Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq

Rolling Blackouts Dispatches from Turkey Syria and Iraq An intricate investigation of how the reality of conflict gets filtered through personal political and journalistic narrativeThis work quiet but challenging plain yet beautiful exemplifies Glidden
  • Title: Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq
  • Author: Sarah Glidden
  • ISBN: 9781770462557
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq
    An intricate investigation of how the reality of conflict gets filtered through personal, political, and journalistic narrativeThis work quiet but challenging, plain yet beautiful exemplifies Glidden s skillful, sensitive reportage Library Journal Starred ReviewCartoonist Sarah Glidden accompanies her two friends reporters and founders of a journalism non profit as An intricate investigation of how the reality of conflict gets filtered through personal, political, and journalistic narrativeThis work quiet but challenging, plain yet beautiful exemplifies Glidden s skillful, sensitive reportage Library Journal Starred ReviewCartoonist Sarah Glidden accompanies her two friends reporters and founders of a journalism non profit as they research potential stories on the effects of the Iraq War on the Middle East and, specifically, the war s refugees Joining the trio is a childhood friend and former Marine whose past service in Iraq adds an unexpected and sometimes unwelcome viewpoint, both to the people they come across and perhaps even themselves.As the crew works their way through Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, Glidden observes the reporters as they ask civilians, refugees, and officials, Who are you Everyone has a story to tell the Iranian blogger, the United Nations refugee administrator, a taxi driver, the Iraqi refugee deported from the US, the Iraqis seeking refuge in Syria, and even the American Marine.Glidden How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less records all that she encounters with a sympathetic and searching eye Painted in her trademark soft, muted watercolors and written with a self effacing humor, Rolling Blackouts cements Glidden s place as one of today s most original nonfiction voices.
    Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq By Sarah Glidden,
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    Sarah Glidden was born in 1980 in Massachusetts and earned a BFA in painting at Boston University Her first graphic novel, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, was published by Vertigo Comics in 2010 and was featured in the Best American Comics series It is now published by Drawn and Quarterly, as is her second book, Rolling Blackouts, which will be released in October, 2016 Glidden has created comics for The Guardian, Ha aretz, and the Nib She currently lives in Seattle.


  • They forget that refugees are people When people think of refugees, they think of people with dirty clothes But refugees can be wealthy, Einstein was a refugee They have skills they have ideas Sarah Glidden, Rolling BlackoutsWe live in a global society, something that has been reinforced repeatedly in the months since President Trump took his oath of office As we have heard of changes to our immigration policies and watched footage of subsequent protests at airports nationwide, we are reminded o [...]

  • When I think of comics journalism, I think of Joe Sacco Incisive, self deprecating, personal, honest about his limitations No romanticizing the places, the people, respectful of sources as appropriate Rolling Blackouts is new generation comics journalism, but with similar characteristics Glidden is not a journalist, or wasn t, really, but she went along for the ride with some young journalist friends, Sarah, Alex, Jessica and Dan, an Iraq war vet who had just formed their own collective to do jo [...]

  • I was pretty lukewarm on Sarah Glidden s last book, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, so I wasn t expecting too much from this one I m happy to report that it exceeded my expectations dramatically In Rolling Blackouts, some independent journalist friends of Glidden head to Iraq and Syria to report on the post Iraq War situation in those countries, particularly as it concerns refugees Glidden comes along to report on their reporting, and this book is the result It s very valuable both [...]

  • I made it to 104 pages before I decided to DNF this.While I appreciated what this book was is trying to do, it is an absolute snore fest or at least the parts till I read were There were certain moments understated and powerful in their subtlety but the presence of the ex soldier who compared his time in the military as a time spent with friends having fun took away all and any reason I had to read this Actual people died, the majority of whom the Americans killed, in the Iraqi war and this ex s [...]

  • trying to think of someway to word how important this book has touched me without immediately erasing, then re typing, then erasing, because these emotions are too raw for me to convey in such a form

  • 4.5 Oh how I long for half star increments More later this is complicated and important

  • Ufff lo acabo de terminar, y me ha parecido incre ble Creo que deber a ser le do por todo el mundo Nos cuenta la experiencia de un grupo de estadounidenses que se desplazaron a Irak y Siria para hablar con desplazados iraqu es y con kurdos que sufrieron la invasi n de Estados Unidos y la posterior guerra civil Y lo hace desde diferentes puntos de vista, ya que en dicho grupo hay periodistas comprometidos en dar a conocer a sus conciudadanos lo que all pas , y tambi n hay un ex marine que quiere [...]

