Six Four

Six Four Six Four The nightmare no parent could endure The case no detective could solve The twist no listener could predict For five days in January the parents of a seven year old Tokyo schoolgirl sat
  • Title: Six Four
  • Author: Hideo Yokoyama Jonathan Lloyd-Davies
  • ISBN: 9780374265519
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Six Four
    Six Four The nightmare no parent could endure The case no detective could solve The twist no listener could predict.For five days in January 1989, the parents of a seven year old Tokyo schoolgirl sat and listened to the demands of their daughter s kidnapper They would never learn his identity They would never see their daughter again.For the 14 years that followed, thSix Four The nightmare no parent could endure The case no detective could solve The twist no listener could predict.For five days in January 1989, the parents of a seven year old Tokyo schoolgirl sat and listened to the demands of their daughter s kidnapper They would never learn his identity They would never see their daughter again.For the 14 years that followed, the Japanese public listened to the police s apologies They would never forget the botched investigation that became known as Six Four They would never forgive the authorities their failure For one week in late 2002, the press officer attached to the police department in question confronted an anomaly in the case.He could never imagine what he would uncover He would never have looked if he d known what he would find.
    Six Four By Hideo Yokoyama Jonathan Lloyd-Davies,
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      135 Hideo Yokoyama Jonathan Lloyd-Davies
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    Hideo Yokoyama worked as an investigative reporter with a regional newspaper north of Tokyo for 12 years before striking out on his own as a fiction writer He made his literary debut in 1998 when his collection of police stories Kage no kisetsu Season of Shadows won the Matsumoto Seicho Prize the volume was also short listed for the Naoki Prize In 2000 his story Doki Motive was awarded the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Short Stories His 2002 novel Han ochi Half Solved earned a Konomys No 1 and gained him a place among Japan s best selling authors He repeated his Konomys No 1 ranking in 2013 with 64 Rokuyon 64 , his first novel in seven years Other prominent works include his 2003 Kuraimazu hai Climber s High , centering on the crash of JAL Flight 123 that he covered as a reporter in 1985 the World War II novel Deguchi no nai umi Seas with No Exit, 2004 the police novel Shindo zero Seismic Intensity Zero, 2005 and the story collection Rinjo Initial Investigation, 2004.Source booksfromjapan authors


  • This is a long and unusually demanding read, set in Japan, requiring attention to detail from the reader It does not adhere to many of the common expectations of crime fiction Six Four is the code name for a fourteen year cold case in which a seven year old girl, Shoko, was kidnapped and never returned despite the ransom being paid The case still remains open The Press and Media Relations Director, Yoshinobu Mikami, is a cop and visits the girl s father to pay his respects His own daughter, Ayum [...]

  • How do the police operate in Japan This police procedural from author Hideo Yokoyama reads much differently than one would written by, say, Richard Price or El Leonard The usual human failings are on full display incompetence, careerism, ambition, revenge, etc but they are played out in a setting alien to the Western reader That s what made this novel so very interesting to me For we do not know how the specific cultural idiosyncrasies of Japan will impinge upon the story s development Anyone wh [...]

  • Superintendent Mikami, a twenty year police detective, has been transferred to Prefecture D in the role of new Press Director for Media Relations Undesirable as this new position is to Mikami, he must learn to walk a fine line between the press, hungry for information, and the police desiring good publicity since undermining police tactics in the court of public opinion acts as a deterrent to criminal investigations Suwa, as Section Chief of Mikami s small department , is a spin doctor who attem [...]

  • Unusual, long, methodical novel that is less thriller and workplace drama, but is oddly gripping all the same Yokoyama creates a whole ecosystem of police department intersections here, with Mikami, a likable hard boiled protagonist, constantly moving between his job with the press, his former colleagues in criminal investigating, and the Tokyo bureaucracy, not trusted anywhere as he slowly unravels a departmental conspiracy and struggles to accept that his run away daughter might not come home [...]

  • Six Four is a somewhat strange, slowly paced and bloated but nevertheless intriguing police procedural novel, following Press Director Mikami as he grapples with office politics, intersquad squabbling, hidden agendas and directives from Tokyo, and all against a backdrop of his own missing daughter and two cases, twenty years apart, linked by kidnapping for ransom This is certainly a strange read, and it is dense and for my liking could have been tightly edited and pacing hastened, and I don t t [...]

  • Six Four is really the most amazing read BUT you have to have patience It is unexpected I will be absolutely honest and say that at about 50 pages in and this is a long one I almost gave up If you get to that point kick yourself into continuing it will reward you in many ways From a little after that point I devoured it It kicked in big time.To clarify the problem for me came with a bit of a culture clash the names are all very similar and I was muddling up the characters and had to keep backtra [...]

