Landfall In Alberta Canada at the foot of Dead Horse Mountain a space capsule is discovered a capsule that shouldn t exist Thirty years earlier Dr Jan Lee American entrepreneur and space tourist purporte
  • Title: Landfall
  • Author: JohnMcWilliams
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  • Page: 137
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  • Landfall
    In Alberta, Canada, at the foot of Dead Horse Mountain, a space capsule is discovered a capsule that shouldn t exist Thirty years earlier, Dr Jan Lee, American entrepreneur and space tourist, purportedly destroyed this craft when he blew up the International Space Station in an act of unexplained sabotage That event has since inspired conspiracy theories ranging from esIn Alberta, Canada, at the foot of Dead Horse Mountain, a space capsule is discovered a capsule that shouldn t exist Thirty years earlier, Dr Jan Lee, American entrepreneur and space tourist, purportedly destroyed this craft when he blew up the International Space Station in an act of unexplained sabotage That event has since inspired conspiracy theories ranging from espionage to alien invasion Special Agents Lauren Madison and Ellis Cole have been assigned to investigate But inside the capsule they find an even greater mystery the remnants of a three decade old time messaging experiment that could, within days, usher in a new era of manned space travel or ignite an unimaginable disaster.
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    John McWilliams is an entrepreneur who has established business ventures working in the fields of microelectronics, software design, and high energy physics Mr McWilliams lives in Orlando, Florida with his two sons.


  • I read it I finished it It was neither good nor bad I won t recommend this I feel my time could have been better spent on a different book.

  • This was quite interesting and intriguing, though got bogged down in details at times The blurb pretty much says it all so here s my thoughts Character wise, I really liked Special Agents Lauren Madison and Ellis Cole They make a good team and their banter was fun to listen to The science guys were well written and researched They are uber smart and quite daunting The plot was, at times hard to follow when they got into the nitty gritty of the time travel, but also interesting and thought provok [...]

  • Not what I expected, this is a bit too hard core sci fi for my taste The plot revolves around time travel, a difficult concept to capture without internal contradictions McWilliams pulls this off well, although the plot lags at times and there is a hint at a second, sub plot that is never fully revealed The writing is good, with characters that have depth The writing bounces between first person past events and third person present events This was disturbing at first, but I quickly adjusted I wa [...]

  • I usually enjoy sci fi stories dealing with time jumps and travel, but this book didn t do much for me It read like a made for tv action movie The characters weren t well developed at all, and were very over the top in both mental and physical abilities Several seemed to be closer to superheroes than to mere mortals There were many cool action scenes, but not a good overall plotline The big ending reveal climax was quite a letdown The entire story ended by solving a great crisis that was barely [...]

  • A very fast read The characters are thin and the book should have been at least a 100 pages longer Many of the cast do unexplained things with plenty of action The plot is a different type of time traveling but is satisfying John McWilliams has created a story that is a good first book I ll be looking for him in the future.

  • 3 3.5 starsThis was a clever time themed story Overall it was fun, even if there were several things that didn t make any sense.Narration was good.

  • About the worse book I ever read I was about half way through it and still could not figure out what was going on Apparently a scientist invented a way to send messages through time and the story was about government agents FBI trying to discover whether this was true Meanwhile other people were trying to blow up the international space station At the end of the book I STILL did not know what happened Very poor writing in my opinion.

  • Time travel, in this case time messaging.I liked the story, and enjoyed the characters It was confusing though, having a hard time understanding the whole time messaging And the final message was just as confusing I enjoyed the the story, and my brain can almost grasp the concept I feel the author could of done better in explaining the theory I will be reading the next book

  • I agree with those who have said the book is confusing The messaging from the future to the past would definitely be bad imaging a message to Hitler about how to fix his V2 or not to invade Russia Shakespeare comes to mine Much to do about nothing.

  • An excitingly fast paced story with a great deal of intriguing and thought provoking subtext Chapter 25 was probably the best, but I enjoyed this one quite well.

