Consciousness and Its Implications (Great Courses, #4168)

Consciousness and Its Implications Great Courses It s as essential to human existence as water is to a fish Every night we surrender it gratefully only to get it back in the morning We recognize that we have it but we can never be sure anyone else
  • Title: Consciousness and Its Implications (Great Courses, #4168)
  • Author: Daniel N. Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781598032987
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Consciousness and Its Implications (Great Courses, #4168)
    It s as essential to human existence as water is to a fish Every night we surrender it gratefully, only to get it back in the morning We recognize that we have it, but we can never be sure anyone else does Consciousness, this unique and perplexing mental state, has been the subject of debate for philosophers and scientists for millennia And while it is widely agreed wiIt s as essential to human existence as water is to a fish Every night we surrender it gratefully, only to get it back in the morning We recognize that we have it, but we can never be sure anyone else does Consciousness, this unique and perplexing mental state, has been the subject of debate for philosophers and scientists for millennia And while it is widely agreed within contemporary philosophy that consciousness is a problem whose solutions are likely to determine the fate of any number of other problems, there is no settled position on the ultimate nature of consciousness.What is the most promising way to study this subject What are the implications that arise from the fact that we have consciousness What are the ethical and moral issues raised by its presence or its absence Questions like these are at the heart of Consciousness and Its Implications, 12 thought provoking lectures delivered by distinguished philosopher and psychologist Daniel N Robinson Rather than merely explain away consciousness, or hide behind such convenient slogans as it s all in your brain, Professor Robinson reviews some of the special problems that philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and doctors face when taking on such a vexing topic.What Is Consciousness Much of what we do every day is done without our being directly conscious of the steps taken to complete the task riding a bicycle, taking a walk, humming a tune But as natural as this state is, it stands as a very serious threat to any number of core convictions and assumptions in both philosophy and science One of the overarching goals of this intriguing course is to make clear just what about consciousness serves as such a challenge to these convictions and assumptions.But what makes Consciousness and Its Implications so engaging is than just the nature of the questions it poses and the issues it tackles It s the way in which Professor Robinson, the consummate teacher and scholar, conveys this goal in four main points, each of which you explore in depth in these lectures.Consciousness seems to require, for its full understanding, a science not yet available What distinguishes consciousness from all else is its phenomenology that is, the act of being conscious is different from all other facts of nature Conscious awareness is a power that, at times, can be so strong as to greatly affect our senses The powers of consciousness vary over the course of a lifetime as such, they can become subject to disease and defect.Throughout the course, Professor Robinson brings this riveting topic vividly to life with real world examples and striking anecdotes Review the case of Deep Blue, the IBM computer that in 1997 shocked the world by defeating a human, the chess grand master Garry Kasparov Does Deep Blue s ability to outsmart a human being constitute a kind of consciousness Or is it a reflection of the human minds that created this complex computer Consider the case of the sleepwalker, who moves around with purpose and mimics behaviors we see in everyday life, but can remember nothing upon awakening How does this mental state relate to human consciousness What would be lost if we lived our entire lives as sleepwalkers Study the case of a comatose patient who lives in an unbroken sleep state but, after a miraculous recovery, recalls having heard doctors speak about her How do we interpret this patient s ability to perceive the surrounding world while in a coma Does the patient s experience reflect some in between mental state we ve yet to define Look at the case of a child with autism who can perform complicated mental tasks but lacks the most basic human attribute empathy How does this inability to imagine other minds affect the child s capacity to enjoy the full experience of human consciousness Using compelling examples such as these, Professor Robinson weaves a riveting tale of the human condition that will change the way you think about your own mind.Professor Robinson also draws on the wisdom of the world s greatest thinkers from the ancient Greeks to today s top scientists to shed light on some of the ethical debates involved in any examination of consciousness These include John Locke, whose famous Prince and the Cobbler hypothesis raised questions about the relationship between one s personal identity and one s body Ludwig Wittgenstein, whose Beetle in a Box scenario holds implications for how we define consciousness both inside and outside ourselves and Aristotle, who led a pointed discussion on the relationship between the physical world and what he referred to as real being You also enter the lab and explore the impact of modern physics and medicine on our understanding of the self Pondering questions ranging from the most fundamental Why are we here to contemporary quandaries about artificial intelligence and the medical decision to prolong life, you ll gain new insights into the complexity of how great minds define consciousness.Consciousness and Its Implications is a chance for you to view this deep and profound subject from all angles A distinguished scholar in philosophy and neuropsychology, Professor Robinson incorporates many disciplines psychology, physics, philosophy, medicine to explore these abiding questions So embark on a challenging and wholly satisfying exploration of this unique, mysterious, and essential mental faculty The knowledge you ll gain in this course is not only intriguing it is crucial to understanding the nature of humanity and the social and ethical obligations that define us all.
    Consciousness and Its Implications (Great Courses, #4168) By Daniel N. Robinson,
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    Daniel N Robinson is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Georgetown University and a Fellow of the Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University.Robinson has published in a wide variety of subjects, including moral philosophy, the philosophy of psychology, legal philosophy, the philosophy of the mind, intellectual history, legal history, and the history of psychology He has held academic positions at Amherst College, Georgetown University, Princeton University, and Columbia University In addition, he served as the principal consultant to PBS and the BBC for their award winning series The Brain and The Mind , and he lectured for The Great Courses series on Philosophy He is on the Board of Consulting Scholars of Princeton University s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions and is a Senior Fellow of BYU s Wheatley Institution In 2011 he received the Gittler Award from the American Psychological Association for significant contributions to the philosophical foundations of Psychology.


