Halloween Rain

Halloween Rain Around Sunnydale they say a scarecrow saturated with Halloween rain will come alive and slaughter anyone in sight Lovely place Sunnydale Buffy s best friends Xander and Willow used to think the ta
  • Title: Halloween Rain
  • Author: Christopher Golden Nancy Holder
  • ISBN: 9780671017132
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Halloween Rain
    Around Sunnydale, they say a scarecrow saturated with Halloween rain will come alive and slaughter anyone in sight Lovely place, Sunnydale Buffy s best friends, Xander and Willow, used to think the tale was nonsense but after a few adventures with Buffy, they re not so sure.Even without a maniacal scarecrow, a Sunnydale Halloween is a truly horrific happening ThereAround Sunnydale, they say a scarecrow saturated with Halloween rain will come alive and slaughter anyone in sight Lovely place, Sunnydale Buffy s best friends, Xander and Willow, used to think the tale was nonsense but after a few adventures with Buffy, they re not so sure.Even without a maniacal scarecrow, a Sunnydale Halloween is a truly horrific happening There are enough zombies and vampires about, ready to party hearty and eat some brains, to keep the Slayer and her friends up all night.And then the rain starts to fall
    Halloween Rain By Christopher Golden Nancy Holder,
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    Christopher Golden is the award winning, bestselling author of such novels as The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and with Tim Lebbon Mind the Gap Golden co wrote the lavishly illustrated novel Balti, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire with Mike Mignola, which they are currently scripting as a feature film for New Regency.He has also written books for teens and young adults, including the thriller series Body of Evidence, honored by the New York Public Library and chosen as one of YALSA s Best Books for Young Readers Upcoming teen novels include Poison Ink for Delacorte, Soulless for MTV Books, and The Secret Journeys of Jack London, a collaboration with Tim Lebbon.With Thomas E Sniegoski, he is the co author of the dark fantasy series The Menagerie as well as the young readers fantasy series OutCast and the comic book miniseries Talent, both of which were recently acquired by Universal Pictures Golden and Sniegoski also wrote the upcoming comic book miniseries The Sisterhood, currently in development as a feature film.Working with actress writer director Amber Benson, he co created and co wrote Ghosts of Albion, an original animated supernatural drama for BBC online, from which they created the book series of the same name ghostsofalbion As an editor, Golden s work has included the Hellboy novel series, a trio of Hellboy short story anthologies, and co editing duties on British Invasion, from Cemetery Dance His non fiction work includes collaborative efforts such as The Stephen King Universe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Watcher s Guide, and the upcoming Neil Gaiman Companion His other writing has included video games, numerous comic books, and short stories.Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his family His original novels have been published in fourteen languages in countries around the world.


  • Halloween Rain is fun for fans of the show, and the Halloween setting is seemingly perfect for a Buffy story Yet this one isn t quite as good as the premise would suggest because of the execution by the authors This is one of the very early Buffy books, based on the television series which bridged the gap between kids and adults, making fans at both ends of the spectrum I really enjoyed Blooded, which was also penned by these two authors, Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder, but in Halloween Rai [...]

  • Like most Buffy the Vampire Slayer Novels, I really liked this book I guess it is because I am such a big fan for the telvision series and any work that is done by Joss Whedon I found this book to be full of humor, which made it alot better than want I expected.It was diffently not a serious vampire novel but, of a action chick flick The Charcter were super fun I loved Buffy because she was such a fun, but down to earth personalty even though she was a slayer by night Another charcter I just co [...]

  • Actual Rating 2.5 Stars.A lovely friend gave me a box of Buffy books and I grab one out every few months to read They are typically very light reading at around 200 300 pages.This one wasn t a particularly good book and you would really have to LOVE the tv show which I do to get anything at all out of it Halloween demon, zombies, and lots of witty dialogue In fact, there was almost too much witty dialogue in that the authors went over the top to make every line out of the character s mouth funny [...]

