Shaker The tense darkly funny unputdownable debut novel from one of the most successful screenwriters of the past twenty years the tale of a hit man mistaken for a hero whose sudden unwanted fame makes hi
  • Title: Shaker
  • Author: Scott Frank
  • ISBN: 9780385350037
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shaker
    The tense, darkly funny, unputdownable debut novel from one of the most successful screenwriters of the past twenty years the tale of a hit man mistaken for a hero whose sudden, unwanted fame makes him a target for the surprising number of people who want him dead.Roy Cooper, a stoic, unassuming errand runner for various New York criminals, arrives in Los Angeles just aThe tense, darkly funny, unputdownable debut novel from one of the most successful screenwriters of the past twenty years the tale of a hit man mistaken for a hero whose sudden, unwanted fame makes him a target for the surprising number of people who want him dead.Roy Cooper, a stoic, unassuming errand runner for various New York criminals, arrives in Los Angeles just as a powerful earthquake throws the city into chaos Still, Roy is able to get his hit job done well Except for one thing amid the chaos, he can t find his car Helplessly lost in North Hollywood, he stumbles upon a jogger being beaten by four gangbangers, and, despite his best efforts, winds up in the middle of the fray The jogger a controversial mayoral candidate is murdered Roy ends up hospitalized in critical condition and is lionized mistaken as a hero when a video of the fight goes viral Enter Kelly Maguire, an LAPD detective with an anger management problem and an uneasy feeling about L.A s newest hero Science, the teenage sociopath gangbanger shooter who needs to keep Roy quiet about what he s seen Albert, Roy s onetime mentor and one of the scariest, creepiest characters in recent crime fiction and myriad criminals, politicians, and cops who need Roy to disappear preferably forever.
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  • Traveling for work can be a real headache, but it s especially bad when the city you re going to is still recovering from a natural disaster That s what hit man Roy Cooper encounters when he flies into Los Angeles for his latest job because the area was hit with a round of serious earthquakes that have disrupted utilities and traffic, and the city is still experiencing random aftershocks Roy manages to take care of his business quickly, but he hits a snag when he stumbles into a group of young g [...]

  • This is a very good first novel from screenwriter Scott Frank who wrote the scripts for Get Shorty, Out of Sight, and a number of other very entertaining movies It s at times bloody, amusing, and heart breaking, and it features a great cast of memorable characters.Principal among them is a New York hit man named Roy Cooper who flies to L.A to carry out an assignment but who then gets caught up in an earthquake and any number of other potential disasters before he can safely get out of town after [...]

  • I d rate this maybe 4.25 starsShaker reads like a movie, and that s not a bad thing You can totally see the film version of this book playing out before your eyes.This isn t too surprising once you learn that Scott Frank, the author, is an Academy Award nominated screenwriter who also wrote and directed a film adaptation of a classic Lawrence Block crime novel And while the film version of Shaker might help alleviate some of the confusion caused by a few characters too many, the book is an addic [...]

  • I don t recall how I discovered this book The premise, which you can read for yourself, sounded interesting.The writing flowed well The dialogue was believable I liked Ray s story, and I liked Kelly Maguire HoweverThere is so much violence in this book that you d think a blood bank exploded There are enough characters left uninjured and alive that you could staff a self serve gas station The ending was abrupt and stupid.In keeping with the earthquake theme of this book, and borrowing from Steely [...]

  • Absolutely brilliant urban pulp fiction of 2016 This one is the antithesis for all that could be the essence of human appreciation of a Mother s Day So I could not do this review on that May weekend Some Mothers do feature in this book One has a lot in common with Norman Bates Mom So here goes some of my reaction The parts I can post about, anyway And first a warning For all of you out there who dislike foul language, psychotic characters, urban worst, and generally the lowest level of USA reali [...]

  • In the wake of a monster LA earthquake, unassuming East Coast button man Roy Cooper arrives in town on a wet work assignment After pulling the hit and leaving the scene, Roy wanders into the middle of a robbery between a gang of young black bangers and a popular Latino mayoral candidate The would be mayor is killed Roy shot and hospitalized the bangers scram with Roy s gun When a video surfaces of Roy s confrontation with the bangers, the press, and the current mayor, a feckless Antonio Banderas [...]