  • Life is consciousness Emmet FoxI discovered Consciousness and Its Implications on a lower shelf in the philosophy section of Half Price Books It wasn t my intention to seek out these lectures, but I m a fan of The Great Courses in general and Professor Daniel Robinson in particular Plus, it didn t seem sensible to pay 134.95 to buy the course new at a later time when a used version was staring at me for 7.99.The discipline of phenomenology or the philosophy of consciousness is significantly inv [...]

  • I think the question of consciousness is an interesting one and I ve read a few books on the topic I tried listening to this lecture series once before, but gave up in favor of something immediately interesting I decided to give it another try, and since I had nothing else on hand I managed to make it through a few long drives helped the process Overall it is a disappointing work, somewhat disorganized and rambling, but also seemingly committed to exploring the idea from a very old fashioned ph [...]

  • There doesn t seem to be any structure to the course, it s of a sampling of different themes ideas experiments in the problem of consciousness My impression is that, keeping the first lesson first and the last lesson last, you could go through all other lessons randomly It is clearly beneath his two other courses The Great Ideas of Philosophy and The Great Ideas of Psychology I speak only of what I know Despite all that, it is still worth a try if you like Daniel N Robinson s style some of his [...]

  • A great course that make one think It really could have been complete with other philosophical and religious perspectives in addition to the things he mentioned in the lecture Nevertheless, it was very thought provoking and it brings one to contemplate the nature of humanity and life in general and thoughtful musing on mortality and birth The human condition is intrinsically interwoven throughout these subject and the course therefore enhances one s perspective on humanity I highly recommend th [...]

  • Mental gymnastics are a fun diversion, but when you strip away all the parts that are just debates over terminology and taxonomy the significant part of what remains should and is being addressed by hard science What can we know about the mind Plenty, lets talk to some neuroscientists Is physics complete The schools of folks debating that one are physicists on all sides disagreeing with each other and furiously doing math.Time is spent debating what can be known, instead of working to discover w [...]

  • TOTALLY excellent and informative robinson ties up many a loose end for this reader for which i am deeply grateful will be giving this audio a second and third listen thank you, dnr well done and appreciated for your effort and knowledge in this fascinating and complex matter of human consciousness

  • Along my annual reading challenge I had intent to close physics related reading by something that will smoothly shift me into the next topic, into the neuroscience I needed concise and rapid shift, thus came my decision to take Consciousness and Its Implications from professor Daniel N Robinson I rated it with 3 , and let me clear it why I ve got all I ve required It was rapid, it was concise But, what I didn t count with it was irritatingly, fiendishly brilliant A multiply time I had intent int [...]

  • I have some mixed feelings about this courseThe presentation oscillates between just touching upon the surface e.g the discussion of the Chinese room to being just right and even innovative e.g the itch twist on Marie s red color experiment.There is no specific version of conscious theories defended in these lectures but there are some important missing ideas like Dennett s multiple drafts and HOT theories.

  • There is no consensus by scientists about how consciousness comes to be It is certainly related to our physical brain, but it seems to be something than that Dr Robinson surveys a number of the current theories about consciousness and the arguments for and against these theories, without coming to a conclusion great food for thought

  • I listened to the first lecture in this course, but didn t feel the desire to wade through the other 11 Not having studied even basic philosophy, I found it too intangible, even irrelevant and I recognize that the fault here is probably with my lack of knowledge rather than the course So overall I d say this one is not for the general public.

  • Great course from one of my favorite teachers Only knocked down a star due to the extreme complexity of some of the concepts which is normal for this subject but was especially tricky in audio format.

  • Outstanding Another great course from The Teaching Company Professor Robinson is simply the best The seventy seventh albeit on tape that I have finished this year.

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