The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 1

The Complete Adventures of Feluda Vol Between and Satyajit Ray wrote a total of Feluda stories featuring the master sleuth Pradosh C Mitter AKA Feluda The plots involve murder mystery and adventure most of the times in e
  • Title: The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 1
  • Author: Satyajit Ray Gopa Majumdar
  • ISBN: 9780141000145
  • Page: 496
  • Format: None
  • The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 1
    Between 1965 and 1992, Satyajit Ray wrote a total of 35 Feluda stories, featuring the master sleuth Pradosh C Mitter, AKA Feluda The plots involve murder, mystery and adventure, most of the times in exotic locations, narrated in a racy, humorous style by the detective s cousin cum assistant Topeshranjan Mitter AKA Topshe, and in most cases, accompanied by the funny LalmoBetween 1965 and 1992, Satyajit Ray wrote a total of 35 Feluda stories, featuring the master sleuth Pradosh C Mitter, AKA Feluda The plots involve murder, mystery and adventure, most of the times in exotic locations, narrated in a racy, humorous style by the detective s cousin cum assistant Topeshranjan Mitter AKA Topshe, and in most cases, accompanied by the funny Lalmohan Ganguly AKA Jatayu, who himself was a famous crime writer All of this makes for enormously entertaining fare and it is no wonder that each Feluda book has been a best seller All the stories are now available together in this two volume omnibus For the first time ever, the stories are arranged in chronological order of composition, and one can note Feluda s development from an unknown amateur detective to a famous investigator This first volume contains some of the best Feluda stories ever written.
    The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 1 By Satyajit Ray Gopa Majumdar,
    • [E-Book] ✓ The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 1 | BY ☆ Satyajit Ray Gopa Majumdar
      496 Satyajit Ray Gopa Majumdar
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    Satyajit Ray Bengali was an Indian filmmaker and author of Bengali fiction and regarded as one of the greatest auteurs of world cinema Ray was born in the city of Calcutta into a Bengali family prominent in the world of arts and literature Starting his career as a commercial artist, Ray was drawn into independent filmmaking after meeting French filmmaker Jean Renoir and watching Vittorio De Sica s Italian neorealist 1948 film, Bicycle Thieves.Ray directed 36 films, including feature films, documentaries and shorts He was also a fiction writer, publisher, illustrator, calligrapher, graphic designer and film critic He authored several short stories and novels, primarily aimed at children and adolescents.Ray s first film, Pather Panchali 1955 , won eleven international prizes, including Best Human Documentary at the Cannes Film Festival This film, Aparajito 1956 and Apur Sansar 1959 form The Apu Trilogy Ray did the scripting, casting, scoring, and editing, and designed his own credit titles and publicity material Ray received many major awards in his career, including 32 Indian National Film Awards, a number of awards at international film festivals and award ceremonies, and an Academy Award in 1992 The Government of India honoured him with the Bharat Ratna in 1992.Early Life and Background Ray s grandfather, Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury was a writer, illustrator, philosopher, publisher, amateur astronomer and a leader of the Brahmo Samaj, a religious and social movement in nineteenth century Bengal Sukumar Ray, Upendrakishore s son and father of Satyajit, was a pioneering Bengali author and poet of nonsense rhyme and children s literature, an illustrator and a critic Ray was born to Sukumar and Suprabha Ray in Calcutta.Ray completed his B.A Hons in Economics at Presidency College of the University of Calcutta, though his interest was always in Fine Arts In 1940, he went to study in Santiniketan where Ray came to appreciate Oriental Art In 1949, Ray married Bijoya Das and the couple had a son, Sandip ray, who is now a famous film director.Literary Works Ray created two of the most famous fictional characters ever in Bengali children s literature Feluda, a sleuth in Holmesian tradition, and Professor Shonku, a genius scientist Ray also wrote many short stories mostly centered on Macabre, Thriller and Paranormal which were published as collections of 12 stories Ray wrote an autobiography about his childhood years, Jakhan Choto Chilam 1982 He also wrote essays on film, published as the collections Our Films, Their Films 1976 , Bishoy Chalachchitra 1976 , and Ekei Bole Shooting 1979 Awards, Honors and Recognitions Ray received many awards, including 32 National Film Awards by the Government of India At the Moscow Film Festival in 1979, he was awarded for the contribution to cinema At the Berlin Film Festival, he was one of only three to win the Silver Bear for Best Director than once and holds the record for the most Golden Bear nominations, with seven At the Venice Film Festival, he won a Golden Lion for Aparajito 1956 , and awarded the Golden Lion Honorary Award in 1982 In 1992 he was posthumously awarded the Akira Kurosawa Award for Lifetime Achievement in Directing at the San Francisco International Film Festival.


