Mercy Street

Mercy Street A tender sweet and funny novel from bestselling novelist Tess Evans A delightful sweet and funny novel from bestselling novelist Tess Evans MERCY STREET tells the heartwarming story of curmudgeonly
  • Title: Mercy Street
  • Author: Tess Evans
  • ISBN: 9781460751046
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mercy Street
    A tender, sweet and funny novel from bestselling novelist Tess Evans.A delightful, sweet and funny novel from bestselling novelist Tess Evans, MERCY STREET tells the heartwarming story of curmudgeonly pensioner George, who, since his wife s death three years ago, is living a life that is no than the sum of his worn out, washed out days While his marriage to Pen wasA tender, sweet and funny novel from bestselling novelist Tess Evans.A delightful, sweet and funny novel from bestselling novelist Tess Evans, MERCY STREET tells the heartwarming story of curmudgeonly pensioner George, who, since his wife s death three years ago, is living a life that is no than the sum of his worn out, washed out days While his marriage to Pen was a happy one, they never had children, so his life has narrowed to trips to the shop, occasional visits from his bossy sister Shirl and afternoons in the pub with his old mate Redgum.But one day, everything changes when Angie, a nineteen year old single mother, unexpectedly saves his life George grudgingly acknowledges his debt to her, and later, when Angie asks for a favour, he has no choice but to agree Gradually George s life begins to blossom, until Angie s fecklessness unexpectedly sets him on the wrong side of the law It takes all of his love and courage, and friends both old and new, for George to deal with a very unexpected turn of events.A novel about mistakes, accidental families, and the transformative power of love, from the bestselling author of BOOK OF LOST THREADS, Tess Evans.
    Mercy Street By Tess Evans,
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    I was raised in the Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill and now live among the trees in Eltham I am married with three grown children and four grandchildren I love to travel, my most intense experiences being walking the Inca Trail and riding a camel in the Sahara desert Something about my working life I don t holiday all the time I worked in schools, full time at first, and then as an emergency teacher when my children were small When they started school, I moved to TAFE were I began as a teacher, then manager of programs for long term unemployed This was a very satisfying part of my life we did some great work in those programs When the funding was withdrawn, I worked in the money making area a challenge, but not as rewarding personally My job required a lot of writing tenders, reports, curriculum even advertising, but it wasn t until I took early retirement that I was able to tap into the stories and poetry that were waiting somewhere in my head Beginning with poetry, I was delighted to win a prize with a poem I had submitted to a competition Then I won an encouragement award for a short story I had no idea how encouraging those encouragement awards can be Along the way, I joined a writers group and began to attend a class at my old TAFE Again, I was overwhelmed by the support I received from these people I was a late starterMy first novel, Book of Lost Threads, was published by Allen and Unwin in 2010 My second novel, The Memory Tree was published in March 2012 The third is a work in progress, and will give me the excuse to visit the Darling Downs Book of Lost Threads was published the year I turned sixty so it s never too late The Memory Tree is Tess Evan s second novel Her first, the bestselling Book of Lost Threads, was published in 2010 and was shortlisted for the Indie Awards, 2011 Previous to her writing debut, Tess taught and counselled a wide range of people youth at risk, migrants, Indigenous trainees, apprentices, sole parents and unemployed workers of all ages and professions Her experience with people is clearly visible in her humane, compassionate writing.


  • Every night for nearly fifty years Pen s head lay on that pillow He loved the way, in the early days, her hair spread across the white slip like marmalade, glowing with the colour of oranges and sunshine Mercy Street is the third novel by Australian author, Tess Evans Seventy six year old widower George Johnson leads a pretty quiet life Not a lot happens He endures impromptu visits from his slightly older and still very bossy sister, Shirl About the only thing he looks forward to, now that Pen i [...]

  • Just loved this story Highly recommend this as a great novel to read The characters are incredibly presented and the story is very moving Brilliant writing with everything flowing smoothly and keeping you captivated I wanted to get to the end but at the same time I didn t want it to end Brought tears to my eyes Thank you to Tess Evan for another fantastic book to read.

