The High Price of Materialism

The High Price of Materialism A study of how materialism and consumerism undermine our quality of life In The High Price of Materialism Tim Kasser offers a scientific explanation of how our contemporary culture of consumerism and
  • Title: The High Price of Materialism
  • Author: Tim Kasser
  • ISBN: 9780262611978
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • The High Price of Materialism
    A study of how materialism and consumerism undermine our quality of life.In The High Price of Materialism, Tim Kasser offers a scientific explanation of how our contemporary culture of consumerism and materialism affects our everyday happiness and psychological health Other writers have shown that once we have sufficient food, shelter, and clothing, further material gainsA study of how materialism and consumerism undermine our quality of life.In The High Price of Materialism, Tim Kasser offers a scientific explanation of how our contemporary culture of consumerism and materialism affects our everyday happiness and psychological health Other writers have shown that once we have sufficient food, shelter, and clothing, further material gains do little to improve our well being Kasser goes beyond these findings to investigate how people s materialistic desires relate to their well being He shows that people whose values center on the accumulation of wealth or material possessions face a greater risk of unhappiness, including anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and problems with intimacy regardless of age, income, or culture.Drawing on a decade s worth of empirical data, Kasser examines what happens when we organize our lives around materialistic pursuits He looks at the effects on our internal experience and interpersonal relationships, as well as on our communities and the world at large He shows that materialistic values actually undermine our well being, as they perpetuate feelings of insecurity, weaken the ties that bind us, and make us feel less free Kasser not only defines the problem but proposes ways we can change ourselves, our families, and society to become less materialistic.
    The High Price of Materialism By Tim Kasser,
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  • It s too research heavy for me I felt it was severely lacking in spirituality, which is important for me to continue on the path of simplicity I was sorely disappointed in this book I just felt as if this book was simply aimed at intellectual reading, to be specific.

  • The message of Kasser s book is simple the pursuit of riches, fame and beauty lead to a life of dissatisfaction Kasser has some excellent advice for parents towards the end of the book to help parents steer their children away from these pursuits The majority of the book does deal with the material side of these pursuits, and though I agree with the author s premise, he makes the typical mistake of jumping from condemning materialism to condemning capitalism The two have nothing in common We all [...]

  • I am currently conducting research on the relationship between consumerism, capitalism, addiction and personal spirituality I was trained in existential phenomenological psychological research methods I would add that I agree, in principle, with the goals of this book.This book wreaks of publish or perish The first seven chapters are full of junk science I call it that because what is presented as serious scientific evidence is flawed by the methodology, specifically surveys made up by the resea [...]

  • Ter ou n o ter, eis a quest o.Uma compila o dos resultados experimentais dispon veis sobre os impactos do materialismo extremo no bem estar e na felicidade do bicho humano.A partir desses resultados, Kasser descreve o poder perverso do apego exagerado ao ter Pessoas materialistas s o mais infelizes e menos satisfeitas com sua a vida que pessoas pouco materialistas O sujeito materialista se sente alienado de sua pr pria vida e sem autonomia em suas decis es, al m de objetificar as rela es pessoai [...]

  • Read, read, read This is a book that will change your view on life There were several things I didn t agree with but the good points in the book made it well worth it Being a libertarian and a big supporter of capitalism I, of course, felt that banning advertising, for example, goes against those principles But this book gave me insight into how damaging our shallow culture can truly be It forced me to look at media entertainment in a new light and reexamine the principles I want to make sure I [...]

  • I feel like a book should be than just a summary of research Or, at least, it should be an interesting summary of research This book takes hundreds of pages to say one sentence Materialism has been empirically shown to be bad for us There isn t much to it.

  • There have been numerous scientific studies on materialism often as questionnaires and clinical evaluations These studies have tested subjects from different sexes, socioeconomic backgrounds, races, cultures, educations, and ages What has been consistently found is a correlation between lower psychological physical well being and materialism.Those who value financial success, status among their peers, an urge to buy , and so on, show a higher tendency toward narcissism, social anxiety, depressio [...]

  • Easy read for someone totally against materialism like me Still i want to know if there are details I can learn A need is something a person either desires or wants that is essential to their survival, growth and functioning If these psychological needs are unsatisfied, materialism is often the result There are some possibly causes to be materialism as followed 1 Young adults from divorced families frequently become materialistic 2 If the child was raised in a poor family, they are likely to be [...]

  • An enjoyable and accessible book for anyone needing some help overcoming the societal and inevitably internal pressures of materialistic values on our well being, and how their various forms force us into the pursuit of goals that involve very little potential for fulfillment and often have no intrinsic value Although the studies justifying the general argument within the book are certainly suspect for making broad generalizations due to their size and demographics, very few of them contained co [...]

  • Reaffirms the important notion that materialism provides a degree of security and comfort, important to all, but offers only limited satisfaction and happiness.