  • A short and Good book It brought up a sense of nostalgia of being a pre teen watching this show in the late 90 s And the righting really did make me feel like I was watching the show again Because the character voices were right on and that made it even better And my favorite part was that it took place when they were in highschool which was when I liked the show the best And the Halloween part made it really quirky and fun.

  • I found this, along with several other Buffy novels, in the thrift shop and I just couldn t resist.A fun read, basically fanfiction that got published It s funny, though, that since this book takes place during the first season of Buffy, it is pre season two canon which establishes that vampires, demons, and monsters all take Halloween night off.

  • This weekend, my childhood collection of Buffy books was given back to me, and so I got right to work on reading them, in chronological order I was worried that I would be disappointed, as the last time I read this book I was twelve, but it actually held up The ending was incredibly abrupt, with basically no denouement, and some of the 90s slang didn t feel accurate for the show itself, but otherwise, it was a serviceable novel with a fun plot, and the characters were recognizable I m looking fo [...]

  • I don t know what it is about these early Buffy books that don t hold my interest, but this one was a drag This book should have only taken me one sitting to get through, but it literally took me reading it on and off over two weeks I remember having the same problem when I tried to read this in my early teens That said, I ve read other Buffy books by Christopher Golden such as The Lost Slayer series and they ve been phenominal.

  • I love the Buffy novels simply because I love the show and there aren t enough episodes for me so these wee stories keep me going in between my re watches of the first 3 seasons the best seasons.This novel had the characters down, the witty banter of Buffy and Willow and Xander, the scary demons and monsters and some badass action All in all, a pretty decent story and set during my favourite time of the year Hell yeah

  • So I wrote a review for this book without finishing it, and it didn t sit well with me I made myself finish it, and put it from a one star rating to two It was okay, and I will probably read of them, but something seems to get lost on paper to me There are some books that I read and I feel like I m watching an episode of the show that they re based on But I don t know about this one It didn t feel like it for me It was an interesting concept, but maybe they tried a little too hard with the dial [...]

  • This isn t the most exciting Buffy novel, but it fits nicely with the timeline of Season 1 I can totally see this happening within Season 1 s chronology If it were an episode it would probably be among the first season s best, and a middling entry when looking at the series as a whole Recommended for Buffy fans in general.

  • Incredibly fun, the authors got the characters down to a tee I also loved how they went for a story that might have been difficult to do for a live action show the amount of zombies and the host body of the demon Samhain all would have been either overly cheesy or a lot less detailed but they took advantage of the book format and really gave us a quick, believable Buffy story.

  • What is it with you and the Wizard of Oz references Zombies and werewolves and vamps, oh my Zombies and werewolves and Welcome to the Boca del Infierno, or much simply called the Hellmouth Inhabitants your normal American families, teens, children, and oh yeah vampires, demons, zombies, and now a Scarecrow who can kill you on Halloween when it rains For Buffy and the Scooby Gang the Halloween season has been a bit quite, well alright, absolutely dead no pun intended Buffy is a little restless b [...]

  • This is the second book in the series, but the first that doesn t tie into any episodes Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder did a great job with it Halloween is next month, but I didn t want to wait to read.For the last three weeks the Slayer has been bored Buffy has barely has anything to kill She did get another fake attack with another of Cordelia s friends I didn t blame her the girl was in a cemetery screaming So Halloween night is finally here and even though its not as much fun as it was [...]

  • This one wasn t a fantastic read It was all right but in comparison to other Buffy books I ve read it wasn t up to par The story takes place in Season 1, the book references the Master and that he s still around, but it takes place on Halloween, which if you re a fan of Buffy you know that the first Halloween experienced by Buffy in Sunnydale was in Season 2 There were some thing that bothered me while reading, the constant punning that the characters did I loved the dialogue in the show but in [...]

