Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary

Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary In this highly praised award winning biography Walter Dean Myers portrays Malcolm X as prophet dealer convict troublemaker revolutionary and voice of black militancy
  • Title: Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary
  • Author: Walter Dean Myers
  • ISBN: 9780590662215
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary
    In this highly praised, award winning biography, Walter Dean Myers portrays Malcolm X as prophet, dealer, convict, troublemaker, revolutionary, and voice of black militancy.
    Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary By Walter Dean Myers,
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    pseudonyms Stacie WilliamsStacie JohnsonWalter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia but moved to Harlem with his foster parents at age three He was brought up and went to public school there He attended Stuyvesant High School until the age of seventeen when he joined the army.After serving four years in the army, he worked at various jobs and earned a BA from Empire State College He has been writing full time since 1977.Walter Dean MyersWalter has been writing since childhood and publishing since 1969 when he won the Council on Interracial Books for Children contest which resulted in the publication of his first book for children, Where Does the Day Go , by Parent s Magazine Press Since then he has published over seventy books for children and young adults He has received many awards for his work in this field including the Coretta Scott King Award, five times Two of his books were awarded Newbery Honors He has been awarded the Margaret A Edwards Award and the Virginia Hamilton Award For one of his books, Monster, he has received the first Michael Printz Award for Young Adult literature awarded by the American Library Association Monster and Autobiography of My Dead Brother were selected as National Book Award Finalists.In addition to the publication of his books, Walter has contributed to educational and literary publications He has visited schools to speak to children, teachers, librarians, and parents For three years he led a writing workshop for children in a school in Jersey City, New Jersey.Walter Dean Myers was married, had three grown children and lived in Jersey City, New Jersey He died on July 1, 2014, following a brief illness He was 76 years old.


  • This book fascinated me I had not read much about Malcolm X before I am impressed by his intelligence and passion I found it so sad that his teacher crushed his dreams When he was about 13 his teacher told him he would not be able to become a lawyer because he was black That is one of the saddest things to read about That moment changed his life He realized that the world was not fair and that people treat him differently because of his skin I am sure he understood that before, but it seemed lik [...]

  • Malcolm X book reviewWalter Dean Myers s , Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary , is an autobiography of Malcolm s life This book depicts Malcolm s convictions, ambitions, transformations, growth, and views as he ages into a complete person He explains how Malcolm s home life was and the racial barriers that he delt with It shows his actions in the community and how he demonstrated his beliefs and ideas to his people The authors purpose in writing this book was to relay information and to motivate y [...]

  • looking at Malcolm s life, we see a blending of the four Malcolms into one dynamic personality that is distinctively American in its character This book was my first intimate introduction to El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz I purchased it at a book fair in the sixth grade and it was how I learned,in depth about him This book was written by the great YA novelist of the 1980s and 1990s, Walter Dean Myers Because Myers generally wrote for younger audiences, he was perfect for taking the dynamic and complic [...]

  • Excellent, excellent book Wow This book went through Malcolm X s life and delved into his beliefs, the times, other major figures, and managed to do it in a way that presented a nuanced, thorough, and introspective account of this complicated man s life It is for children, but it does not shy away from difficult topics Rather, it approaches them in the quiet, rational feeling way that some adult books seem to have forgotten how to do I feel like every time I read an opinion piece, especially abo [...]

  • Myers offers a biography of Malcolm X that presents the same information Malcolm himself spoke of in his autobiography but in a accessible and conversational style Perfect for young readers wanting to learn about Civil Rights and the various important figures in the movement than schools teach.

  • I loved this book, not only due to the fact that I agree with what Malcolm was fighting for, but also because of his transformation from simple begging to becoming a world known political image I do not agree, though, in how he wanted to completely break off from the white people but, later, I do agree with his balanced approach to all people working together I thought this book was a great read and also a great learning experience.Malcolm X by Any Means Necessary, is a book that shows the rise [...]

  • Life stories can go badly, or go well, depending on who is telling it When you read Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary, you will get an OK description of his life The book is not bad, nor is it great, it s just ok Directly in the middle Overall, the book gives you great information , wonderful details on the events in his life Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary biography had many strengths Such as, the way it flowed and was sequenced It was sequenced from his childhood to his adulthood, where he was [...]

  • Personal ResponseThe book Malcolm X, By Any Means Necessary was a great book written by Walter Dean Myers The author did a great job on this book, because it has good history and talked about a man that lived during the time This book was very informational on how America was in the 1930 s, 1940 s, and 1950 s It was a cruel place for African Americans I hope you like this book as much as I did It was a very good, informational book and interesting to read.Plot The book dealt with the time that r [...]

  • Malcolm X The book Malcolm X was very adventurous and drumatic Malcolm x was jumping around from place to place before he found his place in the Life of The Nation of Islam Malcolm as a young man lost his father at a young age In a segregated killing by a group of white men , Because they had a Biracial family So a lot of people targeted his family because around the Mid sixties white really didn t like blacks and whites together But after Malcolm lost his father that s when the tables turned on [...]

  • I like Myers writing style and the subject of the bio, and I wasn t disappointed However, i thought it was likely too difficult for many of my ELLS to access, so not likely it will get a lot of play in my room.

