The Secret Crush (A NA Novella)

The Secret Crush A NA Novella I ve been in love with Hadley Monroe for three years Over a thousand days But Hadley doesn t see me Not the real me anyway It s time to change all that I need to show her convince her that we could b
  • Title: The Secret Crush (A NA Novella)
  • Author: Sarah M. Ross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 161
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  • The Secret Crush (A NA Novella)
    I ve been in love with Hadley Monroe for three years Over a thousand days But Hadley doesn t see me Not the real me, anyway It s time to change all that I need to show her convince her that we could be than friends That we are actually perfect for each other It s time to put it all out there Risk everything before it s too late It s time for a grand gesture.I ve been in love with Hadley Monroe for three years Over a thousand days But Hadley doesn t see me Not the real me, anyway It s time to change all that I need to show her convince her that we could be than friends That we are actually perfect for each other It s time to put it all out there Risk everything before it s too late It s time for a grand gesture It s time to reveal that I m her Secret Crush.
    The Secret Crush (A NA Novella) By Sarah M. Ross,

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    Sarah started her obsession with reading at an early age, often sneaking BabySitter Club and Nancy Drew books into math class She would read any book she could get her hands on Her love of reading quickly evolved into a love of writing and stories began to pour out of her She grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English, and taught eighth graders to love reading as much as she does for several years She currently resides in Pittsburgh with her husband and daughter Sarah s debut novel, AWAKEN, released in January, 2012 Other novels include AVENGE, ATONE, ECHO OF AN EARTH ANGEL, INHALE EXHALE, THE SECRET CRUSH, and NEVER GONNA TELL Stalk her here Website sarahmrossFacebook facebook SarahtheAuthorTwitter twitter SarahtheAuthorInstagram instagram authorsarahmross


  • IT S LIVE 4 secret starsHadley starts getting little gifts with notes from a stranger calling himself her secret crush Along with her best friend, they re trying to discover who it may be It could be anyone around the campus, even her ex boyfriend, but all the signs show that it could also be one of her friends Her secret crush, is afraid to make a movement, being always close to her, but also out of reach He s scared to reveal his feelings, because he doesn t know how she would react about it a [...]

  • I liked this sweet, cute little number I liked playing the game of guessing who the secret crush was Recommended if you like to read short things in between.

  • The sweetest 5 star rating I ve ever given THREE YEARS THAT SHOW LONG I d been hopelessly in love with Hadley Monroe.How long I d tried to get herattention Tried to get her tonotice me OMG This is seriously the sweetest book I ve read in a long time Exactly what I need Between my life and school right now I need a break so I decided to read a short sweet looking book This has been sitting on my kindle for a while so I was like why not And let me tell you, I.Loved Through the whole book I was all [...]

  • Saccharine sweet and cheesy NA sorority romance We don t know who the H is though we get his POV till end of book so that suspense part was well done I don t enjoy these sorority romances, somehow everyone seems so cookie cutter There is no diversity in sexual orientation or race or social class or neurodiversity or even in personality Safety view spoiler H h were acquainted for 3 yrs Yr 1 H was too busy sleeping around and wasn t looking for commitment even though he was attracted to h Yr 2 h w [...]

  • A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 5 Secret Stars I didn t know going into this book what it was going to be about I mean I guess I had a small clue by the title The Secret Crush What I didn t know was that the author was going to keep the Hero the person w the crush a secret from the reader as well.What an absolutely fun and interesting twist to a book ever I am one of those types of people who will read the end of the book first, so this was such a challe [...]

  • Title Secret CrushAuthor Sarah M RossGenre New Adult, Contemporary RomanceSeries or Standalone Standalone NovellaRating ReviewHow to review a book when the big reveal is a pretty well kept secret Well, I guess I m about to find out since even though I ve reviewed tons of books, I ve never had to deliberately hide an identity before lol I loved this It was short and sweet, cute as hell and straight to the point It was the perfect My Secret Admirer type romance that you hear a lot about in high sc [...]

