Mythos Christos

Mythos Christos Alexandria Egypt AD When the great temple of Serapis and its library annex are destroyed by the Christian mob the Neoplatonist philosopher Hypatia becomes concerned the Great Library might suffe
  • Title: Mythos Christos
  • Author: EdwinHerbert
  • ISBN: 9781682229750
  • Page: 372
  • Format: ebook
  • Mythos Christos
    Alexandria, Egypt AD 391 When the great temple of Serapis and its library annex are destroyed by the Christian mob, the Neoplatonist philosopher Hypatia becomes concerned the Great Library might suffer the same fate She vows to save as much of the ancient knowledge as she can, especially certain telling documents concerning the origins of Christianity But rather thanAlexandria, Egypt AD 391 When the great temple of Serapis and its library annex are destroyed by the Christian mob, the Neoplatonist philosopher Hypatia becomes concerned the Great Library might suffer the same fate She vows to save as much of the ancient knowledge as she can, especially certain telling documents concerning the origins of Christianity But rather than merely hiding the heretical scrolls and codices in desert caves and hoping for the best, Hypatia contrives a far ingenious plan She sets up an elaborate sequence of burials, each of which is governed by actual ancient linguistic and geometrical riddles which must be solved to gain access Only one steeped in Platonic mysticism would be capable of finding and unlocking the buried secrets.Oxford, England June, 2006 American Rhodes scholar Lex Thomasson is sent to Alexandria to aid a mysterious Vatican group known only as The Commission They require a specialist in ancient languages to solve a sequence of Greek Mystery puzzles in what soon becomes evident is Hypatia s ancient treasure hunt The Oxford paleographer demonstrates his unique talents by unlocking the secrets along the trail It does not take long, however, for him to become suspicious of the Commission s true motives, and the trail becomes a trial fraught with danger.The scene alternates between the two time periods In both, assassins lurk and fanatics abound And all along, religious Faith and historical Truth struggle for supremacy.
    Mythos Christos By EdwinHerbert,
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    Edwin Herbert is president of his local freethought society, an avid reader, writer, and chess enthusiast, and he actively promotes science and skepticism He works as an optometrist in southern Wisconsin.


  • Given how much controversy Dan Brown generated with The Da Vinci Code, his scandalous suggestion of a secret marriage between Jesus and Mary was really quite underwhelming It s like suggesting that Zeus seduced Leda as a goose rather than as a swan a significant twist on the mythology for some, but a big yawn for a rest of us.While I suspect Mythos Christos is both too daring and too smart to ever generate the same level of global hype, Edwin Herbert s novel is very much the book that I had hope [...]

  • Mythos Christos is a historical treasure hunt thriller reminiscent of Dan Brown The basic premise is both simple and compelling certain ancient documents threaten to reveal that Jesus never existed The Vatican seeks to destroy this embarrassing evidence, while brave young Oxford scholar Lex Thomasson works towards bringing the truth to light This, along with historical background flashbacks, makes for a complex, engaging and intellectually challenging read My enjoyment of the book continued unal [...]

  • Quick Summary Utterly captivating Filled with action, intrigue and academics, Mythos Christos completely blew me away This book was a whirlwind from beginning to end The story took me on a temporal ride, present to past and back again The characters were both dark and light, each with his own sense of purpose I loved the originality of the story, as well as the constant air of mystery that permeated my breathing space I confess that I was delighted by the approach to antiquities Bravo Rating 5 5 [...]

  • This is a very good novel that is set in two time lines in what could be a parallel world and as the scenes unfolds in each world the tension in the story builds making it hard to stop reading I do feel that anyone who gets upset with novels about Jesus and a myth should leave this of there list, although it is easy to read and enjoy without losing any your own persona believes.I love stories set in the ancient world and Egypt is one of my favorites Set in 5th centaury Egypt, Hypatia is a mathem [...]

  • 2.75 StarsWhat an excellent premise The story was interesting and thought provoking and the author really did his research However, it would have benefited greatly from some additional content editing I am all about suspending belief but this one required just a little bit too much for my tastes Many thanks to Mr Herbert for my review copy.

