Lord of the Wings

Lord of the Wings It s another holiday and Mayor Randall Shiffley has turned Caerphilly Virginia into Spooky City USA The residents are covering every window with cobwebs and roaming the streets in costume to enterta
  • Title: Lord of the Wings
  • Author: Donna Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781250049605
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lord of the Wings
    It s another holiday and Mayor Randall Shiffley has turned Caerphilly, Virginia into Spooky City, USA The residents are covering every window with cobwebs and roaming the streets in costume to entertain the tourists, and Meg s grandfather is opening a new Creatures of the Night exhibit in the zoo When a suspicious fire burns down the Haunted House, Meg Langslow reluctaIt s another holiday and Mayor Randall Shiffley has turned Caerphilly, Virginia into Spooky City, USA The residents are covering every window with cobwebs and roaming the streets in costume to entertain the tourists, and Meg s grandfather is opening a new Creatures of the Night exhibit in the zoo When a suspicious fire burns down the Haunted House, Meg Langslow reluctantly agrees to lend her home as the replacement But all too soon a real body mars the town s creepy fun, and it s up to Meg to save Halloween.Like Meg Langslow, the blacksmith heroine of her series, Donna Andrews was born and raised in Yorktown, Virginia She introduced Meg to readers in her Malice Domestic Contest winning first mystery, Murder with Peacocks, and readers are still laughing This novel swept up the Agatha, Anthony, Barry, and a Romantic Times award for best first novel, and a Lefty for funniest mystery.
    Lord of the Wings By Donna Andrews,
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    Donna Andrews was born in Yorktown, Virginia, the setting of Murder with Peacocks and Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos, and now lives and works in Reston, Virginia When not writing fiction, Andrews is a self confessed nerd, rarely found away from her computer, unless she s messing in the gardenuscmillan author donnaa


  • It s Halloween in Caerphilly and the town has come up with another festival to bring in the tourists Meg Langslow is heading up the Goblin Patrol , there s trouble at the Haunted House, and body parts are being found at the zoo Meg is once again called in to save the day and solve the crime If you enjoy your mysteries packed with humor and fun, don t miss this return to Caerphilly with Meg and her zany family and friends Karen Emery, Johnson County Public Library, Franklin, IN

  • It s Halloween and the town has a huge Halloween festival planned Normally Meg would be the one running things, but they ve hired a woman named Lydia to take over Meg should be relieved, but finds that she and Lydia don t work well together Why That s mainly because Lydia is totally disorganized and has no clue how things work in a small town being invaded by crazed tourist who spend most of the time vandalizing and pretending to be vampires and zombies It s a security nightmare That s where Meg [...]

  • Nineteenth in the Meg Langslow amateur sleuth mystery series and revolving around Meg, a mother and blacksmith in the town of Caerphilly, Virginia.My TakeI usually enjoy Andrews writing, and Lord of the Wings was missing something I suspect that all the focus on the Halloween activities in town was my problem, as there wasn t much focus on the family It s the family that I adore the most Dad is so pushy when it comes to doing his doctor thing, and if he can combine it with solving a mystery he i [...]

  • I wait for Donna Andrews books like a kid waiting for summer I enjoy getting to catch up with Meg and her zany family I love the humor and the scenarios This one is a new favorite It s the first one that she s set at Halloween There have been other Christmas themes and a few summer ones, but Halloween is a great setting.It s the first annual Halloween festival in Caerphilly and this time instead of organizing the whole thing, Meg is running the security force known as the Goblin Patrol She s not [...]

  • Halloween Antics In CaerphillyA visit to Caerphilly and the Langslows is always amusing This book does not disappoint It is Halloween in Caerphilly and the town is hosting a Halloween festival Rob and his company, Mutant Wizard are featured Dr Smoot is in all his glory with the Haunted House Meg and Michael are on Goblin Patrol as someone is leaving fake body parts around Grandfather has a group of Ravens following him A stranger s body is found in the Haunted House He was shot with through the [...]

  • A great one to get you into the halloween spirit it s chock full of vampires and zombies and haunted houses Best of all the crazy eccentric characters that make this series stand out among the rest.Wordier review jennoklikes post 127354

  • Caerphilly, PA is having their first Halloween Festival and be ready for a reading marathon filled with laughter, wonderful descriptions, unique and rememberable characters, witty dialog, and murders most foul.If you get hungry you can visit the Baptists for their fried chicken meals, or the Catholics for their fried fish meals, or the Episcopalians for their Ham dinners, among the street foods offered What is there to do Well, The Fun Fair, Outside Concerts, The Haunted House and the Zoo, with [...]

  • This book is 19 in a series It could stand alone, but I think it is fun to read in order so you have a good understanding of how the characters work together and which ones are related to each other Join the crazy life of Meg and Micheal and their 6 year old Twins as Halloween is being celebrated Of Course a body or two enters the story and Meg goes about trying to solve the mystery and motive I thought for sure I had it all figured out, but one twist was added This is a series that I can read [...]

  • Further adventures of Meg s extended family as Caerphilly celebrates the Halloween Festival Light and fun, but I am noticing that it is very hard to guess the villain in these books.

  • I m sorry if this review is messy, but I had to write in on my phone I only made it to chapter 5 before calling it quits on this book It s very disappointing because I was really looking forward to reading it, but it s just not the book for me I absolutely hate the character of Meg She thinks very highly of herself, and seems to be annoyed with everyone who, in her opinion, does something wrong, which means they don t do it the way she would have done it She used to be a volunteer, but now they [...]