  • Okay this is the first book I have read of Sara M Ross and I can tell you will most probably read of her books This is one cute novella and such and easy and fun read I have always been a fan of a dual POV I FELL IN LOVE THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT WAS ONE SHORT, SWEET BOOK and had you guessing who the crush was up until the end.When it was the secret crush talking you would not know who it was you just saw Secret crush instead of his name Now this book took place in Hadley s senior year at college No [...]

  • Although this is only a novella I have to tell you the anticipation of uncovering the secret crush almost did me in I am one of THOSE people who have to flick to the back in order to satisfy my curiosity before reading the rest of the story YES I KNOW IT S WRONG I just can t help myself BUT in this case I held onto the anticipation and forced myself not spoil the surprise before it was revealed in the narrative The story is told from alternating perspectives of the crush and Hadley, showing the [...]

  • This was a great short sweet romance read The short is Hadley and her secret crush who has been in love with Hadley for 3 three s and now thinks the time is to tell her how he feels However her secret crush has really unique way opening up to Hadley The story is told from Hadley and her secret crushes POV There are hints along the way as who the secret crush as Hadley tries to figure it out What i loved about this book was although it was a short novella it felt like to I read a full length nove [...]

  • This book was cute and fun, and a short fast read I was able to finish this in one sitting, actually I finished it before my load of laundry finished in the washer Set in fall around Halloween it makes a perfect Fall read The story is told in a unique way keeps you wondering who the secret crush could be You can t help but smile from all the little notes, and ways that he makes himself known I wish there was to their story, but only because it was so so sweet, and once you have the reveal there [...]

  • Such a fun and romantic novella THE SECRET CRUSH was exactly what I needed after coming off a darker, mysterious read I got to play detective right along with Hadley has she searches out her Secret Crush And I got to tell you was such a blast This is a quick and romantic read that is sure to please I know I was happy once it got to the end and I would love to see Ross take this book further Very happy with the storyline and loved the characters Ross had me from the start with this one 5 Stars a [...]

  • Self note review show Lately I m becoming and picky about what I read I have so many books that I haven t got to read yet, so I m making it my mission to finish those first Unfortunately time is not on my side, so I am only adding books that will really intrigue me and this one did not Sorry.

  • A fantastic novella that offers intrigue, lust, heartache, mystery and love The story progressed very well, and it left me wanting The only thing I wish was interaction between the two main characters I love books with dual POVs and thought this story blended the two perfectly

  • I have a thing for cutesy books and storylines and the whole secret admirer storyline is cute ,especially when they don t turn out to be a serial stalker or bad guy In Sarah s book The Secret Crush we just know the main guy as the crush , he has had a crush on Hadley for the past three years and now since she has broken up with her longtime jerk of a boyfriend, it s his time to swoop in but he doesn t want to be just another guy as Hadley is too important to be just another notch on the bedpost [...]

  • I recently just finished this cute novella by Sarah M Ross I have never read a book set up the way this novella was written I am a fan of dual POV and when you start this book you get the secret crush s POV You don t know who the person is and I found myself trying to figure out who this person was as each chapter finished The setting of the story takes place in Hadley our main characters senior year of college It is the fall semester and Hadley is in charge of a fundraiser for her sorority Sinc [...]

  • This was damn cute I read it in about 45 minutes, so it s short and sweet And I loved the idea behind it It s told in dual POV, but the secret crush s identity is kept secret until close to the end It s like Clue but with love Haha Hadley, right off the bat, gushes about her love for Mr Darcy, so I knew we d get along LOL And you have to feel bad about her love life past So she s someone the reader wants to have a happy ending And even though it s short, there are still a couple of twists and tu [...]

