10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less)

Steps to Earning Awesome Grades While Studying Less If you re looking to improve your grades and study efficiently there are a lot of ways you can go about it Thomas Frank founder of the College Info Geek blog YouTube channel and podcast breaks th
  • Title: 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less)
  • Author: Thomas Frank
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  • Page: 235
  • Format: ebook
  • 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less)
    If you re looking to improve your grades and study efficiently, there are a lot of ways you can go about it Thomas Frank, founder of the College Info Geek blog, YouTube channel, and podcast, breaks these ways down into ten steps in this short book.You ll learn how to learn effectively in your classes, take better notes, remember from textbook readings, cutIf you re looking to improve your grades and study efficiently, there are a lot of ways you can go about it Thomas Frank, founder of the College Info Geek blog, YouTube channel, and podcast, breaks these ways down into ten steps in this short book.You ll learn how to learn effectively in your classes, take better notes, remember from textbook readings, cut down on procrastination, build an optimal study environment, and .Along the way, you ll find techniques for increasing your study and work efficiency, giving you free time in college as well.
    10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less) By Thomas Frank,

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    • Unlimited 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less) - by Thomas Frank
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    Thomas Frank the founder of College Info Geek, a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast dedicated to helping students learn efficiently and upgrade their college experience He started writing as a college freshman, turning the site into full time education venture after graduating from Iowa State University in 2013 He lives in the middle of Iowa.


  • I don t know about you, but when I was in school, the only thing I felt towards the study advice dished out by professors, TA s, and advisors was skepticism Really You seriously read every chapter in the textbook before lecture when you were an undergrad, and that s what you attribute your success to and contempt This dude is so out of touch the last time he stepped foot out of his old crusty office was when.This book is the opposite a refreshing, nuts and bolts manual on crushing it in college, [...]

  • I am a huge fan of Thomas Frank channel on youtube collage info geek i recommend it for every student out there struggling with collage life, lectures,exam anxiety, procrastination and time management.he wrote this book as a guidance to hack Studying and to get awesome grades i will sure take stuff i ve learned from the book into application

  • Most student hacks , study tips or study help books out there suck they re written by professors who have no idea of what they re talking about, the methods they describe are too time consuming, the advice is not feasible in the real world.But not this one This book makes you feel like you re actually sitting with Thomas while has a conversation with you It s really down to Earth, you can fell that his recommendations come from personal experience This is a book from a student to another the glo [...]

  • Really nice book for college students I m sure I will reread it during my studying year Recommend to everyone who is interested in getting your college life organised And of course check out this guy s YouTube channel and website collegeinfogeek honestly, this guy is awesome

  • Okay, I might be a little biased and in the interest of full disclosure, I am a writer for College Info Geek , but still, this is an excellent book Thomas presents, in an orderly, entertaining manner, useful advice for earning better grades, just as the title implies.I think the while studying less part is where the book really shines Thomas doesn t advocate laziness, but he does emphasize efficiency In particular, I found his chapter on how to waste less time when working on a group project to [...]

  • I happened to find the College Info Geek youtube channel by browsing youtube out of boredom and damn, am I glad I found it Thomas wrote this book in a way everyone can enjoy and get something out of it But I think geeks and nerds like me, for example will definitely enjoy this book even than others thanks to the awesome references and videogame geeky motif So, the book is well written, but Is the content any good Definitely, maybe my opinion about this kind of books might not be the best or mos [...]

  • If you too are obsessed with being productive every single day, this book is the ONE Brief and informative guidelines, categorized and sorted into 10 easy steps, based on psychology and statistics, not just personal experiences And it s not boring at all You can download the book right away just visit collegeinfogeek get bette

  • Nemu Thomas Frank nggak sengaja gara gara YouTube freefall cari review Wunderlist Lama lama jadi channel favorit karena narasinya asyik meski ngomongnya cepet banget hampir ngalah ngalahin Lorelai Gil.Belum sempat khatamin semua video, jadinya cari jalan pintas dengan baca ebook gratisannya dulu Rampung baca jadi pengin kuliah lagi hanya supaya bisa praktikin kiat kiatnya, wkwk It is that good.

