Star Maps

Star Maps Seeing is believing and when Carl Thornton seventeen year old UFO enthusiast and high school nerd sees a double of his homeroom teacher he knows that something is not quite right Then again he li
  • Title: Star Maps
  • Author: J.S. Frankel
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  • Page: 182
  • Format: ebook
  • Star Maps
    Seeing is believing, and when Carl Thornton, seventeen year old UFO enthusiast and high school nerd, sees a double of his homeroom teacher, he knows that something is not quite right Then again, he lives in Rachel, Nevada, the area known as UFO Central Formerly from Chicago, he came to live with his alcoholic uncle after the untimely death of his parents His fondest wSeeing is believing, and when Carl Thornton, seventeen year old UFO enthusiast and high school nerd, sees a double of his homeroom teacher, he knows that something is not quite right Then again, he lives in Rachel, Nevada, the area known as UFO Central Formerly from Chicago, he came to live with his alcoholic uncle after the untimely death of his parents His fondest wish is to gaze at the stars and see a UFO Wish granted on both counts, as he meets Grace Paxton, a high school junior and a recent transfer student Through a series of circumstances, he discovers that Grace is a shape shifting alien, a Theriantan, and once he s with her and her people, he learns the real reason for Area 51, the secrets it holds and the danger that lurks beyond.
    Star Maps By J.S. Frankel,
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    J.S Frankel was born in Toronto, Canada, many moons ago and managed to scrape through high school and university, earning a BA in English Literature and leaving no book unopened during his time at the University of Toronto Shortly after graduation, he moved to Japan in order to teach English to the hapless residents of whichever city he happened to be living at the time.In 1997, he married the charming Akiko Koike and their union produced two rather interesting children Frankel and his family make their home in Osaka where he teaches during the day and attempts to write YA fiction at night.


  • This was a book clearly aimed at a much younger reader than me, so I had to clear my mindset of all adult expectations, and attempt to see it through the eyes of a teenager I enjoyed the basic plot line very much, Carl is a young man with much to blame the world for, his parents are dead from a senseless car accident, he s been sent to live with an uncaring, unsympathetic uncle, he s unpopular at school, being considered a bit of a nerd, due to his passionate interest in the heavens and all thin [...]

  • J.S Frankel never fails to entertain This book begs the question what would I do if I fell in love with someone from a different planet A true dilemma, the story tantalizes the heart and takes the reader on a journey that is anything but straightforward Frankel is skilled at creating believable characters who talk, act, and project themselves as the real deal, even when from an alien world I love escaping into a fresh story that teases my imagination and makes me wonder how I d get along in such [...]

  • Carl lost his parents to a drunk driver when he was only 15 years old, he was then sent to live with his uncle in Rachel, NV Carl s uncle is a man of few words whose best friends are Wild Turkey and Jim Beam Living out in the desert in the middle of nowhere in a tin can , two trailers that were pieced together, with an uncle who is never around is hard for a young man who grew up in Chicago with two very loving parents Thankfully he has is telescope to get him through the nights, a Christmas gif [...]

  • I was given an ARC for an honest review I honestly loved it This is a fun, easy read that is polished and very well presented Grace tells Carl, We re going in the opposite direction Well, Mr Frankel is right on course with this story The characters are well developed and believable Danger, deception and mistrust between the aliens and humans held my interest The actions are well written The flow shifts between steady and fast I found nothing stagnant or boring The budding romance between Grace a [...]

  • Reviewed by Jetana Mutter This book was provided for an honest reviewAre we alone in the universe It s a question that has been asked countless times, and yet there s no definite answer Conspiracy theories are abundant around this from the crash in Roswell in the 1940 s to people speaking out about being abducted today Honestly, it s a pretty big universe out there and Earth just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things so it s entirely possible how could only one planet sustain life out of mu [...]

  • the author of this book did a great job if there were a way to gave a 10 star review, I would have to give this book one I love UFO alien all that type of stuff This story had it all I can t wait to read stories about alien and UFO from this amazing author My farther started to read it now Loving every minute of this amazing story I will be keeping a eye out for the next books Can t wait to read I m a big fan of this book now If you love alien UFO human falling in love this is the book for you [...]

  • I was asked to review Star Maps by J.S Frankel and even though I usually wouldn t chose to read a story with UFO and Aliens like this usually, but in the end I actually really enjoyed it, therefore broadening my horizons.

