A Picture Book of Helen Keller

A Picture Book of Helen Keller A brief biography of the woman who overcame her handicaps of being both blind and deaf
  • Title: A Picture Book of Helen Keller
  • Author: David A. Adler John Wallner Alexandra Wallner
  • ISBN: 9780823409501
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Picture Book of Helen Keller
    A brief biography of the woman who overcame her handicaps of being both blind and deaf.
    A Picture Book of Helen Keller By David A. Adler John Wallner Alexandra Wallner,
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      194 David A. Adler John Wallner Alexandra Wallner
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  • David A. Adler John Wallner Alexandra Wallner

    Adler was born in New York City, New York He graduated from Queens College in 1968 with a bachelor s degree in economics and education For the next nine years, he worked as a mathematics teacher for the New York City Board of Education, while taking classes towards a master s degree in marketing, a degree he was awarded by New York University in 1971 In that same year, a question from his then three year old nephew inspired Adler to write his first story, A Little at a Time, subsequently published by Random House in 1976 Adler s next project, a series of math books, drew on his experience as a math teacher In 1977, he created his most famous character, Cam Jansen, originally featured in Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds, which was published that year.Adler married psychologist Renee Hamada in 1973, and their first child, Michael, was born in 1977 By that time Adler had taken a break from teaching and, while his wife continued her work, he stayed home, took care of Michael, and began a full time writing career.Adler s son, Michael S Adler, is now the co author of several books with his father, including A Picture Book of Sam Adams, A Picture Book of John Hancock, and A Picture Book of James and Dolly Madison Another son, Edward, was the inspiration for Adler s Andy Russell series, with the events described in the series loosely based on adventures the Adler family had with Edward s enthusiasm and his pets.As of November 2008, Adler has three sons and two grandsons He lives in Woodmere, New York.Information taken from enpedia wiki David_A.


  • Alyssa MorresPicture bookThis is a great book that illustrates the life of Helen Keller and how she overcame obstacles in her life in order to achieve a normal everyday life I find these young adult pictures book interesting in that they take a topic such as someones life and make it so it s easy to understand through the pictures they paint.

  • 1 Genre Junior Book Biography2 Summary Helen Keller was a normal little girl born to loving parents After falling ill when she was not quite two years old, Helen lost both her ability to see and hear She struggled through childhood with obstacles of anger, frustration, and loneliness, until she met her tutor Anne Sullivan Helen Keller overcame and superseded all obstacles placed in front of her, becoming a true role model and innovator for the deaf and blind communities 3 Critique a One of the g [...]

  • David A Adler has written a very informative biography about Helen Keller Although the book includes many interesting and useful tidbits about Helen, Adler does so in an engaging way and does not bog down the reader with too much dry information This book is especially suitable for readers who have little to no prior knowledge about Helen Keller The book is easy to follow and chronicles her life from birth until her death.The illustrations in the book are colorful and will attract the attention [...]

  • 1 Genre Biography Junior book 2 Summary This inspirational book is a very concise book on Helen Keller s life story The book is filled with many visual images that help show what certain parts of Helen Keller s life was like 3 Critique a Plot b This novel gives readers a complete picture on what Helen Keller s life was like, with vivid descriptions and visuals on almost every page This book brings into reality the challenges and struggles there are in life, especially when a disability, such as [...]

  • This is a biography of Helen Keller s life The book covers the basics of Helen s life and her contributions to society The text is simplistic and easy to understand making it an excellent resource to use with younger readers.Themes Overcoming extreme adversity, courage, perseverance, disabilities, friendshipPublication 1990Classroom uses As a teacher of the blind and visually impaired, I would use this in a cultural diversity lesson After reading the book, I would ask students what things they t [...]

  • Summary This brief biography summarizes and highlights the life of one of the strongest women in our nation s history, Helen Keller The book shows how regardless of being deaf and blind, Helen still went on to live a successful and fulfilling life that inspired millions around the word Overall, this is a great book for young readers who are anxious to be introduced to a chapter picture book and learn interesting people in history.Author David A AdlerIllustrations by John WallnerAudience K 2ndGen [...]

  • A Picture Book of Helen Keller is a great book for young children It accurately describes the life of Helen Keller and the obstacles that she faced throughout her life This book has hand drawn pictures that match the text which would be beneficial to young children Overall, I would recommend this book because children get the chance to learn about an important person in history I would recommend this to an elementary age student wanting to learn about history.This book is classified as a biogra [...]

  • A Picture Book of Helen introduces young readers to Helen Keller and how she went through life blind and deaf This book shows readers how Keller learned to communicate and her typical struggles through her daily life The book mainly focuses on her younger life and her early frustrations with her disabilities She is slightly depicted as a frustrated, angry, and maybe even spoiled child Eventually is shows readers how she finally reached her potential I enjoyed this book a lot, even as a young adu [...]

