The House of Souls

The House of Souls Four of Machen s classic novellas A Fragment of Life The White People The Great God Pan and The Inmost Light collected in one volume
  • Title: The House of Souls
  • Author: Arthur Machen
  • ISBN: 9781417981052
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • The House of Souls
    Four of Machen s classic novellas A Fragment of Life, The White People, The Great God Pan, and The Inmost Light collected in one volume.
    The House of Souls By Arthur Machen,
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      128 Arthur Machen
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    Arthur Machen was a leading Welsh author of the 1890s He is best known for his influential supernatural, fantasy, and horror fiction His long story The Great God Pan made him famous and controversial in his lifetime, but The Hill of Dreams is generally considered his masterpiece He also is well known for his leading role in creating the legend of the Angels of Mons.At the age of eleven, Machen boarded at Hereford Cathedral School, where he received an excellent classical education Family poverty ruled out attendance at university, and Machen was sent to London, where he sat exams to attend medical school but failed to get in Machen, however, showed literary promise, publishing in 1881 a long poem Eleusinia on the subject of the Eleusinian Mysteries Returning to London, he lived in relative poverty, attempting to work as a journalist, as a publisher s clerk, and as a children s tutor while writing in the evening and going on long rambling walks across London.In 1884 he published his second work, the pastiche The Anatomy of Tobacco, and secured work with the publisher and bookseller George Redway as a cataloguer and magazine editor This led to further work as a translator from French, translating the Heptameron of Marguerite de Navarre, Le Moyen de Parvenir Fantastic Tales of B roalde de Verville, and the Memoirs of Casanova Machen s translations in a spirited English style became standard ones for many years.Around 1890 Machen began to publish in literary magazines, writing stories influenced by the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, some of which used gothic or fantastic themes This led to his first major success, The Great God Pan It was published in 1894 by John Lane in the noted Keynotes Series, which was part of the growing aesthetic movement of the time Machen s story was widely denounced for its sexual and horrific content and subsequently sold well, going into a second edition.Machen next produced The Three Impostors, a novel composed of a number of interwoven tales, in 1895 The novel and the stories within it were eventually to be regarded as among Machen s best works However, following the scandal surrounding Oscar Wilde later that year, Machen s association with works of decadent horror made it difficult for him to find a publisher for new works Thus, though he would write some of his greatest works over the next few years, some were published much later These included The Hill of Dreams, Hieroglyphics, A Fragment of Life, the story The White People , and the stories which make up Ornaments in Jade.


  • A lot of how one feels about a book and what one thinks about a book goes back to taste I have stated elsewhere that I like H.P Lovecraft Machen is considered an influence on and a precursor of Lovecraft I was already familiar slightly with The White People and The Great God Pan before finding this volume I was never really taken with Machen, but picked this up from the library as part of a reading group here.The largest part of the book is taken up with or by the first novella A Fragment of Lif [...]

  • I had been wanting to check out Arthur Machen s 1906 collection of short stories, entitled The House of Souls, for quite some time ever since I had read two highly laudatory pieces written about this work and its author The first was H.P Lovecraft s comments in his widely referred to essay Supernatural Horror in Literature, in which he claims Of living creators of cosmic fear raised to its most artistic pitch, few if any can hope to equal the versatile Arthur Machen And, in Jones Newman s excell [...]

  • Life changing for me in its anti materialist perspective The Great God Pan and The White People are classics of the horror genre, but I will also single out for praise the non horror story A Fragment of Life, which is awe inspiring.Machen wrote a substantial amount of lesser material, but The House of Souls is one of his six or so essential books along with The Hill of Dreams, Ornaments in Jade, The Three Impostors, The Secret Glory and Far Off Things Uniquely powerful literature from a veritabl [...]

  • Amazing book The stories stayed with me for days, especially The Inmost Light and The White People The voice of the young girl from the latter story was masterfully crafted, and her haunting exploration of dark, ancient ceremonies left a real mark on me Highly recommended for fans of the macabre.

  • A must for fans of classic horror.A little hard to follow at times with the changing characters but worth the effort I recommend this to writers of the horror genre as a staple in their pursuit of mastering the darker side of fiction.

  • I can see why Lovecraft would rate Machen s work so highly these four stories are marked by a constant foreboding dread of the unknown and occult The Great God Pan and The Inmost Light are standouts.

  • An absolutely astounding find Machen s tales have lost not a bit of their original horror their delicate and subtle crafting makes them a singular delight to read and add greatly to the suspense and fright Devilishly thrilling

  • I enjoyed the writing style and language, but the lack absence of plot and structure in the stories was difficult to get around.

  • You can get this on kindle very cheaply, since it s in the public domain in some parts of the world After reading The great god Pan I d hoped some of Machen s other stories would be as good I was sadly mistaken They re all just a bit too weird, and although the characters are likeable and I can identify with them, and what happens to them is cool, the plot is waaay too convoluted Just one quote for you since it took me so long to read I ve lost later ones This should illustrate the good and the [...]

  • The House of Souls is the collection of Machen short stories that I promised myself I would try to read after recently plowing through a compilation of his grail studies and newspaper columns called The Glorious Mystery The ecclesiastical debates that dominated that book bored me, but the force and character of the writer shone through enough for me to want to give his fiction a go.The first story here is a pretty effective summation of the worldview that emerged from those newspaper articles a [...]