  • Feluda was recommended to me by many including my parents who had read the stories when they were kids Written by master film maker Satyajit Ray in the 1970s, the first Feluda adventure was published in Ray s Bengali magazine for kids Sandesh Meant originally for children and teens,the series soon became hit with the adult readers as well and everyone wanted a Feluda adventure to read and share right from 8 year olds to 50 year old adults My first reaction on hearing the name Feluda was oh no, s [...]

  • I finally got around to starting the Around the World tour I had been promising myself for a few months now And where better to start than my own country, especially considering I haven t really read some of the literary gems from India The author is well known for his films and has received numerous awards But it came as a surprise to me that he also wrote short stories and essays The Complete Adventures of Feluda is a collection of short stories written in the Sherlock Holmes tradition, with I [...]

  • I am a probasi bengali As probasi as it can get I ve born, brought up and ruined in Kanpur Neither of my parents have any deep roots whatsoever in Kolkata I ve been to Kolkata just once for a month though I don t like fish you can facepalm now and can neither read or write my mother tongue.So I ve been told that essence of Satyajit Ray s writing has been lost somewhat in translation and no matter how much I like it, the bengali version of the stories will always be better But even then, I was co [...]

  • avadhutrecommends.wordpress Summary Feluda, the razor sharp and witty young detective investigates some very curious cases along with his cousin Tapesh and friend Jatayu through the length and breadth of India.Review A recent article about the release of a new Feluda movie brought back happy memories of this childhood series We know Satyajit Ray as the Oscar winning filmmaker but not many Indians, especially non Bengalis know that he was also an author par excellence Fortunately I became familia [...]

  • As this is collection the review will be about the characters that make up this string of stories rather than any specific story The character of Feluda is no doubt inspired by other famous fictional detectives, primarily Holmes and Poirot a point which the character himself points out in on of the tales Satyajit Ray s genius is in realizing the true magic of Holmes lies not in the characterization of the main characters but in the detailed environment that exists around them Reading through th [...]

  • Satyajit Ray I have fallen in love with the author with each book I have read most of his books and thoroughly enjoyed them So when I picked up Feluda his greatest and most popular creation, I was doubtless that this will be another feather in his cap But sorry to say I am too grown up to read Feluda It has never taken me so long to finish a book I started reading it in December 2011 and could only finish it in early August 2012 7 long months Agree it was big with multiple stories in one and 700 [...]

  • I read some few stories of Feluda during my school days I enjoyed those few stories and at that time I thought there are only few stories but recently when i saw the book The Complete Adventures of Feluda, i suddenly remembered that this was the same stories which i had read some 5 or 6 years ago without any hesitation i picked it up and started reading stories.The main character is Feluda who is an amateur sleuth and is accompanied by his cousin Topshe The sharpness of Feluda s mind and the lig [...]

  • 3.5 5 As a child, i had read Holmes, Tintin, Hardy Boys, a bit of Nancy Drew, even Chacha Chaudhary P in crime fiction I wonder how i never heard of Feluda until recently Good clean fun, suitable for all ages 10 , and ofcourse, lucidly written The stories have just the right balance and depth to appeal to children and adults alike Some stories Gangtok, Royal Bengal tiger, Elephant god were genuinely good and apart from a couple of hurriedly written ones, most held my attention.The 35 stories wer [...]

  • Entertaining till the last page A treat to see classic cities of Lucknow, Varanasi through the eyes of a thespian like Ray Feluda is the perfect Indian Holmes with his Charminar and unmatched perspicacity Topshe and Jatayu are superb foils in his adventures Also, Calcutta is painted so beautifully through Ray s words it s like looking at sepia tinted Polaroids of the city An amazing read for rainy weekends and coffee.

  • Review incomplete Some excerpts when your brain works at high speed, you tend to sleep a lot less, but that does not affect your health At least, that s what he believes.

