Tress Ever since little Tess cut off her doll s hands and painted them blood red she s longed to live in a gruesome fairytale But when grown up Tess can hardly tend her own wounds how can she free a golde
  • Title: Tress
  • Author: Larissa Brown
  • ISBN: 9781612200828
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • Tress
    Ever since little Tess cut off her doll s hands and painted them blood red, she s longed to live in a gruesome fairytale But when grown up Tess can hardly tend her own wounds, how can she free a golden haired woodsman from his curse Larissa Brown, author of the Viking love story Beautiful Wreck, crosses genres again with a novella that s part fairytale, part psychologicalEver since little Tess cut off her doll s hands and painted them blood red, she s longed to live in a gruesome fairytale But when grown up Tess can hardly tend her own wounds, how can she free a golden haired woodsman from his curse Larissa Brown, author of the Viking love story Beautiful Wreck, crosses genres again with a novella that s part fairytale, part psychological horror, with a dash of fated love.Tress is a novella of 21,000 words the equivalent of about 80 print pages.
    Tress By Larissa Brown,

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    Larissa writes epic love stories and creates dramatic designs for hand knitters.Her first novel, Beautiful Wreck, is a time travel love story set in a fictional 10th century Iceland So Wild A Dream is a two book series, set in the same world, which will launch in 2016 Larissa is also the author of the novella Tress, a gothic horror fairytale love story.She regularly posts photos of her writingspot on Instagram to share the adventure of writing, and she is the proud owner of the addictive online generator What Does Your Hero Smell Like An eclectic reader, Larissa s favorite book this year was A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic She reads speculative fiction, romance, historical fiction and craft books, and has a special love for knitting stitch dictionaries.A two time craft author with STC Craft, Larissa has published books, articles and designs with a variety of knitting related publications She independently publishes her hand knitting designs She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband Martin and son Sebastian, adorable loser of hand made hats.


  • I am cursed, he says To chop wood through all time After losing her hand several months ago in an accident, Tess is struggling with life and reality Ever since she was a child, she s had a fascination with fairy tales, and not the sweet, pink infused ones But dark, grim stories Her journal since she was ten has reflected these forbidding and dire tales Now Tess s real life has mimicked those fairy tales of which she is so fond, where the children so often lose their hands With her sister, Tess g [...]

  • This book is exactly what the author describes a Gothic horror fairy tale love story To me, the story is equal parts The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour, with a little bit of the is this real life YouTube kid thrown in In Tress, one is immediately immersed in the story of the title s heroine Is she crazy Are the things she s seeing and experiencing real or do they only exist in her mind What s the secret the woodsman is keeping from her Larissa Brown is an author who excels at lyrical [...]

  • 4 stars Short, Grim, and CreativeTess lives in a seemingly fragile world The Viking Reenactment camp Tess s sister brings her to morphs fantasy into reality The woodsman of her dreams and drawings appear Is he cursed or is she becoming increasing frail of mind An imaginative and vivid fairy tale that I became immediately immersed in the fluid storytelling It s a fine example of the creativitity that can be found in independent publishing I anticipate of Larissa Brown s work Tress shows Ms Brown [...]

  • I received this book from the author through LoP in exchange for an honest review.After losing her hand in an accident, Tess struggles as she finds herself edging away from reality and falling into a fantasy world that resembles the grim fairy tales that she s always loved Tess travels with her sister, who struggles to accept Tess after the accident, to a medieval reenactment Tess finds herself drawn to an ominous man that clearly knows her, whether or not she remembers him, where fantasy and re [...]

  • Once I could sit and read than 2 minutes at a time, I wholly fell head first into this book.Tress and Andr Cursed and condemned Fighting throughout time to find each other over and over again, only to end in disappointment and heart ache There was always enough intrigue to keep me glued to the page, and once the back story came through I was full in There were points where I was thinking Is she really actually mental Is this all figments of her broken mind Please don t be a broken mind I loved [...]