  • This is actually one of the best books I ve ever read Everything and every part of it is just as amazing as it sounds and believe me, it helps A LOT.I absolutely loved every single part of it, the way Thomas writes is just so easy to read that I literally ate the book it was very satisfying and mind changing.I m absolutely going to apply every single step to my everyday student life vNow, if you re reading this I highly recommend you to read this book, like seriously

  • Me encanto Me pareci s per til y a la vez ameno, porque este joven es muy entretenido De verdad que se los s per recomiendo, aunque por ahora solo est en ingl s Ya quiero contarles todo en el blog.

  • The College BibleThomas has always been my go to for college advice This book was a great compilation of trial and error many can learn from.

  • Most of the things you read are what I have heard from teachers and counselors, but he takes it a step further and includes additional advice upon his experience For example, he ll give advice on removing obstacles that distract you from studying, but he ll include his own bitcoin two cents by suggesting popular software to prevent you from getting distracted, such as SelfControl He offers various suggestions on topics from effective notes to procrastination He seems to be trying to connect with [...]

  • La mayor dificultad de la educac n continua es la aparente ausencia de tiempo Hay que hacer un esfuerzo constante por no verse saturado de compromisos irrelevantes Adem s, en el poqu simo tiempo libre que se tiene hay que hacer mil tareas mundanas limitando aun m s el tiempo para estudiar Este libro plantea algunas soluciones basante relevantes, como por ejemplo 1 Pomodoro technique para hacer m s efectivas las sesiones de estudio2 Cornell note taking method para salir de la clase con notas list [...]

  • I m not a student but I struggle every day with problems like focusing at anything , sticking to my goals, or working towards them This book despite being meant for students is actually great for everybody else Either as a professional whose work requires creativity or simply doing simple tasks but that require focus for long time Or as someone looking for simple tips to organize his life Simply this is a book for those looking for a better way to develop themselves and being organized and prod [...]

  • I want to give my review for this book because I think it s important I found Thomas Frank on YouTube and I felt instantly inspired so when I found out that if you subscribe for his newsletter you ll get his book in e form for free I jumped on it and I don t regret it First of all how awesome is it that he gives you his book for free keeping in mind that this book actually has a publisher.I really enjoy his personality and I think he put everything into this book.You can see that he made a lot o [...]

  • The book was well written and easy to read The writing style made it seem like Frank was a friend who was giving you life advice The tone of voice was very laid back, but firm, just like a friend who wants you to succeed in school even if it takes a kick to the butt to get you going The information was well researched with various quotes from other books that really inhanced the experience Chapters were the right amount where they can be read in ten to fifteen minutes intervals between classes A [...]

  • This is extremely helpful if you re trying to be a good student, but not really succeeding It gives you handy step by step guides that you can actually apply while studying and especially helps you with effectivity, something that I regularly struggle with.The best part It s completely free You only have to sign up to the newsletter of College Info Geek, which I really recommend.

  • This book was pretty great I already knew a lot of the things Thomas pointed out since I learned it in my many psychology classes and just from innate organizational skills, but I did pick up a few tips that I ll be trying to implement throughout the next year in school This is great for anyone trying to be productively in their studies, no matter what level you re in.

  • EXCELLENT.If I had to create a account just to rate this book, I would.It s jam packed with amazing tips and is seriously tom frankly hilarious.Looking forward to reading the soon to be second book.

  • absolutely amazing i learned a lot of things i really recommend this book to anyone it ll help, i m sure go for it

  • I am a huge fan of Thomas Frank s YouTube Channel He is a great talker and the way he presents concepts is easy to follow because he knows exactly when to use examples, quotes and personal experience What I like most about his videos is the fact, that they are not too long but full of useful information and resources So why do I chose a four star rating, instead of a five star rating, when I like Thomas Frank s way of making videos so much When I chose to download this free pdf copy of his first [...]

  • Well, you must know about Thomas Frank.He is that cool dude from College Info Geek who posts videos about nearly all of the things that can help you make your time in college fun and successful.If you are not, you are missing on a lot of stuff so you are strongly advised to pay his channel on Youtube a visit BUT after reading this review.Actually, it has been a little while since I first saw him on the internet but I fell right away in love with the way he gives priceless studying tips and other [...]

  • Your freedom of choice is one of the most devious culprits in the sabotage of your productivity Awesome 9 Thomas Frank s advice are ultra helpful while not sounding like an instruction manual The title gives it all away, it is some ten handy steps on getting smarter on studying It tackles general ideas in efficiency, ergonomics, handling extreme studying situations and academic disasters by giving tips that is not too overwhelming too follow.Funny and full of humor, it takes away the boring mech [...]

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