  • this is my first sarah ross book and I fell in love with it It s shirt, sweet and has you guessing all the way til the end I enjoyed the duel POV and how when it was in his POV it was secret crush instead of his name so you didn t know who it was either.Hadley s crush has liked loved her for 3 years but she s never seen him for who he is they have known each other since freshman year I wished this book was a little longer but that s only because I wanted but I can t say if I wanted of the secr [...]

  • If you are looking for a light, entertaining read, Secret Crush is the story for you How many of us have had a secret crush at one time or another I would bet that every single one of us have Did you tell anyone Did you ever tell them The fear of rejection is a very real thing and most people don t take that final step of revealing ourselves Then there is the excitement of finding out that someone has a crush on you, also the little bit of fear that it may be a crazy person Hadley experiences al [...]

  • was such a cute romance I loved the premise, and the execution was fabulous As expected, I was trying to figure out who the secret crush was and, sad to say, I didn t guess it right Oh wellI really enjoyed this story and if you re looking for a cute friends to lovers story that has humor and is laced with sweetness, this is your story There were no explicit sex scenes, which I thought fit the story better although the kissing scenes were smoking In addition to that, the chemistry between H [...]

  • This is just so dang cute I love the idea of a secret crush and how he protects his identity and woos her with words and sweet gestures He wooed me too Even the reader doesn t know who he is until the end And of course, we have the ex jerk of a boyfriend to contend with It is a quick and easy readIn the end.

  • It was a super cute, quick read.i liked it, but i didn t quite get some parts of it.he said he wanted her to know the real him.d he told the story how she helped a homeless person and he liked her for that at a party, she told him about the homeless person that she helpedter he s done the story, he asks her if she remembers who she told it to, she says she doesn t, and that that s why he couldn t tell her who he was yetwhy was that little story important if it wasn t going to be tied to the stor [...]

  • Well that was quick This book I really want don t misunderstand everything was wrapped up in the end, but I could picture so much added to it The dual perspective was nice, I enjoyed getting to see things from both standpoints, yet still keeping me wondering on the crush s identity until he was revealed Very sweet cute story I ll be watching for from Ms Ross.I was gifted this ebook in exchange for my honest review Opinions in this review are my own.

  • The Secret Crush was full of suspense I wanted so badly to know who it was The book was too short, I wanted to know about the characters, I loved how sweet her crush was The Secret Crush was just refreshing to read, short and cute I really hope Sarah M Ross decides to do with these characters because I really loved them and can see so much potential with them.

  • So adorable I love the idea of this book Half written by Hadley s secret crunch, you re left wondering until the end even though I ll admit he was the one I hoped for This is a fun, quick romantic read for anyone who loves romance.

  • A sweet romantic read It s the perfect amount of mystery, sweet romance and steaminess The only thing I wanted was to read about Hadley and her secret crush A quick but satisfying read.

  • Very cute storyI won a copy of this book on Facebook and enjoyed this quick light read Def would like to read about them

  • THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY READ THE BOOK Secret crushHaving a crush on hadly and going to college he grew to have a even bigger crush on her Every time he saw her he grew it like her .Hadly realign from a hard few years was over it after she was feeling better she went out with her best friend and got a coffee but her food was paid for and had a note It said from your secret crush Now her brain rolling with who can it bee messages are coming to her and they [...]

  • I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review THE SECRET CRUSH by Sarah M RossHadley Monroe has started getting little gifts from someone calling himself her secret crush She s intrigued by him and wants to find out who it is What she does know, is that she s known him for over a thousand days, she s kissed him twice, and his given her the most beautiful poem, but she still has no idea who her crush is.His Hadley s secret crush His been in love with her for three years She [...]

  • Please note this review may contain spoilers.He Who Shall Not Be Named has been crushing on Hadley for three years With his final year of college coming to an end, he decides it s time to make his move But why the secrecy Because Hadley knows him, but she doesn t see him as boyfriend material So he embarks on a romantic quest to peak her interest and show her his romantic side But with an ex boyfriend determined to get Hadley back, he might not have as much time as plannedE SECRET CRUSH is a rea [...]

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