Meritropolis In Meritropolis everyone is assigned a numerical Score that decides their worth to society and whether they live or die After a young boy is killed because of a low Score his brother plots to take do
  • Title: Meritropolis
  • Author: Joel Ohman
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  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meritropolis
    In Meritropolis everyone is assigned a numerical Score that decides their worth to society and whether they live or die After a young boy is killed because of a low Score, his brother plots to take down the System.
    Meritropolis By Joel Ohman,
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    Joel Ohman is the author of the bestselling Young Adult dystopian series Meritropolis The Hunger Games meets The Village with a young Jack Reacher as a protagonist He lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Angela and their three kids His writing companion is Caesar, a slightly overweight Bull Mastiff who loves to eat the tops off of strawberries.


  • The year is AE3, 3 years after the Event Within the walls of Meritropolis, 50,000 inhabitants live in fear, ruled by the brutal System that assigns each citizen a merit score that dictates whether they live or die Those with the highest scores thrive, while those with the lowest are subject to the most unforgiving punishment to be thrust outside the city gates, thrown to the terrifying hybrid creatures that exist beyond.But for one High Score, conforming to the System just isn t an option Sevent [...]

  • I was intrigued by this for the most part, and I was willing to push through the occasionally frustrating writing, until A MOB BOSS told our clearly super speshul MC IMPORTANT INFORMATION at their first bumping into each other.Random kid on the street.Gets convenient information from a source that makes no sense.

  • Everyone matters, he murmured Even the unwanted, even the unborn, even the disabled That is the message in this wonderful, fast paced bit of not super depressing dystopia When I read that line, I knew I was in love with this book So much of the genre is bent on overthrowing the Government just because it s wrong And oppressive And those things may be true But this book shows us the why of it all as well People s worth can t be defined by the Score their government assigns them In Meritropolis, H [...]

  • received this book in exchange for an honest reviewSubmitting to the system provided the best chance of collective survival Of course, there are always those who refuse to submit.This wildly addicting dystopian novel follows a seventeen year old, Charley, who lives in a city called Meritropolis Their community is ruled by a certain system that is basically the survival of the fittest It s based on a scoring system with low scores getting zeroed out of society thrown outside the gates of the city [...]

  • Submitting to the System provided the best chance of collective survival Of course, there are always those who refuse to submit Joel Ohman, Meritroplis DNF at 60 %Thank you CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform for providing me with an advanced reading copy for review.I can t remember the exact reason as to why I ever decided to request Meritropolis from its publisher I seriously wonder now though, because it surely wasn t the premise I didn t have much hope for this novel, because from wh [...]

  • Ohman should take a hard look at everyone around him Every friend who read a page and said it made sense Every reader who smiled after finishing a chapter and told him that he was on the right track Every editor who pretended to read his sentences and chose not to correct anything in this hare brained book He should look at all of them and immediately zero them from his life The only redeemable piece of this book is the System premise That s where it ends Literally before the first sentence, the [...]

  • Brilliant, absolutely brilliant Action packed, fast paced, easy read Characters and world building were spot on The story line was intriguing It has everything I want in a dystopian novel Looking forward to book 2, the adventure is far from over.

  • 4 of 5 StarsMeritropolis had a lot going against it First novel from a writer with no track record Self published Somewhat derivative in the dystopian genre But guess what Meritropolis manages to overcome all of those obstacles and stand tall as an entertaining YA novel that tells an all too believable storyIt s the year AE3 Three years after the nebulous Event From the book description on Within the walls of Meritropolis, 50,000 inhabitants live in fear, ruled by a brutal System that assigns ea [...]

  • THE REVIEW thefictionalhangout.cIn Meritropolis everyone is assigned a numerical Score that decides their worth to society and whether they live or die After a young boy is killed because of a low Score, his brother plots to take down the System.Meritropolis first grabbed my attention due to the fact that it was billed as The Hunger Games with a young Jack Reacher as a protagonist I m unfamiliar with the other comparison, The Village, listed in the quote provided on the blurb by Donny Meader, bu [...]