  • A great book For me most of it was old news, but the last chapter had some great ideasementing them though.Still great if everyone got on the bandwagon

  • As a time capsule for pre Great Recession capitalism, this is a fascinating read As an argumentative piece of social science, its methods are lacking, and findings a bit contrived Not sure what this adds to human knowledge of avarice vs selflessness.

  • So I ve been reading this one for about 6 months Yeah, that seems about right I d picked up The High Price of Materialism by Tim Kasser one of Knox s own , started reading, and then never got a chance to actually sit down and read again Crazy terms ll do that to you I finally got to read in earnest over spring break and managed to find some time to finish up last night.The points that the book makes are sort of obvious, but it goes into even further detail, supporting each one and elaborating on [...]

  • i loved the topic and how research rich it was but found that same research to be a bit of an interruption to the readabilityrveral important insights gained p 9 when we focus on extrinsic values, we are seeking soured of satisfaction outside ourselves, whether in money, in the mirror, or in admiration by others in capitalistic, consumer cultures such as the United States, these extrinsic values are often encouraged as worthy because they seemingly convey a sense of success and power p 90 on adv [...]

  • Most thinking people are now aware that over consumption of the earth s resources is a both travesty and a tragedy for the environment Tim Kasser, in his book The High Price of Materialism acknowledges that fact, but examines a different sort of cost psychological Kasser contends from his many studies, that the effect of materialism on personal well being is highly negative for the individual and the community Materially motivated people are tend to be passive aggressive, to abuse intoxicants an [...]

  • Some interesting correlations between materialism and unhappiness, harm to communities, family, etc but some of the conclusions drawn from the research seem shaky I m not arguing that excessive materialism and the pursuit of huge sums of wealth aren t detrimental I m sure they are and recent studies I ve seen in the news have also supported some of those findings But the author seems to play fast and loose with definitions of materialism, and readily links correlation and causation And when he [...]

  • The main message could be condensed into one or two chapters, and that is the pursuit fixation of wealth, status, beauty and possessions is shown to correlate with depression, anxiety and overall dissatisfaction with life Moreover, once basic safety needs are met, a value centric life is fulfilling,satisfying and leads to overall happiness This is a good reminder in pursuing a value centric life but it is sandwiched between fluff that idealizes simplified communistic ways of living and altruis [...]

  • While there are many books about the ill effects of materialism on our society, the planet, and ourselves, this is the first I ve read that delves so deeply into the psychological mechanisms of a consumerist mindset This is an evidence based theory of how a focus on material possessions thwarts us from fulfilling our deeper psychological needs for security, self esteem, and a connection to others Because of all the data he presents and the pretty much straightforward writing style, I think some [...]

  • Trying to define well being is a slippery philosophical practice, but the psychologists have no trouble defining it and operationalizing it This is an interesting summary of literature that relates well being to materialistic values The most interesting part is the relationship between materialism and authenticity To dumb it down would you rather watch TV or make something of your choosing The book reads like an introduction to an important and complicated question, and it reminds me of Walden.

  • Kasser s research confirms some pretty easily observable trends, although it s a huge accomplishment to have synthesized all the data the way he has For some reason, psychologists rarely study the impacts of political and economic systems on the human mind I was looking for a book about the psychological effects of capitalism Although this work is a step in the right direction for research, it did little to illuminate anything novel for me.

  • I enjoyed the premise immensely Kasser goes to great lengths to show, using many examples of studies done in various circumstances, that materialism does not equal happiness, and that so much of our culture and society is directly at odds to finding happiness and avoiding materialism I thoroughly applaud his efforts I found the style of writing a bit dry and repetitive, but certainly appreciated the content.

  • Kasser explores the roots of materialism and the ways that it negatively influences us to forget important core values like forming intimate relationships and being involved in the community Kasser doesn t just make statements he backs them up with research This is a great book that I reread every once in a while to keep myself grounded Highly recommended

  • While I agree with the broader points that Kasser is making, I thought this was a sub par book at best His presentation of the material is tedious and some of his suggestions are just boilerplate tripe Materialism is a product of diminishing returns, but there must surely be better ways of getting the point across than this.

  • This book brings evidence to the saying Money can t buy happiness The book focuses on the negative impact having a materialistic mindset can have on you psychologically It shows how and why people develop materialistic mindsets, and it shows ways to counteract them The High Price of Materialism is an eyeopening book I highly recommend it

  • Highly academic and not a light read on the beach Well written Highly materialist people have fragile self worth, value extrinsic motivation, have less autonomy and authentic self, have poor relationships and unmet psychological needs All backed by research and studies detailed in this book The talk of discrepancy and low flow activities is really fascinating.

  • Written by researchers, presents the evidence from studies that show people with highly materialistic aspirations are unhappier than those who put less importance on materialismd why that is Interesting and potentially behavior changing read.

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