  • Some of you may know this and some of you may not but I collect the Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels This usually involves me going to old book stores used book stores or , trying to find good copies of the novels So I read a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels This one wasn t the worst but it certainly wasn t the best one either I had some trouble with the villain, to start off with While it was kind of cool and there was a urban legend vibe to it, it didn t really seem to fit with the usual [...]

  • The second Buffy book published misses the mark quite often on the characterizations of the cast as well as makes some plot inaccuracies that stand out if you re a diehard fan.The dialogue in this book resembles the film much than the tv series Buffy and the gang bonded instantly in the series but this book still has several instances for the gang not being sure about each other Buffy being skeptical of Giles, Willow dropping tons of audible hints to her attraction to Xander, etc The problem is [...]

  • The second of the Buffy novelettes at least the ones released in the UK features Buffy et al trying to survive Halloween But it s not just vampires they need to watch out for there s a horde of flesh eating zombies on the loose, not to mention the pumpkin headed spirit of evil, SamhainI enjoyed this than the first, mostly because it brought something new to the table Where the first novel was really just a novelised screenplay from the BTVS pilot, this was an original story that never became an [...]

  • Not the worst of the Buffy tie ins I ve read, but not the best either It does have a fairly cool villain, this sort of undead pumpkin headed king who is genuinely creepy though I m not sure how much of that creepiness is because I m inescapably reminded of the wonderfully schlocky Pumpkinhead series of horror films Keep away from Pumpkinhead unless you re tired of living.Where it falls down for me is the tone This is a problem I ve noticed in three of the four tie in novels I ve read so far BtVS [...]

  • I know the description says 1, but technically this is 2 Volume 1 was an adaptation of one or of the episodes, I think But I digress.Halloween Rain was a fun, scary romp through fear itself Vampires apparently take Halloween off, because there s stuff out there even scarier than they are In this case, it s the being that is the source of many Halloween symbols, from Jack o Lanterns to the Halloween King in a certain Disney movie Sunnydale has the interesting tradition that it s bad if it rains [...]

  • Fairly amusing but nothing special I disliked the zombie brain eaters emphasis in this novella when it is made clear in the show many times that that is not necessarily true.The author s overuse of the word wiggins was particularly aggravating it s like as though it is a word that Buffy used than once in the first season so it s a fallback see, guys it s the same character attempt when the writing falls a little flat or the dialogue is particularly off from the show.All in all I really quite li [...]

  • A novelization of the episode.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it [...]

  • This is the first book I have read that follows a tv series I am not one to read fan fiction, this does seem like a professional version of fan fiction With that said, I did enjoy this book Due to reference in the show, it sounds like the book takes place around the half way mark of the first season if the Buffy the Vampire Slayer The writing for me had some spelling and grammatical errors that were noticeable but not distracting from the story The characters felt like the characters from the s [...]

  • This is another TV tie in, set around the first season of Buffy It s Halloween and Buffy is finding the whole Slayer thing a bit dull But when Xander and Willow mention a local tradition of a murderous scarecrow that comes to life once soaked in Halloween rain, it isn t long before she s battling zombies and squishing killer pumpkins.I don t think this is the best Buffy book I have read The whole showdown with the Scarecrow happens in the last two chapters, almost as if it is an afterthought I k [...]

  • As I said there are some books I come back to at this time of the year fall October and this one is a guilty pleasure One of the first Buffy novels, it is not weighed down with a lot of the character developments and backstorys that later ones are It is Buffy pure and simple the girl you wish you could have been in high school or even now because she has the fashion sense and the snappy comebacks and the true friends Here she deals with the high school IN crowd, zombies, vamps and the king of ha [...]

  • I never really expect all that much from Buffy books I just loved the show and like to revisit the characters from time to time and books give me a chance to do that But this book was really, really bad It was just awful The plot was very weak and the characters were not at all true to the characters from the show I know this book came out during the first season but even in the first season I just would not have thought of Buffy as a wimp She s totally wimpy in this book Now I have to read anot [...]

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