  • Book Mythos ChristosAuthor Edwin HerbertStar rating No of Pages 530Cover IntriguingPOV 3rd person, multi character POVWould I read it again YES Genre Historical, Thriller, Conspiracy, Crime Mystery COPY RECEIVED THROUGH NETGALLEY FOR MY FULL REVIEW, PLEASE SEE review R1JS7 Right from the start, I was intrigued by this story The blurb and cover made me request it and I wasn t disappointed.This is PERFECT Full of realistic situations, adventure, intelligence, wit and flair when needed, it s the p [...]

  • I worked on a novel about Christian origins The Christos Mosaic for about five years I ve estimated the research required at about 7000 pages of reading, including books, articles, essays, and interviews And yet, within a few page of Edwin Herbert s Mythos Christos, I learned a remarkable fact that had I known about it earlier I would have used in my own novel It s an exceptionally ambitious thriller that not only offers a clever ancient puzzle for a contemporary Rhodes Scholar and the reader to [...]

  • A very well written novel that spans two different time periods however, the two time periods weave together a seamless story of a modern treasure hunt for ancient artifacts that may have been spared before the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria that may destroy the foundation of the Christian faith Not surprisingly, the church is attempting to obtain and destroy these artifacts each step of the way both way back then and now The present day protagonist, Lex, is a brilliant student w [...]

  • I am a huge fan of mythology As a reader, the name of this novel drew me in I immediately googled the author s website to learn about the book I also read other reviews on which just fueled my interest and curiosity.Edwin Herbert s website is packed with interesting information, research tidbits and articles, as well as an interview podcast It made me excited to get into a fictional story built around real historical figures and facts.There are two ongoing storylines One in present day and one i [...]

  • 5 Plus StarsIt s hard to believe that this is Edwin Herbert s debut novel It has such fine writing, plotting and research The scholarship is amazing This book is one of the works looking at the true origins of the Jesus story Its premise is one of the contested ideas that the Jesus of Nazareth story is one that is based in myth, not fact In the 5th Century CE Hypatia, a philosopher and mathematician of the Temple of Isis is tasked with hiding the most valuable texts scrolls of her religion whil [...]

  • I love a book that entertains I also love a book that makes me think, one that shows me places I haven t seen or presents important facts I didn t know In Mythos Christos I get it all Plus puzzles that would have Martin Gardner smiling from ear to ear And rather than seeming forced as many of Dan Brown s riddles do for me these spring naturally from surprising mathematical relationships in certain Greek myths, and also in the Gospel narrative itself The story boasts two wonderful and unusual her [...]

  • Very good readA fantastic story combining a tragic historical time and a fast paced, modern day fictional scenario As you jump from one timeline to the other, the story really draws you in Not to mention the amount of research that was put into this in order to accurately portray the archeological and historical information Edwin Herbert is definitely going on my watchlist as a promising new author I m looking forward to whatever he may release in the future.

  • It is clear from the outset that this novel has been very thoroughly researched The problem is that the research is then presented to the reader in huge information dumps that are difficult to follow and have little to do with the plot The characters behave in ways that, for me, were totally unbelievable and the protagonist is so clever, that I struggle to see him as anything other than an avatar for the author s research The sections of the novel set in the past were dealt with far effectively [...]

  • This book makes you think Lex is an archaeological student that can solve many puzzles and is hired to help solve puzzles that were left by someone from the fifth century that lead to what the Church might not like He is aided by others that he is not sure if he can trust or not This treasure hunt leads to many twists and turns Can these scrolls if found lead to some people not believing that Jesus Christ was ever born As I said before this makes you think I received this book from Smith Publici [...]

  • Edwin has an awesome way of sharing historical information that pulls the reader in to the religious struggles that were present in 400CE and how they have influenced history since Knowledge is power and when those who control knowledge can then exert their power over others If you love history, math, the results of scientific facts, and philosophy, then you ll love this book.

  • This novel is a fun way to get some philosophy, history, theology, fiction, adventure, geometry, riddles and discovery This very entertaining and enlightening novel does much to expose the sources of Christianity in older mythologies The major theme is that faith is the enemy of truth In this book that theme plays out loudly in the 4th and 21st centuries.

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