Laid Bare

Laid Bare LAID BARE is Book of this Smoldering BDSM Erotic Romance Series He is the King of SMd a much darker Dom The Grand Mistress of the Master s Society arrives to make sure Enzio can still perform as a D
  • Title: Laid Bare
  • Author: V.E. Campudoni
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Laid Bare
    LAID BARE is Book 3 of this Smoldering BDSM Erotic Romance Series He is the King of SMd a much darker Dom The Grand Mistress of the Master s Society arrives to make sure Enzio can still perform as a Dom after allowing himself to become emotionally involved with a client, as well as feeding into a stalker s obsession Daring her to doubt him, with his voice lowLAID BARE is Book 3 of this Smoldering BDSM Erotic Romance Series He is the King of SMd a much darker Dom The Grand Mistress of the Master s Society arrives to make sure Enzio can still perform as a Dom after allowing himself to become emotionally involved with a client, as well as feeding into a stalker s obsession Daring her to doubt him, with his voice low and coarse, Enzio instructs the Grand Mistress in a game he has chosen just for her, showing her a much darker Dom Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but Enzio serves it up hot very hot after learning that Lana has been abused by her boyfriend, Jayce Harrison Discovering that Jayce s father is a member of The Looking Glass, Enzio plans a very special night with the man s wife Excerpt Good evening, Mr Harrison, Enzio said, or should I call you Jasper Enzio Jasper cheerfully spoke, Are you a member of The Looking Glass as well Something like that, Enzio said with a wide smile Jasper looked around nervously Martha is here as well, but she s in one of the rooms Enzio raised an eyebrow It s something she wanted That s good to know, Enzio said, smiling, wicked thoughts swirling in his mind When Martha came downstairs, she grabbed her husband and began kissing him deeply Enzio watched as Jasper licked the insides of her mouth and around her lips, and he noticed the small thin line of semen inside her mouth Enzio looked at Martha and smiled, and she immediately recognized him She blushed, embarrassed that she was wearing only a garter belt and stockings, and whispered something to her husband Jasper spoke up, Enzio, we were wondering if you could accompany us to our house so the wife can talk to you about a donation to my campaign When Enzio arrived, Jasper attempted to set a few ground rules Enzio casually asked, What are your conditions No kissing my wife, Jasper growled Enzio smiled at him I m going to f k your wife, and I will f k her hard I will kiss her, and she will experience an orgasm that you have only fantasized about giving her He handed Jasper a digital camera, You are going to watch and you are going to record it Enzio grabbed him by the chin That isn t a request he spat Jasper s wife removed her robe, and Enzio walked behind her Sit on the bed, face the camera and spread your legs, he ordered, and she did as she was told Jasper watched as Enzio slowly undressed His body was tight and buff, and when he dropped his pants, out sprang eight thick inches of what Jasper could only dream of giving his wife Enzio smiled at Jasper and told Martha to face her husband as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, gently kissing her neck Then he picked her up and slammed her onto the bed He spread her legs and licked the insides of her thighs Enzio then looked directly at the camera lens, and with a wink and a smile he drove into her hard When Enzio finished, he took the camera from Jasper s hands and focused it on Martha s face Now kiss your wife, he ordered, but Jasper hesitated Enzio yelled, Now Jasper did as commanded, and Enzio made sure that he got a close shot of the couple kissing As they began to become intimate, Enzio turned the camera toward himself and winked He smiled as he left the room While he was walking down the corridor he saw Jayce s sister, Karen, walking into the pool house Well, I did bring all of these lovely toys Might as well put them to good use, he thought as a wicked smile came onto his face.
    Laid Bare By V.E. Campudoni,
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    V E Campudoni always has a knack for seeing things from interesting and unusual angles and then sit back, relax and enjoy the view He had written over twenty three stories from long and short fiction including horror, paranormal, and action adventure The BDSM series The Masked Emotions is his personal favorite He lives in Liverpool, N.Y with his wife and five children When he s not writing, he enjoys reading, traveling, playing video games, and spending time with his family He is also a film enthusiast and a true geek at heart.


  • V E Campudoni, what is it about your book series that has me captivated Was it the cliffhangers of both books Your character development or perhaps it was the world you created Whatever the case may be, when I saw the third book to your series, Laid Bare available this morning in my inbox for review, I quickly opened it, sat crossed legged within my indoor Rattan egg chair swing and immediately began reading The kids would have to go to grandma s, mommy got a new book and she needs silence Mr Ca [...]

  • V.E Campudoni has done it again Laid Bare is book three in the Masked Emotions series and I cannot get enough of Lana and Enzio s story V.E has a way of weaving in so many plots without overpowering the original love story between Lana and Enzio There s definitely a lot going on in this book and it s crafted so well At first, I was a little disappointed with the weakness of Lana and who she was with I wanted Lana to be stronger and not be so weakways depending on a douchebag to take care of her [...]

  • I have to give you five stars for effort I binge read all three of the Masked Emotions books written by local author V E Campudoni Now I am writing this review based on all three books on what I had read so far and I will copy and past this review for all three book With that said This book is not like your traditional BDSM novels, there are a lot of characters beside the story main ones The writing style strongly reflects both James Patterson or Stephen King Meaning that beside the main charact [...]

  • BOOM One day I read this book in one frickin day Oh, my god is this one good There s not that many series out there where each book was better than the last Usually with the series that I had read, there s at least one book that could ve been better, BUT NOT THIS ONE The book started with a rift between Enzio and Lana Lana is furious with the fact that he hid the fact that he was Dom 241 and because of her anger she goes back into the arms of her d bag high school ex Jayce He s controlling, mani [...]

