Winter Kill

Winter Kill Clever and ambitious Special Agent Adam Darling yeah he s heard all the jokes before was on the fast track to promotion and success until his mishandling of a high profile operation left one person
  • Title: Winter Kill
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781937909284
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winter Kill
    Clever and ambitious, Special Agent Adam Darling yeah, he s heard all the jokes before was on the fast track to promotion and success until his mishandling of a high profile operation left one person dead and Adam On the Beach Now he s got a new partner, a new case, and a new chance to resurrect his career, hunting a cruel and cunning serial killer in a remote mountaiClever and ambitious, Special Agent Adam Darling yeah, he s heard all the jokes before was on the fast track to promotion and success until his mishandling of a high profile operation left one person dead and Adam On the Beach Now he s got a new partner, a new case, and a new chance to resurrect his career, hunting a cruel and cunning serial killer in a remote mountain resort in Oregon Deputy Sheriff Robert Haskell may seem laid back, but he s a tough and efficient cop and he s none too thrilled to see feebs on his turf even when one of the agents is smart, handsome and probably gay But a butchered body in a Native American museum is out of his small town department s league For that matter, icy, uptight Adam Darling is out of Rob s league, but that doesn t mean Rob won t take his best shot.
    Winter Kill By Josh Lanyon,
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    Bestselling author of over sixty titles of classic Male Male fiction featuring twisty mystery, kickass adventure and unapologetic man on man romance, JOSH LANYON has been called arguably the single most influential voice in m m romance today Granted, that was yesterday.Today Josh s work has been translated into nine languages The FBI thriller Fair Game was the first male male title to be published by Harlequin Mondari, the largest romance publisher in Italy The Adrien English series was awarded the 2nd Annual All Time Favorite Male Male Couple by the M M Group Josh is an Eppie Award winner, a four time Lambda Literary Award finalist for Gay Mystery, and the first ever recipient of the Favorite M M Author Lifetime Achievement award Josh is married and lives in Southern California.


  • 3.5 stars Review posted June 4, 2015In a nutshellAfter having messed up a high profile case, FBI agent Adam Darling has got a new partner and another chance to put his career back on the track of success, sprinkled with letters of commendation When he arrives at Nearby, a small, remote resort in cold and wintry Southern Oregon to hunt down a serial killer, he finds than dead bodies and bones He also meets a man who, behind his goofy attitude, might prove to be a real, warm and steady home But, [...]

  • Another excellent mystery from Josh Lanyon right until the end I d still recommend this to everyone, but the ending is frustratingly abrupt.P.S 4 stars for Lanyon is 5 stars for anybody else She s another victim of my rigged rating system along with Amy Lane I expect from them than I do other authors It s not fair, but them s the rules.

  • Written June 12, 20154.3 Stars A great new JL crime I m just a big smileYay, yay yay One of my absolute favorite M M crime authors Josh Lanyon published this new novel a week ago I hoped for an audiobook as well in June but I couldn t find any information there is any yet or soon Rosa, Sofia and a bunch of girls started a buddyread this Monday I don t have time for buddyreads right now but I couldn t resist I joined and read in my own slow snail speed one or two hours a day AND it was a goooood [...]

  • 2.5 stars rounded up for Lanyon.spoilers, probablystery 5conclusion to mysteries 2 really wrapped up with oh, and ps ending 1romance 2characters 2 I felt like the secondary characters were the stars of this showepilogue going to pretend I never read itnot the best lanyon i ve ever read a bit of sadness for a story i was looking so very forward to reading i thought it was one of the most interesting mysteries i ve read in a while, but the usual lanyon romance wasn t there for me, and the wrap up [...]

  • This is one Lanyon book that I have waited for awhile But the release date was pushed several times, so I tried to tone down my expectation First chapter in and I was pretty excited As I went along, I thought this had a VERY GOOD built up on the mystery front What can I say, I can be really demanding on body counts when it comes to story about serial killers Heck, I don t even mind a mystery book without romance Good mystery can sometimes trump romance Maybe it s a left over from my childhood re [...]

