Perfectly Hopeless

Perfectly Hopeless Every summer when the willow trees blow lazily in the breeze Maven Wilder and her family go back to Portwood At one time she was sure she knew what love was She thought she was in it but not any M
  • Title: Perfectly Hopeless
  • Author: Holly Hood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfectly Hopeless
    Every summer, when the willow trees blow lazily in the breeze, Maven Wilder and her family go back to Portwood At one time, she was sure she knew what love was She thought she was in it, but not any.Maven never expected to meet Henri Levitt that summer, the brown haired, brown eyed guy that keeps to himself and is always working odd jobs Henri lives with his relativEvery summer, when the willow trees blow lazily in the breeze, Maven Wilder and her family go back to Portwood At one time, she was sure she knew what love was She thought she was in it, but not any.Maven never expected to meet Henri Levitt that summer, the brown haired, brown eyed guy that keeps to himself and is always working odd jobs Henri lives with his relatives, and to everyone, seems quiet and introverted He s happy to stay busy, and if that means little social life, that is fine by him.Nobody in Portwood thinks twice about Henri, but after an embarrassing accident at The Yogurt Hut, Maven finally notices him After meeting Henri that day, her life changes in ways she never counted on.Spending the summer with Henri shows Maven there is to life than heartbreak, and that some people do change you for the better Maven learns a lot over that summer And after meeting Henri, her life will never be the same.
    Perfectly Hopeless By Holly Hood,
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  • I loved this book It had a fabulous story line It rolled right along smoothly and that makes me a happy camper.Maven and her family spend summer in Portwood every year It s a tradition However this year isn t going to be as fun Her ex boyfriend, Jake, and his family also vacation in Portwood for the summer And Jake is a dink He enjoys hurting Maven with his new girlfriend.During one such occasion of Jake s dink ish ness She meets a newer boy to the area, Henri Henri tries to cheer her up a littl [...]

  • Hope is coming off of a bad breakup and is preparing herself to face the subject of her heartache What she doesn t expect is to find someone who can take all the hurt away, making it a distant memory Henri is sick and he doesn t have much time left His family wants him to stop being so self sacrificing and grasp at any and every opportunity that comes his way if it means a chance at another hour, day, week, month, year But Henri is tired and he can t see taking away someone else s shot at a brig [...]

  • SPOILERS Finally have the time to write a review The story was so upsetting, I just couldn t wait to write everything down It is rare that that I give a low rating of 1 to books and although this was not a horribly terrible story, I found some of the elements of the story to be so negative that no matter how many times I thought of the good things, the negative just took over After reading all the positive reviews, I had a great urge to read it I put it off a day or two since I knew it was going [...]

  • What I like about Holly Hood s books is that they are all different Perfectly Hopeless is completely different from Ink, and yet I enjoyed it so much I read the book in just a couple of hours, because I couldn t put it down.

  • Review also on Book Lovin MamasI had a chance to read Ink by Holly Hood back last year and ever since I ve adored Holly s writing style.I ve had Perfectly Hopeless waiting in my Kindle since the day it was published, but had to keep pushing it aside to read other books that were requested at the time for me to read WellI decided to put some books on hold so I can finally sit down and enjoy Perfectly Hopeless.Let s just say, my hubby s shirt whenever he was sitting near me was drenched in tears a [...]

  • 5 Stars I was given this book in turn for an honest review.Maven and her family always spend summer in Portwood unlike other years, Maven was dreading this summer When she meets Henri, he opens her eyes and mends her broken heart can Maven do the same for Henri or has fate already made its decision Holly Hood ripped my heart out with this heart wrenching, emotional, beautiful tragic story I have been left with a heart full of hope, love and sadness The tears flowed easily from my eyes as I reach [...]

  • This book had me crying, I mean seriously half way through the book with the way the turn events took I knew that something was gonna happen but I kept reading thinking wellybe the author will surprise us and something different will happen did that happen nope, and I ended up bawling like a baby Henri I loved him right away he s flirty, sweet, considerate, and not selfish, is that your subtle attempt at getting me out of my shirt so you can see my bod I mean he s really considerate, Henri grabb [...]

  • As an avid reader, I have become used to the highs and lows of emotion in my books With that said it is very difficult to spark an emotion dark enough to make me cry, but Perfectly Hopeless reaches deep enough to touch that nerve As I was blubbering I was shocked to realize this story have affected me so deeply This was a terrible story about young love and loss I was so caught up in the romance between Maven and Henri that I was blindsided we he began showing symptoms of being sick Maven nor He [...]

