Hold the Dark

Hold the Dark Written with force and precision and grace John Wilwol New York Times Book Review Hold the Dark is a taut and unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness Dennis Lehane At the start of another pi
  • Title: Hold the Dark
  • Author: William Giraldi
  • ISBN: 9781631490422
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hold the Dark
    Written with force and precision and grace John Wilwol, New York Times Book Review Hold the Dark is a taut and unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness Dennis Lehane At the start of another pitiless winter, wolves have taken three children from the remote Alaskan village of Keelut, including the six year old son of Medora and Vernon Slone Wolf expert RussWritten with force and precision and grace John Wilwol, New York Times Book Review Hold the Dark is a taut and unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness Dennis Lehane At the start of another pitiless winter, wolves have taken three children from the remote Alaskan village of Keelut, including the six year old son of Medora and Vernon Slone Wolf expert Russell Core is called in to investigate these killings and discovers an unholy truth harbored by Medora before she disappears When her husband returns home to discover his boy dead and his wife missing, he begins a maniacal pursuit that cuts a bloody swath across the frozen landscape With the help of a local police detective, Core attempts to find Medora before her husband does, setting in motion a deadly chain of events in this chilling, mysterious, and completely engaging novel Tim O Brien that marks the arrival of a major American writer.
    Hold the Dark By William Giraldi,
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    William Giraldi s work has appeared in the New York Times Book Review, the Georgia Review, The Believer, the Kenyon Review, and Poets Writers A senior editor at AGNI, he teaches in the Arts Sciences Writing Program at Boston University.


  • I want to like this book than I did I want to have the same reading experience that Denis Lehane, Daniel Woodrell, Tim O Brien and Thomas McGuane purport to have in their blurbs Wolves have begun taking children from an Alaskan village Not in some fairy tale kind of way, but the food supply is scare and a lone toddling around child makes a nice little snack for a hungry wolf kind of way One of the children taken causes the mother of the boy to write to a nature writer and wolf expert to see if [...]

  • I honestly don t care enough to fully explain my low rating All you need to know is that I thought I was going to read a novel about a man sent to track and hunt the wolves that were taking children from a remote Alaskan villagebut this was not that book.There is a huge shift in plot, where Hold the Dark essentially becomes an uninteresting and generic crime novel I was eager to read about the harsh Alaskan terrain the mythos and mystery surrounding those far reaching and desolate places and I g [...]

  • There was just something about the darkness and atmosphere of this book that had a real pull for me The coldness, the baroness and the strange village of Keelut, Alaska, a town without roads that is not easy to find.There are secrets in this village and when three children are taken by wolves, one of the mothers, Medora calls for help from a wolves expert, a man named Core When he comes to the village he finds all is not what it seems This is a novel that will not appeal to everyone, for one thi [...]

  • Hoo, boy I did not like this book at all, and I had many reasons Yo ready for this Then throw on some Tag Team and let s do this thing.I m not going to list each reason out individually like a bullet list this time, I m just going to go with it, and hopefully it will make enough sense to be readable A brief summary a woman named Medora Slone supposedly loses her son, the third in the village to be taken by wolves, so she writes to Russell Core, a wolf expert who shot one once and spent the rest [...]

  • Three children have been snatched by wolves in the small Alaskan community of Keelut, including the six year old son of Medora and Vernon Sloane Wolf expert Russell is called upon to investigate and track the pack responsible, but soon begins to see into the dark psyche of Medora When her husband Vernon returns from a desert war to discover the boy dead and Medora missing, he begins his own pursuit of his errant wife, across the frozen wastes and with much violence along the way As Core attempts [...]

  • The dead don t haunt the living The living haunt themselves In the tradition of David Vann, Daniel Woodrell, Denis Johnson and Cormac McCarthy, William Giraldi writes of evil things set in terrible, beautiful landscapes where secrets are easy to hide and humanity rots in cellars and forests or is beset upon by wild animals that feast on the carrion of our nightmares Hold the Dark is a sort of Revenant for the modern age, a tale of beasts and hunting, snow and corrupt hearts It did not surprise m [...]

  • Once in a blue moon I read a book so good, I find myself struggling to describe how fantastic it is and why Hold the Dark by William Giraldi is an example of that I ve been taking my time with it, savoring the poetry of every sentence, and allowing myself to sink into the dark abyss the book opened before me A violent tale of a small and secluded village in Alaska I m still struggling to find a way of describing the plot without ruining the book I might do a proper review once the experience has [...]

