Tales of Horror and the Supernatural

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural The Best of Arthur Machen s short stories The Novel of the Black Seal The Novel of the White Powder The Great God Pan The White People The Inmost Light The Shining Pyramid The Bowmen The Great
  • Title: Tales of Horror and the Supernatural
  • Author: Arthur Machen Roger Dobson
  • ISBN: 9781872621258
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tales of Horror and the Supernatural
    The Best of Arthur Machen s short stories The Novel of the Black Seal, The Novel of the White Powder, The Great God Pan, The White People, The Inmost Light, The Shining Pyramid, The Bowmen, The Great Return, The Happy Children, Out of the Earth, N, The Children of the Pool, The Terror.
    Tales of Horror and the Supernatural By Arthur Machen Roger Dobson,

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    • Tales of Horror and the Supernatural Best Read || [Arthur Machen Roger Dobson]
      386 Arthur Machen Roger Dobson

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  • Arthur Machen Roger Dobson

    Arthur Machen was a leading Welsh author of the 1890s He is best known for his influential supernatural, fantasy, and horror fiction His long story The Great God Pan made him famous and controversial in his lifetime, but The Hill of Dreams is generally considered his masterpiece He also is well known for his leading role in creating the legend of the Angels of Mons.At the age of eleven, Machen boarded at Hereford Cathedral School, where he received an excellent classical education Family poverty ruled out attendance at university, and Machen was sent to London, where he sat exams to attend medical school but failed to get in Machen, however, showed literary promise, publishing in 1881 a long poem Eleusinia on the subject of the Eleusinian Mysteries Returning to London, he lived in relative poverty, attempting to work as a journalist, as a publisher s clerk, and as a children s tutor while writing in the evening and going on long rambling walks across London.In 1884 he published his second work, the pastiche The Anatomy of Tobacco, and secured work with the publisher and bookseller George Redway as a cataloguer and magazine editor This led to further work as a translator from French, translating the Heptameron of Marguerite de Navarre, Le Moyen de Parvenir Fantastic Tales of B roalde de Verville, and the Memoirs of Casanova Machen s translations in a spirited English style became standard ones for many years.Around 1890 Machen began to publish in literary magazines, writing stories influenced by the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, some of which used gothic or fantastic themes This led to his first major success, The Great God Pan It was published in 1894 by John Lane in the noted Keynotes Series, which was part of the growing aesthetic movement of the time Machen s story was widely denounced for its sexual and horrific content and subsequently sold well, going into a second edition.Machen next produced The Three Impostors, a novel composed of a number of interwoven tales, in 1895 The novel and the stories within it were eventually to be regarded as among Machen s best works However, following the scandal surrounding Oscar Wilde later that year, Machen s association with works of decadent horror made it difficult for him to find a publisher for new works Thus, though he would write some of his greatest works over the next few years, some were published much later These included The Hill of Dreams, Hieroglyphics, A Fragment of Life, the story The White People , and the stories which make up Ornaments in Jade.


  • What can you say about a collection of some of the best stories by a Master of the uncanny story And a beautiful book beautifully produced by Tartarus Press It s fat and has one of those little ribbon thingys in it Nuff said.One criticism I did have is it presented the Novel of the White Powder and the Novel of the Black Seal outside of The Three Impostors framework I know this happened with Machen s approval even during his life, but I always get the feeling the stories all ring as uncanny and [...]

  • This Tartarus hardback of Machen grotesqueries and faery stories outshines the widely available Penguin paperback The White People and Other Weird Stories in its purpose as a Machen starter kit for modern audiences new to his writing Included in its first half are the core six of Arthur Machen s 1890s horror stories Novel of the Black Seal, Novel of the White Powder, The Great God Pan preposterously missing from the Penguin book , The White People, The Inmost Light and The Shining Pyramid also [...]

  • A fantastic collection of stories by classic horror author Arthur Machen Perhaps my favorite aspect of Machen s work is his ability to create an atmosphere of mysticism through his emphasis on nature, folklore, religion, and the occult No where is this apparent than in his masterpiece The White People Through the diary of a young girl, you are thrown into a world of weird and strange things that you hardly understand, you struggle to guess their meaning, and you just can t shake the feeling tha [...]

  • One of the great grandfathers of the written horror story Still gives me the creeps Particularily interested in the terror hidden by nature s beauty.

  • I read all of Arthur Machen s stories back in high school which was several years ago I thought they were very interesting at the time, although some were actually a bit boring It seems to me that Machen s stories are generally not so much about plot and dialogue as they are about themes and atmosphere His writing is generally very atmospheric and has strong mystical elements, and that s something I often enjoy reading You ll get a good deal of exposure to old fashioned life in England as well a [...]

  • I read this because I kept hearing his name mentioned along with M.R James and Algernon Blackwood both of whose work I like and because Stephen King gushed all over The Great God Pan I liked the latter It was one of the better one s in this collection The rest are lame I gave up on several stories The Return, the White People because they bored me to tears And, no, it wasn t just the language It was the pacing, which differs so dramatically from James s and Blackwood s stories He takes so LOOOOO [...]

  • I decided to give up on this I got the book mainly for the story The Great God Pan that was referenced in Stephen King s Just After Sunset I read that story plus 2 others, and am calling it good Don t know if I d recommend this, because it s a very specific kind of book, and it takes a LOT of patience to weed through the rather opaque prose I d definitely recommend the Pan story, though That one was pretty good.

  • Would have given this one four stars, but the later chronologically speaking stories just weren t as good as the earlier ones.

  • Good creepy stories from the 1890s 1920s He was undoubtedly an influence on Lovecraft, and some of the stories put me in mind of the Bram Stoker non Dracula horror stories.

  • superb reading, not gore but authentic supernatural, sort of old fashioned tales, great ambiance on the writing, Arthur Machen is a genius, I highly recommend this book

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