  • I loved this book, tears and all I cried at a few points during the book and especially at the end Maven stood by Henri through the toughest part of his life Happiness even in the roughest times, you can bring happiness to the people around you when your acts are not selfish This is a great read

  • My ThoughtsOkay, so this isn t the usual book s I review, I mostly review, well, book s that aren t fully normal, they all have something messed up in it.So I m just going to list off everything I thought of this book At first I thought this was going to be like a lot of the other Romance type book s I ve read, there s a good girl, the guy is messed up in some way, the girl changes him, and they live happily ever after No, the guys is messed up in some way, but not the way you think, but the gir [...]

  • Overall Stars 4 STARSSummer loveSecond chancesDuring a summer a girl will notice a boy and together they will find out what it means to fall in loveEvery summer, when the willow trees blow lazily in the breeze, Maven Wilder and her family go back to Portwood At one time, she was sure she knew what love was She thought she was in it, but not any.Maven never expected to meet Henri Levitt that summer, the brown haired, brown eyed guy that keeps to himself and is always working odd jobs Henri lives [...]

  • This is my first read with this author and was not sure what to expect I can say that was shock on how well the author was able to bring your emotions so strong to the front It was very well written with the emotions that when you find love hold on tight, but live your life to the fullness every day cause you will never know when it can be gone Maven is trying to get over the shock that he now ex boyfriend cheated on her With her family vacation in Portwood and to find out that Jake and his fami [...]

  • 3.25 StarsYou have been warned view spoiler It s official I do not get along with stories that do not have a HEA Yes, this is one of those books I m selfish and I want everything tied up nicely with a big red bow at the end With that said, I m so disappointed Not only that, but the incident leading to his non decision was left hanging I wanted justice to those that did this to him It was just taken away like that Ughh Yep, I m mad that it ended like that Too sad On a little brighter note, the st [...]

  • This is an amazing story about two young people who meet and discover a lot about themselves as well as each other in this tale of love and loss.Maven is nursing a broken heart, still sore from discovering her boyfriend had been cheating on her Henri is nursing an even darker secret, that he is dying.You expect this book to be a straight forward predictable love story but it is not Instead the writer takes you on a voyage with Maven and Henri as they both reach a calm acceptance about their rela [...]

  • Perfectly hopeless will leave you upset smiling and in tears, the roller coaster of emotions this book takes you on is simply amazing, you have maven a girl being put through hell by her ex when along comes Henri someone who doesn t like to get close to people, these two come together in the best way but then tragedy strikes an you feel like everything is hopeless, but love is a funny thing and we all make memories, I was left in tears after reading this book and I still can t seem to get it out [...]

  • I enjoyed reading this is what just so freaking sad My heart still hurts I just want to get over this book All in all it was a good book I tend to stay away from books I know will give me a major heartache I bought this on a whelm and read it and half way through I wanted to hate it but I couldn t He was so sweet and so charming she was falling hopelessly in love with him If you don t like books that make you cry like a big ol baby then don t read it It was a good story though I kinda hope shell [...]

  • Lovely book cover, but its contents left me with a whole lotta nothing.There were SO MANY spelling and grammatical mistakes, and I wondered whether I d gotten a bum copy that hadn t been appropriately edited Then instead of than , the use of the word any in such a way that sentences didn t make any senseI was rather disappointed in the romance aspect of this story I don t know why, but I couldn t really feel the love between Henri and Maven.At the end of the story, we were left with some loose e [...]

  • This book was amazing and I m was totally enthralled with the story The characters really draw the reader into the book with the strong emotions I was totally taken back with the brilliance of the storyline Overall if your looking for a book with a happily ever after this isn t the book for you This book is about grief and turmoil.

  • my friend recommended this book to me after she read it and absolutely loved it It didnt disappoint the story is a really beautiful one with its emotional storyline and characters this story isnt just a love story its also full of sorrow if you liked my sisters keeper and the fault in their stars this book you is for you.

  • This book is one of the few honest books I ve read about death Most of them end up with a miracle happening and a cute couple ending up enjoying forever together This book is realistic in the nicest way possible I loved how it is a story that could happen to anybody really, making me review the way I view death and love, two separate things that could be easily mixed up in a batter.

  • Started promising but I quickly disconnected Skipped pages and skimmed the ending Characters spoke weirdly for teenagers Story felt rushed The two main characters sometimes acted in ways I feltI felt were immature Quite disappointing as the story wore on.

  • So much emotion packed into one book Broken hearts from your first love Learning to move on Not being able to pick who you heart chooses Death It s all packed into this one Maven s journey through the summer touched me However, I wasn t thrilled with the ending I want happy endings.

  • Wow I couldn t put this book down It was a nice quick read I haven t cried over a book since how to kill a rock star The authors way of getting the young lovers feelings across was beautiful Can t believe this was free on

  • This book has few ratings, but it is WONDERFULL.i finished the last part this morning,crying me eyes out.The feelings,caracters,the story just sweeps you away and you feel it all,i really enjoyed it.

  • Why do I always get books with saddest stories that make me cry like a freaking baby I know it s my own fault, dammit.

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