  • Title Star MapsAuthor J S FrankelPublisher LazyDay PublishingISBN 978 1 60968 XXX XBuy Link lazydaypub tb author jReviewer Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Seeing is believing, and when Carl Thornton, seventeen year old UFO enthusiast and high school nerd, sees a double of his homeroom teacher, he knows that something is not quite right.Then again, he lives in Rachel, Nevada, the area known as UFO Central Formerly from Chicago, he came to live with his alcoholic uncle after the untimely death of his par [...]

  • I have received a free ARC of J.S Frankel s Star Maps, which has in no way influenced my review I really enjoyed this YA story There s just something about aliens and human alien romance which I adore, and Frankel s novel really delivered on this Star Maps is a quick, sweet read with relatable characters and a compelling storyline Carl is an average boy who is fascinated by space and alien encounters His dreams come true when the beautiful new girl at school turns out to be an alien, and she lea [...]

  • I was given an ARC to review Star Maps and in no way did that fact altar my opinion of this awesome read This was truly one of a kind and I cant wait to dive into of J.S Frankel s works The storyline caught my attention the moment I began to read The words flowed together perfectly and there were no dead spots or lack of entertainment throughout the entire read The story begins with Carl, who lost his parents in an accident He was sent to live with his uncle in Nevada, but he was an absentee ca [...]

  • Do you believe in UFO s Do you think that aliens walk among us Carl has lived his whole life studying the stars and UFO s When tragedy strikes he is forced to move in with his uncle in UFO Central in Nevada When a new face shows up at his school he makes friends with her and his whole live changes Mr Frankel did a wonderful job of writing an intriguing story that can be read by adult and young adults Meet the wonderful characters of Star Maps Carl may seem like a misfit but when he befriends Gra [...]

  • After losing his parents to a drunk driver Carl must move from the busy metropolis of Chicago to desert town Rachel, Nevada right off the extraterrestrial highway This is perfect for Carl s only hobby, star gazing Nothing else in his new life is that great, like living in a tin can mobile home with his less than present uncle or being the resident nerd of his school When new student Grace shows up Carl s life gets much complicated and exciting Star Maps by JS Frankel is a good young adult book, [...]

  • This review was long due, but I couldn t find and still can t find the words to describe Star Maps It was very similar to J.S Frankel s other books, but at the same time it felt completely different With a complex and original plot and captivating characters, this book enthralled me from the very first pages I fell in love with Carl, with his awkwardness, geekyness and shyness and I loved how he grew throughout the book, being forced to face his fears and to overcome his meekness in order to sav [...]

  • The text is written in a very rich language, which is especially helpful for young adults who seek to improve their level of literacy and language proficiency The author evidently is a scholar with a very broad general knowledge, especially in geography, history and esoteria I found this book already from the first sentence engaging and it made me want to read on The plot includes the adventures of a high school student in a secluded part of rural America and his unearthly encounters with visito [...]

  • This is a fun, quick read.It is original and completely different from anything I have ever read I absolutely loved it This book is so easy to get into and so hard to put down I love how completely different the characters were but how they still all seemed to mesh together in life This is an amazing read

  • This was a good story I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole story Itwas sad in that it could happen If aliens came to Earth, prejudice would be real We would fear what we didn t know and would hunt down the aliens This was anice love story as well between Carl and Grace What a great and happy ending.

  • I enjoyed J S Frankel s book very much I have always been very interested in Area 51 and it was another interesting take on what his happening behind all the security Smoothly written, good characters and fascinating plot line An excellent read.

  • Orphaned at the age of 15, Carl lives with his uncle in Nevada His hobby Star gazing This story starts subtly with the occasional glimpse of doppelgangers When Grace transfers to his school, everything he once knew to be true changes A shape shifter, he learns about the secrets and dangers behind Area 51 JS Frankel is an author I ve only recently discovered, but I ve been caught hook line and sinker His character development and world building, dragged me in from the beginning and held me throug [...]

  • Aliens are among us Carl is just your average high school student with his head in the stars dreaming about life in the universe Little does he know that the universe holds a Romeo and Juliet style love for him J S Frankel has created an amazing world of teenage love, adventure and adrenaline all in one action packed book that you will not want to miss I would highly recommend this book to everyone of all ages as an added book for their collection.I Hope there will be to come for CArl and his a [...]

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