Great Expectations: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Contexts, Criticism

Great Expectations Authoritative Text Backgrounds Contexts Criticism Great Expectations charts the progress of Pip from childhood through often painful experiences to adulthood as he moves from the Kent marshes to busy commercial London encountering a variety of ext
  • Title: Great Expectations: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Contexts, Criticism
  • Author: Charles Dickens Edgar Rosenberg
  • ISBN: 9780393960693
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Great Expectations: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Contexts, Criticism
    Great Expectations charts the progress of Pip from childhood through often painful experiences to adulthood, as he moves from the Kent marshes to busy, commercial London, encountering a variety of extraordinary characters ranging from Magwitch, the escaped convict, to Miss Havisham, locked up with her unhappy past and living with her ward, the arrogant, beautiful Estella.Great Expectations charts the progress of Pip from childhood through often painful experiences to adulthood, as he moves from the Kent marshes to busy, commercial London, encountering a variety of extraordinary characters ranging from Magwitch, the escaped convict, to Miss Havisham, locked up with her unhappy past and living with her ward, the arrogant, beautiful Estella Pip must discover his true self, and his own set of values and priorities Whether such values allow one to prosper in the complex world of early Victorian England is the major question posed by Great Expectations, one of Dickens s most fascinating, and disturbing, novels This edition includes the original, discarded ending, Dickens s brief working notes, and the serial instalments and chapter divisions in different editions It also uses the definitive Clarendon text.
    Great Expectations: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Contexts, Criticism By Charles Dickens Edgar Rosenberg,
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    Charles John Huffam Dickens 7 February 1812 9 June 1870 was an English writer and social critic He created some of the world s best known fictional characters and is regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era His works enjoyed unprecedented popularity during his lifetime, and by the twentieth century critics and scholars had recognised him as a literary genius His novels and short stories enjoy lasting popularity.Born in Portsmouth, Dickens left school to work in a factory when his father was incarcerated in a debtors prison Despite his lack of formal education, he edited a weekly journal for 20 years, wrote 15 novels, five novellas, hundreds of short stories and non fiction articles, lectured and performed extensively, was an indefatigable letter writer, and campaigned vigorously for children s rights, education, and other social reforms.Dickens was regarded as the literary colossus of his age His 1843 novella, A Christmas Carol, remains popular and continues to inspire adaptations in every artistic genre Oliver Twist and Great Expectations are also frequently adapted, and, like many of his novels, evoke images of early Victorian London His 1859 novel, A Tale of Two Cities, set in London and Paris, is his best known work of historical fiction Dickens s creative genius has been praised by fellow writers from Leo Tolstoy to George Orwell and G K Chesterton for its realism, comedy, prose style, unique characterisations, and social criticism On the other hand, Oscar Wilde, Henry James, and Virginia Woolf complained of a lack of psychological depth, loose writing, and a vein of saccharine sentimentalism The term Dickensian is used to describe something that is reminiscent of Dickens and his writings, such as poor social conditions or comically repulsive characters.On 8 June 1870, Dickens suffered another stroke at his home after a full day s work on Edwin Drood He never regained consciousness, and the next day, five years to the day after the Staplehurst rail crash, he died at Gad s Hill Place Contrary to his wish to be buried at Rochester Cathedral in an inexpensive, unostentatious, and strictly private manner, he was laid to rest in the Poets Corner of Westminster Abbey A printed epitaph circulated at the time of the funeral reads To the Memory of Charles Dickens England s most popular author who died at his residence, Higham, near Rochester, Kent, 9 June 1870, aged 58 years He was a sympathiser with the poor, the suffering, and the oppressed and by his death, one of England s greatest writers is lost to the world His last words were On the ground , in response to his sister in law Georgina s request that he lie down from


  • My students and some of my friends can t ever figure out why I love this novel so much I explain how the characters are thoroughly original and yet timeless, how the symbolism is rich and tasty, and how the narrative itself is juicy and chock full of complexity, but they just shake their heads at me in utter amazement and say, What s wrong with you, dude What s wrong, indeed.I give them ten or fifteen years Perhaps they ll have to read it again in college, or maybe they ll just try reading it ag [...]

  • There was a long hard time when I kept far from me the remembrance of what I had thrown away when I was quite ignorant of its worth I first read Great Expectations when I was thirteen years old It was the first of Dickens works that I d read on my own volition, the only other being Oliver Twist, which we d studied parts of in school You know, I missed out on a lot when I was thirteen by this, I mean that I didn t always understand the deeper meaning lying beneath the surface of my favourite clas [...]

  • Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day That is such a quote If there was ever a novel that shows us the dangers of false perceptions then it sGreat Expectations Pip is such a fool he constantly misjudges those around him, and he constantly misjudges his own worth This has lead him down a road of misery because the person who held the high [...]

  • Great Expectations were formedwere met and were thoroughly exceeded The votes have been tallied, all doubts have been answered and it is official and in the books I am a full fledged, foaming fanboy of Sir Dickens and sporting a massive man crush for literature s master story teller Quick Aside My good friend Richard who despises Chuckles the Dick is no doubt having a conniption as he reads this deep breaths, Richard, deep breaths After love, love, loving A Tale of Two Cities, I went into this o [...]

  • I saw that the bride within the bridal dress had withered like the dress, and like the flowers, and had no brightness left but the brightness of her sunken eyes I saw that the dress had been put upon the rounded figure of a young woman, and that the figure upon which it now hung loose had shrunk to skin and bone How do you do Miss Havisham She makes many lists of the twenty greatest characters from Dicken s novels.I hadn t ever met Miss Havisham officially, although I knew of her I have heard of [...]

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  • Boring, dull, lifeless, and flat This is so drawn out and boring I kept having to remind myself what the plot was Best to get someone else to sum up the story rather than undergo the torture of reading it.

  • Admittedly, I can be a bit dismissive of the classics By which I mean that many of my reviews resemble a drive by shooting This annoys some people, if measured by the responses I m still getting to my torching of Moby Dick Even though I should expect some blowback, I still get a little defensive I mean, no one wants to be called a horrendous person just because he or she didn t like an overlong, self indulgent, self important epic about a douche y peg leg and a stupid whale I m no philistine I c [...]

  • LITERARY EXPECTATIONSIt is said that Satisfaction is equal to Reality minus Expectations.I reckon then that my rating should be around Eight Stars since Reality would be Five Stars and as my Expectations were on the negative axis with an absolute value of about three , it has resulted in a positive eight The Great Eight, I should anoint this book, then.How and when were my expectations formed If I depart on search of my forgotten memories, I think it all started with those black white films, pos [...]

  • It is almost hard to believe that Dickens stays the same when you read him on several occasions in your life Somehow, the words and their meanings seem completely different Obviously, it is my life experience that has changed, not the story I find that to be one of Dickens major achievements the storytelling excellence that captures a teenager s need for complicated plots as well as the cynical grown up s wish for reflection on human behaviour Great Expectations has both, and I found myself deep [...]

  • You are in every line I have ever read Why couldn t every line in this book be this good I took me nearly three whole months to finish it Not because it was bad, but because it dragged and dragged and there are far intriguing books out there than Great Expectations.The good stuff An exciting cast of characters, most of them very weird, extravagant and almost to completely ridiculous By far my favourites are Joe because he s such a goodhearted person and Miss Havisham because I totally look up t [...]

  • Excuse me for this infamous pun which I m sure has been wearily used since the book was first published , but I had great expectations about it Not only had I never read anything by Charles Dickens who seems to be one of those polarizing authors that continues to inspire, decade after decade, a love hate relationship with his readers , but also because Great Expectations is regarded as one of his most important works For someone as anxious as myself I should really look into that it seems expect [...]

  • A Tale of Two Cities will forever occupy a special place in my heart because even though adulthood sensibilities often cause childhood adoration to vanish in entirety, no one forgets a precocious reading of that first classic which reduces one to a sobbing, sniffling mess But my memories of a first reading of this are hazy at best the absence of guillotines lopping off heads and swoon worthy heroes who make larger than life sacrifices could explain my much younger self s lack of appreciation And [...]

  • Great expectation was my first book of Dickens Years ago when I read it, I could not possibly understand its importance from the perspective of social injustice and class conflict of that time I remembered that initial self introduction of a young boy, where he talked about his family names and discussed why he preferred himself to be called as Pip and not Philip.I still had a fresh picture of how one day suddenly Pip encountered that fearful man, who was soaked in water, and smothered in mud, a [...]

  • A young, amiable boy Philip Pirrip with the unlikely nickname of Pip, lives with his older, by twenty years, brutal, no motherly love, that s for sure unbalanced married sister, Georgiana, his only relative which is very unfortunate, strangely the only friend he has is Joe, his brother in law She, the sister, beats him regularly for no apparent reason, so the boy understandably likes to roam the neighborhood for relief, thinking about pleasant things, the dreams of escape.hing is better than hom [...]

  • 5 stars to Charles Dickens s Great Expectations So many good choices in the world of Charles Dickens, but ultimately, even though I love me some ghosts of Scrooge, Great Expectations wins out.Most of us probably were forced to read this book in junior high or high school I am one of those people however, I was an English major in college and read it again for one of my courses It s one of those books that gets better as you get older and stronger each time you read it If you only read it once, o [...]