  • Welp, I was all set to complain about this book, yet still give it 4 stars for enjoyability, when a friend pointed out that it was inspired by all the Nordic mysteries Lanyon s been reading lately And I thought, oooooooh, okay Now many of the things that seemed odd in Winter Kill make sense Nordic mysteries, like the books of Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbo and Maj Sjowall, are filled with miserable people usually men who survive on nothing but coffee, alcohol and their own manpain to see them through [...]

  • This was ok.As much as I complain about Lanyon s shorts not being long enough, I m not entirely sure that his style works with longer books At least maybe just not with this one.I like Adam Darling, the FBI agent with a mistake in has past that breeds a bit of a chip of uncertainty on his shoulder.I like Robert Haskell, the small town cop with a bleeding heart.I just didn t entirely connect with either of them and in turn with them as a couple.But this I could probably get past.Throw in the myst [...]

  • The comfort of being in capable hands that surety is what Lanyon promises If there s one thing that I somehow always seem to underplay in my mind and be so pleasantly surprised is how well Lanyon crafts a story, peppering in details, adding layers so smoothly That isn t to say that it was a perfect read, in fact, the start made me stumble Not the prologue, it was great, but the first scene was had me tripping up As soon as I got on board it was a swift race to the end Frankly, I was a bit surpri [...]

  • Hmm complicated mystery with lots going on, perhaps too much Great potential but ultimately got wasted with the brush off conclusion Characters I didn t fully invest in but that had potential if only they weren t outshone by the side players Mediocre romance if you can call it that, and an ending out of nowhere.Sounds pretty damning but I m tired, I ll sleep then think on it and review properly Right now I m disappointed, so much wasted potential EDIT thoughts below On thought I m still disappo [...]

  • I think in my M M books I need substance and story than just sex and cock Why Not sure I finished an M M book yesterday and gave it 3.75 upped to 4 stars Then I read this book and really, the writing calibre was way better here Had to downgrade the book yesterday to a straight 3 stars Clever and ambitious, Special Agent Adam Darling yeah, he s heard all the jokes before was on the fast track to promotion and success until his mishandling of a high profile operation left one person dead and Adam [...]

  • 3.5 Stars One never can be disappointed with Lanyon s mystery books.Winter Kill, was loaded with mystery crime right until the very end, I really quite enjoyed the story, it was like solving a puzzle But, it was lacking a bit a lot of romance now, yes, to some it might not be a big of an issue but to me it really was i wanted romance, to the point i started to get greedy When it comes to books i really love when there s a balance it just makes the story so much enjoyable and this book was lacki [...]

  • Not Lanyon s best work, but still pretty good.Possible spoilers below.The mystery suspense, as always, was very good The plot kept me guessing, and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next When I was reading Winter Kill late last night, I had to put it down at one point to go make sure that I d locked the doors I think if a murder mystery makes me question whether I m safe in my own home, it s doing its job right So, all the stars for the plot.However, the romance was less [...]

  • Man, I fucking love serial killer books For real But, I don t know if this was supposed to be a serial killer book, a mystery or a romance I am thinking it was all three but my brain could only focus on one.Serial killers, bring em I totally digged the mystery but not so much the romance Yes, this is Lanyon Yes, I get itBut, I don t know Fangirl that I am has lots of thoughts I think I should sleep on it I m gonna give it a tentative rating for now with Mish

  • Lots of bones.I found it for several reasons a different Lanyon than usual or it might be the case that I have not read a Lanyon in a while view spoiler Rob is not cast in the usual Lanyon model And I liked that, variety is good The story between Rob and Adam is left rather open in the end and I like the thought of possibilities I know that we do denigrate inst love but in reality we do do insta attraction that s how most of us work and then we either decided to go further or to abandon In a lot [...]

  • Not much to say about Winter Kill except that I liked it I mean, there is nothing especially extraordinary here but you still get a mystery if you are a fan you won t be disappointed and a bit of romance in case you expect than a bit, you will be disappointed I didn t mind the insta thing Adam and Rob had because that kind of attraction exists.

  • I can t believe this is Lanyon book.I am a huge fan of Josh fan in a I don t think I ever gave his book anything less than 4 way, so this caught me by surprise.One thing I like about Lanyon books is how she always finds that perfect balance between mystery and romance subplot romance and mystery just blend perfectly to tell a story.Here, it was like romance and mystery got in each other s way.Mystery has very good premise and pretty damn nifty idea for resolution, but delivery was clunky The we [...]