  • Thank you to the author, Joel Ohman, for gifting me with a copy of Meritropolis in exchange for an honest review You know, I m really feeling lists today let s make a list of awesomeness for this book 1 The concept This whole book revolved around the fact that general human society imploded and it affected both the environment and the remaining humans Animals started breeding with other species so there are all these crazy hybrids running around Everyone or everyone that the MC s know of lives i [...]

  • First of all, it does annoy me when I see comments such as yet another YA dystopian book in reviews If you re sick of reading a specific genre, stop reading it Reading it just to whine about how you re bored of the genre in place of a real review for the individual book does no one any good That aside, yes Meritropolis is YA dystopian fiction, there are a lot of them out there but I happen to enjoy them and so I knew what I was getting myself into when I started reading this book Despite it bein [...]

  • I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Meritropolis is a riveting dystopian book which even at its somewhat short length captured my attention There was so much plot intrigue to sink my teeth into as well as enough action to go around I did find that it overpowered the evolving romance and I know a lot of people prefer reading romance to action, but it wasn t too noticeable for me personally.Saying this however, it was very much a character dr [...]

  • In Meritropolis, each week people are marked with a merit score determining their value to society Those with a too low score are sent outside the city walls, where sure death awaits them Then one day a young man stands up against the injustice.While the basic idea of a rebellion against a class system is not new, Meritropolis manages to tell it in its own original voice, delivering a fascinating and fast paced read It has some fresh ideas like very strange animal hybrids Though the description [...]

  • I d give this book six stars if I could I read it in the space of two days and I really didn t want it to end I found that I really empathized with Charley s character as he developed throughout the book the addition of some of his memories from the past were a thoughtful touch making the him seem rounded person I thought that although the book is set in a fantasy futuristic world the actions and feelings of all the characters were all entirely plausible I think it s Joel Ohmans skill for chara [...]

  • I was really excited about this book The premise had a lot of potential, and I d heard good things about it.Consequently, I was sad to feel disappointed, and stopped reading half way throughTICE There will be spoilers in this review continue reading at your own peril spoiler warning spoiler warning spoiler warning The characters were very underdeveloped and seemed like plot devices than people I noticed this first about the female characters The few that are present are either there to provide [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I liked this book Joel Ohman knows how to pace a good story and he brings multiple characters in very early in a way that is clear and exciting The book is reminiscent of Divergent and The Maze Runner with a little Tolkien mixed in with many of the same eternal themes I won t say which, because I don t like to give things away I was really engaged by the lead, Charley, and I raced through the book in a day it s a very engaging [...]

  • Meritropolis is a dystopian adventure with unique qualities, which is hard to come by these days I wasn t sure if I d be able to get into this at first, mainly because the writing felt somewhat forced at times But that was usually easy to overlook with the constant action and excitement of the plot.It was a lot of fun to read You really get sucked into the world The plot is action packed, the world building is unique, and the characters are likeable I loved Sandy, she was hilarious and sassy The [...]

  • Recommend Males who like dystopian fiction and action The Rating BreakdownEnjoyment 3 I enjoyed it a lot at first, but the plot and concept issues got to me.Writing Style 3 A bit tell heavy but well structured in most places Plot 1 Too much crammed in, poor structure, anticlimactic, and underdeveloped.World Concepts 2 Interesting ideas executed poorly Characters 2 Some good, some forgettable, and too many guards.Finish 3 I love the cover, the writing is mostly error free, but it needs a developm [...]

  • A friend bought me a copy of this book Thought I would enjoy it I appreciate him introducing me to a new author worth following I would be remiss if I then, in return, didn t try and do the same for all of you Please, let me take a few minutes and tell you about Joel Ohman s MERITROPOLIS.In the self contained city of Meritropolis population is limited to exactly fifty thousand A body and the balance could be upset The balance, otherwise, is maintained by the System People earn a number The high [...]

