Skinnybones Alex s active sense of humor helps him get along with the school braggart make the most of his athletic talents and simply get by in a hectic world
  • Title: Skinnybones
  • Author: Barbara Park
  • ISBN: 9780679878957
  • Page: 380
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  • Skinnybones
    Alex s active sense of humor helps him get along with the school braggart, make the most of his athletic talents, and simply get by in a hectic world.
    Skinnybones By Barbara Park,
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    Barbara Park received over 40 awards for her books, including 25 Children s Choice awards Park was the daughter of a merchant and a secretary, Doris and Brooke Tidswell She grew up in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey From 1965 to 1967, she attended Rider College, later finishing her B.S in 1969 at the University of Alabama She married Richard A Park in 1969 She lived in Phoenix, Arizona for almost 30 years and had two sons, Steven and David She was the author of the popular Junie B Jones children s series She won seven Children s Choice Awards, and four Parents Choice Awards She also wrote many middle grade novels, such as The Kid in the Red Jacket Source


  • I think it was a good and funny book I liked it when he dumped the kitty Fritters on the floor and blamed the cat.

  • I really likes this book because Alex played baseball and there were problems with T.J and Alex got bullyed by T.J so that is a SOOCAL ISSUE.

  • Alex Frankovitch is a boy that can not shut up and makes a lot of troubles Alex goes through a lot of trouble, and terying to fix it, but at the end, he becomes what he wanted to be Through Dialogue I am small 1 I think Alex is a Risk Taker because he says sentences that might make a big problem 2 I think Alex is Dishonest because he wants to be a popular person like T.J.3 I think Alex is Adventurous because he goes through all the hard and dangerous things 4 I think Alex never gives up because [...]

  • This book was about a boy Alex who was so called skinny bones Anyways, he isn t the best player on the team he is actually the worst player on the team he is in that rank because he cant throw, catch or swing the bat everyone tries to help him but he just cant get it so they gave up Alex had a dream to one day get to pitch, catch and hit the ball.He followed his dream and kept on trying and trying and trying He still didn t get it but he could throw the ball a little better and swing the bat but [...]

  • My son loved this book It is about a boy who uses his sense of humor to deal with life It has a bully in it and a lot of baseball talk You don t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this book my son certainly isn t.It is by the author of the Junie B Jones series, and it sort of feel like a Junie B book for older kids Funny as heck, of course.

  • I would give this two and a half stars The relentless humor of Barbara Park and Alex never falters, and I found BIG laughs seemingly on at least every few pages I have never found anyone who is funnier than Barbara Park, and this story is an excellent example of her peerless wit at work A good performance.

  • Probably my all time favorite juvenile books I have read it over and over again I never get tired of it We even read it in college and it was still as funny as I remembered That was saying a lot.

  • Seriously READ THIS BOOK Read it to you kids Read it alone Own it love it I don t care but just READ THIS BOOK.

  • I remember none of it besides it was so so so so so so so good, I think The story was a funny and, a, funny one It was a long time ago, don t judge me

  • Skinnybones is not anything special Junie B Jones is a popular series by the same author but my children didn t care for them After reading this book, if there is any similarity, I can understand why You have a main character who is obnoxious and doesn t generally get all the suffering they probably deserve and in the end things work out OK despite the failings of the protagonist.

  • I love this book As a teacher, it s always my first read aloud of the year Sometimes it s so funny that I can hardly keep from laughing out loud as I narrate it My classes tend to laugh out loud as well This is a great book for 8 10 year olds Don t miss it

  • The book is a quick read Characters are likable and children can relate to situations They don t address the issue of being made fun of being picked on and how to handle it I wish it gave realistic ways to handle it for kids.

  • A humorous story about Alex, the smallest kid in class, and also the funniest, whose last place baseball team plays the first place team of his new classmate, T.J Stoner, in front of T.V cameras A fun read

  • I don t find the Skinnybones books as funny as the Junie B Jones series, but my son and I enjoyed reading this together.