  • This time bending thriller will have you asking questions with every turn4.5 out of 5 starsIn Landfall, we follow two Special Agents as they discover then they thought they would when they come across a crashed space capsule A capsule that was thought to have been destroyed when the space station blew up nearly 30 years ago Follow Lauren Madison and Ellis Cole as they discover what really happened on that fateful day nearly 30 years ago and try and prevent WWIII at the same time.Paul Heitsch do [...]

  • This is an ideal read for sci fi nerds which mixes a fair dash of action adventure in with his near future what if thought experiment So if the idea of stroking Schr dinger s cat for a couple of hundred pages fills you with dread then don t worry there s ultra fast jets, trips to the ISS, semi psychotic FBI agents chosen for their limited empathy cos that makes them efficient in the field , and ber nerds who not only figure out how to send messages back in time, but also happen to be top dan ma [...]

  • A SIMPLE MAN S REVIEW This book was a fun read First, it involves time travel, sort of There are two timelines running simultaneously one in our near future and one in our present bridged by a message You ll be trying to guess the message the whole time, and even if you do, it doesn t take anything away from the story Second, the characters are great The FBI agents are interesting and funny enough for their own series The doctor and his friends are pretty engaging too Plus you come away with the [...]

  • You do not see a true science fiction book often these days but this one is The story is told from two view points the participants in the past and the two FBI agents in the present who are trying to discover the truth of what happened 30 years previous I loved the fact that the characters were all unique and not cookie cutter types for their role in the story The touches of humor in the book make it a wonderful read and kept the characters real You knew that the message would be sent when it wa [...]

  • 3.5 starsParadoxes or lack thereof , fixed events, causality and conspiracies abound With the past and the present stories being told in opposing chapters and running parallel, it felt really exciting to finally have them intersecting near the end Though the end just feels like the beginning, there could have been so much I really loved that in this book with the Novikov self consistency principle they say that paradoxes aren t possible Usually everyone is going the opposite way in preventing t [...]

  • The book flowed really well, especially for being so short Much better detail than a lot of shorter books that just skip over any sort of depth at all.Until the ending.It went from telling a story to the book is done in a single letdown of a sentence Especially after all the other ways it could have gone from what was built up in the story, it felt like the author hit the publication deadline and said, ah well, better throw an ending in there so it can print.

  • Very enjoyable readI loved that Asheville and Iceland were used in the story two places I am familiar with There is intrigue and suspense to keep the story moving along without over complicating the plot Though the personalities are developed they don t drive the story line It s interesting how what appears to be a minor side story completes the book at the very end Nicely done It would make a good movie.

  • Better Book 1 got my partial attention, and this latest, book 2 even so It s definitely worth the money but could be better with just a bit of editing I recommend both books highly in any case, if you like sci fi, time travel and hard science then McWilliams is your man Erm author I have a feeling he wears many hats and brings a lot of goodies to his books from many interests Read it

  • This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast I like sci fi I like time travel This book has a slow pace that was hard to get into The plot was interesting BUT the ending left me going HUH Overall it was ok.

  • It is a good story but I became kind of overwhelmed by the numerous character names that got folded into it, and kept losing track of the plot It is an interesting, light hearted read which could benefit from some editing This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast.

  • LandfallI definitely enjoyed reading this book Loved the relationship between the two detectives and enjoyed the humorous exchanges between them I would definitely read a follow up book from this author I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

  • The concept was good Send messages through time to either the past, or the future That being said the story dragged a lot for me and probably needed a bit percolating time.

  • A good read.I got this book as rental It was a good read even with the differences in the timelines Suspend your disbelief and enjoy it.

  • Landfall messageGood book but I did not like the ending There was nothing about the message which was all about the book Maybe I missed something

  • I didn t care for this book.I thought Paul Heitsch was a great narrator.This was a lengthy book with a twisty plot.I was given this book free for an honest review.

  • I have this thing about time twisting scifi needing to be fairly hard core and mind bending This was a decent story, but the scifi definitely wasn t very hard core.

  • Finished reading this tonight Interesting characters and a good plot The one thing I didn t like was the ending Too abrupt for my taste.

  • I thought this was a great read I was hoping there was a follow up or two I really enjoyed it What a fun ride

  • Great read butA please to all published authors please stop using he she quipped Just stop it It comes across as amateurish That is why I marked this book down one star.

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