  • Tess Evans latest novel Mercy Street is a tender and delightful read.In the middle of being mugged on the way back from the shops, George Johnson is rescued by Angie, a young unemployed single mother of five year old Rory.George feels he owes Angie for saving his life so he lets Angie and Rory move in and finds he isn t lonely any Although he is fed up with his annoying house guests For Angie the world seems to be a good place when you re sleeping between clean sheets in a situation that has mag [...]

  • Nice way to finish the year with Tess Evans latest release A highly enjoyable read allowing the reader time to contemplate and understand each character s dilemma, even if you didn t like or agree with the choices they made A story for our times as Tess Evans highlights sometimes good enough just has to be good enough and that maybe we sit in judgement a little to much Empathy, understanding and common sense is often all that s required.

  • I would give this book 6 stars if I could The story started slowly, and then built up speed I was sure I had figured out how the story was going to go, and to keep the car metaphors going, the brakes were slammed on, and the driver made friends with opposite lock This new direction was a compelling story, and made it almost impossible to put down, and just when I m enjoying where the story is going, another extremely jarring turn and plot twist builds up to a heart wrenching climax The resoluti [...]

  • A fantastic Australian general fiction read about love in all it s forms I loved reading about George, Redgum, the Nguyens and little Rory It was a heart warming story, full of growth, fun and learning The characters were beautifully wrought, it was perfectly paced and, well, I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend

  • I loved this book It was basically a charming story about a sweet old man, an energetic child and her footloose mother The story unfolds as relationships develop and George the old man reflects on his life No real highs or lows, but the author develops the characters well and the plot is solid enough that you want to read on and find out which path the character s lives take.

  • This is a deceptively simple book It really drew me in and I felt very empathetic for all the characters Enjoyable Australian read 3 1 2 stars.

  • It s all give and take, he says In the end, that s what life is George Johnson is an old pensioner who dreads Alzheimer s and is constantly reflecting on life before he lost his wife Pen Angie is a young single Mum who is still a child in many ways, making bad choices, using people and dating the wrong guys Rory, Angie s young daughter is always caught up in her mother s bad choices and is in desperate need of stability When Angie gets up and leaves Rory living with George, he gives her that sta [...]

  • Every so often you come across a book that pulls you into its community You find yourself hanging out with a collection of fictitious people that remind you so much of real people that you know, in real places that you go, that it becomes hard to finish the book and move on Mercy Street is exactly this type of book The story telling is entirely engaging with a beautifully Australian feel to it that is impossible not to appreciate Mercy Street tells the story of an accidental relationship between [...]

  • Went back and forth deciding if this book was 3 or 4 stars is book really makes you think Most reviews I read before starting this book made me think I was going to be reading a story that would be heartwarming For 3 4 this is true while I understood the outcome of certain parts it wasn t what I wanted for the characters and I struggled with my own moral compass on what I regard as acceptable or understandable and non acceptable decisions there are 2 sides to this story and I think people will b [...]

  • Mercy Street is a novel that needs quiet consideration It s easy to read but not easy reading at times There will be conflicting opinions given the perspective that a person is coming from Evans remains quite neutral in her role as narrator which is exemplary given the hot topics under discussion It s a thought provoking and a poignant tale set in modern day Australian suburbia The thought comes unbidden and he pauses before continuing It s all give and take, he says, In the end, that s what lif [...]

  • 4.5 I enjoyed this it took a twist I was certainly not expecting partway through I think I struggled about what to say in a review initially, and now I ve left it a little too long to write one, because I can t remember a lot about it Other than that I was expecting something a little like A Man Called Ove, and it kind of was, but then it went beyond that.

  • This is a heart warming, sad and tender story of how love transforms our lives, of what makes a family, of loyal friends and neighbours, and of difficult choices The writer gets right into the heart of George s character and whether you agree with what he does or not, you can understand how he is torn between his love for the child and his need to do the right thing by her I love how the writer describes his relationships, the sparse language, the deep understanding, the effects of old age and p [...]

  • An easy, fast read, enjoyable but I had the thought that it couldn t end well almost the whole way through Set in Melbourne with recognisably Australian characters I love that George became a reading mum Couple of tears on the last page, in the wrap up of the story.

  • Really enjoyed this book An older man gets a whole new life when his path crosses that of a teenage girl and her young daughter I enjoyed reading a book with an unlikely main character, who attempts to do the right thing but makes mistakes along the way.

