The Fixed Trilogy

The Fixed Trilogy Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition of ASIN B IX UTLU All three books of the NY Times Bestselling Fixed Trilogy are included in this bundle Fixed on You Book Stalking and restraining orders
  • Title: The Fixed Trilogy
  • Author: Laurelin Paige
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Fixed Trilogy
    Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition of ASIN B00IX9UTLU.All three books of the NY Times Bestselling Fixed Trilogy are included in this bundle.Fixed on You Book 1 Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither s past With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out move up at the nightclub she works at and stay away from any guy who migLibrarian Note Alternate new cover edition of ASIN B00IX9UTLU.All three books of the NY Times Bestselling Fixed Trilogy are included in this bundle.Fixed on You Book 1 Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither s past With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out move up at the nightclub she works at and stay away from any guy who might trigger her obsessive love disorder A perfect plan But what Alayna didn t figure on is Hudson Pierce, the new owner of the nightclub He s smart, rich, and gorgeous the kind of guy Alayna knows to stay away from if she wants to keep her past tendencies in check Except, Hudson s fixed his sights on her He wants her in his bed and makes no secret of it Avoiding him isn t an option after he offers a business proposition she can t turn down and she s drawn further into his universe, unable to resist his gravitational pull When she learns Hudson has a dark history of his own, she realizes too late that she s fallen for the worst man she could possibly get involved with Or maybe their less than ideal pasts give them an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love their lives have been missing.Found in You Book 2 Alayna Withers has only had one kind of relationship the kind that makes her obsessive and stalker crazy Now that Hudson Pierce has let her into his heart, she s determined to break down the remaining walls between them so they can build a foundation that s based on than just amazing sex Except Hudson s not the only one with secrets With their pasts pulling them into a web of unfounded mistrust, Alayna turns to the one person who knows Hudson the best Celia, the woman he almost married Hoping for insight from someone who understands all sides of the story, Alayna forms a bond with Celia that goes too far revealing things about Hudson that could end their love for good.This is the first relationship where Alayna hasn t spiraled out of control And she might lose Hudson anywayForever with You Book 3 Alayna Withers relationship with Hudson Pierce has tested both her and his ability to trust They decide that the only way they can move forward together is with open doors and transparency It won t be easy for the scarred lovers, but they re committed to each other now than ever Alayna, in particular, has grown through their trials, and has emerged confident and faithful to the man she loves.But while the pair is focused on the future, their past shows up again to threaten their fragile bond Promises that were made are broken, and Alayna learns that Hudson still has very potent secrets secrets that will tear them both apart As much as she feels for him, her ability to forgive and forget is tested beyond her limits.Even though she found the only man who could fix her, a forever with Hudson seems and out of reach.
    The Fixed Trilogy By Laurelin Paige,
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    Laurelin Paige is the NYT, WSJ, USA Today Bestselling Author of the international sensation, The Fixed Trilogy She s also written other popular books in the Fixed Universe as well as the Dirty Universe and has cowritten with both Kayti McGee and Sierra Simone Are you looking for a romantic comedy or something hot and angsty Here s Laurelin s list of books broken down by trope and reading order.Sign up for Laurelin s newsletter to make sure you know all the latest info on her projects and to get a free book every month from a bestselling author.


  • Fixed Trilogy, book 1 3 of 4 Epic whirlwind saga as the Hudson Alexander Pierce sweeps biz grad of her feet into a world of excess, lies, deceit betrayals Books in Fixed series should be read in order Book 1 3 Fixed Trilogy Book 1 Fixed on YouBook 2 Found in YouBook 3 Forever with YouBook 4 Hudson Hudson s POVAlayna Wither, Laynie has come a long way from stalking men in the wake of losing her parents in a tragic accident But it s a daily struggle Imagine her dilemma when larger than life, heir [...]

  • These books are Amazing, I couldn t put them down I read them before work, on my lunch break, and after work, I was FIXED on these books I loved Alayna s character, how she was struggling to deal with her addiction, how even though it was a daily battle she was a better person She is a college graduate with a MBA in business and she is also a Bartender at The Sky Launch one of the hottest night clubs in town.Alayna has managed to alienate all but a few people from her life due to her addiction a [...]