  • Jesus, this is long book Anyone who promotes it as a thriller needs to avoid taking up knitting as that would blow their mind I am sure that there must be to this, some subtle something that I am missing, but as far as I could tell this was 81 chapters of inter departmental bickering and power play amongst the Japanese police force if you want to know the ins and outs of ridiculously melodramatic arguments about the power of the media then this is for you if you fancy an actual crime novel then [...]

  • When I first discovered Hideo Yokoyama s crime novel Six Four there were two things that immediately made me want to read it The first thing was that it came with the praise of being the Japanese crime sensation that sold over a million copies which even for a nation with a population of 128 million people is still quite impressive and I really don t get to read of lot of crime novels or thrillers that are set in Asia But what made me even excited about the book was the fact that it was teased [...]

  • Let s just get this out of the way Six Four is not an average thriller, nor is it an average police procedural there are no kick ass heroines or scenes of over the top violence to be found anywhere in this book I finished it in one go in a major overnight, insomnia fueled reading session and my reaction was this hooray for something new, something delightfully different, and above all, for an intelligent mystery novel that goes well beyond the standard crime fiction fare in short, the sort of th [...]

  • Wow this is a truly bad book I was intrigued by the literary phenomenon status it has garnered in Japan I can only assume that Japanese readers adore exposition about police hierarchies and internal organisation For the first half of the book the narrative tension hinges on whether or not the press corps will make a complaint about the police or not It s never made clear why we should care, so we don t Then we discover, shock horror, that Tokyo may replace one police officer with another Dull du [...]

  • One of my goals this year is to read fiction translated from Asian languages So when I saw this at Dymocks AND it had hot pink pages I was instantly sold This.ok me forever and ever to read Like, a solid week of reading And partly it s because it s nearly 700 pages long, and partly because it s a slow, dense story Technically, this is a crime novel But it s a crime novel in the same way that Broadchurch is a crime show where the crime is there but the show is also about the lives of the detecti [...]

  • Although his police career has been mainly as a detective, middle aged Yoshinobu Mikami has been transferred sideways to become Media Relations officer of the police department in City D Slowly, as he battles with the journalists on the one hand and his irrationally secretive bosses in the PD on the other, with everyone preparing for the arrival of a visiting police bigwig from Tokyo, it emerges that much of the oddness of the way his superiors are behaving can be traced to a notorious fourteen [...]

  • In the last days of the Showa period a little girl is abducted and killed even after her parents pay the ransom The case has been open for 14 years, but they have no new leads Six four was the code name for the case, as it took place in the 64th year of the Showa period the period of Japanese history corresponding to the reign of the Sh wa Emperor, Hirohito, from December 25, 1926, through January 7, 1989 ,Mikami, Press and Media Relations Director for the Police Prefecture, takes an interest in [...]

  • I must confess my surprise that I got through this novel At 635 pages it s far longer than I m used to Interestingly though I was ultimately quite intrigued and read it in just a couple of sittings And yet I cannot really say I enjoyed it.Superintendent Yoshinobu Mikami has recently taken on the role of Press Director a position it seems in Japanese policing requires the appointment of a police officer, rather than a civilian It is however part of the Administrative Affairs Department, whose sta [...]

  • Yoshinobu Mikami must be the world s most ineffectual detective He meanders and broods, there are hundreds of pages dedicated to his labored reconstruction of what other people are thinking, feeling, conniving yet he solves absolutely nothing Hundreds of pages dedicated to the minutiae of police politics and media relations Wait Mikami shouted I guarantee that you ll get proper announcements from this point forward We will give you everything we know It s what you want Aren t we past that stage [...]

  • Six Four is two stories a teenage girl who has run away and a young girl abducted, held for ransom and brutally murdered Both sets of parents looking for answers To start with it was a little confusing and not the most exciting it felt like the author was setting the scene quite considerably but as I got immersed myself into the story, I realised how much it actually needed.The story was quite an eye opener to cultural differences between the UK and Japan The way the Japanese police force operat [...]

  • Going into this book thinking it s purely a thriller is not the best way to enjoy or get the most out of it In that mindset, I can see how it s easy to find it bloated and way too long, like many readers have.What Six Four actually is, is a 600 paged, slow burning and intricately plotted police procedural with a lot of characters to keep track of and a few mysterious sub plots folded in throughout The writing is outstanding, and I especially found that so in the characters With so many character [...]