  • 2.5 Stars Too much going on in this one for me I am not a big fan of role playing gamers It is Halloween and Caerphilly is going overboard in celebrating with daytime festivities for family and nighttime festivities for the hardcore revelers Two murders occur but the reader is not given any backstory about either victim The murderer is introduced about 3 4 of the way through and by the time of the unveiling, I d already forgotten the details pertaining to the character I felt the motive was weak [...]

  • This should not be the first book you read in this series The amazing relationships between many of the characters are relied on instead of developed Overall, the novel felt disjointed and not as smooth flowing as previous in the series The biggest negative of this book was the sub plot with the view spoiler new events coordinator She was entirely unnecessary and seemed like forced filler in ever reference hide spoiler We read this book for Meg and don t need her toned down I love Meg and I wish [...]

  • The town of Caerphilly is hosting the first annual Halloween festival, and Meg is hoping she can take it easy since she is only in charge of the Goblin Patrol, the extra volunteer security force However, a break in at the haunted house, a foot in the alligators, and a dead body complicate matters.I love this series, and this book is another fun addition When I realized it was set at Halloween, I almost set it aside until October, but I just couldn t wait The characters are strong and charming as [...]

  • 3.5 stars I still enjoy spending time with Meg and her friends and extensive family But I am having a harder time with the small town hijinks Caerphilly, Virginia is small enough that everyone knows everyone else, and most folks are related to each other one way or another It has at least 3 churches Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Baptist It has a hospital and a college, but no other visible means of support Yet they pull off week long festivals, which Meg has organized in the past This year, they [...]

  • I always enjoy Meg Langslow books They make you laugh and use your brain to keep up with Meg and her family solving their current case It s Halloween in Caerphilly, VA and the town is going all out to celebrate When they find a dead body at the zoo and have a fire in the haunted museum it s time to solve the crimes before someone, mainly Meg, get hurt A great cozy, smoothly written and a joy to read Can t wait for 20.

  • It s Halloween in Caerphilly and the town has come up with another festival to bring in the tourists My Take This wasn t my favorite book in the series It could have been titled, Two Murders Nobody Really Cares About Are Accidentally Solved While Meg Does Halloween Sadly, Meg didn t seem to enjoy Halloween this year I thought this book lacked the charm of the early books that pulled me in and made me want to read about Meg and her family.

  • Caerphilly, VA tries to raise some much needed cash by holding a Halloween festival, and for once Meg Langslow isn t running things The mayor has hired an assistant, who is in charge But she disappears in the middle of the book, so Meg shoulders the burden, including the two mysterious deaths and the strange scavenger hunt that is disrupting things There s not quite as much about Meg s family, as the three day festival takes virtually all her time and energy.

  • I am so sad to say that the dreaded get it out the door disease has finally caught up with Donna Andrews There s a whole paragraph, early on, discussing a piece of dialog that has clearly been cut out of the book There s very little plot, only cameo appearances by the family characters, and lots of red herrings that are never developed Meg s becoming a bit of a priss and know it all Time to wrap it up

  • It s Halloween and a town wide festival is happening Body parts, vampires, and a haunted house all play into the mystery and zaniness of Meg s life and hunt for a killer.

  • I was planning on getting caught up with the rest of the series before diving into the next holiday special, especially since not spoiling previous books means I can t mention certain names or places, but damn it, I have to share the feels The town is throwing a monster sized Halloween festival but some people are getting a little too much into the Mischief Night spirit When an illegal scavenger hunt leads to the discovery of a dead body, it seems that the problems going on at the town zoo might [...]

  • It took me a while to finish this book, but is another in the very fun series I won t say these books are the best, most in depth books ever But they are a great read I find them fun, and the interactions between the characters to be a joy I also love the ever evolving world that they live in If you are reading the review and have not yet, I suggest going and starting from the start While these books do not have to be read in order, each book does build on the last in subtle ways, so you will mi [...]

  • These are fun Of course, you have to suspend reality to believe that in a small college town you can have so many murders and that all of them just happen to have something to do with whatever Meg is involved in, but aside from that, the books are well written and fun to read Ms Andrews tends to make her characters either good or evil, but that s to be expected as well in this type of book One thing I really like is that Meg takes whatever she finds to the cops instead of doing really stupid thi [...]

  • It s Halloween and, although an assistant has been hired to help the mayor with this year s Fall Festival, it appears Meg is going to be along for the ride Dr Smoot, the vampire wannabe from past books, has opened a spook house museum Meg s grandfather has opened a special Halloween exhibit at his zoo And someone has created a scavenger hunt that is wreaking havoc with the city s activities, especially when dead bodies begin to accumulate Meg is one the case

  • I love this series so much So much This is a Halloween themed installment with Caerphilly taken over by a giant festival and hoards of costumed visitors Then there are bodies turning up and pranks and just the usual mayhem you get in Langslow land I really enjoyed it it s bonkers, but lots and lots of fun Probably best appreciated if you ve read some of the other books in the series so you know who the running characters are and the back story though.

  • Loved it I have read Donna s books before with Megan Langslow, the iron crafts smith and part time detective and wife and mother of twin of twin boys I would love to read her whole series of books.

  • Was in the mood for something light and silly and this delivered A little long, perhaps, but the writing was charming and the situations were expectedly humorous Haven t read anything else in this series but i could see myself trying another at some point.

  • I try not to read Meg Langslow mysteries too fast.but, i can t help it Now it s Halloween time and not all the bodies are fake The Goblin Patrol has their hands full with the festival, haunted house, tourists and a scavenger hunt gone awry Murder and mayhem.i love these stories

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