  • ClassicFinding this classic tale of boy meets nemisis meets baseball meets comedy genius so many years after my original reading in elementary school has been a real treat Just as hilarious over twenty years later.

  • I consider read aloud time in my third grade classroom to be sacred Ok maybe not sacred, but pretty darn important Kids need to be exposed to good literature, not just curriculum stories formulated to teach information or a concept They need to know what it feels like and sounds like to read a story with an interesting and smart author voice, one in which all the story elements are present, consistent, and complete They need to be exposed to different genres as well This is how experienced reade [...]

  • The book Skinnybones ,by Barbra Parks, was the most funniest book I have ever read The date of publication of this great phenomenon Skinny bones was in 2002 The type of story this is is a fiction like a type of historical fiction fantasy The type of award this book has received was a Newberry Medal of Honor for the bestseller of 2002 In this book there is exactly 165 pages, and it took me 1 month to read the book The main character is Alex Frankovich and the supporting characters are his mom, Bo [...]

  • I had to admit, making people laugh was a lot fun than sitting quietly at my desk Alex makes people laugh often intentionally, but sometimes not He is always the smallest kid on his Little League baseball team, but when faced with a year of being in the same class with the area s star pitcher, Alex aims to do better In Skinnybones, his intentions, though, can t make up for his lack of ability, so he tries humor.One of the teachers at my girls school starts the year reading Skinnybones out loud [...]

  • Alex Frankovitch is a skinny little sixth grade boy who is lacking in athletic ability but has no shortage of jokes He worries about being so tiny, hates that he always has to wear a size small and brings in a picture of the Lucky Charms guy because that s what he thinks he s going to be when he grows up the size of a leprechaun So you can see that he has a great, dry sense of humor His mom is pretty funny too so maybe he gets it from her The story centers on Alex s experiences at home and at sc [...]

  • This book is very funny and fun to read It s about a boy named Alex, or as other people call him Skinnybones because he s so small and skinny, who plays baseball which is ironic because he is really bad at playing it Alex seems to have a very big and obnoxious mouth for such a scrawny kid He begins to develop a conflict when he starts talking smack to the best baseball player on the league named T.J Stoner, it seems to get him in a little bit of trouble because his team then has to play against [...]

  • Read it with my 11 year old son who gave it 5 stars Great story about how a clever and funny 6th grade boy deals with his parents, bullies, school and baseball league Written by the author of the Junie B series, the writing is very entertaining Wish she d do a series of books on this older boy too.

  • Did I enjoy reading Barbara Park s Skinnybones, a middle grade novel originally published in 1982 Yes and no First, as is obvious, I am not the target audience for this one I am not in elementary school I am not a boy My sense of humor isn t that of a sixth grade boy Also, I have absolutely no interest in baseball, or, in reading books about baseball I didn t exactly want to like Alex Frankovitch, the hero nicknamed Skinnybones But At times I found myself liking him despite his obnoxious, attent [...]

  • Ha Ha Ha, Skinny Bones by Barbara Park was an ok book The only thing that made me turn the page was that it was funny This book did remind me of me Smallest on my baseball team, being sarcastic to just about everything did I mention being one of the smallest kids Yeah I connected with this book a little Alex is the main character and he wants to be a big shot But there is a kid named T.J Stoner and he thinks he is so cool and he kind of is but he takes it too far Alex doesn t want to believe it, [...]

  • Skinnybones by Barbara Park is humorous, relatable, and entertaining to a diverse audience This book tells the story of a young boy named Alex, who plays for the worst team in his town s Little League Not only does he play for the worst team, but he is a below average player, of below average size He compensates for his societal deficits with his humor and sarcasm He makes the mistake of challenging one of the above average players of above average size to a pitching competition, which invokes a [...]

  • T.J Stoner loves to pick on Alex Skinnybones Frankovich.Follow Skinnybones through his adventures I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written delightful MS age book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment There were no grammar typo error [...]

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