  • Hollywood screenwriter, Scott Frank s debut novel, Shaker, is a fun and exciting thriller Frank, who adapted Lawrence Block s A Walk Among the Tombstones for the big screen and who bludgeoned out all of that novel s nuance and depth as if he was hammering out dents in a 96 Honda at a collision auto body shop shows a much sensitive and complex side in this book.Shaker is a crime story told from multiple perspectives including a hitman, a violent cop struggling to control her anger, gang bangers, [...]

  • Maintaining a low profile, baseball fan and part time NY hit man Roy Cooper gets tasked with a job in Los Angeles one week after a major earthquake All goes according to plan until Roy interrupts the mugging of a high profile mayoral candidate, gets video clipped and becomes an instant media celebrity His identity exposed, Roy searches the broken streets of Los Angeles for the surviving muggers who have the gun he used in the hit while pursuing an alternate, personal agenda Meanwhile, due to the [...]

  • There s a lot going on in this tremendous novel from Scott Frank Set in LA just after a major earthquake, and amidst the aftershocks, this is a story of gangland violence and baseball It is crime noir at its very best, and deserves comparison to the other great novel in this genre in 2016, Bill Beverly s Dodgers Frank s cast of characters are the real strength Roy Cooper is a hitman on a job from New York, but it is his background that is key to the story LAPD detective Kelly Maguire has her own [...]

  • I was crushed, CRUSHED, when my Kindle ran out of juice while reading Shaker on a plane It s that good I was reminded of El Leonard in the pacing, plot, and the depth of the characters I was squirmy all the way home, aching to plug the thing in again.I would like to see these characters return well, the ones who can, anyway I was blown away by this novel and so, so sorry when it was over, but completely satisfied with the resolution.

  • 4.5 stars, really A wonderfully engaging tale, beautifully paced for the most part, and sufficiently complex to keep one engaged beginning to end Occasionally the author abruptly transports the reader back in time to flesh out the protagonist s Roy backstory, which I found mildly confusing On the whole, however, I really enjoyed Roy s character, flawed and damaged by his narcissistic mother as it was The cast of characters involved either directly or tangentially, with Roy s activities as a hit [...]

  • Who decided this was tense, darkly funny, unputdownable I ll give you unputdownable but I didn t find it particularly tense and it was in no way funny I found it interesting and readable but it was sad than anything The main character was basically tragic Half of the story was told in a flashback to his childhood which was just heartbreaking Most of the other important characters in the book were pretty broken too There was a lot about gang life and what drives people to take it up There was qu [...]

  • This is a debut novel and I ve given it 4 stars I hope that subsequent novels are at least as good Shaker is a reference to earthquakes in L.A Well, maybe it has to do with how lives can be shook up as well because that happens with frequency in this book We have a mix of protagonists and antagonists Well, now that I think about it, the protagonists ARE the antagonists There is violence, angst, ignorance, hubris, disgust and many emotions There are bad guys and not so bad guys and maybe at leas [...]

  • Before singing the praises of Shaker, I want to point out that I read this on audio and the narration is by the one and only Dion Graham When I loaded it up and heard his voice, I knew I was in for a good story Graham s work here is impeccable and perfect for the gritty urban flavor of this sometimes brutal crime novel Shaker is good And supremely memorable It starts with a big picture Hollywood esque prologue recounting the damage done to southern California by a swarm of nearly 700 small earth [...]

  • SHAKER begins with a strong earthquake in Los Angeles There are several strong aftershocks that disrupt life in the area but earthquakes are not the only cause of those disruptions Roy Cooper, the central character is a hired killer from New York, sent to LA a week after the first quake His assignment is to kill a man he doesn t know for reasons which he also doesn t know But that s his job and he d done it before The hit goes as plan, but his plans change very quickly afterwards While he is wal [...]

  • I ve loved his scripts, so I was excited to read his book My only worry was that he was writing a novelization of a movie That s not the case It s a book, mainly because he spends a lot of time detailing characters inner and outer lives We get inside these criminals heads And the police are not immune to their nasty sides being exposed This world is one big gray area, and I love living in that color in a book like this I do wish that movies were like this Being a jerk, a racist, a sociopath, or [...]

