Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard

Not Funny Ha Ha A Handbook for Something Hard Not Funny Ha Ha is a bold slightly wry graphic novel illustrating the lives of two young women from different cultural family and financial backgrounds who go through two different abortions medica
  • Title: Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard
  • Author: Leah Hayes
  • ISBN: 9781606998397
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard
    Not Funny Ha Ha is a bold, slightly wry graphic novel illustrating the lives of two young women from different cultural, family, and financial backgrounds who go through two different abortions medical and surgical It follows them through the process of choosing a clinic, reaching out to friends, partners, and or family, and eventually the procedure s itself It simplyNot Funny Ha Ha is a bold, slightly wry graphic novel illustrating the lives of two young women from different cultural, family, and financial backgrounds who go through two different abortions medical and surgical It follows them through the process of choosing a clinic, reaching out to friends, partners, and or family, and eventually the procedure s itself It simply shows what happens when a woman goes through it, no questions asked Despite the fact that so many women and girls have abortions every day, in every city, all around us, it can be a lonely experience Not Funny Ha Ha is a little bit technical, a little bit moving, and often funny, in a format uniquely suited to communicate The book is meant to be a non judgmental, comforting, even humorous look at what a woman can go through during an abortion Although the subject matter is heavy, the illustrations are light The author takes a step back from putting forth any personal opinion whatsoever, simply laying out the events and possible emotional repercussions that could, and often do occur.
    Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard By Leah Hayes,
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  • The yellow spine and title drew me in as I crawled through the graphic novel section of my library Then the inside It s a guide for going through an abortion Not in a gross way, not in a political way, not in a harmful way It s purely informational, with drawings of two women going through the process making decision, following through, aftermath Basically, it s this You ended up in this situation It s a hard decision to make, but here are your options Here s what to expect, but OH MY GOD WE ARE [...]

  • An honest, unbiased, and shame free look at the experiences of women who choose to have abortions As a sex educator, I was so pleased to see information about both medication and surgical abortions provided in an accurate yet accessible way Thank you, Leah Hayes, for writing and illustrating such an important book

  • This book is a really good start for talking about abortion in an honest and basic way It goes through the basics of what a medical and surgical abortion entails, what to expect, what you may be feeling, etc It skips over all the reasons that one might have to have an abortion, saying that no matter what they are, they are valid.They did touch on the fact that not everyone has a supportive family, but I felt they should have gone into that a little bit further The one character in the book who d [...]

  • I really love the deliberate approach given to the creation of this book.The subtlety of the cover The candid voice of the text The artfulness of the illustrations The clarity of the layouts It s approachable And engaging And sincere.This is a book written to demystify the process of getting an abortion She walks us through two difference scenarios one at a clinic, one at home , with two different women.As someone who has never had this experience, and has personally changed my opinion about the [...]

  • I read this book while listening to the Senate debate defunding Planned Parenthood today It was, well, not perfect but the right way to read the book Hayes Not Funny Ha Ha is a very simple introduction to medical and surgical abortion that assumes that the decision is personal but, ultimately, one that women make on their own I appreciated the author s note in the back of the book because she points out that the political debate tends to frame the issue as what choice will you make and then zoom [...]

  • I appreciate the presence of this book, and that the cover is created in a way that allows people to read it in public and carry it around, even potentially order it online or buy it at a store in the presence of friends, family members etc without being approached, attacked or shamed While it is a very strange title, it is also a brilliant one in terms of its protective abilities A handbook for something hard Wow I am in awe.The author offers a vision of abortion as something challenging emotio [...]

  • The color and style of this book were initially what drew me in I appreciated the illustrations of the people, and am a sucker for nice lettering Once I read the back, I was stunned, intrigued, and hopeful for what this was about to share with me about the reality of abortion Though it is a traditionally taboo topic, I, myself, have reflected on it quite a bit, and appreciate how kind, accepting, factual, empathic, real, and non shaming this book is There is an acceptance to the reality that we [...]

  • Here in Brazil, when we talk about the need for abortion to be legal and all, a lot of people come up with these ridiculous arguments about how women poor women, they mean would have an abortion every month, thinking that the medical abortion must be like taking some skittles or what The process is painful, both physically and emotionally I have never been through an abortion and also never needed it, and none of my closest friends have, so I actually knew next to nothing about the procedures, b [...]

  • Not going to sugar coat it.This is a book about abortion.This is a graphic about the FACTS and nothing but the facts put in an accessible format.There is no judgement There is no political agenda There is no you should or shouldn t It is just an explanation of what happens during the process.Just as the title says, this really is a handbook for something hard It lets you know what to expect, what kinds of things you should plan for if you decide to go through with it.And something worth noting T [...]

  • Wow A delicate subject handled with grace and warmth and respect I heartily agree with Ellen Forney s quote on the back cover likening the book to a conversation with a cool older sister who sits down with you and tells you what s what So this book deals with abortion It doesn t address the controversy over when life begins or any of that That s not what it s for However, if you ve already made the decision to have an abortion, or are even just curious, this book tells you what to expect regardi [...]

  • The subject of abortions, and how to access them, and how they actually work is a very important one Kudos to this book for tackling that subject, but I feel like the narrative aspect of this story couldn t easily transition from telling the story of the 2 women profiled, and giving facts about the 2 different types of abortions used Essentially, both women were in the same situation, and they had the same supportive friends and or relatives, and the only difference was the actual procedure they [...]

