The Girl Who Came Back

The Girl Who Came Back For readers of Diane Chamberlain and Heather Gudenkauf comes a gripping novel of suspense about a mother determined to avenge her daughter s murder no matter the cost to her husband to her family an
  • Title: The Girl Who Came Back
  • Author: Susan Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780345549570
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Girl Who Came Back
    For readers of Diane Chamberlain and Heather Gudenkauf comes a gripping novel of suspense about a mother determined to avenge her daughter s murder no matter the cost to her husband, to her family, and to herself When Jules Bright hears a knock on the door, the last person she expects to find is a detective bringing her the news she s feared for the last three years AFor readers of Diane Chamberlain and Heather Gudenkauf comes a gripping novel of suspense about a mother determined to avenge her daughter s murder no matter the cost to her husband, to her family, and to herself When Jules Bright hears a knock on the door, the last person she expects to find is a detective bringing her the news she s feared for the last three years Amelia Quentin is being released from prison Jules s life now is very different from the one she knew before Amelia shattered it completely Knowing the girl is coming back, Jules must decide what to do Friends and family gather around, fearing for Jules s safety They know that justice was never served each of them wants to make the Quentin girl pay The question is What will Jules do And which of them she or Amelia has the most to fear Praise for Susan Lewis Powerful Fresh Fiction, on No Place to Hide A real page turner Kirkus Reviews, on Too Close to Home Emotionally charged RT Book Reviews, on Behind Closed Doors
    The Girl Who Came Back By Susan Lewis,

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    was born in 1956, in Bristol My father was a Welsh miner, a poet, an engineer and a thinker My mother was one of 13 children who, at 20, persuaded my father to spend his bonus on an engagement ring instead of a motorbike We were a normal, happy, nuclear family, living in a spanking new council house on the outskirts of town my mother s pride and joy But we were going to do better, my mother had made up her mind about that My father, an unabashed communist, was writing a book, I was signed up for ballet, elocution, piano and eventually a private boarding school, and my brother, the real great love of my mother s life was going to succeed at everything he set his mind to.I was 9 and my brother 5 when my mother died of cancer She was 33, my father was 37, and he never married again.I went to the boarding school, a rogue little pupil in amongst all the posh girls, with their plummy voices, rich parents and exotic tales of faraway places I yearned for my mother and father, but it was for the best, I was told My father couldn t bring me up on his own However, I believed he could, and because no one would listen to my pleas for freedom, I took it upon myself to get expelled It took a while, and I had rather a fabulous time achieving it, and by the time I was thirteen I was back in our little council house with my father and brother.The teenage years are too painful to go into.When I was 18 I got a job at HTV in Bristol, and at 22 I moved to London to work for Thames I began as a secretary in news and current affairs, then trained as a production assistant and moved on to light entertainment and drama It was a love of drama, combined with a fierce ambition, that got me knocking on the Controller s door to ask what steps to take to become a producer Oh, go away and write something, came the reply So I did.23 books later, my only regret is that none of them have yet made it to the screen I left TV eighteen years ago to do the novelist thing of buying a house with a swimming pool in the South of France Bliss For the first summer After that came a disastrous love affair with one of the FBI s most wanted, the plunge of the pound, and the dawning realization that life full time in France was very, very different to a two week holiday frolicking around on millionaire s yachts on the sunny Riviera Sure it was glamorous, and the yachts along with the interesting people all came back in the summer, but the endless months in between were not far short of hell So, off to sunny California and Hollywood After equipping myself with a Mercedes estate for my beloved dogs Casanova and Floozie, a home in the hills complete with pool and perfect sunsets every night, I set about completing the obstacle course of cowboy agents, big talking producers and wannabe directors Once I realised that Hollywood was NOT waiting for me, I put the struggle behind me and from thereon life in Tinsel Town became just plain thrilling From star studded screenings and glitzy parties, to moonlit dinners on the beach and edgy nightclubs, it was the perfect town to be single George Clooney was my neighbour, Jennifer Anniston, Charlize Theron and Julianne Moore shopped in the same places, Nick Cage was a guest at my house, and Steve Martin was a regular on our dog walks Romances flourished and faded, some dreams came true and others were crushed After seven happy years of taking the best from Hollywood and avoiding the rest, I had to face up to the fact that I was losing touch with being English I needed a fix of my own country, so once again my dogs and I were on the move We returned to Wiltshire for two years where making the adjustment from Manolo Blahniks to Wellies, cocktails at sunset to nights in by the fire, and no glittery invites to liven up the mail proved too crushing for a still young and lively spirit We are now back in the South of


  • In her heart she knew what Aileen was thinking, it was what she was thinking too, but neither of them was prepared to speak the words aloud in case fate overheard and turned them into an unthinkable reality This is the story about family tragedy.This is the story about shattered lives.This is the story about injustice.This is the story about the girl who came back.Starting this novel with a prologue, Susan Lewis introduces Amelia to us as a nine year old girl, but even from those few pages we ca [...]