  • I used to read Feluda books when I was in school and after reading his adventures again after a long gap of almost 20 years I still feel the same thrill and excitement I was so engrossed and immersed into the world weaved by Satyajit Ray that I become completely indifferent to my surroundings Such is the affect of Satyajit and his iconic and immortal character Feluda that even I began to observe minute details and started drawing conclusions Satyajit Ray had shown that there is no need of brutal [...]

  • I am short of words after reading this EPIC book of 788 pages This is the first time I have picked up a book by the great Satyajit Ray He is an extraordinaire writer and I dont think there can be anyone like him ever The book is excellent with fantabulous twists and turns Its a clean book no crime passionnel with mind blowing ending for every story The characters are intricately woven in the whodunnit plot which will keep you glued to the book If you happen to put down the book for some godforsa [...]

  • These adventures had not only given us the only full fledged Bengali detective since Byomkesh Bakshi, but had also given us our very own Sherlock Holmes Feluda is as closely modelled on Sherlock Holmes as is possible, and yet a lot easily accessible for us The adventures are brilliant and compact pieces of mystery solving, but it is the combination of Feluda Topshe and Jatayu that had caught our imagination, and has kept us in its grip even after the demise of the creator But once again, ANANDA [...]

  • Great book but HORRIBLE PAGE QUALITY by PENGUINFeluda stories are good I will read all of them sometime soon.About this volume shame be on Penguin They have dishonored Satyajit Ray by providing the two volumes with abysmal pages The page quality is really poor you will feel outraged.Where did I buy it I bought it online from HomeShop18 with almost 50 % discount also using a discount code They source from reputed dealers So it is an original copy from Penguin and not a spurious copy from the flea [...]

  • The book was very interesting Satyajit Ray is a very good writer It was written in such a way that the readers could imagine being in the scene with Topshe Feluda is a person with extraordinary brains and with a fantastic power of observation Whoever reads this book is sure to become a fan of crime stories and Pradosh Mitter Feluda.I really enjoyed the book and I have already started reading the second volume.

  • I say only excellent, when i am read in class twelve , then i read it I saw serial in childhood and i saw also feluda s all movies.

  • Feluda and Satyajit Ray are my childhood heroes I grew up watching a lot of Satyajit Ray s movies including Feluda series As a kid I read many stories from Feluda series but never had entire collection I finally have the pleasure of owning the entire Feluda Series and finishing half of it Looking forward to finish the Part 2.

  • It took me a long time to sink my teeth into this classic work but better late than never, I suppose.No Holmes but Conan Doyle woulda twirled that splendid mush of his and nodded his approval.Ray, ye fuckin genius ye

  • Surprisingly, I have had read quite a few on Satyajit Ray but never one by him so far Blame the availability in the book stores or getting my Kindle too late or may be too few Bengali friends around whatever it may be Till, I praised Agatha Christie s and Arthur Conan Doyle s works in front of a Hardcore Patriot, that I had read recently finished and also showed him what all I had from them He just said one thing which got me thinking big time that You are one of those quite a few Indians who ha [...]

  • It s a trip down memory lane, into places you had long forgotten about in the dusty corners of your own mind As mystery stories go, it s pretty good reasonably accurate and realistic without being overly complicated It s made additionally charming because of one of Satyajit Ray s own stated restrictions in writing for a young adult audience, you can t afford to get too slow, too long, too complex, too gritty, nor too violent dark The result is a delightfully light, fast, fun romp through a world [...]

  • The opportunity to read the Feluda stories arose when a cousin from India brought this collection to me as a gift Being Bengali American doesn t mean I know anything about Bengali culture apart from growing up eating Bengali food, attending pujas, and seeing a half dozen of Satyajit Ray s films In fact, I was not fully aware of the degree to which Ray was a writer, apart from being a world renowned filmmaker Reading this collection seemed a good opportunity to pick up a little of what it means [...]

  • I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes There is no parallel to it But now, I am a fan of Feluda too Not that it comes anywhere close to Sherlock Holmes, but that it has made its mark in my mind as a unique, powerful and specifically Indian story Holmes had a Watson and Feluda has Topshe Holmes is an excellent observer of facts and a repository of knowledge So is Feluda The similarities stop here The stories are set in different parts of the country Whenever Feluda visits any place, he doesn t stay at one [...]

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