  • This is the third book in this continuing saga So many twists and turns with all these characters, with being added in this one Lana and Enzio still haven t resolved anything really, it just goes round and round in circles With BDSM content as well as violence this story is driving me crazy, I just want these two to sort them selves out Both have made mistakes, both feel let down and both love each other but still get involved with others I hope the next book is the last as I feel this has gone [...]

  • Amazing The beginning I was like nooo because to me Lana was so very weak and not strong She was doing things in a way I didn t want at all However she grew as the story went on and I found myself so excited and proud of who she is becoming I love the conflicts and the problems I love the sex and the intrique I love that there is mystery as well as the amazing erotica parts of this series These are getting better and better as they go on.

  • I am so in love with Enzio The way he is becoming both himself and Dom 241 making him much darker He has moments of innocence sometimes but his alpha personality is always there Each book has a few thread to follow in the storyline and even grows from book to book I love the way this Authors mind works and again i was unable to put this down until i reached the last page and again was left needing another fix of Enzio and Lana

  • Enzio is a man on par with Jamie Fraser in Outlander, an underdog hero, with a twisted past and a set ofrals, most men can only aspire to Two thumbs upV E leaves you panting for book 4

  • Lana and Enzo, I love to hate you Steamy sinful sexy, but having trouble finding love The cast of characters come into play, and you get sucked in.

  • When I finally started reading Laid Bare, knowing that I would be returning to the world of the Looking Glass, Enzio, Lana and the others I was likeHowever, the first few minutes into the story I was already fighting back the tears and I was shocked to discover the choices that Lana made, but it was understandable Laid Bare is dark and sets the tone for what s to be ahead and I am enthrall for the O Shea s More characters are introduced, but it doesn t steal from the heart of the story Let s tal [...]

  • In this book, the third of the Masked Emotions series, I didn t feel the urge to grab hold of Lana and shake the hell out of her In fact, my heart bled for her in part, soared with elation for her whilst at The Looking Glass in another, and shattered into a million pieces for her as well The range of emotions I experienced reading this book was phenomenal Fear, excitement, arousal, despair, anger, desiring revenge and demanding satisfaction as those who deserved it were brought to justice Enzio [...]

  • facebook photop fb5 Stars I am so addicted to this author Love the culmination of all these characters lives as they intertwine within this group of friends and family There is never a dull word written The gift of writing such a detailed, fast paced, intriguing and HOT book can only be done by V E Campudoni s way Enzio faces his future, contemplates his choices and makes his decision Loving Lana his whole life, he will lose some things that will take his strength to fight to get back Lana has l [...]

  • Laid Bare Masked Emotions Book 3 by V.E.Campudoni.The next instalment of this series is great Once again, V.E.Campudoni manages to juggle the complex characters and their unique situations in the air all at the same time The ease with which the author tells a story is almost breathtaking as all the strings are brought together to tie up nicely to bring it to an end Even as it still leaves it open to start the next book with another situation that has not yet been taken care of.We start of where [...]

  • i869otobucket albums abLaid Bare was a very hot, steamy and very dark 5 star read.This is the third book in the Masked Emotions series Suspense, Mystery, Murder, BDSM, F M F, F F, very hot scenes between Dom, and Subs.Enzio is recovering from his stabbing by an obsessive sub and losing Lana.Lana is now seeing Jayce Harrison and Enzio is not happy about it He has vowed to get revenge if he ever hurts Lana Enzio also has to prove that he is still the Dom he was before his attack All I can say is O [...]

  • I really cannot remember any book I was annoyed by than this one I still love the story about Lana and Enzio I did not fancy the turn their lives had taken in the ending of the second book and the beginning of this book I fell that they are growing apart in this series I feel that Enzio is a whole other person than in the beginning of the first book The story is still way to long, with so much going on All the other persons and their stories, and it all ends up being one whole story There is en [...]

  • I received this book as an Exclusive ARC for an honest review Laid Bare is book 3 in the amazing series The Masked Emotions I swear these books just get hotter and hotter I feel like I am part of the story, that s how much it pulls you in, which is in my opinion how great books are written In book two the characters lives started to change drastically and now in book three, it goes in depth to each relationship Things get really twisted for Enzio, because of Lana, he is now understanding that s [...]

  • I gave this Book a rating of 4.5 sTitle Laid Bare Series Masked Emotions Book 3Genre Gay Romance, Erotica, LGBT Romance, Dark Romance, BDSM Author V.E CampudoniFormat E bookPublished on Jun 7, 2016I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book Main Character s Descriptions Enzio his sister was raped and he has sworn revenge on the ones who did itLana was barely of age when she became infatuated with Enzio What I liked Didn t Like You MUST read this series in order or you wil [...]

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  • Wow, justwowThis book is jam packed with twists and turns My emotions ran so high at times that I had to put it down, and walk away You ve opened my eyes abs my previously closed mind to a lifestyle I never understood You have truly inspired me my friend, job well done I highly recommend this series to everyone

  • Love this series For some reason towards the end I got a little restless but I think that was my frustration that the characters are still to pig headed to get together already I love all the side stories that tie the big story together and some of the bombs being dropped in the side stores are going to have a huge impact on the last book I can t wait for book 4 to go live If you have not heard of this book, read it, add it your tbr file etc, great series with LOTS of sex and fun sex toys Can t [...]

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