  • First of all let me express the deal on this trilogy right now, its 1 yes 1 dollar you can not even buy a soda for that price and yet I got 3 full length books, as Alayna would say Amazeballs Now I read the reviews for these titles before buying Another 50 Shades Crossfire type series was what many had said As I liked both of these series I thought why not Once I got started the journey of Hudson and Alayna I realized it really isn t another retelling of the same poor girl billionaire male story [...]

  • I don t know where to begin with the issues I had with this book I kept asking myself if I was reading the same book everyone else had.The style of writing wasn t really for me I guess, definitely felt like a debut I was not able to really connect with the characters I just finished reading it, and I can t even remember their names Which is strange considering it has what felt like a million pages.I ve never been one to complain about too much sex in a book, but there was so much sex thrown in t [...]

  • I love this series Alpha male and all It s exactly what I ve been looking for hot, angsty, messed up and complete I wouldn t change a thing if you ask me, especially with the proper dose of hate, love, heartbreak and happy ending.I totally recommend The Fixed Trilogy to all fans of Crossfire, This Man or Up In The Air series.

  • 5 5 Broken Alpha Males that have my endless loveSo recently I did a review for Dirty Filthy Rich Boys and I said I was a huge fan of The Fixed Trilogy but I came to realize I never got to leave a review for the series So, I cracked open my book for the first time in 3 years to refresh myself and omg guys I m falling in love all freakin over again Like once I started reading Chapter 1 for a bit it was a little hard for me to put it down An hour late and I m on Chapter 10 lol WHOOPS Almost forgot [...]

  • I totally fell in love with Hudson Pierce This was a really good series, I couldn t put them down Strong alpha male with past issues, that made you fall in love with him Strong heroine in this series that was moving on from her addictive past, had you rooting for her and Hudson First books I ve read by this author, will not be the last, very well written story

  • FIVE FIXATION STARS This whole series got a motherfucking re read over the weekend.My book slump has been on point for the past couple of months and I needed something hot, something crazy and a tad bit of fucked up.This series has it all Have you guys ever read a series and loved it, then went to re read it and love the fucking fuck out of it I love the mindblown experience I got when reading this From reading over book one and understanding something that seemed flippant at first but now makes [...]

  • Holy mindf ck That s what I thought after reading this series.First, the criticism this series does tend to echo other famous erotic romance series, notably Fifty Shades and Crossfire Then again, won t most ER novels that deal with emotionally scarred billionaires Second, for the praise I enjoyed Ms Paige s writing The characters were fully developed and felt like real people to me None of them were perfect, most were scarred or flawed in some way Dysfunction ran rife throughout both Alayna s an [...]

  • This was just okay I felt like it dragged out too long and was just trying to get it finished by the end of the second book.The hero is your strong, wealthy Alpha The heroine is a sweet, intelligent, hard working girl.The hero starts after the heroine as part of his game, but quickly changes his mind the times he spends with her thinking about her.Blah blah, people don t want them togetherhot sex scenes ensues, blah blahtingeak up togethereak up togetherpoor men t love meI love youI don [...]

  • WOW, JUST WOW This is a must read You are sucked in from the start never let go You think you figure things out, but many twists and turns But the ride you go on is SO WORTH IT

  • This trilogy was such a pleasant surprise Hudson was such a damaged HOT man and of course he was a perfect match for the recovering Alayna It was quite an enjoyable ride I would definitely recommend this book to readers that enjoyed the relationship dynamic in 50 shades.I devoured the entire series in just two days 4.5 rating.

  • This is a hard one to rate, since I am rating on the series as a whole though I have to say 3.5 starsI really liked the first book and I like the concept of the story In fact the storyline itself I loved I just feel like the book started to drag on by And for me there was just too much sex I know, I know You re wondering how is there ever too much sex Well for me, I just was so pulled in by the story itself that I thought the sex every few pages was just getting in the way I found myself skimmin [...]