  • The Girl Who Came Back by Susan Lewis is a 2016 Ballantine publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This remarkable story delves into the raw emotions a couple endures after their only child is murdered, but also paints a portrait of a cold, calculating sociopath in Amelia Quentin that will send chills down your spine, while examining the effects the crime has on an entire community, but also adds just a little touch of fantas [...]

  • A friendship goes wrong leading to every parents worst nightmare Jules is devastated to discover someone from her past is about to be released from jail This story jumps from past to present so that you get to know its background and the friendship of Daisy Amelia.This is the 1st book I have read by the author and I will be reading in the future.I would like to thank net galley, random house uk cornerstone and the author Susan Lewis for my arc in exchange for an honest review

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this read which although it is set in Kesterley and quite heavily features Andee Lawrence from Behind Closed Doors is a standalone novel Amelia Quentin is being released from prison and is on her way back and that news is not welcome to Jules and the rest of the Bright family But, the question is why The story is told in dual time starting in the present when Jules receives the news, with flashbacks with trace the history of Jules marriage to Kian and their life over the las [...]

  • A special thank you to Random House and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Susan Lewis returns followingToo Close to Home 2015 with another gripping edge of your seat psychological domestic suspense THE GIRL WHO CAME BACK a family s idyllic life, shattered in a million pieces A mother s desperate need for justice for her daughter, from a twisted evil monster, infiltrating their lives MIND BLOWING Prologue As the book opens we meet Amelia briefly A nine year old disturbed girl, [...]

  • I had to keep coming back to this book and for me it was just a difficult and frustrating read I really wanted to like the story but it just got too complicated and by the end I simply didn t care what happened to any of the characters The book jumps around in time with no obvious indication of which situation you are in until you have read through enough to place it in time Jules gets a knock on the door and it is an ex policeman informing her that her daughters murderer is being released from [...]

  • I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 starsThis was a very well told story with a unique storyline I have a tendency towards family dramas but this one did disappoint a bit It was pretty suspenseful and kept you wanting to turn the pages, but there were plot holes and some of the characters were either unrealistic or unnecessary There were a few downsides, which is why I rounded down to 3 stars and not up to 4 The first was that there were entirely too many cha [...]

  • I normally love Susan Lewis books but have to admit I really struggled with this one The story of Jules and how one day a knock at the door brings back old fears when she finds out a girl from her past is being released from prison I nearly gave up at one point as I found it too confusing, too many characters and not sure whereabouts in time the narrative was I know that fans will buy this and will hopefully enjoy it but for me it wasn t one of her best.I received a copy of this book via netgall [...]

  • Prior to reading The Girl Who Came Back my only experience of Susan Lewis was Behind Closed Doors which left a favourable impression and made me wonder how I had never picked up one of this authors books before Sadly The Girl Who Came Back was a brutal reminder of why I typically avoid these schmaltzy and overly sentimental novels aimed firmly at a female audience Packed with a boatload of shiny, happy people loving their lives and positively bubbling over with enthusiasm and philanthropic gener [...]

  • I have been reading Susan Lewis for years and my very first review on nearly 10 years ago was one of her books I always enjoy them but every now and then one comes along that I struggle with and sadly this was one of them In the beginning we see glimpses of Amelia and instantly it becomes apparent she is no ordinary child and if that continues she may well become a very disturbed individual Jules then becomes the main focus of the story and we see her struggle to come to terms with the news she [...]

  • This review was originally posted on Between My Lines It has been a few weeks since I read The Girl Who Come Back by Susan Lewis but now that I m flicking through the book again to gather my thoughts for this review, all the feels are rushing back to me I got attached to these characters and the pain they endured was palpable First Line of The Girl Who Came Back by Susan Lewis It wasn t right to feel this way My Thoughts on The Girl Who Came Back by Susan Lewis This book is so emotionally charge [...]

  • I have always been a big fan of Susan Lewis, I know her name doesn t necessarily spring to mind when you think of a crime author, but The Girl Who Came Back certainly fits into this genre As the book opens the reader gets the first glimpse of Amelia, and it also hints at the woman she will become From the opening chapter I had goose pimples every time Amelia s name was mentioned, as a child she is described as sullen and sly, but as she grows up and ingrains herself in Jules and her daughter Dai [...]

  • Review by ireadnovels.wordpressCan you ever escape your past Nine year old Amelia very sadly had no sense of humour She didn t speak much either at least not to her mother Amelia was a dreadful child Young Daisy lived at the Mermaid pub that her parents had bought Strange things start to happen in the Mermaid Inn, there is the ghost of Ruby a little girl who lost her life in a fire in the Mermaid public house Jules found the news in the late nineteenth century edition of the Kesterly Chronicle D [...]