  • This book is a masterpiece From the thoughtful storyline I will be thinking about this book for a long time and its important subjects to the beautiful, delicate artwork, I was completely won over I hope it wins a Pulitzer.

  • I rate this book 2.5 because I have mixed feelings about it I was surprised by Glidden s language at times including when she calls Syria a refuge even though millions are fleeing the country.On page 225 Sarah S says And like I ve told you, my whole job is that whatever people want to say, they can say it to me I m not going to make them say anything Unless they re big, mean, bad guys And you re not a big, mean, bad guy Yet for most of the book Sarah S has been trying to get Dan to open up On 19 [...]

  • The stories of this book all take place during a 2010 trip to Turkey, Iraq, and Syria when Syria was the most stable of the places the group visits American military invasion in Iraq is the central backdrop it s really a book about how journalism is done, plus struggles with what the US has wrought in the Middle East The main characters are a group of white American journalists and a vet who served in Iraq Most of the action of the book are interviews and conversations, with only a little explor [...]

  • What is journalism How are stories retold Where do memory and truth meet These are some of the questions explored in this wonderful graphic nonfiction book This is timely read for our times, when there are unprecedented numbers of refugees and displaced people on the planet.The author is not a journalist, but goes along with two journalist friends and a former Marine, as they travel around Turkey, Iraq, and Syria trying to understand the effects of the Iraq War on the people who lived in the reg [...]

  • This was quite good Glidden accompanied a few friends, Sarah, Alex, and Jessica who formed their own journalism collective on a trip to Turkey, Syria, and Iraq to collect material for some stories dealing with the Iraq war and its aftermath Also along on the trip is Dan, an American Iraq War veteran who wants to see how the country has changed in the intervening years Sarah thinks there could be a story in his reactions and observations At the core of the book is the basic question of what journ [...]

  • Follows Glidden s journey with journalist friends of hers to the Middle East It s fascinating to read about the journalistic processes of this up and coming group of reporters How do they function as independent journalists How do they formulate and choose their stories This follows one story gathering trip from an outsiders perspective, so it was very accessible I was particularly intrigued with the way technology influenced their methods YouTube, the internet, recorders There s a lot of gear h [...]

  • Existe la independencia en el periodismo Hasta qu punto un periodista debe involucrarse en la historia que desea contar Cu l es su funci n social Tiene sentido continuar contando una historia cuando los hechos la han dejado atr s Sarah Glidden busca respuestas a estas y otras preguntas en este relato de su viaje a Iraq y Siria a finales de 2010 junto a dos periodistas y un veterano para realizar una serie de reportajes sobre las secuelas de la invasi n de Iraq, la vida de los refugiados desde pe [...]

  • This is a really fascinating and important book I think Glidden overreached a bit, and that her publisher did her a disservice by not reigning her in some, but this is still an amazing accomplishment.Here s the setup Glidden accompanies two journalist friends on a trip to the Middle East The reporters are seeking out untold stories, like those of displaced Kurds in Iraq, Iranian refugees in Turkey, and Iraqis who fled to Syria Glidden is there to investigate, essentially, how journalism works Th [...]

  • Frankly, I had doubts about Sarah Glidden s decision to use comic panels to tell the intriguing story of her visit to Turkey, Syria, and Iraq with her two journalist friends and a friend of theirs who just happened to have seen military action in Iraq as an American soldier I have read two or three graphic novels and enjoyed the way that the panels added to the overall emotional impact of the novels, but Rolling Blackouts is my first experience with graphic nonfiction I am happy to report that G [...]

  • Even after decades of U.S military involvement, the Middle East remains a mystery to many if not most people in the West In Rolling Blackouts Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, Sarah Glidden offers a work of meta journalism that chronicles the experiences of a small band of reporters as they trek through areas many of us may never visit to gather the stories of individuals impacted by U.S involvement in Middle Eastern affairs The result is an intimate view of the journalistic process, acce [...]

  • I have been a fan of Sarah Glidden since her first book on Israel and had been waiting for this book for the past 3 months Read it from cover to cover in one sitting Her constant hesitancy in approaching complex issues like the invasion of Iraq as an observer and assimilator instead of someone who holds a strong opinion is much like my own What makes the book even intriguing is that this is not just comic journalism in a war torn area like the books by Joe Sacco this is also a book on journalis [...]