  • Really a 2.5 star read So much of this did not work but the parts that did were excellent The whole story starts on an off note But this character moves the story along and becomes the historian of events Still, I was bothered enough that it took me out of the narrative constantly I kept flipping to the back cover to study the picture of the author Who was the author Was he a native Alaskan From the other 48 I worried it was the latter and if so William Giraldi was other and writing about Alaska [...]

  • I became riveted by this book in the first chapter Hold the Dark is about something primal or feral in all of us The book begins with children being taken by wolves in Alaska after a brutal winter.

  • William Giraldi easily holds place alongside great authors such as Daniel Woodrell, Megan Abbott and James Ellroy in terms of being able to recreate the dark nature of man and convey it with compelling conviction Through a blanket of fine white snow, this cold heared yet warm blooded rural like noir breathes life into the deathly disassociated community of Keelut.The closed cabin compound is breached by an academic in search of answers Core, riddled by internal torment, having lost a child to wo [...]

  • Hold the Dark is one of the most unsettling, shocking and deeply disturbing books I ve ever read But it is also one of the most compelling.The inhabitants of the Alaskan town of Keelut are not very friendly to outsiders, they look after their own, and they don t appreciate strangers coming and trying to meddle in their affairs It is a sad and depressing town, but somehow this makes it readable, interesting what secrets are they hiding When the writer, Russell Core, makes a shocking discovery, [...]

  • The notion of myth makes an early appearance in Hold The Dark, the second novel from author William Giraldi Keelut, the remote Alaskan territory which provides the backdrop for most of the novel s events, is a fictional one a name presumably chosen by Giraldi in homage to the folkloric traditions of the area in which the Keelut is a mysterious and terrifying cryptid a hairless, black dog like creature that stalks man in the hours of darkness Unsurprisingly, therefore, wolves play a major role in [...]

  • Listened 9 23 14 9 27 144 Stars Recommended to fans of the kind of literature that s cold and dark and gets into your bonesAudio 6.7 hoursPublisher Liveright Publishing Blackstone AudioReleased September 2014I am not ashamed to admit that I was trolling downpour looking for something to fill my ears during the commute to work when I stumbled across Hold the Dark I hadn t heard a peep about it which is usually a sign that I am onto something , but the cover and title caught my attention right awa [...]

  • Finishing this book was an exercise in masochism.Giraldi wrote this book as if he had a thesaurus on his lap and burning desire to use every adjective and adverb he could find.His editor should be fired for letting him misuse overuse scape He used scape when he meant landscape and he also used it in combinations such as moonscape when looking out on a moonlit night By the end I was begging out loud for him to kill that darling.SPOILERS This book made little sense It begins with three children be [...]

  • Hold The Dark Dark ever so DarkHold The Dark by William Giraldi may be short but it certainly packs a punch This book is an intense examination of all that is primeval within us that is so intense set on the frozen wastes of Alaska Where the wolf and humans live cheek by jowl and recognise each other as supreme hunters.The book begins with a mystery when the wolves have come and taken three children from the isolated village of Keelut They have also taken the child of Medora and Vernon Sloane an [...]

  • If you read Hold the Dark, you can be forgiven for drawing comparisons to Cormac McCarthy s Accent on Blood Meridian This book s gutters run with it blood, not meridians Well, they do when it s above freezing, which it seldom is in this Alaska based monster mash.The monster in this case is Vernon Slone why are they always named Vern , an Iraq War veteran who honed his killing skills in a desert land only to bring them to the homeland, where he finds his young son dead and is out for revenge I gu [...]

  • A short, violent book with a great deal of imaginative, if strained imagery I ve read a number of this kind recently, books which make me squirm with discomfort when the obvious marks of a Teacher of Creative Writing appear The best part of this book is the author s evocation of the terrible Alaska winter The not so good parts are the gratuitous violence gratuitous because the motivation for most of it is not provided in the story and so it seems that the author must have added it just to make t [...]

  • When I saw Jeremy Saulnier was directing the adaptation of William Giraldi s novel, I had to read it since I m a huge fan of the director s work which includes the excellent Green Room as well as Blue Ruin, which by my standards is as close to cinematic perfection as one can get Stark and McCarthy esk, Hold the Dark is a quietly violent novel which asks questions about social norms, an individual s place in society, and the true discovery of self through nature Gritty and uber violent, the book [...]