  • I am Speechless over this Beautiful nightmare that was worth every hour spent reading it.I have been through so many ups and downs in the past few days reading this Trilogy my head is still spinning.There are so many twists and turns in these pages it keeps you on your toes and at the edge of your seat biting your nails, or gripping a kleenex while you tearfully turn to the next page, all while begging for The strange addicting love affair that Hudson Alayna share is at times Sexy and sweet, bu [...]

  • Beautifully and wickedly romanticBeautifully and wickedly romanticThis was a very moving story of two totally screwed up people who were drawn to each other from the beginning Each having their own dark pasts but still drawn to each other no matter how much those pasts threatened to destroy any chance they had or not I really enjoyed their story The author did such a great job of giving the reader what was needed to understand what made Hudson and Emily who they were Each book in this trilogy to [...]

  • Terrific TrilogyI will definitely read this trilogy again, it had so many ups and downs I could not put it down Great books.

  • Hot, Steamy, Engaging, Twisted, Engaging, Head Spinning, Emotional Addictive A Mesmerizing Read I Loved It

  • Actually finished this last night, but was too tired to update I ll give it about 3 stars for the whole package I really could not get a hold on who these characters were, especially Alayna who was supposed to be the stable one, despite her past She was all over the place I hate how these types of books literally span within a month when shit hits the fan, its a couple months, but still The third book is when there s an attempt for a twist, which if you were paying attention through the rest of [...]

  • I love a book where two or characters are flawed And I love when an author doesn t try to magically fix them, but makes them a work in progress This series was that for me I loved the story of Hudson and Alayna While both have their own issues to work through, it s nice to see them work together Surrounded by family and friends they both explore a relationship they never thought could happen And yes, there is sex But the books are so much than that I loved the twists and turns that I can hones [...]

  • SERIES SALE ALERT The Fixed Trilogy, by Laurelin PaigeI haven t read these, but they are on my TBR list And right now, you can grab the WHOLE TRILOGY for just 77p 0.99 All three books of the NY Times Bestselling Fixed Trilogy are included in this bundle UK dp B00IX9UTLUUS dp B00IX9UTLU

  • OMG What can I say except I fell in love with Hudson from page one What a crazy rollercoaster story line Never saw that ending coming What a shock Can t wait to read Hudson.

  • Overall a good series.Book 1 4 starsBook 2 5 starsBook 3 3 starsBoth characters bothered me a lot in the last book but finally redeemed themselves enough in the end.

  • If you want possessive alpha male, I can certainly comply It was an interesting story With both characters having Issues when having romantic relationships One simply didn t love The other got too attached Pretty much sounded like this was going to be a disaster waiting to happen He was such a perfect lover, understanding my body and its demands even better than I did I was surprised to find an entertaining and different love story With very perfectly imperfect characters I loved Alayna and Huds [...]

  • I loved the Fixed trilogy Hudson and Alayna each have their issues, but they are so great together They have great chemistry and they challenge each other There is plenty of drama and angst with Hudson s mother, Celia, and their own respective pasts What started as a game becomes very real for Alayna, but she struggles at times to believe and trust that Hudson fully reciprocates her feelings Hudson s friend and previous partner in game playing, Celia, is often a source of concern Celia s motives [...]

  • Well how interesting.I never fell so hard for a book since the fifty shades trilogy This trilogy just like fifty shades consumed me from the start to the end Gripped isn t the right word for how I felt reading this book It is hard to put into words What a intense mixture of emotions It defiantly needs to be on the big screen The main characters Hudson and Alayna had me feeling all the emotions that were described Couldn t think of two characters suited I loved the way Alayna was so unsure off H [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book and the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is because it bogged down a bit in the middle and I lost interest just for a bit When a villain gets to much time and power I cringe and back off from a book a bit When the villain was put in her place and the main characters got back in to focus I enjoyed the book I liked Alayna s character although there was a lot of craziness abut her that was a lot to handle at times Hudson was the perfect messed up alpha male but as usu [...]

  • WOW, where do I start This trilogy was amazing Talk about an emotional roller coaster I fell in love with Hudson and Alayna, and they will be with me for a long time I loved everything about these books Laurelin had a wonderful way of telling her story I will truly miss my newfound friends Thank you for the beautiful read This is a must

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