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Good on Paper Is a new life possible Because Shira Greene s life hasn t quite turned out as planned She s a single mom living with her daughter and her gay friend Ahmad Her PhD on Dante s Vita Nuova hasn t gotten
  • Title: Good on Paper
  • Author: Rachel Cantor
  • ISBN: 9781612194707
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Good on Paper
    Is a new life possible Because Shira Greene s life hasn t quite turned out as planned She s a single mom living with her daughter and her gay friend, Ahmad Her PhD on Dante s Vita Nuova hasn t gotten her a job, and her career as a translator hasn t exactly taken off either.But then she gets a call from a Nobel Prize winning Italian poet who insists she s the only one whIs a new life possible Because Shira Greene s life hasn t quite turned out as planned She s a single mom living with her daughter and her gay friend, Ahmad Her PhD on Dante s Vita Nuova hasn t gotten her a job, and her career as a translator hasn t exactly taken off either.But then she gets a call from a Nobel Prize winning Italian poet who insists she s the only one who can translate his newest book.Stunned, Shira realizes that just like that her life can change She sees a new beginning beckoning academic glory, demand for her translations, and even love her good luck has made her feel open to the entreaties of a neighborhood indie bookstore owner.There s only one problem It all hinges on the translation, and as Shira starts working on the exquisitely intricate passages of the poet s book, she realizes that it may in fact be, well impossible to translate.A deft, funny, and big hearted novel about second chances, Good on Paper is a grand novel of family, friendship, and possibility.
    Good on Paper By Rachel Cantor,

    Urban Dictionary good on paper good on paper unknown A person that has seemingly excellent credentials college degree , money, inflated job title but is really a complete looser and out of touch with reality Definitely the type with major skelatons in the closet. Good on Paper Cantor, Rachel Dec , A deft, funny, and big hearted novel about second chances, Good on Paper is a grand novel of family, friendship, and possibility. Good on Paper by Rachel Cantor Good on Paper is a stimulating narrative full of witty banter and clever literary references One of the shining qualities of this novel is the main character s personality because her perspective makes this unique story all the amusing. Good on Paper An independent magazine based in Stroud Gloucestershire, promoting local events surrounding art, music, theatre, literature and comedy throughout the Stroud district including areas such as Nailsworth, Tetbury, Minchinhampton, Uley, Cirencester, Stonehouse, Frome and Dursley Good On Paper Andy McMillan s blog Good On Paper Andy McMillan s blog If you re in Portland and you re missing going to the movies, some good news The Hollywood Theatre has set up a drive in at the Portland Expo Center, screening classic films like The Thing, Raising Arizona, and Mad Max Fury Road Tickets went on Good on Paper Reviews Cards Stationery Downtown Good on Paper specializes in custom wedding invitation suites, stationery, business identities, and other print collateral In addition to custom designs, Good on Paper offers a line of stationery products for the home, office, and baby. Look good on paper Idioms by The Free Dictionary COMMON If something looks good on paper, it seems to be good when you read about it, but may not be good in reality This system looks good on paper but it is expensive and, in my view, still of very limited value Note On paper is used in many other expressions with the same meaning These reforms are impressive on paper than in reality. Events Good on Paper With Good On Paper currently on hiatus well the printed version anyway we launched Good On Paper TV self recorded sessions by local DJ s Sound Records Sessions Monobrow Stay Strong Stroud Dubbu Cabin Fever Session Mendoza and musicians, rarely seen screened films by local film makers Dennis Gould, Laurie Lee The Lost Recordings, This Is Purgatory and debut short films Boss On paper Idioms by The Free Dictionary In theory, hypothetically, as in Considering casualties, on paper the Americans won the Vietnam War, or They are a good team on paper but not so in the field This metaphoric expression contrasts something written down with concrete reality. Good Team On Paper Quality sports team posters, prints Good Team On Paper Quality sports team posters prints that are ideal gifts for any sports fan Both our framed unframed art is delivered free to the UK.

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    I am the author of the novel GOOD ON PAPER coming out from Melville House in January 2016 , and the novel A HIGHLY UNLIKELY SCENARIO, OR A NEETSA PIZZA EMPLOYEE S GUIDE TO SAVING THE WORLD Melville House 2014 I live in New York, city of my heart, in the writerly borough of Brooklyn, but have at various points made my home in most U.S states between Virginia and Vermont In addition to writing fiction, I freelance as a writer for nonprofits that work in developing countries I ve worked everywhere from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe most recently in Laos, Nigeria, and Senegal I spent much of my adolescence in Rome, and as a young one, wandered the world working on food festivals in Melbourne, Australia, and European jazz festivals in France living in rural Gujarat while interning for a Gandhian nonprofit and teaching Afghan women refugees in Peshwar, Pakistan I am a native New Englander my love for the Boston Red Sox is fanatical My stories have appeared in magazines such as the Paris Review, One Story, Ninth Letter, Kenyon Review, New England Review, Fence, and Volume 1 Brooklyn They have been anthologized, nominated for three Pushcart Prizes, short listed by both the O Henry Awards and Best American Short Stories I am, always, at work on another book.