  • Couldn t get on with this book It feels contrived and the characters are too 2D for my liking with not enough background story I find myself not caring about them or what happens to them.Abandoned Life is too short to force myself to read something that I m not enjoying.

  • Jules learns that Amelia, the young woman who killed her daughter Daisy, is about to be let out of prison after two short years With no shortage of people who want Amelia dead, both Jules and Amelia have something to fearE GIRL WHO CAME BACK takes a wonderfully delicious plot and destroys it with one dimensional characters Amelia has no redeeming qualities from toddlerhood while Daisy is the most perfect child to ever walk the planet Susan Lewis bogs down the plot with useless backstory about Ju [...]

  • A rollercoaster which stopped halfwayYeah that was totally what i felt after readingI kept on reading to find that closure to wrap things up Guess i could not find it Having said that, this book was really like an addictive drug The plot kept me going on to find our where and what happened Everything was thrilling except the starting and ending This book started off pretty confusing because there were just too many names and i was trying to get a hold of who was the bad person I was confused The [...]

  • I have never read a Susan Lewis novel before but I always spot her novels in shops and online as my mum has been a huge fan of the author for quite some time now So I was extremely excited when Louise Page got in touch and offered to send me two of Susan s latest novels prior to their release date and I especially couldn t wait to start The Girl Who Came Back after reading the mysterious blurb When I first began the novel I wasn t sure if it felt a bit slow but as I was so intrigued by the blurb [...]

  • This is the first book by this author that I have read Usually a literary fiction reader, I do occasionally dabble in genre and general fiction and some in that category is superbly written with a fast moving plot, excellent dialogue and overall structure Girl on a Train is a great example This book is not one of those, unfortunately The narrative fell down with too many flashbacks that felt forced for the sake of the plot the characters were poorly observed, sketchy and at times, full of cliche [...]

  • I thought the characters really lacked depth and some of their reactions rang false, eg when Jules let Amelia in to talk to her Just weird The ending was rushed as other people have also mentioned in their reviews.One of the most annoying things about the book was the trial which was very disjointed and unrealistic in terms of the way the prosecution ran the case It just did not ring true at all especially the outcome for Dean At this point I really felt the book was not great but I was too far [...]

  • Thanks to Net Galley Random House for an ARC of this book Wow What a great read The story keeps the reader guessing right to the end Glen Jean are a childless couple Glen is sacked from the bank when images of porn are found on his computer though this is not what he tells Jean Jean is a hairdresser does what ever her husband tells her Dawn is a single mum the mother of Bella the little girl who goes missing Bob Sparkes is the detective in charge of the investigation finding Bella Will he find B [...]

  • Too many characters in first few pages to make me want to read on Nonetheless, I persisted to find the first half of the book sugary sweet with too good characters and a happy ever after unrealistic scenario The last half was over not believable in many senses eg victims mother inviting her daughters murderer into the house Also, the ending was a bit to happy here after and all things fall into place I could have given the ghost part a miss

  • Jules Bright had it all and lost it thru no fault of her own Her family is no longer and all because Amelia Quentin took the one thing that meant the most to Jules and her husband, their daughter Daisy Now Amelia is being released from prison to return to the same town Jules still lives in and it is as if Jules is experiencing the death of Daisy all over again Page turner Great read I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.

  • This book was much better than I expected it to be At first it was a little hard to get into it, because the timeline wasn t clear, but after about 50 pages I got the hang of it and had no problems with that I really liked how Susan Lewis managed to describe the characters emotions so well that I felt them as my own As a psychological thriller The only type of thriller I like it reminded me of Gillian Flynn s books, except for the ending, of coarse.

  • This book started out to be very intriguing, then quickly developed into of a family drama than a suspense story Large parts of the book focus on the family members and there are a lot of them Hard to keep track of the relationships.The suspense plot is a good one, which did keep me reading, but I would recommend this book to people who enjoy the family interactions as the main focus of the story.

  • Really enjoyed this book,another great one for susan,had me hooked from first off,highly reccomend could not put down x

  • a heartbreaking and scary story of a friendship that has gone badly wrong it kept me in my toes as Susan Lewis threw some surprises into the plot.

  • BrillantAnother beautifully written story by Susan Lewis Great plot and truly lovable characters Definitely recommend don t forget the tissues

  • Must say that this book was a huge disappointment as I m a great fan of Susan Lewis I was incredibly impatient as to find out what had actually happened to the daughter and the author seemed to drag it out for no apparent reason except to fill words as it didn t actually keep me in suspenseI just kept thinking get on with it Also for a Lewis novel there were too many characters and incidental side stories that actually bore no relevance to the main story and I was left wondering why they had bee [...]

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