  • Great Expectations What a superb title this is wonderful, in the best and truest sense of the word It is upbeat, exciting, and full of intrigue It quickens our pulse and gives us a little thrilling frisson Who is it, who has these Great Expectations We want to meet them We want to share their anticipations and their pleasure We are hooked into the story by these first two words.Perhaps most significant of all is that it is a short, memorable title Great Expectations is one of Charles Dickens s l [...]

  • It is very difficult to know where to start with this review of Charles Dickens Great Expectations a novel that has been for many years and almost undoubtedly always will be one of my very favourite novels Perhaps one day when I can find the time and the inspiration, I will write a lengthy, well thought out, elegantly constructed and truly insightful in depth review perhaps managing to convey and capture a modicum of the brilliance of Great Expectations and the literary genius of author Charles [...]

  • Great Expectations, Charles Dickens 1860 first person narration centers on the formation and social development of the inimical English character Pip Set in and around London in the early 1800s, Dickens uses vivid imagery and his usual genius at characterization to build a story that has become one of English languages greatest and most recognized stories As always in a Dickens novel, his brilliant cast of intriguing characters takes center stage as the reader comes to know a parade of literary [...]

  • Las obras cl sicas son las en teor a m s complicadas de leer, y por ende, entender Por qu Por su alto contenido metaf rico y en mi opini n, tambi n por una raz n muy simple los tiempos de aquellos libros son muy diferentes a los nuestros.La forma de vida, la sociedad, la cultura, la libertad, lo que era bueno y malo, todo era diferente Si se le suma a esto hablar sobre tramas sociales, familiares o amorosas temas siempre complicados para el ser humano, se vuelve a n valga la redundancia m s comp [...]

  • I must be taken as I have been made The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me .

  • I m a somewhat green Dickens fan having only read A Christmas Carol , but loved this 150th Anniversary Edition of Great Expectations As in A Christmas Carol, this tale often portrays an eerie atmosphere with creepy the mysterious escaped convict Abel Magwitch who threatens Pip s young life in the graveyard, the jealous and revengeful Old Orlick with his evil ways, and the embittered and decaying Mrs Havisham who pines for lost love and leads Pip astray.In this coming of age story, [...]

  • It is frustrating being slapped around the head by classics that leave you trouserless in a lukewarm puddle Because the failure, as Mr Gass points out, is never with the book You are to blame, always I am to blame for not embracing Great Expectations with the same open armed ever lovingness with which I embraced Little Dorrit and David Copperfield and so on down the line My reasons, thus the second act loses the momentum and powerful perspective established in Part One, as Pip becomes a priggish [...]

  • I see in this book each time I read it Class distinctions, friendships, character development, sin, repentance, forgiveness, redemption all are explored and charted in this thirteenth novel of Dickens.My favorite characters are Joe Gargery, the gentle and loving blacksmith the faithful Herbert Pocket and the helpful Mr Wemmick and his Aged P I ve been seeing a recurring theme in several of Dickens novels a degrading reliance on hopes of the future to the detriment of the duties and joys of the [...]

  • There is a reason that some books and authors are called classics and this book is a prime example of it.The characters come vividly to life with all their flaws and their better sides, their desires and motives are depicted convincingly together with a whole society of ages past.There are enough plot twists and surprises to satisfy even the modern reader while the language of the book although sounding peculiar today is itself worth noting.The morals of the era are quite different from ours but [...]

  • Probably my second favorite Dickens so far.What is remarkable about reading this novel is that while it begins with a lot of archetypical characteristics of a Dickensian novel, mostly all of the characters defied what I expected of them Not only are they entertaining and expertly written, but also incredibly realistic Miss Havisham, Pip, Estella, and start off in their tiny little boxes of stereotypes but grow into layered characters with complexity then I would ve imagined.I also have to admi [...]

  • The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me.Many people consider Great Expectations to be Charles Dickens masterpiece, his greatest work with the most impressive cast of characters And while I cannot comment on its quality in comparison to other well known Dickens novels like A Tale of Two Cities or David Copperfield , it certainly managed to live up to my expectations and even to make me feel part of Pip Pirrip s life, of his relations to Miss Havisham and Es [...]

  • It s the book that turned me off of Dickens I still shudder when I think of being forced to read it in high school The descriptions just go on foreverke it stop Pip, an orphan, meets an escaped convict and treats him kindly This simple action will change Pip s life forever Pip falls in love with Estella, a cold hearted girl, who, thanks to bitter Miss Havisham, has been well trained as a heartbreaker She is wealthy and looks down on Pip, a poor boy with no expectations When a mysterious benefact [...]

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