  • wow i just finished reading the book almost in one sitting and now i can finally breath, such an exciting read about a dystopian community of people who are graded with a score inked on their arms and those who score the least are thrown out of the gates to be devoured by the genetically modified abnormality of animals which in themselves are so interesting a mix but so scary the whole concept of the system is like something from George Orwell however as in all tyrannically run systems something [...]

  • when I began this wasn t sure where it was going We have a hunger games and matched type society Except here every week your status could change for better or worse If you get to low on the scale they put you outside the gates to try to survive on your own If you are to old or injured outside the gates you goe hero in the story Charley is complex and perplexing He is angry at the system He is smart and doesn t care for the status concept and yet he sees the benefits of it He lashes out readily a [...]

  • I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Charley has just turned seventeen years old and has been moved above ground to live now Charley lives inside the walls and gates of the city Meritropolis where everyone is assessed each week They are judge on their worth to society and are given high or low scores according to what they can or can t do They are judged on how smart they are and what kind of shape they are in Like if they are strong and can fight or hunt for [...]

  • In Joel Ohman s Meritropolis, everyone in the city of Meritropolis is assigned a numerical score by the System that decides their worth to the community This score is based on intelligence, health, talent, physical strength and anything else that would make the individual valuable to their society Thus, the higher the score, the likely the person to survive The lower the score, the higher the chances of the individual being tossed out of the gates The score is not based on age and anyone is at [...]

  • I won this in a giveaway Thank you very much to whoever it was who picked me to win Here are some of my thoughts while reading this I must apologize that I am not the most elegant when it comes to reviews Currently on page 42 chapter 4.Here are my first impressions Well written, though every now and again sentence flow is a little off, but that is my personal opinion as I am no expert on writing The author writes action scenes really well I really enjoyed them The plot is engaging and pulls the [...]

  • Your worth depends on your age, health and social contributions It s tattooed upon your arm and fluctuates each assessment day Sound harsh Well Joel Ohman has created such a world and what a dark world it is, it s filled with forced abortions and disability discrimination.The story follows a young lad, Charley, who s reached the city s adulthood age and is coming to terms with the grim reality that comes with living in Meritropolis Meritropolis is a city that was formed 3 years After The Event, [...]

  • Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters paranormalsisters Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review Though the summary explains the book perfectly and I liked it, I m a very visual person so the cover had me expecting something completely different than what I got So I was expecting like a labyrinth with a minotaur Though that beast on the cover is in the book, the tunnel represented I don t understand where that comes from entirely I feel like there should have been a fe [...]

  • As the mom of special needs children, this book was somewhat difficult to read at times But that s kind of the point of dystopian fiction it s not meant to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside In the world of Meritropolis, all citizens are assigned a Score based on their worth to society being smart, healthy, and attractive nets you a High Score being disabled, unattractive, or ill drops your Score And if your Score drops too low Well, then you re put outside the gates in a special ceremony and l [...]

  • Meritropolis, the hunger games meets The Village, with a young Jack teacher protagonist.Well that s the line Joel is trying to sell us, I don t think he quite gets there.I liked the scoring system, it made me think of the Justin Timberlake movie In Time with the branding and worth of humans being placed heavily on the brand.I had some issues with Charley Despite his dramatic childhood, he still seemed to get through everything with relative ease Yes, he d been fighting since a kid, but there is [...]

  • A must read for Dystopian, Action, Drama, Paranormal Fans There is so much to tell about this book I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dystopian type tales filled with action, drama, a paranormal twist I m also pleased to be able to share this book with my teen pre teen since there is no harsh language or adult scenes involved.Ohman WOWed me with this world he created I believe this quote is pretty accurate The Hunger Games meets The Village with a young Jack Reacher as a protagoni [...]

  • I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review You know how when you read the synopsis of a book and you think you re going to be reading something similar to a certain book that has been done time and time again Well, that did not happen with this book Yes, it may sound similar to other young adult dystopians that are out there and are all the rage, but it most definitely is not The main character is a cocky smart a that doesn t like the way things are going He s an act first, [...]

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