  • This book is about a girl by the name of Helen Keller When she was little she suffered from an illness that left her blind and deaf As a child Helen struggled with obstacles of anger, frustration, and loneliness Once her teacher Anne Sullivan started working with her Helen was able to conquer some of these obstacles Anne helped her in so many ways and was really a role model for Helen This book is great for students who don t know much about who Helen Keller was It does not go into a lot of deta [...]

  • This is a biography based on Helen Keller It begins with a brief background of the sickness Helen had when she was only six months old This is the sickness that left Helen Keller blind and deaf This is a great biography, I was intrigued and walked away knowing about Helen Keller than I did when I started I can only imagine what the students in my class will learn I would use this biography as a way to boost my classes self esteem Helen Keller struggled in her life but made it even without her h [...]

  • I thought this was a delightful biography about Helen Keller written for an audience K 2 The illustrations are very detailed and very colorful The author does a nice job explaining the highlights of her life as well as explaining how Helen often felt as a child The author provides information about Helen s frustrations and shares information about her mischievous behavior as a child We learn how she found her teacher Anne Sullivan and other successes in her life.I think this story can be used in [...]

  • A Picture Book of Helen Keller is a very good and insightful book for young children to read It allows children to have an insight into the life of Helen Keller from when she was born through the time that she got sick and became both blind and deaf and all the struggles she had to face with having a disability while growing up into her adult life It is also a very inspirational book for young readers The pictures within the book illustrated by John and Alexandra Wallner are also very captivatin [...]

  • This is a biography about Helen Keller The book leads you through her life, from being an angry child, to slowly learning how to read and understand words, to graduating college and becoming famous This would be a good book for kids because it goes through her life with pictures and in a simple way so that they can understand the struggles of handicapped people and understand her life a little better This could lead to a class discussion about the handicapped and what would be different or hard [...]

  • Genre Biography Copyright 1990One of four picture books all by the same author David Adler that I recently recieved from a family friend She was a teacher for 20 years and said that her students loved these They are very simple books to read and gives the begining reader a very good start to reading books to gain information I teach students that we read books for many reasons My daughter and I read this one together because she had done a project back in 2nd grade on Helen Keller Great set of b [...]

  • An early reader biography for elementary age students K 3 David Adler did a nice job of describing the challenges and frustrations that young Helen Keller went through and the hope Anne Sullivan, her teacher, brought into her life Keller was such an amazing woman who inspired so many disabled people to realize their life can have meaning and quality Her story will continue to be inspirational to many, even those who have much smaller hurdles to overcome in life.

  • This book does a nice job of providing both facts and some insight into her personality There s about a paragraph of text on each page I read this with kids ranging 4 11 in age They were all interested, but the younger ones were quite intrigued There have been many discussions about braille and would you rather lose your sight or your hearing and what are our senses etc since the book, not to mention many requests to reread it.

  • This is an amazing story about Helen Keller The book tells about the life of Helen from when she was an infant to her death The book is very informal and great I didn t know so much about her The book is for 3rd through 8th grade This book is an easy read I would use it for and student that is in a higher grade level and is not up to speed with reading skills I would read this to all ages though.

  • A wonderful introduction to the life, struggles, and triumphs of Helen Keller Written in a clean, easy to grasp style, this is a great book to pick up at the library and read to your kids Every child should know the name of Helen Keller.I was less pleased with the art, especially the depiction of the people throughout the book The colors seem over saturated and I found myself drawn to the text than to the paintings

  • This book was easy to read It focused on the life of Helen Keller as a child until death It could be a useful tool for children to see that even seemingly big set backs can be overcome with determination A version of a trust game could be used to let the children experience what life could have been like for Helen Keller One child can lead another child that has their eyes closed or blind folded to help the children understand some things that Heller Keller had to overcome.

  • I enjoyed the biography on Hellen Keller Hellen Keller was an inspirational leader She couldn t see or hear Yet she was able to read and speak eventually This is a good book for young readers Their are many picutes and sentences are easy The book is broken up into chapters just to designate that her life was moving forward.

  • This is a real story of success of Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf from an illness At the very beginning of her illness, she really struggled to do everything, but after her family found a teacher for her, she became a learner Even if she had never spoken of seen the people, she learned to communicate with the people.

  • This book is a book about Helen Keller and her life of struggle overcoming her disabilities I would use this book for female historical figures as well as diversity Students will learn that diversity does not only come in skin color and ethnicity but also in people s ability.

  • This is a real explicit book to be a picture book You really can learn all that you need to learn about Helen Keller in this book I could see the love of the teacher through the illustrations This book would be good for elementary of middle schoolers.

  • This book could be used in any classroom The message of overcoming, and the knowledge of the blind and deaf that is given is great.

  • This book has very well written and has some great facts The inside flap has a small blurb on Helen The pictures are very bright and colorful Has great facts Very well written.

  • This was a biography about Helen Keller I think it could be used in a classroom to research information about her but also as an introduction to a biography project.

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