  • Se Lovecraft parla di profondi vuoti celesti , oscure zone d ombra , creature che si nascondono nelle profondit abissali, in altri universi, su pianeti senza nome e senza luce, Machen attinge a piene mani dal folklore celtico e pagano, e parla di fate, stregonerie, esperimenti per alterare la visione della realt.The House of Souls raccoglie il meglio di Machen, pare se non altro i racconti pi famosi A Fragment of Life, The White People, The Great God Pan e The Inmost Light.Come Lovecraft anche M [...]

  • This is my introduction to Arthur Machen s work I have to admit that I knew very little about the writer and his work with the exception that he was one of Lovecraft s influences, and that s usually enough to get my attention I have read several of Lovecraft s 19th century influences, and have to say, that most of those writers take some time getting used to as far as their prose style is concerned and Machen was no different Machen s prose like Lovecraft s, actually, is over descriptive and rel [...]

  • I already reread The Great God Pan as a separate volume, so this is just about A Fragment of Life, The White People and The Inmost Light I personally loved The White People and would recommend it to anyone The other ones, not so much His use of language is dreamy as always, butThe Inmost Light is a fairly okay story I suppose, but it s basically the same thing as the Great God Pan but with a much less effective feeling of horror Spoiler both stories are basically about men using women as objects [...]

  • Meh I think I got this on my Kindle after reading the HP Lovecraft compendium and seeing this recommended, but I didn t really like it It had potential, but he was way too vague about the horror if you got annoyed when Lovecraft copped out and just said it was unspeakably terrible and I couldn t possibly describe it to you, don t read this Also, it really made me notice how most authors don t throw in lots of extraneous detail and dialogue that are totally unnecessary to the story, so that s a b [...]

  • Made it through A Fragment of Life and The White People and just couldn t do it any The writing style itself wasn t too bad and the stories were decently interesting However, the writing was the best I can guess was that Machen would sit down high on opium during random parts of the story If you have that elder relative who starts a story by talking about the dog, and it ends with a diatribe on the politics of South Africa, and you re not really sure how any points in the story joined together, [...]

  • It was difficult to decide how many stars to give this book It is a collection of four short works, but of varying quality The Great God Pan is outstanding The Inmost Light is enjoyable also I liked The White People, but it was a little longer than it needed to be A Fragment of Life had to be one of the slowest moving, most boring, purposeless short works I have ever read If I had read this one first, I might not have continued the book Overall I enjoyed The House of Souls and will read some of [...]

  • So I d read two of these stories previously the ones I m reviewing here are A Fragment of Life, and The White People The first is a conscious attempt, mostly successful, at bringing the otherworldly the Ecstatic out of thoroughly domestic details There was less of the overtly grim or terrible, and of the dreamy prose reminiscent of The Hill of Dreams I happened to love The White People, which has still of Machen s beloved Ecstasy, in the diary of a girl s wanderings, in borderline black magic [...]

  • The White People poorly written piece that was salvaged by adding a new intro and epilogue at a later date possibly hated it.The Great God Pan just because you like HP Lovecraft does not mean you will like this guy, who was pretty much on the weird fiction junior squad this one was organized pretty bizarrely and not very atmospheric chilling not sure if i m going to further explore this author not worth the time.

  • Boring, boring boring, extremely boring And this is coming from someone who had to write down minutes of a meeting before he read this drivel And the writing of minutes was better than the reading of this obscure, bland mess.The Great God Pan was the only good story I had read that before, though, so it didn t matter after I sloughed through the other crap preceding that story in this compendium A waste of time.

  • I can appreciate a slow, plodding tale of weird horror and macabre happenings, but the first two works in this book have shown me that Machen will not move me enough to justify further reading He is no Poe or even Lovecraft I appreciate intellectually what he s doing, but he s not as skilled a writer as others.

  • Leuk om gelezen te hebben, gezien het een van de belangrijkste inspiratiebronnen was voor H.P Lovecraft Ik weet alleen niet of het gevoel van wat moet ik met dit verhaal heb ik iets gemist positief of negatief moet uitleggen Aparte sfeer, maar verhalen zitten niet altijd goed in elkaar.

  • Classic Gothic horror existed beyond Stoker and even Lovecraft Machen may be a bit dry in spots but The Great God Pan is truly the reason to own this For a glimpse of what horror used to look like you can t go wrong with this collection and it s free as a Kindle ebook

  • Classic tales of horror from Machen, including The Great God Pan In the public domain, with a free electronic copy available here.

  • Closer to 2.5 stars Four stories, two of which especially The Great God Pan are quite interesting The first two are immensely yawn inducing well written work which on almost every page leaves one thinking, So But Pan is very fine indeed.

  • A collection of short stories, with rather mixed results A couple never really got going, but I enjoyed The Great God Pan, it built in a creepy fashion, and there was a greater degree of tension in this story.Its reminiscent of Lovecraft, but without being as punchy and sharp.

  • Speechless, awesome, I can t think straight Once again Arthur Machen just BLEW MY MIND WOW READ IT Horror and thriller fans Trust me.

  • Thick has a faint pervasive super naturalism working for it Could ve been my expectations trying to attain some form of redemption hmm

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