  • A book with a terrible, completely uninformative title about abortion, which is on other hand usefully technical, helpful about the procedural and emotional issues one might face Another strength of the book is that the author tells the contrasting stories of two women who have somewhat different experiences with it, though both were ultimately positive It s generally an informational text, though, straightforward, useful The art is just mainly illustrative The book jacket claims it s sometimes [...]

  • This book gets five stars because it is good and also important There are things I wish it had gone into, like what to do if you live in an area where it s difficult or impossible to get an abortion, or what to do if you can t afford one, but it covered the rest of the process pretty admirably I liked that the idea seemed to be there are no wrong decisions, here is what will happen if this happens to be yours It was very gentle in a way that I think would be helpful if I actually were pregnant [...]

  • Abortion comicssss There should probably be of you.I m not a huge fan of abortions In fact I am straight up NOT A FAN.BUT I think the telling of these stories is worthwhile, and I know that appreciating that honesty, and striving for greater understanding, doesn t equal complicity Essentially I seek to understand And this is moving in that direction But it s a little too dry and careful In fact I just read a cartoon in The Nib a couple days ago that.I read this long enough ago, that the Nib car [...]

  • Ehhhh So i totally support the vision of this graphic novel scare quotes justified, barely qualifies, see the later and hatier part of this review it provides good info on abortion, and contains seemingly heartfelt words of comfort Tone seemed almost condescending at times, tbh, though I m pretty certain the author meant it to be reassuring and perhaps it was that way to appeal to a wide range of ages, which is coo I just dont see the point of this existing, in this form, really One who is gonna [...]

  • I saw a review of this several months ago and had been wanting to read it since I only know one woman who has had an abortion, and we ve never really discussed it I actually don t know a lot about it as a surgical procedure only medical and that knowledge comes from the documentary Vessel, which I highly recommend to anyone who is reading this review or this book It was a really informative book, aimed at women who are pregnant and having an abortion but don t know much about the procedure s I l [...]

  • hm, ich w rde 3,5 sternchen geben, wenn das hier ginge mir hat die graphic novel schon gefallen und ich finde es sehr wichtig, dass es mehr unterst tzende literatur zum thema abtreibung gibt leah haynes schildert anhand zweier frauen zwei verschiedene abtreibungserfahrungen in bezug auf die methode klinisch und medizinisch und behandelt abtreibung sehr sensibel und einf hlsam aber dieser punkt hat mich irgendwann einfach auch genervt, weil ja jede abtreibende person macht individuelle erfahrunge [...]

  • A better title would be What to Expect When You Abort With some preamble, mostly trying to remove a book about abortion from the realm of the political, it jumps right into the ways a medical i.e take pills and surgical go to a clinic abortion works what you re likely to have to do in terms of bureaucracy, what you may experience physically, how you initiate and bring closure to the physical process It also touches on the emotional experience.The best audience for the book and the one the author [...]

  • This is the book I m going to get my children to read when they ask me about abortion Unfortunately, my son had a teacher in fourth grade that already discussed this procedure at length with his class, skewing towards the pro life side, so they already have heard the words What they don t know yet, is that I have endured this procedure myself, and I intend to be completely open and honest with them when that time comes This book is a perfect illustration of the thoughts feelings and experiences [...]

  • It s kind of hard to be enthusiastic about an abortion guidebook, but this was really good There s so much information about making the choice, but way less about what actually happens The tone is conversational and compassionate, and the whole thing is very non judgemental How and why someone made the choice to get an abortion is irrelevant, and this book is a supportive way for them to go forward Plus the illustrations are really fantastic I think a graphic format is a really cool choice for t [...]

  • Wow This is everything you need to know about abortion I feel like women need to read this There s no shame and so much information I definitely learned a few things while reading I would highly suggest checking out this book while it covers a very controversial subject, it discusses it in a realistic, judgement free tone that makes the reader feel welcome regardless of the background from which they might come.

  • UhhI didn t see the humor or think it was slightly wry If anything, I thought it was honest and open and blunt than humorous But anyway, still a pretty good book that is very informative about the procedures for abortion, and it doesn t tiptoe around the subject Basically what your health sex ed class never taught you.

  • The combination of narrative and graphic elements made this a top notch book for me The words were not always easy to hear but that made them all the important The use of spacing and layout in the graphics told so much I wish I could put this book in the hand of every young person.

  • I like that this book exists but it was just kinda meh I thought there should have been information Everything in it you probably could have guessed on your own.

  • The narrator directly addresses the reader, who is assumed to be in a similar position as the protagonists, two girls undergoing two different types of abortion The only reason this didn t get five stars from me was because the title and blurb were a little misleading For starters, the title has nothing to do with the content It s never referenced inside the covers it feels like it was made up by some editor who s never read a graphic novel other than the newspaper funnies, who wanted to warn th [...]

  • I think this deserves a review, and is a better place than most.I d call Not Funny Ha Ha a foray into graphic medicine, though it isn t quite as medical as most others in the same genre True to its subtitle, it is a handbook for those women who are deciding to have abortions, as well as for the people who love them Leah Hayes does a very good job of completely avoiding the political and moral charges of abortion, and instead focuses directly on what physically happens during the two types of abo [...]

  • Pulled this off a library shelf, drawn in by its mysterious subtitle and sparse drawings.Turned out to be a pretty technical explanation of medical vs surgical abortion procedures, with the purpose of letting the reader know what to expect from an abortion, should they choose to get one.The tone was a bit too didactic for my taste, bordering on condescending when the narrator explains that one s reasons for an abortion are no one else s business, though I appreciated the intent.The novel follows [...]

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