  • From the folks at Knopf who brought you Harry Hole and Lisbeth Salander comes SHAKER by Scott Frank Hitman Roy Cooper heads to LA from NYC to take care of some routine business and take in a baseball game However, things go awry in a big way and suddenly Roy is being hailed as a hero while simultaneously hiding out from not one but two people who want him dead.Frank, a screenwriter, knows how to set a scene and flesh out characters including my favorite, disgraced detective Kelly Maguire I was a [...]

  • 4.5 Stars.This book written by the screenwriter who gave us Out of Sight and Get Shorty is all kinds of awesome The story centers on Roy Cooper, an unassuming hit man who, while looking for his lost car on the streets of LA, stumbles into a crime he has nothing to do with When a video of the crime goes viral and the whole world is able to see Roy s face, he winds up in the crosshairs of everyone from the surviving criminals to his creepy former boss to a cop with anger issues and a scandalous pa [...]

  • I don t see it as a comedy as do many others, including it appears, the author It s dark, but not all that funny In fact, it s downright bloody So, hitman Yes Comedy No But, as well written and maybe better crafted than Keller.Much too much blood for my taste, but it is fiction after all.Frank introduces the characters and unravels their past, just as much as the readers needs to know at that time.This reader thought all but the first of these revelations well done, except the first That particu [...]

  • I ll admit I was slightly skeptical when I read the plot synopsis, of a hit man who arrives in LA after a massive quake and is suddenly running for his life after witnessing a killing On top of that it has one of the worst covers for a book I ve ever seen However, all of that was quickly dispelled as soon as it got me into its grip And boy does it ever Smith, a successful screenwriter has created a nuanced plot, with complex characters who would easily translate to the big screen, which is where [...]

  • I m a particular fan of Get Shorty and Out of Sight, 2 of the best crime flicks of the 1990s and both, not coincidentally, scripted by Scott Frank While Shaker is not as funny as those a quality which even Mr Frank himself, I am sure, would attribute to their creator El Leonard , it is as colorful and well structured while perhaps a little too dependent on flashbacks Mr Frank piles on the reversals and creates believable, interesting characters at the mercy of their own desires Y know, like a go [...]

  • A smart and sophisticated thriller with a complex story, complex bad guy and complex supporting cast of characters Especially fascinated by unique hit man Roy Cooper caught in the middle of a nightmare political scenario between gang members, a mayor and the police First novel by screenwriter of Get Shorty that has a lot of the same strengths of that movie smart dialogue, dark humor and unexpected twists.

  • Reads like a movie, in a good way A quick thriller with too many character to keep everything straight but while also providing good character development for the main characters Needed some editing but still a fun a thrilling read.

  • A terrifically entertaining and fun suspense thriller Shaker is not exactly what could be categorized as high art but still a very engaging romp through a seedy criminal underworld.

  • A pretty good crime novel that earns four stars with a five star story reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy written in three star prose reminiscent of John Hart Telling a complicated story in simple language is a good idea, but it s one as old as the first Philip Marlowe novel, and it has to be done right to seem at all fresh Most of the time, Frank s flat prose hits the abrupt violence of his plot at the perfect angle to be shocking, and that s an impressive achievement There are also some clever tou [...]

  • 3.5 starts Great characters All flashbacks are really well done and they are a lot of the book The main plot is just kind of there to introduce characters, it seems It s hardly a thriller that I would normally read and was not expecting this but it was actually worth the time.

  • Perhaps worthy of 3.5 stars, Shaker is an intriguing novel set in Los Angeles about a simple contract killer, Roy Cooper, sent to take out Martin Shine, an accountant who has been skimming off the top from mob assets Prior to his arrival in Los Angeles from the East Coast, there is a large earthquake, which essentially plays backdrop throughout the story After Cooper completes his job, he cannot find his rental car and is wandering the surrounding neighborhood, when he encounters a gang holding [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book it s quite an unexpected, wild ride It had several elements I didn t think I was going to find interesting LA gangs, cold blooded hitmen and an exhausted cop but the author wrote them all in a way that was riveting and kept the story moving The ending was a bit of a twist that I have to say left me wanting of the story but you have to end it somewhere right

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