  • This was a bit different from the classic Lanyon yarn lighter in tone, with surprising dashes of humor that you don t typically get well at least the ones I ve read so far Regardless, Lanyon s an author whose usual MO goes without too much complaint.So I m sure this review reads like all my others because you ve got all the requisite JL ingredients Law enforcement MC s Initial dead body that leads to dead bodies Lust and attraction that just scratches the surface dammit with a smidge of smex an [...]

  • I m not really a Lanyon fan, but if you are, this book is only 0.99 today at US 3 20 16

  • Enjoyed reading the newest John Lanyon novel No one writes crime mystery M M romances like the creator of Adrien English.Recommended.

  • This was an interesting mix.It often felt like it wasn t taking itself too seriously, the story, and I so enjoyed that It was most evident in Rob s character, but also in humor exhibited in general throughout.When it came to the mystery s , they were rather strongly built, with unique detail that kept me guessing without it wandering into frustration landia.Neither Adam nor Rob are on their first trip around the block of life and that also made things interesting, and funny, and believable When [...]

  • Josh Lanyon is my all time fave author and I hang on tender hooks for whatever instalment or story is dished out So, how do I write a review that contains a little hint of disappointment for a book I was so looking forward to reading For me on this occasion the two main characters lacked depth and chemistry The initial romance scene just felt flat and left me wanting That never really arrived I had actually convinced myself that the story would be fine based on just the mystery element alone H [...]

  • Excellent, intriguing mystery, kept me on my toes throughout, and it was such fun to play around with theories I enjoyed the juxtaposition of darker elements are those woods scary or what with the subtle humor, and an entertaining cast of characters I love how the relationship between Rob and Adam builds up slowly as they get to know each other, adjust to each other s expectations, becoming confident in themselves and their abilities I found Rob s character refreshing goofy, playful, charming i [...]

  • I really liked Winter Kill which has been languishing in my huge To Read pile for well, far too long I loved the murder mystery element of the story and how it doesn t all come together until almost the final scene Josh Lanyon created a fascinating set of characters in Winter Kill as well as the small mountain community with a rash of murders, both old and new The romance between Rob and Adam wasn t front and center and I liked how it didn t end up in a neatly wrapped package of HEA and tranquil [...]

  • 3.5 STARSAnother murder mystery by Josh Lanyon, but not his best It was different from his usual books in this genre, it was a lot serious and the playful banter he usually mixes in with great balance is not in this book It felt too crammed and rushed with too much packed into such a small book It ended like someone physically slammed it shut in my face There was too much left untold Rather meh and I love Josh, so I was shocked at how this endedThere was than ample content to keep you interest [...]

  • This is one of my all time favorite Josh Lanyon stories, plus I love Gomez Pugh, so it was double the pleasure to do the audio version of Winter Kill.Besides how much I love Adam and the fact that he s Tucker s ex this really is a great mystery So many great twists and turns, plus the ending Love it It s also really fun after The Mermaid Murders and The Monet Murders to get to see this side of Sam and by that I mean not acting like a total dick.That was so great

  • I m a newly converted Josh Lanyon fan, or fanyon as we are affectionately known So, while I m still discovering this author s backlog of work, I still managed to to get caught up in the hype and excitement of waiting for his new release, Winter Kill And I wasn t disappointed Not even a little bit though some fanyons were.Before I get to that though, I want to take a moment to admire the front cover Don t judge a book and all that, except I totally would and, even if I d never read a Lanyon in my [...]

  • 3.5 Stars Dead bodies galore, mystery and dioramas Must be a visit with Josh Lanyon When Deputy Sheriff Rob Haskell meets FBI Agent Adam Darling, the heated stares and sparks fly Throw in old and new murders with simmering tensions between the big bad FBI and small town ways you have a page turning mystery on top of mystery on your hands I loved the twists and turns of this story So many turns Perhaps one too many, but I was in all in I just held on and clicked and clicked Getting lost in the la [...]

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