  • You can either read the blurb not included here , or Publishersweekly s summary of the book Shira Greene is working as an office temp and living with her daughter, Andi, and Ahmad, her best friend, when she gets a life changing telegram Romei, the mysterious winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, wants her to translate his latest, a work of poetry and prose based on Dante s La Vita Nuova literally new life , the same work that Shira was translating when she abandoned her Ph.D At first, Shira [...]

  • 2.5 I m going to chalk this one up to blurb inflation The writing is lively and the plot well crafted, with quirky postmodern touches, but the novel as a whole did not live up to my absurdly high expectations it s really nothing like A.S Byatt s Possession, and the main character isn t even a freelance writer Perhaps that last bit was my mistake It s 1999 and Shira Greene is a failed translator from the Italian, now working as a temp in New York City and raising her daughter Andi with the help o [...]

  • This is a novel of contrasts On the one hand, the plot is awfully neurotic, it can almost feel like chick lit The title certainly made me expect that kind of book Shira, faced with the prospect of single motherhood, moves in with her gay best friend to join her in co parenting Years of this arrangement and she s one of those people who only exists in fiction a Manhattanite who holds no regular job, works as a temp, and sometimes publishes a story in a small literary journal On the other hand, th [...]

  • As soon as I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it In a previous life, I was a Spanish and French tutor, and spent a lot of time thinking about relationships between languages I ve also dabbled in translation and still dream of translating books So a book whose main character is a literary translator was always going to be a winner for me I didn t expect to laugh as much as I did in the first third or so, though, and I certainly didn t foresee where the plot was going Kudos to Rachel Ca [...]

  • Shira is working as a temp, but while she has excellent translating and literary skills she goes from job to job and is now stuffing envelopes She loves her daughter Andi very much They re living with Ahmad, who s Shira s gay friend He isn t Andi s real father, but he s her dad in any other way They re a family When Shira gets a request to translate a manuscript for the famous poet Romei she decides to take the job It s difficult and Shira doesn t know if the work can really be translated The ha [...]

  • I loved this book I found it quite clever The story within a story as well as the things I learned about the art of translation as Shira described Romei s work were fascinating The comparisons and contrasts between Dante s and Romei s New Life were so enlightening And the story of love and hurtfear and trust was beautiful and satisfying

  • If you re into academia, it might be of a four for you As someone a bit burnt out on that sphere, I d say it was as 2.5 plus an extra half star for taking me back to pre Bloomberg New York.

  • As someone who used to do actual translation of medieval Spanish texts and who now regularly ghostwrites for ESL authors, I had a vested interest in this book But the intensity of the descriptions of translation are overdone, even for me This book is stuffed full of academic literary critique, by 20 pages in I was skimming through those long winded sections And literary critique is what I love and do for a living Far too clever by half.There are some good points, chief among them the wonderful c [...]

  • This roiling wreck of a work is so contrived you, not me, can picture the author on her laptop veins swollen into rivers bulging on her forehead, typing in the fetal position and looking at the screen with one, sweat encrusted eyeenlling off her chair and screaming out I must have NYC, yes NYC all the non stop time and one wants to shake this pathetic, bare ebb of a woman, tell her forcefully To write urban is to be urbane, to holler You know nothing of streets and human swine, you have lived a [...]

  • I would have enjoyed the book if the plot was anything like the blurb on the jacket I was expecting a novel about a women s journey to reconcile her past secrets with her present aspirations The only problem is the protagonist doesn t have any aspirations beyond being beloved by all with little to no work involved Shira lives rent and expenses free in her male friend s apartment while he cares for her child This allows her the free time to go get coffee which is described many times in painfull [...]

  • Three and one half stars Very interesting book about a translator This is the second book I ve read recently where the protagonist translates books or text for authors This story is twisted and takes you down a few rabbit holes as it slowly untangles the web of connections between, Shira her present and her complex relationships The theme of forgiveness, love and sacrifice are woven in her earlier translation of Dante and the present translation of an epic poem by a mysterious poet who seems to [...]

  • This book was hard for me to become completely absorbed, for it was a bit cryptic and scattered for a while In fact, there is a moment well into the story where there is a big reveal of which I was not sure what it was Later it became quite clear to me that what I had suspected it was it actually was However, the book is clever and quite funny with wonderful characters It is about a young Jewish woman who was abandoned by her mother and somewhat neglected by her father She has a child out of wed [...]