  • Not a perfect book, but the women in our book club loved it and it led to a lot of discussion There are issues throughout the book as a grandfatherly type or he learns to be grandfatherly takes on the care of a child whose mother abandons her daughter for a significant time Modern life overtakes our elderly hero and he is subjected to trolling, various sympathetic and antoginsitic internet groups, and serves his time His sister is a great character, and the mother is not without redeeming traits [...]

  • 4 A wild child young woman chases off a couple of young thugs who are robbing and attacking an unsuspecting old bloke in a Melbourne suburb George, 76, meet Angie, almost 20 Turns out, Angie is only half of a package, the other half being her almost 5 year old daughter Rory, Aurora Jane, if you will , who is nervous, silent, suspicious They ve moved around a lot during Rory s short life and Angie sees George as a likely place to crash for a while.George is a sad widower with a bossy older sister [...]

  • Mercy Street defies expectations.When the cantankerous George increasingly apathetic since the death of his wife three years ago is rescued from a group of young hooligans by nineteen year old single mother Angie, the grateful George offers to one day return the favour, not quite expecting that day to come around so soon Because mere weeks later, Angie shows up at his home on Mercy Street with her five year old daughter, asking to stay with him, just until she can get back on her feet What else [...]

  • Mercy Street by Tess Evans George Johnson is a seventy six year old widow who lost his wife to cancer after being married thirty some years He is grieving her loss while also experiencing the loss of independence due to entropy While he was walking home he was mugged by two young thuds but he is saved by a young women who chased them away making him feel even decrepit The women s name was Angie and she had a five year old daughter and needed a place to stay George is soft hearted and invites th [...]

  • While never a big fan of contemporary fiction, I adored this book From the stubbourness of George who I could not help but compare to Carl Fredrickson from Up , to the undisciplined but potential filled Aurora Jane Rory and her independent single mother Angie I loved the realness of the people, circumstances, and heart breaking decisions The characters grow and develop before your eyes, as you are drawn into the life changing dilemmas faced by George along with the nagging advice from sister Shi [...]

  • I found this book very thoughtful quite beautiful, as the story explored the thoughts feelings of an old grieving man, who unexpectedly suddenly finds himself in a grandfather role The story became something of a thriller, causing me to continue reading into the late night hours, eager to discover what would happen In the end, the book didn t deliver the happily ever after ending that might have been expected, but was confronting sobering in its authenticity, but still incredibly moving I enjoye [...]

  • After reading Tess Evan s second book Book of Lost Threads i was keen to read her new novel Mercy Street and was not disappointed.Seventy Six year old George leads a fairly quite life since his wife Pen passed away three years ago He enjoys having a beer with his mate Redgum and tolerates impromptu visits from his Sister Shirl.One day his life changes with Angie, 19 and a single mother saves George s life George acknowledges his debt to her and later as a favour to Angie finds himself caring for [...]

  • Set in suburban Melbourne, this is a beautiful story of George a 67 year old widower who has been living a lonely life since his wife of 50 years died three years ago Then along comes wild child and single Mum 19 year old Angie and her 5 year old daughter Rory and George s days are suddenly full with his instant family The story is realistic and honest and follows the lives of typical Australians The characters are all portrayed brilliantly and provide plenty of drama, entertainment and warm and [...]

  • Story telling at it s best, such a profound and compassionate read Towards the end I went through many emotions much like George, seesawed from happy, confusion, anger, sadness The epilogue brought the happy tears to my eyes though Highly recommend this book to anyone who has a Poppy Grandpa Grandmother whom they love Sadly with the high rate of broken family s these days it s mostly the Grandparents, along with the children that suffer loss the most.

  • Slow start but then I got hooked George is a widower set in his ways until Annie and her daughter push their way into his life and turns all their lives upside down.

  • Delight in the memories an old man has of a life time wish for a child fulfilled by a small girl in a few too short years I did And loved the moments were he talks about his wife Penny Need to get to understand Angie and her way of thinking Lets see what our book club thinks.

  • Such a wonderful story about a 75 year old man and a 5 year girl I love the special bond between them especially in the library and when he reads to her every night I m still reading it and looking forward to the story unfold.

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