  • The reason I was so excited to read this book was because I deeply loved Busy Monsters If that is why you re considering this book, don t bother with this one The only similarity I found between this and Busy Monsters was Giraldi s use of the word wastrel This is a large and totally unfortunate departure for the quick witted and sly characters and plot of Busy Monsters I found this book to be overly masculine, a la Cormac McCarthy and just flat I didn t care about any of the characters, and it w [...]

  • Covered deep in Alaskan snow, ice so deep and cold so harsh that it s hard to breath, a weird tale of blood and violence, of instincts hidden within Dark, unsettling, full of mythical elements hidden in the snow of Keelut There s something lurking in this place Something not human at all, and not beast either Some primitive force that provokes the darkness Beautiful descriptions of the wild, though the story itself not that mesmerizing A great read for upcoming winter nights.

  • 2.5 stars Did you finish your book Peter asked Two stars, I replied He wanted to hear about it and after I gave him my synopsis, he said, Wow, two stars seems generous In the beginning of the book I was wondering why it had such a low rating on but I totally get it now I don t think it really was able to sustain its promise It s not the view spoiler twincest or the gratuitous, pointless seeming violence, or the silly wolf mask, all of which I have seen well used in other contexts, or that the hi [...]

  • This was a fast and haunting read extremely atmospheric, beautifully written, with a dark heart.When wolf expert Russell Core arrives to help Medora track down her son s body and track the wolf that took him, he embarks on a dangerous and violent journey where not everything is as it first appears When Vernon arrives back from war to discover the tragedy, he is after vengeance and begins a bloody pursuit across the Alaskan landscape.I read this in one sitting descriptively speaking it is extreme [...]

  • He knew what haunted meant The dead don t haunt the living The living haunt themselves.This book was such a pleasant surprise Let s be honest, I picked it up because there is a wolf on a cover That s literally enough to sell a book for me Plus it s shelved as a thriller mystery, which is also right up my alley Thankfully I did not read the whole blurb which has some early book spoilers, so if you re interested in Hold the Dark I would recommend NOT looking at the summary and went into this total [...]

  • I quite enjoyed the novel, very Cormac McCarthy ish, but without the poetry.The friend who lent me his copy said he didn t like the ending I thought the ending was pretty good.

  • Wolves are reportedly taking the children of a small Alaskan village For an unknown reason, the mother of one of the lost children, Medora Slone, reaches out to a nature writer, Mr Core, begging him to come to the town and help Mr Core s estranged daughter is teaching at the college in Anchorage and this is his excuse to fly out and come see the wolves and the Village The boy s father, Vernon Slone, is fighting in Iraq and has not been told about his dead child When Mr Core arrives, strange thin [...]

  • See the locations in the book on the booktrailYou might want to wear your thickest woolen cardigan when reading this book and have a cup of something hot in your hands as this book will give you the chills Not sure if the idea of wolves coming for the villagers children or the landscape of snow and ice is the most chilling but when together, the result is eerie to the extreme.The wolves came down from the hills and took the children of Keelut First one child was stolen as he tugged his sled at t [...]

  • Someone s review I completely agree with spoilers review showI am thoroughly confused about this book One good reason might be that I only read the first 100 pages and the last 30 That s also why I won t rate it And I m not confused because I missed good parts of it Let s just say that the writing lost me And I feel really dumb I mean, even the french edition includes a quick note from the translator gushing about the writing Let s also say that the plot losts me Violence for the sake of violenc [...]

  • A wild, freezing and stark landscape an unusual, insular community dead set in its own unique ways of everyday life a deep respect for the nature of wolves and an exploration of the wolf within the human psyche.Wolf expert, Russell Core, is contacted by a mother who claims her only son has been taken and killed by wolves She wants Core to track the wolf that was responsible and kill it But Core is not only an expert in his field but a great respecter of wolves and their way of life Although he h [...]

  • Wondrously consistent, dark, cold writing Interesting, powerful, resolute and loyal characters There is a momentum, a methodical draw pulling the reader to the conclusion Tim O Brien s quote on the back of the book sums it up well, The cold and unforgiving Alaskan wild becomes much than a backdrop for this spellbinding story It becomes a character a living creature with its own hunger, its own secrets, its own icy motives, its own implacable will Wiliam Giraldi may be a new Tim O Brien, or Corm [...]

  • I found Hold the Dark to be a strange story to read It was not a book I would have picked up myself from the library however it is not an area I have read about before so it was interesting to learn about life in the Alaskan tundra.It starts with the taking of three children by wolves The story revolves around the last child to be taken and the ripple effect this has on his immediate family All is not as it seems and it takes a wolf expert, Russell Core, and the child s dad, Vernon Sloan, to lea [...]

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