  • What is journalism Sarah Glidden s latest graphic novel examines this question as it tells the story of Glidden, two friends of hers who are journalists and an ex Marine on a trip through Turkey, Iraq and Syria As potential stories are researched, and the impact of the American invasion of Iraq on the area is explored, Glidden also provides fascinating details on the journalistic profession and the challenges it faces Highly recommended.

  • Her work always has a very clean feel and excellent coloring This blend of journalism critique of journalism memoir is very profound.

  • This is a beautiful book, some combination of travel journal, graphic documentary, investigative journalism, and essay on journalism as a form of media communication Glidden travels with a small group of reporters who are working to piece together an article articles about the effects of the Iraq War in the Middle East, paricularly the experiences of refugees, Iraqi and Kurdish Accompanying Sarah Glidden, Sarah Stuteville, Alex Stonehill and sometimes Jessica Partnow is Stueville s childhood fri [...]

  • I ve enjoyed the artist s previous work I like her clean art style so I was excited to read this It gets a little lost in the weeds of journalists discussing what journalism is, but I enjoyed the nitty gritty of reporting in a foreign country It has hard to ignore that the events of this book take place before the Arab Spring, so when they visit Syria, it s a calm country that is proud of how many refugees it takes in from Iraq The book wasn t published until 2016, by which time 1 4th of all Syr [...]

  • Sarah Glidden s project is twofold to try to define journalism on her travels as an observer and to record the human fallout of the Iraq War in the region In 2010 she accompanied several journalists in the Seattle Globalist coalition, who wanted to cover stories ignored in the mainstream media, on a two month trip to the Middle East in order to document their trip Glidden is both documenting the trip and recording her own interactions hence my sobriquet docu memoir As Sebastian Meyer, an America [...]

  • The books in which I ve learned the most about the Middle East are all comics Persepolis, Palestine, and Footnotes in Gaza Now I ll add this book to the list There s something about the genre that promotes clarity and ease of understanding complex histories, and I learned about Iraq and the war and refugees than I have from any other book I m walking away from this armed with much knowledge But the book isn t just about the history of the Iraq war, it s about journalism, American identity, Ame [...]

  • Some people just aren t going to like this book because it gets into politics and NGOs and the military and such I, however, was captivated because I know practically nothing about these regions other than what I see on trending news.Four people, including the author for lack of a better word, a political cartoonist backpack it to Turkey, Syria, and Iraq to ask civilians, refugees, and officials, Who are you The result is a mix of stories, and it opens up the larger question What is journalism W [...]

  • The American author, along with two journalist friends, take an extensive trip to the Middle East, to interview people that have been touched by the Iraqi war They are seeking answers, from the other side of the fence and what they learn is conflicting and unsettling Fans of Joe Sacco, will like this approach.At 300 pages, it is a lot to take in, at times, with it s endless interviews but there is a valuable insight, to be found here, so I give this a solid recommendation.

  • En el a o 2010, Sarah Glidden viaj con dos amigos periodistas y un exmarine de los Estados Unidos por Turqu a, Siria e Iraq El prop sito de su viaje era tratar de conocer, comprender y posteriormente reflejar, a trav s de su libro y de sus dibujos, el papel del periodismo en la actualidad.Han pasado siete a os desde aquel viaje de dos meses y la situaci n en los tres pa ses visitados ha cambiado por completo Turqu a se ha convertido en una dictadura sin libertades y con el periodismo bajo sospec [...]

  • This was such a powerful read about interviewing the refugees in 2010, post Iraq War the graphic memoir format making it easier in a sense to process It solidified the fact that I am SO ignorant of all that is going on, the different perspectives, the true effects of war, and how we I am in such a bubble living in America I mean for the most part, we don t have to worry about Canada and Mexico attacking us And if the states weren t united to make the USA, it d give us a glimpse of what s going o [...]

  • It was exciting to know that a graphic novel covering the Middle Eastern conflict was coming out When I opened the package, the hardcover edition and the watercolor panels further ramped up the excitement levels But around a few pages into the work, realization struck that the work wont be working for me Glidden tags along to Turkey, Syria and Iraq with a few of her friends who had set up a media collective Through the journey, she hoped to document the American intervention and the processes he [...]

  • Sarah Glidden s graphic novel, Rolling Blackouts is a book about the author traveling with journalists to document them documenting a story in the Middle East in the 21st century She joins a crew of journalist friends who are bringing along a former soldier to document stories they found in Iraq and Syria The team interviews many Iraqis and Kurds and There s a lot that I liked about this book I found at my library I like that it was both travelogue and an examination of regional issues I love he [...]

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