  • Eugene DixonThis book was about the life of Malcolm X The book is about Malcolm X stand up for his rights showing that he can be a leader there was a way out segregation he became a powerful leader and an inspiration Malcolm was a red headed kid that live in Nebraska Malcolm had to deal with a lot of stuff as a kid His father s death, his mother being in a Psy Ward, and him having to live in a foster home Also Malcolm wanted to become a lawyer, his teacher told him a Negro couldn t a lawyer When [...]

  • The book im reviewing is called Malcolm X by any means necessary A biography by Walter Dean myers.The theme of this book is Malcolm changing his perception on racism The focus of this is on a huge influencial person in the african american community and his name is Malcolm X.The y followed his life and accomplishments that he achieved He was born in Ohama nebraska where rasicm and violence was all around his family decided to move to michigan for a better life but that still wasnt the answer In [...]

  • The book Malcolm X by any means necessary was written by New Yorks times bestselling and critically acclaimed Walter Dean Myers The biography of the one and only civil rights activist to tell his entire life span through the eyes of another from when he was young being tooken away from his mother after his father died being put into foster homes till he got grew up became Malcolm x and got killed The purpose of writing this book was to portray Malcolm X was very self educated he was a prophet , [...]

  • This is a decent biographyr young readers Malcolm X had a pretty rough life, and while his drug use and dealing is discussed, as is the fact that he was a burglar there isn t much real talk about the horrible conditions and lack of opportunity Malcolm had in his early years, or much about the violence he preached in his middle years He is a super controversial character, and part of his appeal to so many inner city black men is he had lived their existence and had served prison time for his crim [...]

  • Grade Interest Level Middle School Lexile Level 1050 LGenre BiographyMain Characters Malcolm XSetting POV Third Person This book is a biography of the life of Malcolm X Walter Dean Myers has broken up the book into four sections which are his childhood his adolescence his period of working under Elijah Mohammad and his life after breaking with the Nation of Islam It provides a short but insightful account of Malcom s life This book can be used as a reference for a study on leaders or the civil r [...]

  • Malcolm X s pivotal impact on the civil rights movement of the 60s was the result of his distinctive, dramatic approach It was Malcolm s anger, his biting wit, his dedication, that put the hard edge on the movement, that provided the other side of the sword, not the handle of acceptance and nonviolence, but the blade Appropriately, it is with incisive, precise prose that the author chronicles the labyrinthine path of Malcolm s life, from his 1925 birth in Omaha to his assassination in Harlem 40 [...]

  • Malcolm X by Walter Dean Myers is a biography covering the life of civil rights leader Malcolm X The book certainly clarifies how Malcolm X developed his by any means necessary attitude His father was killed, his mother lost her mind, his house was burned down, and he spent some time in jail It was in jail that he was introduced to the Nation of Islam with which he later became disillusioned The information contained on the pages is very good, but a bias warning is warranted In one part of the b [...]

  • Couldn t find an unabridged version of Malcolm X s autobiography, but this was a good alternative The book provided a solid introduction to Malcolm s backstory, how he got introduced to the Muslim faith, and his work towards African American liberation Through Malcolm s experience, he became a larger than life figure However, he grew up a somewhat normal childhood, where he just wanted to be a lawyer and an upstanding American Society saw that his dreams were crushed, his father killed, his moth [...]

  • Awesome book, got it for a steal for 50 cent brand new at my school library So happy I got it Didnt expect it to be so good and so detailed Malcolm X was truly inspiring Never knew of so much work he did I like that the chapters aren t to long Also got a helpful chart at the back and a chapter dedicated to the summary of the book in less detail of course This would be my first biography I would recommend

  • After reading X by Ilyasah Shabazz, I wanted to get a little insight into the life of Malcolm X Considering this book is written for children , it contains a great deal of comprehensive and significant information not only about Malcolm X but also about other key political and civil rights people and issues that took place during Malcolm X s lifetime.This book is definitely a great introduction or starting point for further research on Malcolm X.

  • I was already familiar with Malcolm X since I read books on him as a kid But I felt compelled to refreshen my history This is a good introduction book to those who want to learn about him and the autobiography one with Alex Haley is a deeper dive that is also worth a read.

  • I ve never known much about Malcom X The autobiography wasn t available at the library, so I started with this I think it s a good introduction and synopsis, but I ll definitely be looking for in depth material would recommend.

  • I mistook this for the classic by Alex Haley which I read subsequently This is written for young adults, but does a good job of telling Malcolm s story And the additional explanation for those who don t remember the 60s didn t hurt, in fact it took me back to that era.

  • 3.6 stars I would have liked to give this biography a full five stars for how important Malcolm X is and how remarkable his life was, but it is a bit short I would have liked details and about the effect Malcolm s deeds had after his death.

  • This was good A nice succinct overview of some very deep involved topics I think it s a good introduction, but would definitely like to read about him.

  • Sunday, May 10, 2015As Barack Obama said, Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time We are the ones we ve been waiting for We are the change that we seek In the biography, Malcolm X by Walter Dean Myers shows what made Malcolm what he is known for Initially, Malcolm went through several events in his life that made him what he is known for including the fact that of course African Americans were segregated Malcolm s sad and bad events in his life made him change to [...]

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