  • Story within a story, with literary criticism woven into the fiction narrative In a compelling way What And translation, and abandonment issues, and poetry A tiny taste I had already read all the pages Romei had sent me, I d read them carefully than once It was time to trot the work, I d retype the original, leaving five or six spaces between each line, then handwrite a quick literal translation above each line, adding towers of alternative translations above problem words, which is to say most [...]

  • I read Herta M ller s NYTimes By The Book interview this very morning and I found her thoughts on moving literature very pleasing The beauty of the sentences is the key If in the very first pages I m forced to read gratuitous phrases or banal metaphors, I won t be able to get inside the story Only if the sentences sparkle can I get hooked.This is my attempt to shirk writing a real review for Good on Paper, a book that left me cold It had many elements that usually attract me to books but I found [...]

  • This was a slow burn for me It took a little while for me to get into it, but once I did, I fell so in love with these characters.One note these are not characters that you will particularly like I cared about them and rooted for them, but these are still incredibly selfish people Not bad, not at all, but people who aren t particularly good, either In short, they re basically just like most other people They are deeply flawed and they don t seem to improve This is a book for English majors and f [...]

  • Good on Paper is a stimulating narrative full of witty banter and clever literary references One of the shining qualities of this novel is the main character s personality because her perspective makes this unique story all the amusing It is as the pages turn that I found myself slowly falling in love with the characters and especially Shira s interactions with others Cantor is able to portray the struggle of translating literature and the complexity of linguistics while also creating an intere [...]

  • The book had this bit of a Crying of Lot 49 feel to it, with a touch of Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Bookstore, but a little less weird and with heart The characters are zany yet not so much so as to be unbelievable I liked a lot of the reflections about parenting, too However, I didn t really like the very stylized writing It seemed a bit removed, the way quotation marks were omitted and the narrator kinda meandered around All sorts of very devastating and exciting things are going on, and yet she re [...]

  • Literary chick lit replace martinis and shopping with Dante and linguistics Themes of motherhood and atonement I absolutely loved it.

  • Curiosity level Enchanting realism Real people don t talk like that, he whispered, then left the room p.86Shira Greene s half baked quality of a life suddenly takes an exciting turn when Nobel Prize Winning Italian poet, Romei, calls her up asking her to translate his latest work Only YOU can do the translation, he insists.Flattered, Shira launches into dreaming overdrive as she thinks about what the future now holds with Romei thank my lucky stars and agrees to starts as soon as she can However [...]

  • The title of this book is, in retrospect, unfortunate I picked up this short novel at a bookstore after reading the blurbs and synopsis on the back, expecting an easy to read, relationship oriented text that also explores the trivialities of academia Instead I was left with so many questions Why is this book set in 1999 though published in 2016 , when the temporal setting plays pretty much no role in the narrative whatsoever Why are there no quotation marks setting apart dialogue vs internal mon [...]

  • I d recommend this to tall people and short people alike Can people really change How do we fall in love The author s tone of voice is lighter than the books I usually read i.e there s no sudden spaceships or anything that s violent, thriller, adventure, action, horror, etc but the plot skips along with many surprises It s told realistically from the POV of an honest, intelligent, funny, warm mother I think they live in Brooklyn or Manhattan who is a struggling translator she is financially supp [...]

  • Good on Paper is a novel about a woman who is trying to get her life started She has been working various positions at a temp agency, however, her ideal job would be a translator of Italian language poetry into English Out of the nowhere, she gets a call from a poet who had recently won the Noble Prize to help translate his newest piece Along the way, she discovers some things about herself that she didn t know about Overall, I found the book a slow read until about 70% of the way through the Ki [...]

  • Shira Greene is a single mom raising her daughter with Ahmed, a gay Indian friend While she is an excellent translator, she works crummy temp jobs When she receives an offer from Romeo s, a famous Italian poet to translate his newest work, she has no idea her love is going to be turned upside down Filled with memorable character, there is too much reference to Dante and it gets very slow in the middle

  • This book wasn t what I expected or wanted to read, so my reaction to it is based on that, and not necessarily the quality of the writing I thought, based on the first chapter, that it was a comedy of work and motherhood It was, to a degree, but it was a study of Dante and literature, which I was unprepared for, and felt unqualified for, as a reader.

  • I picked this up thinking humor NOI thought I could identify with at least one characterNOis book left a lot to be desired for me I suppose I m not into philosophy, but the characters in this novel are sick, sick, sick I cannot recommend this to anyonerry After seeing some reviews, I must have missed the point ha I really struggled to rate it 2 stars.

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