  • DNF So at just under the halfway point this book has beaten me It just dosent seem to be going anywhere and we are just going round in circles We are no closer to finding out who commited the crime or where the detectives daughter is This book does start extremely weak and did take 100 pages before any kind of momentum picks up and its slow at that.As a Thriller I need it to keep me engaged with the characters and really keep me on the edge of the seat to find out what happens next The problem w [...]

  • 4.5 starsHuge thanks to Hideo Yokoyama, Quercus books and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.Is it just me or does this book remind anyone else of a Stieg Larsson book It has the slow build, the extremely in depth and intricate details of the police in Japan, the complex and well rounded characters and the twist at the end.I enjoyed this so much than The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo It takes a little while to pull you in but if you persevere it rewards you with such a good [...]

  • 646 pages Six four whichever way you look at it A torturous book with about 400 pages of tedious boring detail of inter department squabbling in the Japanese police force Given the amount of excellent reviews of this book I feel I have missed some subtle underlying theme in the story It could have been a good thriller and parts do move along but overall the emphasis on department politics was just too much Further there are quiet a number of issues left unresolved The author should seek the advi [...]

  • It all seemed so simple Yoshinobu Mikami, newly appointed superintendent of Media Relations for the Prefecture Headquarters, has been ordered to prepare for the visit of the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency based in Tokyo Mikami s assignment unravels in so many ways that it s difficult to boil down.Mikami had hoped for a promotion within the Criminal Investigations Dept Instead he is under the jurisdiction of Administrative Affairs The two branches are wary of each other Howeve [...]

  • The story opens up with Mikami and his wife Minako driving to a distant police station to identify a body that is around the same age as his daughter And you immediately get sucked into their sorrow Both the relief and the distress that it isn t their daughter, glad that she isn t dead but not knowing what s happening to her It kills them and through the pages it reaches out and affects you as well I assumed that the story would continue with the search for his daughter and that is where he woul [...]

  • This was very long and very detailed The author did manage to hold my attention, although I was not often enthralled The last section really picked up in terms of excitement The list of characters is daunting The writer was amazing in terms of the tough subject matter which is largely the culture of Japan as it reflects on the police establishment Most likely it also reflects the overwhelming pressure to succeed and move ahead in professional career status in Japan I would recommend this to anyo [...]

  • Six Four is the code name for an abduction case that happened in 1968 Young Shoko was kidnapped and her parents received a ransom call Over the duration of seven days the police and the parents worked together to bring Shoko home The parents even paid the ransom money, yet the girl was never returned or found The case remains open and people never let the law officials forget their failure in the case In 2002, Yoshinobu Mikami, a cop, visits the girl s father with an agenda of his own With his o [...]

  • First things first this is a long book It might be because it s a translation I know English books translated into German end up being about 20% longer and that s why they re so often abridged slightly It s over 600 pages, so given the length you have to make a committment to it And for an English language reader you also have to concentrate to keep the similar names clear in your head.After that the straplines make you think it s a straightforward detective novel, and indeed the essence of the [...]

  • Pages and pages of endless exposition with very little actual plot in between This was barely a crime novel choosing instead to focus on the workplace politics of the press liaison team I m not sure how I got through this Leaving aside the fact that the protagonist detective solves nothing and contributes little to the movement of whatever plot there is, this was very hard to take seriously Worst of all, there is an important character called Amamiya and every time I read his name I found myself [...]

  • Convoluted Japanese crime novel Whodunnit who cares Have proved, conclusively, the Japanese crime novels are not for me.

  • Even a newbie to audio books like me knows that 24 hours of narration is a long book I d just enjoyed nine hours of a Keigo Higashino thriller, so even allowing for the narrator s thespian, over anunciate every sylable delivery, the original book must have been Tolkien in length Which would be fine if the author had a whole Middle Earth to describe rather than the poxy press department of a provincial Japanese police force, which was the setting for this yarn I set the audio on 1.5x speed and sp [...]

  • You ve changed, Mikami Od Larssona se kolem ni eho nezvedl v ranku krimi v Brit nii takov humbuk jako pr v kolem tohoto japonsk ho fenom nu berbestseller na dom c p d , hype na z pad zp soben jednou oslavnou recenz za druhou od erudovan ch zdroj a periodik, kter l kaj na dal velkou krimi v c s usazuj c pointou A st hledat n zorn j p klad medv d slu by Div k o ek vaj c strhuj c krimi thriller ve stylu skandin vsk ho noiru i n eho podobn ho se z konit sp l Zvl kdy osudov pointa kolem ztracen dcery [...]

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