello s Great Library Race, 288 pages Random House, OCT 2017 17 Content G Mr Lemoncello has tricks up his sleeve He wants to send out ambassadors to introduce his latest 3D technology to children all over the US In order to choose the ambassadors he has devised a contest, of course When the teams are on their way to the final challenge they stumble upon something that gives them pause Did Mr Lemoncello copy his first, iconic game from another inventor Instead of finis [...]

  • This is a FANTASTIC story that stresses the important of research as well as reliable sources I can t wait to share bits and pieces of it in research lessons and have students read it As usually Mr Lemoncello doesn t disappoint

  • In the third book of the Mr Lemoncello s Library series, Kyle and his friends have a new mystery to solve This time, it s about research.I thought this was a great addition to the series It was fun to have new characters in the novel And I loved the Nonfictionator The plot was engaging and kept me reading it all the way through almost without break Kyle went backwards a bit at the beginning, but he learned through the book that the shortest way isn t always the best.The one thing I didn t like w [...]

  • Chris Grabenstein s Mr Lemoncello s Great Library Race is an amazing addition to the realistic fiction series, Mr Lemoncello This third installment dives back into the world of Kyle Keeley, a thirteen year old boy who loves all types of games, and especially Mr Lemoncello games This time, Lemoncello has made an all new Fabulous Fact Finding Frenzy game, with them travelling around the country on various vehicles one of which includes a banana jet , and a big prize if any of the contestants win B [...]

  • The great and kooky Mr Lemoncello is back with a brand new game the Fabulous Fact Finding Frenzyd this game has Kyle, his friends, other young competitors on the search for great facts about some great historical figures This time though, the game takes Kyle and the other contestants outside of the awesome Mr Lemoncello s Library and across town and even across the country The kids use bookmobiles, old timey bicycles, and even a banana jet to find their facts and hopefully win the amazing grand [...]

  • But sometimes knowing how to find the answers and what questions to ask are important than the answers themselves The 3rd installment of Mr Grabenstein s Mr Lemoncello series is just as superdifferousness as his first two In this book Kyle Keeley and friends have to do research to uncover the truth I love the way Mr Grabenstein weaves his puzzle filled stories Library board members kids from previous books are playing the Great Library Race before the library big gala, where Mr Lemoncello will [...]

  • No doubt it would be hard to argue that anyone is doing a better job of making libraries and research seem cool than author Chris Grabenstein with his Lemoncello series The bibliophiles among us already knew that and can smugly remind ourselves that we loved both of them before they were on anyone else s radar In this installment, the young gamers are back, and their favorite game maker, the inimitable Mr Luigi Lemoncello, is at it again, coming up with a contest that requires competitors to do [...]

  • Grade 3 and up excellent third book in the Mr Lemoncello series I am so impressed and grateful that author Chris Grabenstein can consistently make libraries, reading, and in this case the research process thrilling and fun for young readers In this entry, teams of kids compete in an elimination style race around the country to research several historical holograms Mr Lemoncello is debuting at his library While a theme of the previous Lemoncello book was intellectual freedom, here the emphasis is [...]

  • A fantastic addition to the Mr Lemoncello series I felt like there weren t as many riddles in this one to solve, which I missed, but I like the quest for truth in research Accepting information without doing research is a huge problem these days, and kids who read this will definitely learn some of the better ways to dig into the facts than just googling I would have liked a bit drama, but it s a kid sbook, so I get why everything happens relatively simply Still, one of my favorite kids series [...]

  • Kyle has made it onto the Lemoncello Library Board of Trustees Luigi Lemoncello, the famous gamemaker, has rivals, though While his games are fun, inventive, and original, his competitors, the Krinkle brothers, have boring games that they stole from Mr Lemoncello No wonder the Krinkle bros always feel left in the dust However, they use not nice methods to make sure Lemoncello s games go out of business Can Kyle help save his idol Or will he believe the Krinkle s lies I thought this book was okay [...]

  • Still engaging and enjoyable as the previous books, even though now the idea is no longer very fresh and new The formula is pretty much the same with the other books in the series library, books, games, race, competitions, puzzles, mysteries and villains But somehow Grabenstein can still cook the story into something special As usual I especially love the reference of so many books, mostly children s books, in this story Lemoncello s character is sometimes too bizarre and corny, and Kyle always [...]

  • This started off as an okay third book about Kyle and friends once again competing in games at Mr Lemocello s library However, about halfway through the book, the contest took a really interesting turn and started looking at timely problems such as fake news and unreliable websites Done in a very age appropriate way for readers of this series, this will hopefully help children become questioners and not just consumers of the media around them It is not heavy handed or didactic, but does a great [...]

  • A fabulous series that is a definite win on the middle school front Kyle continues to be the main character narrator, and he continues to be interested in games particularly winning games than boring activities like homework and school projects, but this time there is a twist The fabulous games in his hero s library are based on fact finding, and Kyle learns the hard way not to jump to conclusions or rely on short cuts His new found skills are put to the test as shady behavior of one sort or a [...]

  • Another great Lemoncello book Kyle and friends get to participate in a trustee only competition for the first new Lemoncello game off the line and a chance to tour libraries in the US to show off Mr Lemoncello s newest game technology.The competition gets sidetracked, however, when a strange boardgame shows up at the library, hinting that Mr Lemoncello might not be as great and wondiferous of a man as everyone thinks he is.Kyle and his friends have to team up and use the research techniques they [...]

  • This was another great instalment to a great series While this book didn t captivate me quite as much as the others, it had so many important lessons in it, such as, don t trust one source, don t trust everything that is on the internet as fact, if you don t succeed one way try another It also dealt with intellectual theft All of these are some pretty heavy topics but Grabenstein tackles them in a fun way full of adventure and mayhem.A great read for anyone who likes books, research and the ridi [...]

  • Quality writing Exciting stuff for this library loving reader Thanks Mr Grabenstein for giving me another ride in Mr Lemoncello s world, learning about history and searching for the truth.He does such an excellent job getting young readers to read , learn and research Even old folks like me enjoy every word Mr Lemoncello has a new game and historic feature in his library And you know there has to be a race involved to test reader s skills This one involves jets, bookmobiles, puzzles and holog [...]

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