  • This bittersweet fairytale haunts Larissa Brown s lyrical prose sings its way through the story, weaves itself into your heart, and doesn t let go Andr s and Tress s story evokes so many feelings, fear, hope, love, loathing, sadness, despair, joy, and possibly some emotions that haven t been invented yet I haven t decided whether the ending is a happy or sad one, and I love that uncertainty Tress will be in my head for some time, and that s just fine with me.

  • Reading this was like falling into the very best sort of dream.Ms Brown again dazzles with her phrases and entraps with the dark and yet soul satisfying plot.I love this story.

  • If you like fairy tales you will love this novella Its like a fairy tale for grown ups I like that it embraces some of the darker elements of fairy tales think original Grimm vs Disney stories it makes the character real and of today s real world Which makes it even fantastical when fairy tale stuff starts happening The only draw back to this story is that its a short one Like Larissa Brown s other book Beautiful Wreck the writing is beautiful and full of colorful imagery If you have read Beau [...]

  • Thank you Larissa Brown for the opportunity to read your book I was given this book in exchange for an honest review LoP Lovers of Paranormal Tress is the story of a woman attempting to discover the truth behind the events, dark fantasy dreams, obsessions that have plagued her life Tess s world begins to unfold during a re enactment camp her sister, Gina, thought would assist in bringing her back to reality Instead Tess is drawn deeper into her fantasy world As Tess pieces together her life and [...]

  • Over the past nine months Tress has struggled to recover from the accident which took one of her hands Her sister invited her for a weekend away at a medieval reenactment It is here, past the tents, where the line between reality and fantasy blurs and flashback like episodes of other places and times interrupt her Echoing sketches from her extensive journals, is Tress drawn into a dark fairy tale world where she must free the woodsman or has her fragile hold on the world slipped completely out o [...]

  • It s no secret that I love Larissa Brown s work Ever since Beautiful Wreck , I ve been smitten by her sumptuously colorful and evocative prose Her ability to blend words, colors, scents, and sounds, never fails to transport this particular reader to a realm far beyond the ordinary I m delighted to report that Larissa s latest venture is just as good as Wreck Tress a deliciously dark tale worthy of The Brothers Grimm It s a fairy tale for grown ups, part romance, part horror suspense, part fantas [...]

  • A strangely creepy fairy tale, in a good way I love the way Larissa Brown thinks and writes The multiple layers of this story make you wonder is it a happy fairy tale ending or not I ll leave that for you to decide I may have to go back and read it again just to get all the subtle nuances of the story It is simply a beautiful tale and definitely worth reading.

  • In this lovely novella, nothing is as it seems and danger is all around The mix of modern language and fairy tale imagery is masterful and the story spooked me but good

  • openbooksociety article trBrought to you by OBS Reviewer ScottRolling of the page like a fairy tale, eloquent words elucidating a tale of wonder and excitement, Tress is definitely a novella worth the read The anachronisms are aplenty as one gently slides from the real world to the realm of the enchanted a gentle blend of modern medicine with its computerized prosthetics, and a firm root in the realm of the surreal realm of the fae, Tress shines in this regard It s a tragic tale of the survival [...]

  • A dark fairytale reminiscent of Grimm I loved the interplay between the modern Tess and the fairytale world she finds herself drawn to It s not time travel per se but has that kind of transported to another era feel to it that I really love Sadly it s a novella and was over much too quickly.Brown has a lovely way with words and like her previous novel Beautiful Wreck this book is full of evocative imagery and beautiful phrasing.

  • This book wasn t quite what I was thinking it would be but I enjoyed the story anyway I think that anyone that enjoyed Beautiful Wreck should read this book as well It is not the sweeping big love story that Beautiful Wreck was BUT it is a love story and it does take you out of time for a bit.

  • HmmmThis was different from anything I ve ever read A fractured fairy tale An interesting concept I m looking forward to Ms Brown s next work.

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